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1bitr ("One Bitter" or "The Bitter One") is a minimalistic text-based music tracker. It only supports 1-bit audio playback and encourages users to write their own sound routines (engines), as well as the music itself.

Text file format

A code snippet is worth a thousand words:

; 0
; Fifth Symphony (ta-da-da  dah...)
G-4 60
D#4 e0

You can play it as ./1bitr < examples/fifth.

1bitr reads music line by line from stdin, parses it and passes each parsed row to the sound engine, which plays it. There are no patterns, no looping, no samples. Only notes and effects.

Line comments start with a ;. Comments are ignored. Blank line are skipped as well. First line comment is a special one, see below about the engines.

Other lines must contain musical data that the sound engine can interpret and play.

Each line is a row of numerical values (up to 256 columns are supported, but most likely you will never use more than 16). Numerical values are writted in hexadecimal format (without 0x prefix). Also, notes can be written as C-3 or A#4 and they are converted into numbers by parser. Values starting with a dash are interpreted as zeros (i.e. -- is zero and --- is zero and 00 is also zero).


There are no loops or patterns beacause one can easily simulate them:

# Put each part into a separate file and concatenate them
$ cat INTRO P1 P2 P1 P3 | ./1bitr

# Play part of the file from line 10 to line 20
$ tail -n +20 MELODY | head -n 10 | ./1bitr

# Play random notes (shuffle music file)
$ cat MUSIC | sort -R | ./1bitr

If the stdout is not a terminal, 1bitr write WAV data into the stdout (instead of playing it). This allows you to save music or to pass it further to other apps:

$ ./1bitr < MUSIC > music.bin
$ ./1bitr < MUSIC | aplay

Raw PCM data generated by 1bitr can be converted to WAV using SoX:

$ sox -t raw -e unsigned-integer -c 1 -r 44100 -b 8 music.bin music.wav


You are the master of your music. If you are into programming, please try writing your own 1-bit sound routine, it's likely to be fun! Please, make a PR to share it with the others.

Sound routine is a function that takes a row of up to 256 integers and a special out function, that set audio output to 0 or non-zero level.

Here's a sound routine that always plays noise and ignores all music data:

void noise(int *row, void (*out)(unsigned char)) {
  out(rand() % 2);

And here's the Sound Engine Zero, it can only play 1 square wave of the given frequency with 50% duty cycle:

static void zero(int *row, void (*out)(unsigned char)) {
  int counter = row[0];
  unsigned char value = 0;
  for (int timer = 0; timer < 5000; timer++) {
    if (--counter == 0) {
      value = !value;
      counter = row[0];

If you have added a new engine - choose a single-byte identifier for it (it can be a letter or a digit), and adjust set_engine function to switch to your engine. For example, for our engine "zero" would like to use identifier "Z":

static void set_engine(char c) {
  switch (c) {
    case 'Z': engine = zero; break;

Now you can write music for your engine. Either make the first line of your music file to be ; Z or pass it via CLI switch:

$ cat << EOF | ./1bitr
; Z


$ (echo "C-4"; echo "G-4") | ./1bitr -Z

Default sound engines

Out of the box there are two sound engines: Zero and One. Engine Zero is mostly boring and useless, first column is note value, second is tempo.

Engine One is a bit more advanced. It can support 2 PWM channels, and click drums. The columns are:

; Note1 Note2 Drums FX
  C-4   C-5   03    15
  ---   D-5   00    00

Notes are obvious. Drums are short click samples, values from 1 to 5 are allowed. Effects are also rather simple. High nibble is effect ID, low nibble is effect value.

  • 1x - set channel 1 duty cycle to X. 1f - 50%, 10 - 0%.
  • 2x - same for channel 2.
  • 3x - swipe frequency up at speex X.
  • 4x - swipe frequency down at speed X.
  • fx - set tempo to X.

Both sound engines are provided mosly as references to let you build your own.


Code is distributed under MIT license. PRs are welcome! If you have written any interesting (or buzzing and noisy) music - feel free to share it using the issue tracker or twitter with #1bitr hashtag!

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  • music share: adventure!

    music share: adventure!

    I made a tiny little tune called "adventure". I have it inside of the adventure branch of my 1bitr fork:

    opened by PaulBatchelor 1
  • added sox instructions to README

    added sox instructions to README

    It took me longer than I care to admit to figure out that the "wav" file generated by 1bitr is actually not a WAV file, but just using the same extension. What 1bitr is actually generating is known as raw audio.

    In the README, I added a one-liner that shows how to use the SoX utility to convert that raw PCM data to a WAV file. To remove confusion, I also changed the .wav prefix you used in the example to .bin (somewhat arbitrary, though perhaps .raw is better).

    opened by PaulBatchelor 0
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