A work-in-progress homebrew YouTube client for new 3DS

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A work-in-progress homebrew YouTube client for the new 3DS
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Instability Warning

As this app is still in the alpha stage, you may and will encounter crashes and other bugs.
If you find one of those, it would be helpful to open an issue on this GitHub repository.


It accesses the mobile version of YouTube, parses the important part of the downloaded html and plays the stream using the decoder taken from Video player for 3DS by Core-2-Extreme.
It does not run any javascripts or render html/css, so it's significantly faster than YouTube on the browser.
The name is derived from the fact that it is the third YouTube client on 3DS, following the official YouTube app (discontinued) and the new 3DS browser.



  • 360p Video Playback
    480p might be possible and could be considered in the future development
  • Searching
  • Video suggestion
  • Comments
  • No ads
    As this app web-scrapes YouTube, it's more like "Ads are not implemented" rather than "We have ad-blocking functionality".
    Of course, I will never "implement" it :)


Currently, most of the controls are done by touching.
You can always use B button to go back to the previous scene.
Using the hamburger menu at the right bottom, you can jump to the Search, Settings, or About scene or exit the app.


A New 3DS (including a new 2DS) with Luma3DS installed and DSP1 run.
I haven't tested the minimum system version, but at least 8.1.0-0 is needed.

Known issues

  • Extracted stream urls randomly return 403 and the video playback fails
    The reason is unknown, but a temporary workaround is to press Advanced Tab -> Reload when this happens.
  • Stream downloading randomly slows down (about 10% of the times)
    This is due to YouTube (probably deliberately) throttling the download speed.
    The workaround is the same as the 403 issue; reloading will fix it. Reference : https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/29326
    It looks like the devs on youtube-dl found the solution, and I'm looking into it.
  • Long comments are cut
    This is intentionally done for a performance reason and probably fixable by, for example, folding the comments by default.

Issues that won't be fixed

  • Old 3DS support
    I'm one who is obsessed about the support of "legacy" devices, but it turned out that old 3DS, without a hardware-decoding capability, cannot even play 144p at a constant 30 FPS.
    I regret to say that I have no plan to support the old 3DS.


  • Does it make sense?
    The worst question in the console homebrew scene. Isn't it just exciting to see your favorite videos playing on a 3DS?


You can use the code under the terms of the GNU General Public License GPL v3 or under the terms of any later revisions of the GPL. Refer to the provided LICENSE file for further information.

Third-part licenses


by the FFmpeg developers under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1
The source code can be found in library/FFmpeg/FFmpeg.


by Dropbox under MIT License


by devkitPro under zlib License


by Sean Barrett under MIT License and Public Domain


  • Core 2 Extreme
    For Video player for 3DS which this app is based on.
    Needless to say, the video playback functionality is essential for this app, and it would not have been possible to develop this software without him spending his time optimizing the code sometimes even with assembly and looking into HW decoding on the new 3DS.
  • The contributors of youtube-dl
    As a reference about YouTube webpage parsing. It was especially helpful for the deobfuscation of ciphered signatures.
  • The contributors of pytube
    As a reference about YouTube webpage parsing. Thanks to its strict dependency-free policy, I was able to port some of the code without difficulty.
  • Debugging info glitches when you enable it before you play a video

    Debugging info glitches when you enable it before you play a video

    So I was just watching a random video, and it started glitching out, and it crashed. image

    So I tried again, and I recorded it (sorry for the self promo lol). It didnt crash, but it was pretty interesting. video

    opened by SleepyBoi2852 11
  • Empty When Loading

    Empty When Loading

    After Sometime When you select a video every goes how it should just suddenly before the video even starts A Empty Error Message Appears So you select off the video and select another one and same thing happens the only way to fix it is by exiting And Entering Again , Imagine Time Will You Save If you didn't do that processes.

    opened by InaBuild 8
  • No Video's loading

    No Video's loading

    Basically I've been using this 2ds xl and i tried thirdtube and when it tries to load a video i get the error saying ffmpeg returned not success

    anyone got a solution?

    opened by trextaco9 7
  • [Bug] The bottom screen doesn't seem to update when a video is autoplayed

    [Bug] The bottom screen doesn't seem to update when a video is autoplayed

    I was watching Mr Beast Squid Game Review, a video from PewDiePie that has a 19:06 duration. However, after the video ended, it autoplayed Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe..., a different video that runs for 33:21. The video on the top screen and the scrubber all the way at the bottom both updated, but everything else still retained the information from the previous video. ThirdTube

    I thought that hitting the reload button would reload the information from the current video, but only the Suggestions and Playback tabs updated, with everything else remaining the same.

    I am not sure if the autoplay functionality is consequential or intentional, but it does appear to be bugged. If possible, I would like an option to toggle autoplay on or off.

    opened by CSab6482 3
  • Add GitHub Actions support for Daily Builds

    Add GitHub Actions support for Daily Builds

    So that general users like me can test the latest experimental builds of ThirdTube to see new features & report bugs without having to install 3DS development tools to build it and test it. (makes debugging more easy for these builds & make well bug-fixed builds)

    opened by Rix565 3
  • Many new features and options

    Many new features and options

    I have many ideas, i will list them here:

    • Slider to change video contrast
    • Possibility to set custom button shortcuts for all the Nintendo buttons
    • Possibility to switch tabs (General, Comments, Playback) With L button to left tab and R button to right tab
    • Support to play video's reversed
    • Support to set custom amount of seconds backward and forward uses with these buttons.
    • Sharpen effect option
    opened by Minionguyjpro 3
  • Sound Service Error At Starting The Application

    Sound Service Error At Starting The Application

    Error code: Could not initialize NDSP (sound service) Console Edition: Old nintendo 3DS Console Version: 11.15.0-47U Console Region: USA Luma3DS Version: v11.0

    opened by HugoRed58 2
  • Higher O3DS Support

    Higher O3DS Support

    Although i am not on a O3DS (Which is now implemented), can't you make it higher than 144p? You may say it required more power, but maybe you could make a seperate release and branch for Old and New 3DS, from where the O3DS version uses a different like library to load and en/decode videos.

    opened by Minionguyjpro 2
  • (Feature Request) Logging in with google

    (Feature Request) Logging in with google

    I am not sure how feasible this is but logging in to youtube would be a nice feature, to have the ability to access age restrcted content, comment, that kinda stuff.

    opened by HorusDaCat 2
  • Anti-Aliasing?


    Add Anti-Aliasing if possible. I see some of these jaggies when i watch videos. This may not be possible because the 3DS doesn't have a feature for this, but maybe that does not care. I'm not sure. Or is this already implemented?

    opened by Minionguyjpro 2
  • [development version] Some videos are slow down

    [development version] Some videos are slow down

    On certains videos, not sure why, the FPS of the video start dropping to 2-3 FPS.

    This is really disturbing as it ruins the experience.

    Please fix it ASAP.

    opened by Rix565 2
  • Optimize if possible

    Optimize if possible

    Whenever I watch a video it always has to pause every few seconds to load in the next segment of the video. I’m no expert, so I’m not sure is this has to do with performance or not or just a result of the overall process taking place. One thing that may work would be to lessen the amount of time video is stored. Basically, after already watching a certain part, that section of the video stays loaded for an extremely long time, that is more than necessary, and that might use up more of the cpu or ram or whatever.

    opened by PuffMain15 0
  • Does old 3ds include old 2ds?

    Does old 3ds include old 2ds?

    Every time I try to boot ThirdTube on my old 2ds, it just says, "Could not initialize NDSP (sound service)." so is that because there's no support for old 2ds or is it just a bug?

    opened by LeedleFace 2
  • [bug] Crash when interacting with Subtitles/Translations

    [bug] Crash when interacting with Subtitles/Translations

    I was simply checking out the menus, and selecting the base language initiated a crash and a dump Environment: Watching an old live stream, with video off

    Here's the dump: ThirdTubeCrashDump.zip

    System Details:

    System Version: sys 11.15.0-47U Firmware: Luma3DS Firmware Version: Luma3ds v11.0-3gxldr

    Hopefully this resolves the bug

    opened by Veggieoskibroski 0
  • Feature request: add local playlists

    Feature request: add local playlists

    Hi! I really love this app and i'm using it to listen to music, and that's really nice that it still play on sleep mode. But is it possible add local playlists? I'm sure it is by using watch history and playlist system. Because i'm always using watch history to chose a music. Thanks

    opened by cooolgamer 2
  • v0.5.0(May 25, 2022)

    I'm back with a major release v0.5.0! I will continue to add features and fix bugs. I would like to specially thank @Core-2-Extreme for implementing multithread decoding in his app Video Player for 3DS, which made it possible to support o3ds.

    New features

    • Old 3DS support Only 144p videos are supported, and there are some minor limitations
    • Always play video on the top screen (when you are playing something in background)
    • Added Home page
    • Added self-updater integrated in the app (in Settings menu)
    • Added equalizer
    • SELECT + START to black out the bottom screen
    • L/R to switch between tabs
    • Added an option to configure the ratio of forward and backward buffer

    Changes to existing features

    • Debug log keycombo is now SELECT + X instead of SELECT only
    • Subscription menu has been integrated into the Home page
    • Network framework option deleted(now libcurl is always used)
    • Removed dislike counter from the app as YouTube no longer shows it


    • HTTP/2 multiplexing support (subscription feed loading is now super fast!)
    • Use HTTP content encoding(brotli) (3x faster page loading in some cases)
    • Use YouTube json endpoints(faster) instead of html page
    • Use icons that are smaller but still clear enough for 3DS
    • Faster YouTube parser
    • Faster characters drawing
    • Use rapidjson instead of json11


    • Fixed high memory consumption after continuously playing a long video
    • Fixed watch history and channel subscription disappear when one of the items contains certain characters(such as double quotes)
    • Fixed audio only mode getting enabled when it shouldn't
    • Fixed the unnecessary icon reloading in the subscription menu
    • Fixed some crashes
    • General error handling improvements


    • Updated stb_image to v2.27
    • Updated libcurl to 7.82.0
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ThirdTube.3dsx(5.48 MB)
    ThirdTube.cia(3.91 MB)
  • v0.4.1(Feb 1, 2022)

    Hi, I'm still supposed to be concentrating on my things, but it seems the app is broken and needs an update. As always(?), YouTube has made some changes on their javascripts, which caused a parse error.

    The only change from the last release is the fix for the parse issue. Please wait a bit more until active development resumes!

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ThirdTube.3dsx(5.48 MB)
    ThirdTube.cia(3.89 MB)
  • v0.4.0(Nov 28, 2021)

    Hello, I'm releasing a new version with the community posts support, basic audio editing options, and the ability to browse videos while playing another video. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I will be on a hiatus and temporarily leave from the development of ThirdTube for four months from now for personal reasons. I'm glad if you remember this app when I come back.

    Here is the changelog :

    • Separated the video player and the video page This means you can now browse other videos while continuously playing one video. It also means that a video doesn't automatically play upon loading if another video is playing, so you have to press the "Play" button in the "General" tab
    • Added support for community posts in the channel page Animated images are currently not supported
    • Added preamp, speed and pitch manipulators in the "Playback" tab
    • Added playlist tab in the channel page
    • The 3DS now doesn't go into sleep mode so that the app can continue the playback While the lid is closed, you can still listen to the audio through the headphone plug but not from the speaker because there seems to be no way to prevent it from being disabled
    • Introduced thumb up/down icon to indicate like/dislike in the video page
    • Added like counters on comments and replies
    • Improved network performance when libcurl is chosen as the network framework and a redirect occurs on a video/audio stream
    • Improved the behavior when one of the subscribed channels changes its icon
    • Improved the performance and memory usage of the subscribed channels scene
    • Improved the behavior of option selector when you grab it and scroll
    • Made it to retry when a minor network error occurs
    • Fixed random crashes when trying to play a video Tips : it had the possibility of crashing after loading 17th video counting from the startup of the app
    • Fixed crashes when exiting the app while loading something (video page, comments continuation, etc.)
    • Fixed the throttling by YouTube which came back due to a change in one of their javascripts
    • Fixed long loading and possible crashes when trying to seek near the end of the video
    • Fixed terrible audio for some video (#53)
    • Fixed memory leaks when video loading fails
    • Implemented a workaround for #47 (240p or below fails to load for some videos)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ThirdTube.3dsx(5.47 MB)
    ThirdTube.cia(3.89 MB)
  • v0.3.0(Oct 12, 2021)

    Here's a major release bringing playlists support, watch history and local channel subscription.

    • Added support for playlists
      • Now playlists appear both in search results and suggestions
    • Added local watch history (see hamburger menu -> History)
      • You can disable history recording/clear history in settings
    • Added local subscription and ability to load recent videos from the subscribed channels (see hamburger menu -> Subscription)
    • Added Control tab in the video player
    • Added video quality selector and audio-only mode selector in Control tab
      • These options will save data usage and make the playback smooth when using a slow connection
    • Added yet another network framework : libcurl (it should be more stable ?)
    • Added the button to directly input URL, next to the search box.
    • Added seeking by 10 seconds by pressing the arrow button left/right
    • Added scrolling by using the d-pad up/down
    • Added video pages caching
    • Added the reason when a video is unplayable (e.g. private, removed, copyright takedown)
    • Added video duration overlay text in the video list of a channel
    • Improved performance when opening the software keyboard
    • Improved the behavior when reaching the end of the video
    • Improved the behavior of the progress bar when seeking
    • Improved stability
    • Reorganized the settings menu
    • Removed Advanced tab
      • debug info can still be seen in Control tab if enabled in settings
      • the texture filter toggle button has been moved to settings with the name "Linear video filter"
      • the reload button has been moved to Control tab
    • Fixed showing "Settings" in the hamburger menu when you are already opening settings
    • Fixed httpcContext resource leaking when redirection occurs, which caused the app to stop working
    • Fixed broken playback when playing videos with non-standard heights
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ThirdTube.3dsx(5.04 MB)
    ThirdTube.cia(3.62 MB)
  • v0.2.0(Sep 3, 2021)

    It has been two years since the official YouTube app on 3DS was discontinued. Several new features were added to ThirdTube on the other hand.

    • Added the ability to show comment replies
    • Added support for long comments and comment folding function
    • Added support for subtitles
    • Added duration text overlaid on the thumbnail in the search page
    • Added full screen mode (configurable in settings menu)
    • Fixed a bug where channel pages would not load more videos
    • Removed FPS indicator at the top left It was removed because it does not show the FPS of the video but the FPS of rendering and caused confusion.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ThirdTube.3dsx(4.24 MB)
    ThirdTube.cia(3.12 MB)
  • v0.1.3(Aug 31, 2021)

  • v0.1.2(Aug 13, 2021)

  • v0.1.1(Aug 12, 2021)

    A relatively critical crash bug was found in the previous release, so I'm releasing this with the fix for it.

    • Fixed crashing when playing 1h + video
    • Speeded up YouTube parser for quicker loading
    • Reduced the binary size by removing unnecessary codecs and demuxers from ffmpeg library
    • Implemented experimental network framework using sslc service + manual HTTP/1.1 parser which can be enabled in Settings This reuses TLS connection sessions if possible, improving performance for thumbnails and livestreams. However, it's less stable than current one using httpc service for now, so it's optional (and disabled by default). Bug reports for this feature are greatly appreciated. It would be helpful to include whether the bug still occurs if you turn off this feature in the bug report.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ThirdTube.3dsx(3.95 MB)
    ThirdTube.cia(2.96 MB)
  • v0.1.0(Aug 8, 2021)

    • Added support for livestreams and premiere videos Due to the way it works, smooth playing of livestreams cannot be expected unless you have a very stable connection. Live chat is not supported yet. You can access to a livestream before it starts, but you'll have to press Advanced -> Reload in order to watch it when it starts.
    • Added more metadata in video player and other pages
      • View count, published date, like count and dislike count in the video page
      • Uploader and duration in video suggestion page
      • Subscribers count and video count for channels, view count and published date for videos in search results
      • Published date and view count in channel video list
    • New icon and banner (thanks @Poketubepoggu)
    • Brought back dark theme
    • Fixed random playback failure due to 403 error
    • Fixed a bug in the parser that caused some videos to fail to play (rare)
    • Fixed slow buffering
    • Fixed long videos (1 h+) taking too much time to load/not playing/crashing Extremely long videos like this are still subject to unending loading/freeze/crash.
    • Fixed a bug where the bottom of the video was stretched.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ThirdTube.3dsx(6.19 MB)
    ThirdTube.cia(4.29 MB)
  • v0.0.0(Jul 22, 2021)

    Here's the initial alpha release of ThirdTube. It features basic functions such as searching and viewing videos(of course), comments, suggestions and channels. Comment threads are not supported yet. You can see the comments but not the replies. Note that it does not work on old 3DSes(including the old 2DS) due performance issues. (More info in the README)

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ThirdTube.3dsx(6.10 MB)
    ThirdTube.cia(4.23 MB)
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