CTPL - Modern and efficient C++ Thread Pool Library



Modern and efficient C++ Thread Pool Library

A thread pool is a programming pattern for parallel execution of jobs, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thread_pool_pattern.

More specifically, there are some threads dedicated to the pool and a container of jobs. The jobs come to the pool dynamically. A job is fetched and deleted from the container when there is an idle thread. The job is then run on that thread.

A thread pool is helpful when you want to minimize time of loading and destroying threads and when you want to limit the number of parallel jobs that run simultanuasly. For example, time consuming event handlers may be processed in a thread pool to make UI more responsive.


  • standard c++ language, tested to compile on MS Visual Studio 2013 (2012?), gcc 4.8.2 and mingw 4.8.1(with posix threads)
  • simple but effiecient solution, one header only, no need to compile a binary library
  • query the number of idle threads and resize the pool dynamically
  • one API to push to the thread pool any collable object: lambdas, functors, functions, result of bind expression
  • collable objects with variadic number of parameters plus index of the thread running the object
  • automatic template argument deduction
  • get returned value of any type with standard c++ futures
  • get fired exceptions with standard c++ futures
  • use for any purpose under Apache license
  • two variants, one depends on Boost Lockfree Queue library, http://boost.org, which is a header only library

Sample usage

void first(int id) { std::cout << "hello from " << id << '\n'; }

struct Second { void operator()(int id) const { std::cout << "hello from " << id << '\n'; } } second;

void third(int id, const std::string & additional_param) {}

int main () {

ctpl::thread_pool p(2 /* two threads in the pool */);

p.push(first); // function

p.push(third, "additional_param");

p.push( [] (int id){ std::cout << "hello from " << id << '\n'; }); // lambda

p.push(std::ref(second)); // functor, reference

p.push(const_cast<const Second &>(second)); // functor, copy ctor

p.push(std::move(second)); // functor, move ctor


  • Pushing a function to the pool

    Pushing a function to the pool

    Hello, Thank you so much for this library. I was wondering why I keep getting an error to push to the pool: all_errors.cpp:244:25: error: no matching function for call to ‘ctpl::thread_pool::push(int)’

    I am following your example to the tee and I am still getting this error. Any ideas?

    opened by prayritkhanna 2
  • std::unique_lock shadow bug

    std::unique_lock shadow bug

    https://github.com/vit-vit/CTPL/blob/437e135dbd94eb65b45533d9ce8ee28b5bd37b6d/ctpl_stl.h#L48 https://github.com/vit-vit/CTPL/blob/437e135dbd94eb65b45533d9ce8ee28b5bd37b6d/ctpl_stl.h#L54 https://github.com/vit-vit/CTPL/blob/437e135dbd94eb65b45533d9ce8ee28b5bd37b6d/ctpl.h#L137

    Hi, you have a shadow bug in the link above. It is caused by the default constructor of std::unique_lock. You are not locking your code.

    See this video on why it is a bug: https://youtu.be/lkgszkPnV8g?t=2068.

    Solution to the bug: Just name it.

    Best regards, Jack

    opened by chunheguo 1
  • Possible thread issue?

    Possible thread issue?

    It appears the mutex is being locked after pushing the data onto the queue, rather than before. Is this behavior correct?

        template<typename F, typename... Rest>
        auto push(F && f, Rest&&... rest) ->std::future<decltype(f(0, rest...))> {
            auto pck = std::make_shared<std::packaged_task<decltype(f(0, rest...))(int)>>(
                std::bind(std::forward<F>(f), std::placeholders::_1, std::forward<Rest>(rest)...)
            auto _f = new std::function<void(int id)>([pck](int id) {
            this->q.push(_f); // <-- see here...
            std::unique_lock<std::mutex> lock(this->mutex); // <-- ...and here
            return pck->get_future();
    opened by JimViebke 1
  • Function call that should not compile is able to be passed into push()

    Function call that should not compile is able to be passed into push()

    The following program demonstrates the issue. This is using the STL version.

    struct A {};
    void f(int, A&) {}
    int main()
    	ctpl::thread_pool pool(4);
    	A a;
    	// Does not compile
    	// So this shouldn't be expected to compile either, yet it does
    	//pool.push(f, std::move(a));
    opened by Ahajha 0
  • How to wait for all Tasks to finish?

    How to wait for all Tasks to finish?

    Sorry for writing this as an issue.

    I could not figure out how it is ment to wait for all Tasks to finish. If i use stop - the Threads get deleted and the threadpool ends.

    Isn't there something like p.WaitForEverythingDone()? Currently I use this in the main thread: while (p.n_idle() < THREAD_COUNT ) { } But thats not really a good idea to burn 1 cpu core just for waiting?

    opened by Ravenbs 2
  • Resize thread pool

    Resize thread pool


    In my code I create a thread pool with only one thread, and then push all the functions that I want to execute. After that, while the functions are being executed by that thread, I use another thread (that doesn't belong to the thread pool) to increase the number of threads in the thread pool, using the resize method. However, the resizing has no effect since the new threads I added do not execute anything, only the first thread (thread 0) executes the functions that are still in the queue.

    Does this happen because when I push the functions they are automatically associated with a thread? And in my case, since when I push the functions there is only thread 0 in the thread pool, all functions become associated with that thread?

    Also, is there a problem in calling resize from a function outside the thread pool?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    opened by claudiacorreia60 0
  • Problem in passing my function to

    Problem in passing my function to "push" method

    Hello there,

    So, i have a function with this definition: static void Invoke( int id, std::unique_ptr<BaseService> svc );

    And tried to pass it to ctpl "push" method to be queued in thread-pool: pThreadPool->push( std::ref(App::Invoke), std::move( svc ) );

    But I get this error:

    /home/hadi/CLionProjects/App/App.cpp:211:27: error: no matching member function for call to 'push'
        pThreadPool->push( std::ref(App::Invoke), std::move( svc ) );
    /home/hadi/CLionProjects/App/include/cptl/ctpl.h:152:14: note: candidate template ignored: substitution failure [with F = std::__1::reference_wrapper<void (int, std::__1::unique_ptr<BaseService, std::__1::default_delete<BaseService> >)>, Rest = <std::__1::unique_ptr<BaseService, std::__1::default_delete<BaseService> >>]: call to implicitly-deleted copy constructor of 'std::__1::unique_ptr<BaseService, std::__1::default_delete<BaseService> >'
            auto push(F && f, Rest&&... rest) ->std::future<decltype(f(0, rest...))> {
                 ^                                                        ~~~~
    /home/hadi/CLionProjects/App/include/cptl/ctpl.h:171:14: note: candidate function template not viable: requires single argument 'f', but 2 arguments were provided
            auto push(F && f) ->std::future<decltype(f(0))> {
    1 error generated.
    opened by atari83 1
  • How to get threads details and termination?

    How to get threads details and termination?

    I have some questions, maybe someone could help. How to find out how many threads are working at the moment? How know if all threads are terminated? How to terminate a thread from inside of thread and from outside (from another thread)?

    Thanks in advance.

    opened by EndErr 0
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