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TreeFrog Framework is a high-speed and full-stack web application framework based on C++ and Qt, which supports HTTP and WebSocket protocol. Web applications can run faster than that of lightweight programming language. In application development, it provides an O/R mapping system and template system on an MVC architecture, aims to achieve high productivity through the policy of convention over configuration.


  • High performance - Highly optimized Application server engine of C++
  • O/R mapping - Conceals complex and troublesome database accesses
  • Template system - ERB-like template engine adopted
  • Supports for many DB - MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, InterBase, MongoDB and Redis.
  • WebSocket support - Providing full-duplex communications channels
  • Generator - Generates scaffolds and Makefiles automatically
  • Supports various response types - JSON, XML and CBOR
  • Cross-platform - Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. Write once, compile anywhere.
  • OSS - New BSD License


TreeFrog uses the qt qmake build system.

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API Reference


Discussion group for TreeFrog Framework:!forum/treefrogframework

Docker Images

  $ docker pull treefrogframework/treefrog

MongoDB communication

TreeFrog Framework uses the 10gen-supported C driver to communicate with the MongoDB server. The source code of the driver is included in this package. See the README also.

  • Get real client IP address behind the reverse proxy

    Get real client IP address behind the reverse proxy

    I'm using the nginx server as a reverse proxy for Qt TreeFrog as described on this page:

    The problem is that in this case the TActionController::clientAddress() and TWebSocketEndpoint::peerAddress() functions return the proxy address instead of the client's IP address.

    In nginx, you can add an X-Forwarded-For header containing the client's IP address:

    proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;

    but unfortunately Qt TreeFrog does not have functionality similar to that of mod_remoteip Apache server:

    Would it be possible to add an option in the TreeFrog configuration to define the name of the HTTP header containing the client's original IP address (RemoteIPHeader) and the list of trusted proxy (RemoteIPTrustedProxy) ? The TActionController::clientAddress() function would return the client's IP address instead of the proxy IP address if the proxy is trusted.


    opened by amiart 13
  • File session expire when browser sends multiple concurrent requests

    File session expire when browser sends multiple concurrent requests

    This happens when browser sends to treefrog multiple concurrent requests and each access session stored in file. One of the action threads try to write to file session, and another one reads session from the file at the same time.

    In treefrog.log there is ERROR: Failed to load a session from the file store, and then session id is regenerated.


    In debugger QDataStream::status() returned QDataStream::ReadPastEnd


    Please add QWriteLocker in TSessionFileStore::store() just before session in written, and QReadLocker in TSessionFileStore::find() - tried this and worked for me.

    Config: Windows 10 x64 Qt 5.9 +MSVC 2015 32bit TreeFrog 1.17.0

    application.ini: Session.StoreType=file Session.AutoIdRegeneration=false Session.LifeTime=0 Session.CookiePath=/ Session.GcProbability=100 Session.GcMaxLifeTime=1800

    opened by amiart 13
  • Fix parsing X-Forwarded-For header.

    Fix parsing X-Forwarded-For header.

    Fixes parsing of the header, and it is now possible to trust Unix domain socket proxy and proxy servers in a subnet.

    In nginx configuration (reverse proxy) add this line:

    proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For  $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;

    In Treefrog configuration add these lines:

    TrustedProxyServers="unix:;;"   # the value must be in quotes

    Fixes #285

    opened by amiart 11
  • Routing enhancements

    Routing enhancements

    Please review my changes carefully. Will recommend reviewing commit by commit, and using ?w=1 parameter to avoid seeing indentation changes as additions/removals.

    !!As I could not get master running correctly on my machine, I worked on top of 1.7.5. Will probably need some merging and conflict resolution, sorry!.

    My pull request:

    • fixes routing errors (a get or post route would accept any http verb, even invalid ones, not only the get and post). Same for match
    • added support for put, patch, delete routes and http verbs
    • when adding a rule both /rule and /rule/ was added to the routing list, removed that doubling and now appending the '/' when the incoming requests don't have it.
    • fixes a debug output message
    • now returning 404 instead of 400 in some cases when there is no actual route match.
      • Rails-like support for put, patch, delete. Browsers are incapable of sending anything other than get and post. Rails overcame this shortcoming by reserving the "method" parameter, and when present overriding the incoming verb with it.

    Todo: update documentation about support for put, patch, delete

    opened by axos88 10
  • Add OTHER_FILES erb/html/otm files in views/_src/

    Add OTHER_FILES erb/html/otm files in views/_src/

    Currently, in Qt creator, the views (erb/html/otm)files doesn't list in the project, so we need to go to these folders then open them. when coding, if we write controller and write views at the same time, change selected view files, it became so inconvenience.

    opened by hks2002 9
  • TSmtpMailer: Prevent STRIPTLS attacks

    TSmtpMailer: Prevent STRIPTLS attacks

    The STARTTLS in TSmtpMailer class is vulnerable to STRIPTLS attacks.

    According to Wikipedia:

    Because the initial handshake takes place in plain text, an attacker in control of the network can modify the server messages via a man-in-the-middle attack to make it appear that TLS is unavailable (called a STRIPTLS attack). Most SMTP clients will then send the email and possibly passwords in plain text, often with no notification to the user. ... STRIPTLS attacks can be blocked by configuring SMTP clients to require TLS for outgoing connections (for example, the Exim Message transfer agent can require TLS via the directive "hosts_require_tls")

    The solution is to add a new parameter in application.ini:

    ActionMailer.smtp.EnableSTARTTLS=true ActionMailer.smtp.RequireTLS=true # <-- new parameter (default false)

    arnd then check it in tsmtpmailer.cpp before line 170:

    if (requireTls && !tlsEnable) {
         tSystemError("STARTTLS not enabled");
         return false;
    if (requireTls && !tlsAvailable) {
        tSystemError("The mail server does not support TLS");
        return false;
    if (tlsEnable && tlsAvailable) {
        if (!cmdStartTls()) {
            return false;
    opened by amiart 8
  • configure with --enable-mongo not available in macOS

    configure with --enable-mongo not available in macOS

    Following the guide:

    The --enable-mongo option its not available in treefrog in the macOS Mojave. I'm using the 1.23.0 version of treefrog.

    I used the --enable-shared-mongoc option instead, but after changing the .ini files to set the database to my localhost the command tspawn --show-collections in my project folder show me the error:

    DatabaseName: databaseName HostName: localhost MongoDB opened successfully Segmentation fault: 11

    How can I find more informations about the error?

    opened by rafiqueud 8
  • All helper header auto included in to each view source file.

    All helper header auto included in to each view source file.

    tmake auto include all helper header to all views source file. Even all validators, one validator is normally used for one form. maybe let developer manually include these helper headers as required is better.

    opened by hks2002 7
  • SELECT * FROM user problem in PostgreSQL

    SELECT * FROM user problem in PostgreSQL

    ORM generated SQL command like SELECT * FROM user won't fetch data from user table in PostgreSQL. It must be SELECT * FROM "user" (quoted table name).

    opened by whitglint 7
  • added support for ARM

    added support for ARM

    Adding support for ARM.

    Now it seems to be compiling on the Raspberry PI, and the basic tutorial is running fine. I've not got the knowledge yet where this code would actually be used, so it's not tested thouroughly.

    Why isn't perftools used as a git submodule btw? The support for ARM is already out there, but the source files here are outdated.

    opened by axos88 7
  • Feature: Show a list of running projects

    Feature: Show a list of running projects

    Suggestion command: treefrog -l

    When I type 'treefrog -l' command, I'll get something like this:

    2 projects running: * /home/account/project1 + url: http://localhost:8800/project1/index * /home/account/project2 + url: http://localhost:8801/project2/index

    Sorry my bad english!

    opened by tienvx 7
  • Conditionally build lz4 and glog

    Conditionally build lz4 and glog

    opened by chenrui333 0
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