Pure Data as a plugin, with a new GUI

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Pure Data as a plugin, with a new GUI

Screenshot 2021-11-28 at 20 06 01

PlugData a plugin wrapper for PureData, featuring a new GUI made with JUCE. Currently not very stable! This project differs from Camomile in that it actually allows you to modify patches

Possible thanks to:

  • Camomile by Pierre Guillot
  • Pure Data by Miller Puckette and others
  • libpd by the Peter Brinkmann, Dan Wilcox and others
  • Juce by ROLI Ltd.
  • MoodyCamel by Cameron Desrochers
  • VST PlugIn Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies
  • Audio Unit PlugIn Technology by Apple

What works:

  • Creating, deleting and moving objects
  • Signal and data objects
  • Most GUI objects:
    • Bang, Numbox, Toggle, Radio, Sliders, Array/Graph and Message work perfectly
    • GraphOnParent does not yet work
  • Usable in DAW
  • Console

What kinda works (but needs testing):

  • Saving and loading patches

What doesn't work / needs to be fixed:

  • Not entirely thread-safe yet
  • Undo/Redo
  • Some hacky solutions
  • Leaks
  • No VU meter
  • GraphOnParent
  • Subpatches

Please contact me if you wish to contribute, I could use some help!

  • Suggestion for message box!

    Suggestion for message box!

    Hey :)

    These are not a super important suggestions, but I think it would be nice anyhow.

    For the message box, it would be nice to be able to easier distinguish a message box from a number box, so they look a bit more different.

    Also when you push the message box, you get no notification that the box has been pushed. In original PD, when you push a message button with the mouse, the message box kind of highlights the outer edges with black, so it's more clear it has been pushed.

    But yeah, small thing...... :)

    opened by jaffasplaffa 32
  • Random crashes.

    Random crashes.

    So I've been able to reproduce this in both reaper 6.44 and carla(I think the version before the recent update), linux mint 64 bit.

    When I load pure data in carla I get this in the logs:

    JUCE Assertion failure in juce_Desktop.cpp:108 JUCE Assertion failure in juce_Desktop.cpp:108 JUCE Assertion failure in juce_AudioProcessor.cpp:365

    To reproduce the crash, load a receive param1 by clicking the + button, add a bang and an [openpanel] and connect them, and then add an object and try to load an abstraction using the suggest feature when you type in an object. Sometimes this causes a crash. I don't know how related any of this is, this is just what I've done to cause a crash so far.

    opened by TheGuyWhoo 28
  • UI bugs and problems in 0.4.3

    UI bugs and problems in 0.4.3


    A few bugs and UI problems found in the 4.0.3 win64 Standalone version.

    • When opening a patch in Pure data previously saved in PlugData, all the subatches are automatically opened (visible), and show a comment "plugdatainfo" image I guess this is to remember the patch parameters, like background colors. Is it possible to hide that better? Or to put it in an additionnal external file, not interfering with the original file? It would be nice to have a totally transparent exchange between the two programs.

    • It converts automatically Vradio and Hradio to 9 cells buttons, whatever the number of cells of the original patch in PureData image image

    • some properties (e.g. colors) are not implemented: image image

    • The Toggle buttons are very confusing! image Why not using the standard "not-checked" when off?

    • Object boxes and message boxes are too similar. (symbol boxes are ok) image Maybe using the same shape as in PureData? image

    • It would be amazing to have the zoom focusing on the mouse position, not on the position top-left of the patch, especially with the middle mouse scrolling zoom.

    • There is a delay in number box results displaying. When changing a value manually, the display is real-time, but the others number boxes in the chain are a bit delayed by a few ms (can be annoying for music) image

    • Some Vsliders don't work very well. To reproduce, try opening percussion.pd in Automatonism. In Lock mode, try to move the slider P-DECAY. In comparaison, the slider DECAY1 works well. image I guess this is an issue when multiple objects overlap slightly, but unfortunately that can happens very often when importing patches from PureData.

    Thank you again for your amazing work, it's very impressive! The interface in general is super convenient, fluid... I especially like the difference of colors between audio and data inputs.

    opened by ludnny 28
  • Standalone v0.3/v0.3.1 bug report

    Standalone v0.3/v0.3.1 bug report

    Here is some report with v0.3 (tested under OSX)

    (edited by @timothyschoen)

    • [x] Array should have default name "array1". If create an array without filling a name, click on it = app crash
    • [x] - canvas gui object "foreground" is useless. But width / height fields would be convinient.
    • [x] - Label and their color/position/font are missing in every GUI (I understand they would conflict with the "object name" displayed on mouseover, but this design needs some thought)
    • [x] - when an object is below another one but is connected from above, the segmented path is confusing and repositionning the horizontal segment with mouse is reversed.
    • [x] - last bottom line of print is not visible, might be under the bottom bar?
    • [x] - zoom with Action + mousewheel would be nice
    • [ ] - single click (or double clic) on object name should create object and close the completion menu (now only fill empty object name, then need extra clic outside to create) (note: currently not a priority because Max does the same. I do like the behaviour you suggested, so maybe next release -TS)
    • [ ] - "Create object" menu add object in the middle of canvas... could be under last mouse position and already selected to save the extra effort to search for it and select it. (note: currently not a priority because Max does the same -TS) -> The best behavior should be like puredata then: the object "stick" (follow) to mouse position until you click somewhere to validate the final object position in the patch. This way is more natural and handy. Also adding object using shortcut might have the same behavior.
    • [x] - resizing graph on parent is nice, works only on width and is reseted to default during a GUI interaction. (note: disabled resizing while it doesn't work - TS)
    • [x] - keyboard ui object keys does not extend when resizing
    • [x] - the highlighted inlets/outlets are almost invisible, might be white color and maybe bigger size / zone like in PurrData which is very confortable (this is the key in a data flow environment ;) ).
    opened by 60-hz 26
  • Linux packages

    Linux packages


    I saw you've added various Linux distro in the GH Actions. Would You interested to use OBS (Open Build Server) for that task? If yes - I can help with most steps. It has some advantages, main - the published repository which can be added to package manager. Rebuilds can be triggered from GH https://openbuildservice.org/2022/04/04/scm-integration-trigger_services/ (yes, a bit tricky)

    I've one for the BespokSynth https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:bespokesynth/bespokesynth-current also PlugData just for openSUSE https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/multimedia:proaudio/PlugData

    opened by KottV 23
  • Can't create objects in the vst running in BitwigStudio on Linux..

    Can't create objects in the vst running in BitwigStudio on Linux..

    The standalone version and the lv2 works, but in the VST when I press "+" in the toolbar I get the menu, but after selecting empty object (or any other choice), nothing gets created on the canvas.

    This times it works in carla, but not in Bitwig Studio :/ I can load files created in standalone and edit them in the vst, just creating new objects seems to fail.

    opened by ensonic 17
  • standalone works, but VST plugins fail in BitwigStudio/Carla under linux

    standalone works, but VST plugins fail in BitwigStudio/Carla under linux

    I've build from git HEAD (4c2b9affd6bf5b8acae2edffcc25d563c7068df9) and then copied Plugins/VST3/ to ~/.vst3/

    tree Plugins/VST3/
    ├── PlugDataFx.vst3
    │   └── Contents
    │       └── x86_64-linux
    │           └── PlugDataFx.so
    └── PlugData.vst3
        └── Contents
            └── x86_64-linux
                └── PlugData.so

    BitWidg Studio complains about:

    com.bitwig.flt.library.metadata.reader.exception.CouldNotReadMetadataException: could not read metadata: Communications error with plugin host process
    exit code:139
    PluginHost: Reading VST 3 plugin metadata for /home/ensonic/.vst3/PlugData.vst3
    Error setting realtime priority for thread to -10
    Error setting realtime priority for thread to -10
    Error setting realtime priority for thread to -10
    opened by ensonic 17
  • Having the parameter window open consumes quite a bit of CPU.

    Having the parameter window open consumes quite a bit of CPU.

    Having it open seems to use up a lot of resources, until you close it then it settles back down to normal. I'm using the latest build from the action tab 64a08ed

    opened by TheGuyWhoo 16
  • VST works but standalone doesn't

    VST works but standalone doesn't

    • Mac Mini M1
    • macOS 12.1 Monterey
    • Bitwig Studio 4.1.2

    I've build the package from the Git clone, and installed the standalone and the VST. If I try to run the standalone, the tray icon dances around a bit indicating some sort of activity, then it stops, but no GUI appears on the screen. Also, PlugData does not appear in the top menu. Alt-Tabbing reveals PlugData as an active app, but "Show All Windows" from the tray icon reveals nothing.

    The VST in Bitwig Studio appears to work as expected, although the plugin did crash on me after a few minutes activity. I have yet to uncover the extent of this problem. If it happens agin, I'll try to get a crash dump of some kind.

    opened by carlca 16
  • Fluidsynth compilation sometimes fails on macOS

    Fluidsynth compilation sometimes fails on macOS

    Awesome project, thanks for sharing!

    I just tried to compile PlugData using current main branch on macOS Catalina. When I do cmake --build . I get an error:

    [ 44%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/PlugDataStandalone_Standalone.dir/Libraries/JUCE/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/juce_audio_plugin_client_VST_utils.mm.o
    make[2]: *** No rule to make target `Libraries/fluidsynth/lib/libfluidsynth.a', needed by `/Users/sa/Downloads/src/PlugData/Plugins/Standalone/PlugData.app/Contents/MacOS/PlugData'.  Stop.
    make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/PlugDataStandalone_Standalone.dir/all] Error 2
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    Do I have to install fluid synth via homebrew as brew install fluidsynth?

    opened by shakfu 14
  • Gui Standalone in v.0.5 is faster than v.0.5.1!

    Gui Standalone in v.0.5 is faster than v.0.5.1!

    Hello Tim, congrats for all your work!

    I have noted that the standalone v.0.5 is very much more fast and fluid (GUI part) that the v.0.5.1.

    I know that the standalone part seems not to be the priority, but would be great if it could be continue developed!

    Just reporting it!

    I am on Windows 11!


    opened by charlesneimog 14
  • Deken and plugin managing problem

    Deken and plugin managing problem

    In PlugData v0.6.2 on Windows there is some problem with deleting and adding plugins via deken. Both as a vst plugin and standalone app. It seems to don't remember installed plugins after restarting app if plugin was installed if I don't add it to path. Even if I add it to path I can install it every time after restarting PlugData. There is also no way to uninstall cyclone, else or any other plugins I had install via deken, because deken don't see installed plugins. Even when I delete folders with cyclone and else this both libraries are always in Plug Data. This is how it looks after installing the plugin: image

    This is how it looks after restarting PlugData: image

    This is how it looks when I search for the installed plugin: image

    opened by arno-arno 2
  • Issue with flashing to Daisy on Windows

    Issue with flashing to Daisy on Windows

    Trying out 6147829 after i saw your Discord message and youtube video. I'm on Windows 11.

    After Compile, I get:


    I don't know where to create the tmp dir.

    Thank you!

    opened by jpnielsen 3
  • Bug - Issue with loading wav files, using soundfiler(PD doesn't seem to remember PD patch location and looses reference to any wave files loaded via soundfiler)

    Bug - Issue with loading wav files, using soundfiler(PD doesn't seem to remember PD patch location and looses reference to any wave files loaded via soundfiler)

    Hello :)

    I am having an issue with loading wav files into a table, using soundfiler in the plugin version og PlugData. I am running PlugData in Logic 1.7.1 on an M1 Macbook.

    When I open one of my patches in PlugData(plugin version), that uses soundfiler to load wav files into tables, I have to save my patch before PlugData remembers the location of the wav files. It seems like PlugData might not remember the actual location of the patch running and therefor looses the reference to any wav files, cause soundfiler uses the patch as a reference to any files loaded into it.

    Here is a screenshot of the soundfiler load mechanism: Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 18 20 57

    The +Sounds+ folder is located in the same folder as the PD patch. But I get: soundfiler read: +Sounds+/Mono/Audio1.wav: No such file or directory

    But if I do a save as and save the PD patch to the same location again, the samples are loaded. But if I then close/open Logic, I have to go into PD and save the patch again, for PD to load the wav files.

    Not sure if my explanation is clear, I struggled a bit explaining it, I can make a simplified example patch if needed.

    Best wishes, Jakob

    opened by jaffasplaffa 1
  • Playhead object causing other objects in PlugData to misbehave?

    Playhead object causing other objects in PlugData to misbehave?

    Hey there! I'm attempting to port a random sequencer patch I made for the organelle into plug data for use in DAWs I'm trying to get clock ticks from playhead to sync my sequencer with the DAW and I can't get any kind of usable output from playhead using the techniques I'd normally use. It's entirely possible I'm using it incorrectly but it does appear to be broken in some way.

    I'm on an M1 mac Big Sur 11.6.5, using the version of Plug Data from brew in Bitwig 4.4.2

    I'm not really even sure how to describe it!! So I've just made a video: playhead bug.webm

    opened by mortfell 7
  • Try to force check for modifier keys when initiating canvas drag

    Try to force check for modifier keys when initiating canvas drag

    If my DAW has focus, then I hold Ctrl on the keyboard and start dragging a control in PlugData, the object's position on the canvas moves instead of tweaking the control's value. You have to remember to always first click on the PlugData window to get focus before trying to ctrl+drag a control. Or always lock the canvas. Despite knowing this I stupidly keep making the same mistake of accidentally moving the object, I guess because needing to do that extra click hundreds of times in a day could lead to an accident.

    If I do not let go of Ctrl it starts tweaking the value after the second click attempt, so I'm wondering if it's possible to force checking if Ctrl is held down at the time when a canvas drag starts? It would be getting focus at the same time as the start of the drag event, so maybe there's a way to also check for the modifier key?

    opened by Yzrsah 1
  • v0.6.2(Nov 3, 2022)

    A new version with PlugData, finally!

    Thanks to everyone who's helped me with this one, I'm gonna try to name everyone but it's becoming increasingly more difficult. Here we go:

    @chee, @JoshuaACNewman, @60-hz, @POLARITY, @Wasted-Audio , MZY-CBX, JaqueArse, @jaffasplaffa, @hellocatfood, @hAK-klang, daniellumertz, DSB, fredeic, @vasilymilovidov, @hatitrain, BonefishSam

    For Linux users, I'd recommend using the OBS packages, or the AUR package on Arch. OBS packages (maintained by @KottV): https://software.opensuse.org//download.html?project=home%3Aplugdata&package=plugdata AUR packages (maintained by @aik2mlj): https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/plugdata-git

    And thanks to @kreth608 for adding new documentation to this release.


    • UI improvements:
      • New welcome screen when there is no patch open
      • Better tab behaviour, always shows patch name and saves toolbar space
      • Better place in UI for documentation and automation panel selection
      • Some statusbar icons have been moved to the settings popup
    • New logo made by @JoshuaACNewman
    • Updated to ELSE rc4, with new [datetime] object and more
    • Improved colour theming options thanks to @chee
    • Hold alt to see object indices
    • Encapsulate action: select a group of objects and hit cmd+shift+e to encapsulate into subpatch
    • Many, many bugfixes

    Other features:

    • Destructive options in settings dialog now have a confirmation popup
    • Basic support for non-latin characters in messages, comments and objects (better support throughout whole GUI coming soon)
    • Now remembers last opened tab in DAW
    • Improved DAW audio settings panel
    • Remembers your zoom level across restarts
    • Added "Move to back" feature
    • ELSE objects that work now: [oscope~], [function], [canvas.*], [mtx.ctl]
    • Add to path button in Deken
    • Shift + drag can now also disconnect box from cords
    • Can now show a [garray] and [array define] content in a separate window
    • Improved documentation panel icon
    • Hitting esc on an empty objects deletes the object
    • Object name is now shown in parameters panel
    • Comments are now transparent when editing
    • Can now double-click toolbar to maximise


    • Changes to messages can now be undone
    • Fixed maximise behaviour on Linux
    • Correct behaviour for [key], [keyup] and [keyname]
    • Fixed various hradio/vradio bugs
    • Fixed crash when dragging number box inside a graph
    • Fixed issue where dragging a numbox would change other UI objects
    • Fixed object creation offset in Renoise
    • Fixed "consistency check failure" bug when graph name is empty
    • Fixed crash when creating many segmented connections
    • Fixed opening files from OS when there is a space in the name
    • Fixed scrolling issue with drawables and mousepad
    • Fixed a deadlock in DAW version
    • Fixed phaser~ crash
    • Greyed out automation add button when locked
    • Fixed crashes when dragging parameters below zero in [hradio] and [garray]
    • Fixed min/max not working for numboxes
    • Added option to use non-native file dialog. Some DAW's, like Ardour, don't like native file dialogs
    • Fixed default themes for [vslider] and [hslider] (instead of [vsl]/[hsl])
    • Fixed problem with Deken packages not showing up
    • Fixed array crashes
    • Fixed crash when clicking reconnect button
    • Text editors automatically close when clicking inlets/outlets
    • Can click on subpathers in temporary lock to open
    • Fixed several autocomplete bugs
    • Fixed mousepad issues
    • Fixed pitchbend issues
    • Fixed graph selection problem
    • Alignment line for straightened connection cords now appear next to the connection
    • Fixed crash when double-clicking the close button
    • Fixed initialisation issues on Windows
    • Fixed [text define] editor issues on Windows
    • Fixed bug in [clone] object
    • Fixed maximising behaviour on Linux


    • [cnv] no longer intercepts mouseclicks
    • Uses Pd shortcuts by default now, there is an option in settings to revert to Max shortcuts Note: If you use and AZERTY keyboard, you have to remap you keyboard shortcuts for them to work, or use Max shortcuts instead.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-Arch-x64.zip(105.14 MB)
    PlugData-Debian-x64.zip(104.32 MB)
    PlugData-Fedora-36-x64.zip(104.44 MB)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.zip(327.98 MB)
    PlugData-OpenSUSE-x64.zip(103.61 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(104.73 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-22.04-x64.zip(105.01 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(74.44 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(77.49 MB)
  • v0.6.1(Sep 2, 2022)

    This version contains mostly bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who helped out by reporting these: @60-hz, @porres, @offthesky, @sidec, @JoshuaACNewman, @vasilymilovidov and @alfonso73

    This version also contains updated hover messages and object descriptions for ELSE objects starting with A and B. Big thanks to @kreth608 for this, he's working his way through ELSE's documentation to make it fully integrated into PlugData.

    IMPORTANT: to ensure this version works perfectly, I recommend removing PlugData's folder file located at Mac: ~/Library/PlugData/ Linux: ~/.config/PlugData/ Windows: %APPDATA%/PlugData/

    If you stored any patches there, back them up first! It will probably work okay-ish if you don't do this, but it will show the wrong folder in your documentation panel, and it can lead to problems with your search paths.

    For Linux users, I'd recommend using the OBS packages, or the AUR package on Arch. OBS packages (maintained by @KottV): https://software.opensuse.org//download.html?project=home%3Aplugdata&package=plugdata AUR packages (maintained by @aik2mlj): https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/plugdata-git

    • Uploaded a zipfile with just the plugins for Windows, in case Windows Defender gives you a false positive, which can unfortunately happen

    • Added missing ELSE objects: [route2], [db2lin~], [bitnormal~], [bl.imp2~], [bicoeff2]

    • Added GUI implementation for ELSE's [button] object

    • Left and right arrow key on opened objects now jumps to the end of selection (strange that this is not the default in JUCE)

    • Fixed crashes when opening helpfiles due to them being opened twice

    • Fixed potential crashes when the console gets spammed a lot

    • If you open a patch that's already opened, just show the tab of the opened patch

    • Keyboard keys now light up when receiving input

    • Up/Down keys in [nbx], [floatatom] actually triggers output

    • [nbx] no longer outputs duplicate values

    • Fixed crash when trying to insert an object without outlets into a connection with shift

    • Can now set caret position in [msg] by clicking

    • Media integration: Clicking on a non-pd patch file from documentation browser puts the path into a message box. makes it easier to use audiofiles or soundfont. This feature will be expanded later with a library of default media.

    • Fixed hanging command/ctrl lock state

    • Added a very basic implementation of [cyclone/comment] just to make sure that cyclone's documentation files look okay

    • Fixed bug causing connection paths to look offset after saving/loading

    • Fixed bug causing subpatchers to be empty after saving/loading DAW presets

    • Fixed bug causing search paths not to update

    • Fixed bug causing abstractions not to be found on startup

    • Improved responsiveness of automation

    • Fixed filesystem initialisation issues (this is why it is recommended that you trash PlugData's filesystem)

    • Various fixes for Windows

    • Fixed hi-dpi scaling for dialogs on Linux

    • Added helpfiles for [param] and [playhead]

    • Update (2/9/2022): Fixed [zl] object issues

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-Arch-x64.zip(101.28 MB)
    PlugData-Debian-x64.zip(100.45 MB)
    PlugData-Fedora-35-x64.zip(100.27 MB)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.zip(282.17 MB)
    PlugData-OpenSUSE-x64.zip(99.77 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(100.90 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-22.04-x64.zip(101.17 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(72.04 MB)
    PlugData-Win64-PluginsAndExecutable.zip(81.26 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(75.07 MB)
  • v0.6.0(Aug 24, 2022)

    IMPORTANT: This version is not compatible with DAW saves from v0.5.3. If you're using a recent Actions tab build, you should be fine. Hopefully the last time that happens. But if you have DAW projects you want to keep:

    • Save all opened PlugData plugins to Pd patches
    • Remove PlugData from those projects
    • Upgrade PlugData
    • Re-add PlugData

    For Linux users, I'd recommend using the OBS packages, or the AUR package on Arch. OBS packages (maintained by @KottV): https://software.opensuse.org//download.html?project=home%3Aplugdata&package=plugdata AUR packages (maintained by @aik2mlj): https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/plugdata-git

    Thanks to @JoshuaACNewman, @ludnny, @kreth608 and @QuevasMz for sponsoring the development of PlugData!

    This version includes many improvements, most importantly:

    • Updated to ELSE-rc3, which includes new band-limited oscillators, [numbox~] and more! Now also includes the [sfont~] object, and the Live Electronics Tutorial.
    • Built-in oversampling to reduce aliasing in patches with distortion or non-bandlimited synthesis. You can enable this by clicking "1x" in the statusbar.
    • Installers for Windows and Mac to make the installation process faster
    • Externals work in the standalone on Windows now!
    • Smart-patching: Shift is the magic key
      • Create multiple connections at once with the shift key + multiple selection.
      • Create multiple connections in a row with the shift key + single object.
      • Drop an object into a connection by dragging it over a connection while holding shift

    Other changes:

    • Fixed copy/paste activity bug
    • Added implementation for [text define] object
    • PlugData's Deken implementation is now much faster, and gives instant results while typing.
    • Print messages are correctly concatenated
    • Fixed glitches when dragging an object close to the edge of the canvas
    • Faster startup time
    • GraphOnParent improvements:
      • Can show name of graph
      • Can click through an empty graph, like in pd-vanilla
    • [nbx] and [floatatom] Improvements:
      • Selection state works more like pd-vanilla and Max
      • Use up/down keys to increment/decrement when selected
      • Better performance
      • Fixed [nbx] size issues
      • Better dragging behaviour
    • Fixed bug causing subpatcher helpfiles not being found
    • Allow clicking on suggestions
    • Middle-mouse pan
    • Fixed various size and position inconsistencies for GUI object
    • Messages now automatically open editor when created
    • Can now use both delete and backspace to delete objects
    • Fixed font bugs on Windows
    • Fixed various problems with the [listbox] object
    • Can now optionally use "else/" prefix when referring to ELSE objects
    • Fixed various Windows related crashes
    • Fixed bugs related to array object
    • Many more bugfixes!!

    Thanks to @kreth608, @60-hz, @offthesky, @Omar-Misa, @mantsar, @JoshuaACNewman, @Nek, for contributing and reporting a lot of these bugs. Sorry If I forgot anyone!

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-Arch-x64.zip(92.54 MB)
    PlugData-Debian-x64.zip(91.71 MB)
    PlugData-Fedora-35-x64.zip(91.53 MB)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.zip(253.70 MB)
    PlugData-OpenSUSE-x64.zip(91.02 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(92.15 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-22.04-x64.zip(92.44 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(64.47 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(67.49 MB)
  • v0.5.3(Jun 28, 2022)

    Big release with many changes, I've tried to list them all but there's probably even more. Performance should be much better. Large parts of the GUI object code have been rewritten and redesigned, many of the bugs that v0.5.2 suffered from are fixed. Because of the large rewrites, you may still encounter some bugs, please report them to me!

    On Linux, I recommend installing it through the package repository (thanks @KottV), or the AUR package on Arch (thanks @aik2mlj). The advantages are that it will automatically copy the plugins and create a .desktop file for better Linux integration. You'll also get automatic updates.

    Thanks for reporting bugs and suggesting features: @vewilya, @TjShredder, @60-hz, @zkf, @TheGuyWhoo, @sevdh, @alfonso73, @plantappreciator, @ludnny, @jaffasplaffa, @offthesky, @JoshuaACNewman

    Sorry if I forgot anyone, this release has been in development for a while!

    Thanks to @JoshuaACNewman and @ludnny for also sponsoring the development of PlugData, I appreciate it!

    • Updated cyclone to 6.0-1
    • Updated ELSE to 1.0-rc2 (sfont~ object coming next release... sorry!)
    • Updated to JUCE 7
    • Fixed glitch when dragging close to resizer
    • Inlets/outlets hide by default unless hovered
    • Inlets/outlets become greyed out when locked
    • Fixed Reaper windows focus issue when using other dialog in Reaper
    • Fixed jumpiness for grid lines
    • Fixed mouse position problems in large patches
    • Can set some dynamic parameters (some don't work yet, I'm working on it!):
    • Fixed crash when renaming some objects
    • Console correctly groups lists on one line
    • Fixed some console bugs
    • Fixed several object resizing bugs
    • Fixed freeze in reaper
    • Fixed copy issue
    • Fixed potential startup crash
    • Can now send automation (i'll explain how soon on the wiki)
    • Better look for DAW audio settings sliders and automation panel sliders
    • Added about panel in settings
    • Can now set a custom font
    • Improved comment object size
    • Better text wrapping for all objects
    • Limit for numberbox height
    • Fix cases where connection hitbox blocks inlet/outlet
    • Reconnect handles for connections
    • Now can move objects with arrow keys
    • Fixed auto fontsize
    • Fixed crash when loading preset
    • Fixed freeze when opening empty file
    • Fixed issues with keyboard object
    • Main canvas now has properties (by right-clicking)
    • Fixed dollsym in label bug
    • Fixed Atom send/receive problems
    • Array improvements
      • Drastically improved performance
      • Fixed programmatically resizing
      • Fixed freeze when loading large arrays
      • Now has title
      • Fixed drag glitches
      • Now has range property
    • Improved console performance
    • Better default colour for canvas object
    • Fixed many GUI details
    • Fixed problems with invalid objects
    • Fixed wrong default label position
    • Fixed label position bug when objects have negative coordinates
    • Fixed atom label, fixed atom height issues
    • Optimised startup time
    • Message resize while typing
    • Improved lasso performance
    • Ability to modify the colour scheme
    • Command-line args
      • -path "path" -- add to file search path
      • -open "file>" -- open file(s) on startup
      • -send "msg..." -- send a message at startup, after patches are loaded
    • Fixed locale issue for countries that use comma instead of period for numbers
    • Subpatch issue
    • Multiple grid snap directions
    • Now can use ELSE and cyclone objects with name prefixes
    • Help patch shortcut
    • Fixed some of the connectionstate bugs
    • Object size more similar to Pd
    • Better object UI
    • Added Message box mouse-down animation
    • Added listbox dragging
    • Hide subpatchers and abstractions in presentation mode
    • Cmd-s shortcut problem
    • Fixed slowness on Windows
    • Fixed some document browser problems
    • Fixed deken crash
    • Fixed crash when deleting inlets/outlets from subpatcher
    • Fixed some of the issues with automation
    • Infinite numbox dragging
    • Better support for pd's drawing functions
    • Fixed no MIDI output when called from pd's thread
    • Correct latency compensation
    • Fixed crash when pinch-zooming
    • Fixed attach-to-mouse problem when creating object from menu

    Known Issues:

    • Broken objects: [text define], [netreceive], [store], [rec], [oscilloscope], possibly more.
    • LV2 doesn't work in Ardour, this is Ardour's fault. Use the VST3 instead.
    • C-coded externals are broken on windows
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-Arch-x64.zip(53.21 MB)
    PlugData-Debian-x64.zip(52.69 MB)
    PlugData-Fedora-35-x64.zip(52.56 MB)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.dmg(144.85 MB)
    PlugData-OpenSUSE-x64.zip(52.53 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(53.12 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(53.16 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-22.04-x64.zip(53.32 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(31.71 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(33.64 MB)
  • v0.5.2(May 9, 2022)

    Version with important fixes for problems in the last version.

    • Fixed crash when double clicking folder in document browser (thanks @jaffasplaffa for reporting)
    • Fixed crash on Windows when closing plugin editor (thanks @offthesky and @alfonso73 for reporting)
    • Fixed standalone very slow on Windows (thanks @charlesneimog for reporting)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.dmg(125.51 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(43.10 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(43.16 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(25.17 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(26.68 MB)
  • v0.5.1(May 7, 2022)

    New version with many new features and fixes.

    Big thanks to @60-hz, @ludnny, @TheGuyWhoo, @porres, @FlachyJoe and @jaffasplaffa for the bug reports and feature requests! Most of the important stuff this release was suggested by you!

    IMPORTANT: If you've used previous versions of PlugData, you need to clear out old PlugData's settings, since the file organisation has completely changed this release. To do this, remove the "PlugData" folder at the following location. MacOS: ~/Library/PlugData/ Linux: ~/.config/PlugData/ Windows: %APPDATA%\PlugData\

    This update will also break compatibly with DAW presets and save files that include a previous version of PlugData. I'm hoping this is the last time this will happen. If you are using an older version of PlugData in a DAW project, you'll have to save the pd patch, remove PlugData from the project, upgrade PlugData and re-add PlugData in the project and load the saved patch.


    • Support for opening multiple projects in a single window
    • Added a package manager for downloading externals, compatible with pd's package repository (C-coded externals only work on Mac and Linux standalone for now)
    • Set connection style per individual connection
    • Added document browser for easier access to patches and documentation
    • Added panel for manipulating and viewing DAW parameters, with a button to add a receive object for each parameter
    • Objects created from menu's now stick to your mouse

    Other improvements and fixes:

    • Power button now synced with pd's dsp state
    • Improved numberbox dragging
    • Text in objects now has left justification
    • Improved grid
    • Improved search path component and fixed bug causing paths not to update
    • Fixed no window outlines on some Linux distros
    • Maximum number of console messages to prevent freezing when console gets spammed
    • Fixed some object colour related bugs
    • Improved box resize behaviour with text wrapping like in pd
    • Added non-zero-value property to toggle
    • Message keyboard shortcut now opens texteditor automatically
    • Fixed object overlapping bugs
    • No edit mode when inside presentation mode
    • Better stability in DAW
    • Performance improvements
    • Fixed various other bugs

    Known issues:

    • Broken objects: [text define], [netreceive], [store], [rec], [oscilloscope], possibly more.
    • Text display problems with some locales
    • C-coded externals are broken on windows
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.dmg(125.49 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(43.09 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(43.15 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(25.17 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(26.68 MB)
  • v0.5(Apr 22, 2022)

    New version with many new features and bug fixes.

    This is not production ready yet, and considering the large number of changes, there will probably still be some bugs. Let me know if you find any!

    IMPORTANT: If you've used previous versions of PlugData, it is recommended to refresh your externals folder. To do this, remove the "Abstractions" and "Documentation" folders from the following location: MacOS: ~/Library/PlugData/ Linux: ~/.config/PlugData/ Windows: %APPDATA%\PlugData\

    Because there are many changes in this version, it breaks compatibility with older versions. If you are using an older version of PlugData in a DAW project, you'll have to save the pd patch, remove PlugData from the project, upgrade PlugData and re-add PlugData in the project. I'll start providing legacy support once we're past the alpha stage.


    • Relative grid for aligning objects
    • Light mode for better pd compatibility
    • New look
    • A DAW transport object: [playlist]
    • Settable tail length for plugins
    • Undo/Redo for changing connection paths (work-in-progress)
    • Updated ELSE to 1.0-rc1


    • Many improvements to pd patch rendering
    • Fixed DAW crashes when saving/loading presets
    • Fixed fullscreen bug
    • Fixed externals not loading on Linux
    • PlugDataInfo comment now hidden in pd patches
    • Clearer feedback on temporary lock
    • Using to front now actually moves the object to front in pd patch (warning: this can impact the order of evaluation)
    • Fixed wrong number of radiobox elements
    • Fixed crash when renaming objects
    • Fixed crash on tab close
    • Many other fixes!

    Thanks to @ludnny and @FlachyJoe for reporting many of these bugs!

    Known Issues:

    • Externals are broken on Windows

    • Can only open 1 project at a time, it can open (but not save) help files and abstractions.

    • Problems with Bitwig and Cubase (at least with earlier versions)

    • Broken Pd objects:

      • [text define]
    • Broken ELSE objects:

      • [canvas.edit] (and possibly more canvas related objects)
      • [store]
      • [rec]
    Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 03 35 01 Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 03 30 17 Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.dmg(121.27 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(41.61 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(41.64 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(24.10 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(25.59 MB)
  • v0.4.2(Apr 5, 2022)

    Small update with mostly fixes relating to pd patches not displaying correctly, thanks @ludnny and @zealtv for reporting and providing examples.

    • Support for externals in standalone (thanks @FlachyJoe for reporting)
    • Visual feedback on temporary lock mode (not yet working on linux, thanks @60-hz for suggestion)
    • Added missing properties for radiobox, keyboard
    • Fixes wrong object sizes for radiobox, keyboard
    • Keyboard can be resized
    • Changeable background colour for pd patches with black text
    • Sliders look more like pd sliders, so labels can be shown on top
    • Better VU meter look and size
    • Fixed inaccurate label positions
    • Blacked out background for dialogs
    • Fixed crash when saving/loading DAW presets (thanks @armandvedel for reporting)
    • Default volume is now 1 (thanks @armandvedel for reporting)
    • Ask to save when closing standalone
    • Copy/Paste to clipboard, so you can copy between plugins (thanks @alfonso73 for suggesting)
    • More bug-fixes
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.dmg(111.43 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(38.38 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(38.35 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(21.39 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(22.88 MB)
  • v0.4.1(Mar 21, 2022)

  • v0.4(Mar 20, 2022)

    New version with many new features and bugfixes. Should be much more stable and usable than previous versions!

    Thanks to @60-hz, @alfonso73 and @FlachyJoe for bug reports and feature requests

    edit 21/3/2022: fixed audio on Mac standalone, fixed add button enablement


    • Better graph on parent management
    • Change keyboard shortcuts in settings
    • Improved search path dialog
    • Better handles for resizing objects
    • Large improvements to inspector and console
    • Presentation mode
    • MIDI blinker
    • Better level meter
    • Pin sidebar to stop from automatically changing
    • Automatically shows console when editing values
    • Nicer look for toggle, bang and numbox
    • Dotted background to indicate edit/lock mode
    • More flexible connection cord manipulation (might still need more work)
    • Curved connection cord replaces straight cord mode
    • Supports up to 16 stereo audio channels in DAW (formerly 2)
    • Supports up to 512 automatable parameters (formerly 16)
    • Fixed send/receive bugs
    • Fixed object position and size bugs
    • Improved thread safety
    • Drastically reduced cpu use
    • Improved undo/redo consistency
    • Auto-scroll when dragging close to edges, middle-mouse scroll
    • Zoom by ctrl+scroll or pinch on trackpads
    • Fixed gaps when dragging over array component
    • Fixed many other bugs
    • Cleaned up a lot of code
    • MacOS build is now notarised

    Known issues:

    • Some pd patches look messy in PlugData (#36, #22)
    • Loading C externals fails (#34)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.dmg(111.29 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(38.31 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(38.29 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(21.38 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(22.86 MB)
  • v0.3.2(Feb 11, 2022)

    Small release with only bug fixes, still a pre-release and not production ready:

    Thanks again to @60-hz and @8ouble-r for reporting these bugs

    • Fixed crash when clicking on some objects in locked mode
    • Fixed keyboard size
    • Fixed array position changing
    • Fixed object resizing when duplicating or copy/pasting
    • Fixed toolbar buttons not greying out when locked
    • Fixed GraphOnParent double zooming bug
    • Fixed aspect ratio for tgl and bng
    • Fixed some weird connection pathfinding edge cases

    Known issues:

    • "text define" object doesn't work
    • No ctrl for temporary run mode on Linux
    • Tab management in DAW is not great
    • A bunch of issues reported here
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.zip(104.10 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(37.83 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(37.82 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(20.79 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(22.27 MB)
  • v0.3.1(Feb 11, 2022)

    Release with mostly bugfixes, and a few other improvements.

    Thanks to @60-hz, @8ouble-r, @alfonso73 for reporting most of these issues.

    • Fixed crashes during help files
    • Last console line is now visible
    • Fix garray crash when name or size is empty
    • Don't allow drag resize on GraphOnParent (for now)
    • Fix level meter redrawing issues
    • Fixed crash when right-clicking on GraphOnParent
    • Show correct patch name on tab
    • No foreground colour on cnv object
    • Made toolbar icons more clearly visible and less spaced
    • Many small GUI improvements
    • Fixed possible rename bugs
    • Correctly opens files from files
    • Fixed connection inverted dragging bug
    • Fixed deadlocks and crashes, better thread safety
    • Fixed radio component bug
    • Better performance, especially for scrolling
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts on Linux

    New features:

    • Switched back to normal pd locking behaviour
    • Click on subpatch to open
    • More distinct look for atom objects
    • Support for openpanel/savepanel
    • Enabled more cyclone objects
    • More clear hover effect on inlets/outlets, bigger hitbox
    • Enabled cyclone library

    Known issues:

    • Ctrl to lock doesn't work on Linux
    • Possibly more, please report!
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.zip(104.09 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(37.83 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(37.82 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(20.79 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(22.27 MB)
  • v0.3(Feb 3, 2022)

    Big update with many improvements and fixes. Unfortunately I do expect there to be some bugs still, so it's not production-ready yet. Please report a bug if you experience any problems!

    MacOS versions will be notarised soon.


    Thanks to @60-hz for suggesting these changes:

    • Fixed numbox colours
    • Added more properties to objects
    • Panel renamed to Canvas, added minimum constraints
    • Fixed inlet/outlet swap glitch
    • Fixed many problems with symbol atom
    • No comment outline in locked mode
    • Only show gui-object headers on mouse-over (for better space usage)
    • Broken objects outlined with red
    • Improved slider visibility
    • More consistent single/double click behaviour (still needs work)
    • Paste and duplicate select newly created objects
    • No scrolling on sliders and keyboards (conflicts with viewport)
    • Allow object selection with mouse-click in completion box
    • Don’t automatically load the last patch (only in debug mode for faster testing)
    • Connection style switch works in help files
    • (Hopefully) better print performance
    • Highlights on inlet/outlet mouse-over
    • Automatically switch between console and properties when there are properties available
    • Allow adjusting the width on all objects

    Other changes:

    • Updated to JUCE 6.1.5
    • Updated to pd-vanilla 0.52-1
    • Smaller toolbar and statusbar, space usage is crucial for plugins
    • Segmented connection style that can be modified by dragging (and saved to pd files as a comment)
      • This comment will not be visible if PlugData, but it will be in pd. You can move it anywhere you want, removing it will discard any changes you made to connection paths.
      • This is a pre-release, so the format in which we save these paths might still change. If you encounter problems opening patches with a future release, remove the comment using pd or a text editor.
    • Zoom buttons in statusbar
    • Added midiparse, midiformat and midiflush from cyclone (thanks @DavidJameson for suggestion)
    • More console features (thanks to @nicolasdanet’s Spaghettis for inspiration)
    • Now finds abstractions after saving/loading a project
    • Fixed saving/loading behaviour (thanks @8ouble-r)
    • Fixed connections blocking inlet/outlets
    • Fixed extremely high memory usage
    • Better GUI performance
    • Fixed font and console initialisation on Linux (thanks @ensonic)
    • Fixed lots of other small bugs, cleaned up code
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.zip(90.06 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(33.57 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(33.58 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(16.79 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(18.15 MB)
  • v0.2.1(Jan 10, 2022)

    EDIT: The macOS version doesn't seem to work on Catalina or lower right now, I'll try to fix it as soon as possible

    Beta release for macOS, Windows and Linux. Fixes most known issues from v0.2. Contains both standalone and plugin (VST3, LV2, AU) versions of both the instrument and effect plugin, includes a MIDI processor for Logic.


    • Fixed print object
    • Toggle now looks different from bang
    • Radio boxes and sliders resize correctly when locking
    • Fixed a few popup labels
    • Connections from outlet to outlet no longer allowed
    • Allow clicking on cords
    • Object init size is larger and resizes when typing
    • Slider tracks are more visible
    • Fixed a few bugs related to help files
    • Release no longer double-zipped
    • Nicer number box behaviour, use shift to change precision
    • Can't change object type anymore when locked

    Thanks to @60-hz and @alfonso73 for reporting most of these issues

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.zip(86.58 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(32.50 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(32.49 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(20.39 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(22.05 MB)
  • v0.2(Jan 8, 2022)

    Beta release for macOS, Windows and Linux. Fixes most known issues from v0.1. Contains both standalone and plugin (VST3, LV2, AU) versions of both the instrument and effect plugin, includes a MIDI processor for Logic.

    Known issues: https://github.com/timothyschoen/PlugData/issues/10


    • Plugins no longer crash when closing
    • Includes build for older Ubuntu versions
    • Fixed issue that causes standalone to crash on startup
    • Now works for MacOS 10.11 and higher (previously 11.0 and higher)
    • Fixed menu transparency in Logic
    • Fixed radiobutton layout
    • Fixed MIDI output bug
    • Fixed GraphOnParents objects loading as subpatchers
    • Fixed bug where the canvas keeps getting bigger
    • More thread-safety fixes
    • MacOS version is signed (but not yet notarised...)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    PlugData-MacOS-Universal.zip(86.59 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-18.04-x64.zip(32.50 MB)
    PlugData-Ubuntu-20.04-x64.zip(32.51 MB)
    PlugData-Win32.zip(20.04 MB)
    PlugData-Win64.zip(21.64 MB)
  • v0.1(Jan 3, 2022)

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