PyFLAC - Real-time lossless audio compression in Python


A simple Pythonic interface for libFLAC.

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except with FLAC you will get much better compression because it is designed specifically for audio.

pyFLAC allows you to encode and decode raw audio data directly to/from a file, or in real-time using callbacks.


You can use pip to download and install the latest release with a single command.

pip3 install pyflac


pyFLAC depends on libsndfile, which requires an extra install step on Linux distributions. See the SoundFile documentation for more information.

Supported platforms

  • macOS
  • Linux
  • RPi Zero/2/3/4
  • Windows 7/8/10


pyFLAC comes bundled with a command line tool to quickly convert between WAV and FLAC files. For more information, print the help info.

pyflac --help


If you didn't install pyFLAC globally then the command line tool will not be installed on your PATH. However you should still be able to access the tool with python3 -m pyflac.

  • Illegal Instruction

    Illegal Instruction

    Hello, I am trying to use pyflac on raspberry pi zero, but I am getting Illegal instruction error.

    Collecting pyflac
      Downloading (1.8MB)
         |████████████████████████████████| 1.8MB 1.0MB/s
    Requirement already satisfied: cffi>=1.4.0 in /home/pi/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages (from pyflac) (1.15.0)
    Collecting SoundFile>=0.8.0 (from pyflac)
    Requirement already satisfied: numpy in /home/pi/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages (from pyflac) (1.22.4)
    Requirement already satisfied: pycparser in /home/pi/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages (from cffi>=1.4.0->pyflac) (2.21)
    Building wheels for collected packages: pyflac
      Building wheel for pyflac ( ... done
      Created wheel for pyflac: filename=pyFLAC-2.0.0-cp38-cp38-linux_armv6l.whl size=1938080 sha256=30e340d066abeca1358fca4f26c1f82151e68ece9a1880f5345360b523eecd3b
      Stored in directory: /home/pi/.cache/pip/wheels/5a/96/19/863b328487fa805e47b53d7da91885d99770ceae1af630e38e
    Successfully built pyflac
    Installing collected packages: SoundFile, pyflac
    Successfully installed SoundFile-0.10.3.post1 pyflac-2.0.0
    Python 3.8.1 (default, May 25 2022, 20:18:49)
    [GCC 8.3.0] on linux
    Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
    >>> import soundfile
    >>> import pyflac
    Illegal instruction
    opened by triggerfinger-debug 5
  • Implement callbacks and streamable subset option

    Implement callbacks and streamable subset option

    Implements seek and tell callbacks so that the stream encoder can insert metadata at the start of the file.

    Implements metadata callback, although currently the callback just receives a blob of cdata.

    Makes streamable subset optional to allow the use of the full format settings.

    opened by ali1234 5
  • Compress more than 2 channels

    Compress more than 2 channels


    First of all thank you for the package and the examples!

    I'm currently looking for methods to compress data from neural electrophysiology recorded from the brain. We use neural probes with many channels (e.g. 384) and I was wondering if there is a way to tweak the library to allow for more than 2 channels. Is it possible?

    Thank you in advance! Alessio

    opened by alejoe91 3
  • Merge to main: v2.1.0

    Merge to main: v2.1.0

    • Added support for Linux arm64 architectures
    • Added support for Darwin arm64 architectures (macOS Apple Silicon)
    • Fixed Raspberry Pi Zero library (see #13)
    • Updated FLAC library to v1.3.4
    opened by joetoddsonos 1
  • Bugfix/readme logo

    Bugfix/readme logo

    Changed logo url in README.rst to Tested on MacOS Chrome, and MacOS + iOS Safari

    opened by conorsleithsonos 1
  • v1.0.0 review

    v1.0.0 review

    I think this is in a good enough state now to review.

    Would like to hear your opinions on the API, at the moment it's pretty much just copied exactly from the libFLAC design. You can see some examples of usage in

    • examples/ illustrates both encoder/decoder callbacks by passing data from a WAV file through them both. It also verifies that the uncompressed output is exactly the same as the original WAV audio data.
    • examples/ streams audio data from the microphone and passes it through the encoder, optionally saving the output to a FLAC file.
    • pyflac/ this is the main module for the package (which is also used for the CLI tools, as it makes things more accessible on Windows and if you don't install globally). It converts WAV -> FLAC files and vice versa.

    Note: if you are changing things and want to develop locally, read CONTRIBUTING.rst. You have to explicitly build the CFFI .so (this is done automatically when using setuptools to install).

    good first issue help wanted 
    opened by joetoddsonos 1
  • Merge to main - v2.0.0

    Merge to main - v2.0.0

    External contribution from @ali1234. Retested against previous benchmarks and it does not affect performance.

    • Added seek and tell callbacks to StreamEncoder
    • Renamed the write callbacks from callback to write_callback for StreamEncoder and StreamDecoder
    opened by joetoddsonos 0
  • Tests don't properly check the raised exception

    Tests don't properly check the raised exception

    The third line here has no effect. If encoder._init() raises an exception (which we expect it to), all subsequent lines won't run at all.

    opened by ali1234 0
  • Fix stuttering if sleeping in between processing

    Fix stuttering if sleeping in between processing

    The robot effect was due to the fact that the audio data passed to the sounddevice/portaudio callback, sometimes occupied the same memory region in consecutive callbacks. Which meant that by the time we processed it (after sleeping a little while), the audio blocks had been overwritten, leading to the stuttering kind of robot effect.

    So I have reverted to a raw audio stream. Converting to bytes before adding to the queue guarantees that it has its own memory space so it won't get overwritten. Then we convert to a numpy array in the processing thread.

    I chose this over doing a np.copy just because it's takes up less time in the high priority audio callback, which is not so much of an issue here. If you think it is more clear to do an np.copy here I will switch back 👍

    opened by joetoddsonos 0
  • Decoder internal queue

    Decoder internal queue

    • Ditch the decoder read_callback by buffering bytes passed in via the process method, and passing to the decoder's read callback internally. Making the encoder and decoder interfaces more alike.
    • Rename write_callback to callback
    opened by joetoddsonos 0
  • v2.1.0(Oct 26, 2022)

    • Added support for Linux arm64 architectures
    • Added support for Darwin arm64 architectures (macOS Apple Silicon)
    • Fixed Raspberry Pi Zero library (see #13)
    • Updated FLAC library to v1.3.4
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.0.0(Jul 21, 2021)

  • v1.0.0(Apr 22, 2021)

    • Added a StreamEncoder to compress raw audio data on-the-fly into a FLAC byte stream
    • Added a StreamDecoder to decompress a FLAC byte stream back to raw audio data
    • Added a FileEncoder to convert a WAV file to FLAC encoded data, optionally saving to a FLAC file
    • Added a FileDecoder to convert a FLAC file to raw audio data, optionally saving to a WAV file
    • Bundled with libFLAC version 1.3.3
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    ocean-1.0.0.tar.gz(56.07 KB)
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