A coverage-guided and memory-detection enabled fuzzer for windows applications.


WDFuzzer Manual

中文手册见 README_CN.md

WDFuzzer:winafl + drmemory

WDFuzzer is an A coverage-guided and memory detection abled fuzzer for for windows software. It's combined with winafl and drmemory.

Difference from other fuzzers
  • Application-level Fuzzing: Most fuzzers on windows are function-level tools, which require users to read the source code of target software or conduct a reverse analysis. As WDFuzzer aims at application-level fuzzing, it doesn't require users to understand the target software.
  • Memory Checking: WDFuzzer implement drmemory to conduct a runtime memory checking. This is a optional function as memory checking is time-consuming.

If you want to enable memory checking when fuzzing, you may meet following difficulties:

  • Target software's debug information is needed. Drmemory only works on software with debug information. Please follow drmemory's instructions to build your target program or prepare its pdb file previously.
  • There might be some false positive when conduct memory check to GUI programs with drmemory. This is a shortcoming of drmemory.

Quick Start

You can download the release file to start fuzzing directly. A quick start guide is provided in the release file. The quick start guide explains the usage of WDFuzzer by fuzzing a demo.

Compile WDFuzzer

You can directly use the release binary of this repo.

WDFuzzer is a combination of winafl and drmemory. The compiling process of WDFuzzer is actually the process of compiling winafl and drmemory. For the detailed compiling instructions, please read their official docs. Only brief and necessary introductions are given here.

  • Install MS Visual Studio 2017.
  • Clone this repo.
Compile drmemory

In the x86 command shell of MS Visual Studio 2017, run following commands:

cd drmemory
mkdir build32
cd build32
cmake ..
cmake  --build . --config RelWithDebInfo

After compiling drmemory, the root directory of dynamorio will be drmemory\build32\dynamorio.

Compile winafl
cd winafl
mkdir build32
cd build32
cmake -G"Visual Studio 15 2017" .. -DDynamoRIO_DIR=[directory of Dynamorio]\cmake
cmake --build . --config Release
  • The compiling process of drmemory takes a long time, and some warnings and errors may occur. This is normal and will not infect the result. Just be patient.
  • If everything goes well, you can get afl-fuzz.exe and winafl.dll in winafl\build32\bin\Release,drmemory.exe in winfuzz\drmemory\build32\bin.

Using WDFuzzer


afl-fuzz.exe [afl options] -- [drmemory options] -- [target command line]
Afl options

(options with- must be specified,options with- are optional)

 -i [dir]        	- input directory with test cases
 -o [dir]			- output directory for fuzzer findings
 -t [msec]			- timeout for each run
 -D [dir]			- directory containing DynamoRIO binaries
 -R [dir]			+ directory containing drmemory binaries
 					if specified, drmemory will be used to conduct runtime memory check
 -O [dir]			+ output directory for target program
 					if target program create files at each run, specify '-O' to clean the output directory
 -N					+ if target program will not stop automatically, '-N' must be used

More afl options can be found at winafl github.

Drmemory options

(options with- must be specified,options with- are optional)

-coverage_mode [edge|bb]		- coverage calculation mode, edge mode or basic block mode.
-coverage_module [module]		- which modules are concerned, mutiple usage of this options is supported to select mutiple modules.
-no_check_uninitialized 		- donot check uninitialzed errors
								false positive may occur when uninitialzed check is enabled
Target command line

In target command line, replace the input file with @@. If target program creates output files at each run, and the output files should be cleaned. To clean the output directory at each run, please use -O option.


When drmemory starts, it may load the symbol files of system. To guarantee the correctness of fuzzing process, please run target program with drmemory previously and confirm it works. To check run target program with drmemory alone, see Example for details.


Directory structure:


Fuzz command:

cd WDFuzzer\test

..\winafl\build32\bin\Release\afl-fuzz.exe -i in -o out -t 10000 -D ..\drmemory\build32\dynamorio\bin32 -R ..\drmemory\build32\bin -O target_out -N -- -coverage_module target.exe -coverage_module target_1.dll -coverage_mode edge -- target.exe -out target_out @@

If memory checking is not needed in fuzzing process, do not use -R and drmemory options:

..\winafl\build32\bin\Release\afl-fuzz.exe -i in -o out -t 10000 -D [binary directory of Dynamorio] -O target_out -N -- -- target.exe -out target_out @@

Run target program with drmemory alone:

..\drmemory\build32\bin\drmemory.exe -batch -fuzzer_id any -coverage_module target_1.dll -coverage_mode edge -single -- target.exe -out target_out

In this command, -single must be used to tell drmemory it is running alone. In order to get system symbols in this step,don't use -ignore_kernel. Options must be the same as options used in fuzzing process except -batch -fuzzer_id any.



  • No instrumentation detected

    No instrumentation detected

    I have used the release of WDFuzzer to fuzz my target application and getting the following error. PROGRAM ABORT : No instrumentation detected Location : perform_dry_run(), D:\code\WDFuzzer\winafl\afl-fuzz.c:3044 Earlier, too i got the same error, it pointed that debug folder was missing, so i renamed release folder as debug, in which dynamorio.dll is present, but the issue remains the same.

    opened by alimubasshira 7
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