OpenType shaping library in C



Hamza is a lightweight, fast and portable C90 OpenType library. It was written to be primarily for Arabic but also supports basic-shaping (Latin, Greek, etc...). However I do wish it to support more languages and writing systems.


Supported Languages

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Urdu


  • RTL
  • Ligatures
  • Kerning
  • Vertical Layouts (for Kanji)
  • Emojis
  • Justification
  • Multi-Threading (TinyCThread?)
  • BCP47 Parser
  • Documentation (Natural Docs)
  • Mark-to-base attachments sometimes don't work with omar-type fonts.

    Mark-to-base attachments sometimes don't work with omar-type fonts.

    Mark-to-base attachments sometimes don't work when a GSUB lookup replaces a medial form glyph as an example with 2 or 3 glyphs. As an example a base, tanqeet (dotting) and a khatt (stroke) can replace a initial form glyph, afterwhich the GPOS mark-to-base lookup will naively pick the first previous base glyph to attempt to attach to, and obviously it will not find any valid attachment points. This is my best assessment for what is happening in this case, in some cases it finds the correct base, but it has no attachment points in the font itself, so this is because some GPOS lookups are not yet handled.

    image image image

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  • Bug with omar-type fonts Arabic shaping, joining is inconsistent with YEH, BEH and JIM.

    Bug with omar-type fonts Arabic shaping, joining is inconsistent with YEH, BEH and JIM.

    After working for a few days on omar-type font Ayesha Quran, I have come up to a few bugs. These fonts utilize mainly GSUB lookups 1,2,4,6 (excluding 7, which is the extension lookup). The isol, init, medi and fina features are implemented with lookup 1, 2 and 6. It seems to generate strokes between the base character glyphs depending on the context it's in. Contextual substitutions are built for that kind of operation, where you compare a sequence of glyphs e.g. <abc> against the original string, and if they match the engine has to apply "nested" substitutions to glyphs within that context, for some reason though, it's not working especially for the base characters (dotless, these are the base strokes) YEH, BEH and JIM.

    image image image

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  • Nested lookups problem with mark to base positioning cannot get previous base glyph.

    Nested lookups problem with mark to base positioning cannot get previous base glyph.

    Issue with nested lookups (depth >= 1) of type HZ_GPOS_LOOKUP_TYPE_MARK_TO_BASE_ATTACHMENT in the case of chained contextual lookups. The hz_buffer_t *in argument for the nested should possibly also contain the prefix and suffix ranges for this to be resolved. I suspect this is the reason certain mark to base adjustments are not being applied in such fonts as omar-type Ayesha Quran with the ALEF character. This happens regardless if the mark is to be placed above or below the base, it is independent of attachment point.

    The following is reference from LibreOffice Writer: image

    Hamza: image

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