A C++ micro-benchmarking framework



What is nonius?

Nonius is an open-source framework for benchmarking small snippets of C++ code. It is very heavily inspired by Criterion, a similar Haskell-based tool. It runs your code, measures the time it takes to run, and then performs some statistical analysis on those measurements.

The library is header-only so you don’t have to build it. It comes as a single header that you can drop somewhere and #include it in your code. Grab that header from the releases page.

  • Add messages to argument_error

    Add messages to argument_error

    The argument_error struct is used as an exception object, but it has no means to report details of the error. This PR makes argument_error a public inheritor of std::logic_error, inheriting its constructors. Descriptive messages are also added wherever argument_error may be thrown.

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R. Martinho Fernandes
R. Martinho Fernandes
A micro unit-testing library for C/C++

µ-test A micro unit testing framework for C/C++ to get you up and running with unit-testing ASAP (even without libc). Usage Simply include the C and h

Trevor McKay 1 Dec 8, 2021
A modern, C++-native, header-only, test framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD - using C++11, C++14, C++17 and later (or C++03 on the Catch1.x branch)

Catch2 v3 is being developed! You are on the devel branch, where the next major version, v3, of Catch2 is being developed. As it is a significant rewo

Catch Org 15.4k Aug 5, 2022
The fastest feature-rich C++11/14/17/20 single-header testing framework

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Viktor Kirilov 4.1k Aug 1, 2022
Googletest - Google Testing and Mocking Framework

GoogleTest OSS Builds Status Announcements Release 1.10.x Release 1.10.x is now available. Coming Soon Post 1.10.x googletest will follow Abseil Live

Google 27.1k Aug 3, 2022
C++ xUnit-like testing framework without macros

tst C++ testing framework. Installation, documentation, tutorials See WiKi. Features xUnit-like concepts minimal use of preprocessor macros declarativ

cppfw 8 Jan 24, 2022
TestFrame - This is a test framework that uses Raylib and ImGui together to help test and develop concepts

This is a test framework that uses Raylib and ImGui together to help test and develop concepts. It is made using C++ because it uses classes for windows and views.

Jeffery Myers 21 May 13, 2022
c++ testing framework

iutest iutest - iris unit test framework Welcome to the iutest iutest is framework for writing C++ tests. Features An XUnit test framework. Header onl

srz_zumix 59 Jun 15, 2022
A modern, C++11-native, single-file header-only, tiny framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD (includes C++98 variant)

lest – lest errors escape testing This tiny C++11 test framework is based on ideas and examples by Kevlin Henney [1,2] and on ideas found in the CATCH

Martin Moene 345 Jul 10, 2022
Header only C++14 mocking framework

Trompeloeil Get: trompe l'oeil noun (Concise Encyclopedia) Style of representation in which a painted object is intended to deceive the viewer into be

Björn Fahller 628 Aug 3, 2022
C++ Unit Testing Easier: A Header-only C++ unit testing framework

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Peter Sommerlad 34 Jul 22, 2022
A complete unit testing framework in a header

liblittletest A complete unit testing framework in a header liblittletest is an easy to use all-in-an-header testing framework; all you have to do in

Sebastiano Merlino 13 Nov 11, 2021
Modern c++17 unit testing framework on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, iOS and android.

tunit Modern c++17 unit testing framework on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and android. Continuous Integration build status Operating system Status Windo

Gammasoft 8 Apr 5, 2022
Simple C testing framework

MrTest Simple C testing framework Usage Copy the mrtest.c and mrtest.h file into your project. In order to use the mrtest main: create a .c file that

Maarten Raasveldt 2 Jul 20, 2022
End to end test framework designed for Juce applications

JUCE End to End test framework What is it? This package provides a mechanism to end-to-end test a JUCE application Prerequisites CMake. Must be 3.18 o

Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. 36 Aug 8, 2022
Various Framework to do Unit Test in C++

Unit Test in C++ There are many frameworks to performs unit test in C++, we will present the most popular ones and show how to use them. The testing f

Yassine 2 Nov 18, 2021
Handy C++ test framework

C++ Voyager Test Framework Voyager is a simple and handy C++ Unit Test framework. It is designed to be beautiful and expressive both. Try it to feel i

Anatoly Frolov 4 Mar 16, 2022
xtest is a C++ testing framework inspired by googletest.

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Ayush Joshi 2 Jul 9, 2022
A minimal testing framework for C/C++

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Justin S 1 Jan 10, 2022
Upp11 - C++11 lightweight single header unit test framework

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Andrey Valyaev 8 Apr 4, 2019