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What is OpenToonz?

OpenToonz is a 2D animation software published by DWANGO. It is based on Toonz Studio Ghibli Version, originally developed in Italy by Digital Video, Inc., and customized by Studio Ghibli over many years of production.

Program Requirements

Please refer to the OpenToonz site at


Please download and install OpenToonz from the latest installer at

Older versions and unstable nightly build are also available at

How to Build Locally

For instructions on how to build stylesheets, please see here.

Can't develop but still want to help? Help us test individual Pull Requests before they are merged with these steps.



  • Files outside of the thirdparty and stuff/library/mypaint brushes directories are based on the Modified BSD License.
    • modified BSD license.
    • Based on this license, this software may be used or changed freely for business or personal use.
  • For files in the thirdparty directory:
    • Please consult with the licenses in the appropriate READMEs or source codes.
  • For files in the stuff/library/mypaint brushes directory:
    • Please see the licenses in stuff/library/mypaint brushes/Licenses.txt.

Special Thanks

This Open Source Program is developed from Toonz, a software originally created by Digital Video, S.p.A., Rome Italy

  • Krita-Like Assistant Tool

    Krita-Like Assistant Tool

    Issue #1349

    • [x] Change the pen color on the cells for the Assistant Level to Black so the level name can be read against the light level color, similar to the Note Level.
    • [x] Add a thumbnail for the Assistant Level so it's not just an empty box in xsheet/timeline.
    • [x] Issue when a frame is created in the Assistant Level, Undo/Redo of the new frame doesn't work.
    • [x] DEL removes whole frame instead of selected assistant.
    • [x] Delete assistant via configured shortcut, instead of hardcoded DEL.
    • [x] Vector strokes does not creates when magnetism < 1
    • [x] Too thin assistants guidelines
    • [x] Unexpected thin tail at the end of each stroke
    • [x] Lag drawing on Toonz Raster level
    • [x] Remove code blocking seq 0 frames from loading
    • [x] Fix ALT key not resetting on release in tools
    • [ ] Raster brushes don't stay on ellipse when drawing too fast
    • [x] Ellipse Assistant causes crash on macOS
    • [x] Duplicate Drawing causes crash on Assistant Levels
    • [x] Standard raster brush does not use max size when using mouse or pressure turned off
    • [ ] Smooth lag is worse in this PR than nightly.
    • [x] Flickering while drawing. Make the line between cursor and drawn line toggleable?
    • [x] Plastic Tool's toolbar options not shown for Sub-Xsheet columns
    • [ ] Hardness settings producing bad lines for Toonz Raster brush
    • [ ] Autosave causes crash on Raster levels when drawing with pen
    opened by blackwarthog 197
  • Stop Motion Improvements

    Stop Motion Improvements

    This makes a number of improvements to the stop motion toolset:

    • Camera settings are saved and loaded for each scene
    • Added ability to export an image sequence based on an xsheet column
    • Display battery level for Canon DSLR cameras
    • Stop making .bak files on saving a stop motion level
    • Focus check location on DSLR cameras can be controlled with arrows and numpad
    • Focus check location now highlighted with a box in the viewer
    • Fix some shortcuts
    • Fix white frame flash after playback
    • Option for the camera to be drawn below or above other levels
    • Webcam stop motion for all builds (This will require all developers to use OpenCV from now on)
    • Time lapse option for stop motion
    • Frame number is sent over a serial port for motion control to arduino/rasp pi.
    opened by ghost 140
  • Timeline UI Update

    Timeline UI Update

    This PR resolves #1985

    The timeline, especially when zoomed all the way out is very "noisy" with all the lines and symbols. This PR attempts to clear some of that noise. Changes are based on suggestions from @konero and further discussed in the PR.

    The updated timeline display looks like this:


    The following changes were made to the timeline display:

    • The continuation line has been removed from all levels.
    • The vertical frame separators have been removed between held frames. A vertical separator only exists whenever there is a frame change.
    • A scene's Marker Interval will only show when there is a vertical separator between 2 different frames.
    • The frame marker dot no longer takes on text color. It is always black. It still turns red if source file cannot be found.
    • The keyframe icon switches to a white diamond (blue when selected) when zoomed in less <= 50%.
    • Horizontal lines were added in the frame header to show where the fixed and relative onion skin marks could be enabled.
    • Vertical lines between frames in the frame header have been shortened to 3-6 pixels tall from the bottom.
    • The small frame indicators below the numbers in the frame header have been removed.
    • When activated, the space between the Start and End frame header markers have a different color than the rest of the header to show the scene boundaries. Currently the color used is the same color for non-empty columns. [NOTE: Change was made to xsheet mode also]

    Also included in this PR:

    • Fixed bug with setting Marker Interval = 0 causing a crash.
    • Fixed bug on loading a scene that made xsheet cell grid 1 px lower than it should be until it refreshed
    • Changed the Xsheet/Timeline orientation button to have an icon instead of words; Tooltips added to items in panel.
    • Rearranged note panel icons
    • Restored Preview Visibility button for Palette levels
    • Windows menu item "Timeline" which opens directly to Timeline view
    • PR resolves #2003 - A dedicated Timeline Room setup. This has been requested by multiple people and is also being added in anticipation of the new Curve Animation feature currently in development. image
    • Allow turning off Marker Intervals when value = 0
    • PR resolve #1688 - Matches zoomed out frame numbers to marker intervals in "Frame" mode only. Defaults to every 5 if marker intervals turned off. Other modes do not affected
    opened by manongjohn 112
  • Schematic navigation enhancement

    Schematic navigation enhancement

    This PR improves the navigation of the Schematic viewer as follows:

    1. Adds 3 new buttons: Selection (default/normal), Zoom and, Hand (pan)


    1. Handles touch gesture

      1 finger = Pan 2 finger pinch = Zoom 1 finger double tap = fit to window

    opened by manongjohn 99
  • Canon DSLR and Stop Motion Support

    Canon DSLR and Stop Motion Support

    This will add support for Canon DSLR cameras for stop motion animation.

    It creates a new pane to control stop motion: stopmo

    Instead of stop motion happening in a popup, live view and onion skin are overlayed on top of the main viewer, making it easier to watch your progress as you go.

    This is still a WIP - there are still plenty of features to add. As of the initial commit, live view works as does capturing live view images to the xsheet.

    @shun-iwasawa I put this up here to let you know what direction it is going and to get the ball rolling on having the Dwango lawyers look at the licenses of the included libraries.

    There are two new libraries introduced with this PR:

    1. The Canon SDK. This is proprietary and I don't think should be hosted here on GitHub publicly. This may break travis or appveyor. However, a private repo could be used as the source of their builds.

    2. libjpeg-turbo This is necessary for live view to run at smooth speeds. Standard libjpeg is much slower. Perhaps we could replace the current libjpeg with turbo.

    opened by ghost 91
  • Horizontal timeline option in Xsheet (issue#503)

    Horizontal timeline option in Xsheet (issue#503)


    This feature adds a "toggle orientation" button to the Xsheet, letting you switch between default Xsheet layout (with vertical timeline) and compact horizontal timeline:



    I've tested as many features as I could, though I'm no veteran in OpenToonz. I've got the basics of selecting, resizing, moving of columns and cells covered. I could not reproduce several more obscure column types; these will behave correctly in old layout and will need tweaks for the new orientation.


    OpenToonz code is strongly tied to vertical timeline; it maps X to column number and Y to row number. The link is pervasive in the code. In order to untie them, I introduced several concepts:

    • I recognize that there are Frame Axis and Layer Axis.
    • Frame Axis corresponds to Y, and Layer Axis corresponds to X in classic layout. They swap roles in the other layout.
    • Which axis goes where is a matter of View presenting the data. The data is stored exactly as it was.
    • Code makes excessive use of terms "row" and "column". I could not replace it everywhere; instead, I introduced a rule that "row" should be understood to mean Frame Axis and "column" to mean Layer Axis (always!)
    • A cell is identified by the pair of (frame, layer). This is called CellPosition.
    • Rather than map x <-> layer and y <-> frame separately, I map pairs (x, y) <-> (frame, layer).
    • The Column classes keep their name, and should be understood to mean Layer (synonymous: Level).
    • There is a class responsible for mapping CellPosition to screen XY or vice versa. The class is Orientation.
    • Orientation is responsible for everything layout related.
    • Xsheet remembers its orientation and can switch it.

    Orientation operates on slightly higher level abstractions than the old code. Wherever possible, I used QRects to mark rectangular areas with meaningful role.

    Old code

      int x      = m_viewer->columnToX(col);
      int y      = m_viewer->rowToY(row);
      QRect rect = QRect(x + 1, y + 1, ColumnWidth - 1, RowHeight - 1);

    New code

      QPoint xy      = m_viewer->positionToXY(CellPosition(row, col));
      int x          = xy.x();
      int y          = xy.y();
      QRect cellRect = o->rect(PredefinedRect::CELL).translated(xy);
      QRect rect     = cellRect.adjusted(1, 1, -1, -1);

    I keep x and y for compatibility; however, whenever possible, I prefer higher level abstraction of QPoint xy. QRect arithmetics rewards this approach. Sometimes QLine is more appropriate; and sometimes I fall back to X and Y calculations, termed as Layer Axis and Frame Axis. Orientation helps me translate them to screen XY in the end.

    Orientation provides quite a few enumerated QRects, QLines, ints and QPainterPaths to satisfy any needs in marking up the screen. These can be retrieved via methods similar to Orientation::rect ():

    enum class PredefinedRect {
      CELL,                     //! size of a cell
      DRAG_HANDLE_CORNER,       //! area for dragging a cell
      KEY_ICON,                 //! position of key icon
      CELL_NAME,                //! cell name box
      CELL_NAME_WITH_KEYFRAME,  //! cell name box when keyframe is displayed
      END_EXTENDER,             //! bottom / right extender
      BEGIN_EXTENDER,           //! top / left extender

    These are almost always relative to the top left corner of corresponding cell. These primitives are used for both displaying the items and responding to mouse events:

    Old code:

        if (column && column->getSoundColumn()) {
          // sound column
          if (x > 20 && 3 * RowHeight + 5 <= y && y < 3 * RowHeight + 33)
            m_tooltip = tr("Click to play the soundtrack back");
          else if (x >= 10 && x <= 20 && RowHeight + RowHeight / 2 < y &&
                   y < 8 * RowHeight - RowHeight / 2)
            m_tooltip = tr("Set the volume of the soundtrack");

    New code:

        if (column && column->getSoundColumn()) {
          // sound column
          if (o->rect(PredefinedRect::SOUND_ICON).contains(mouseInCell))
            m_tooltip = tr("Click to play the soundtrack back");
          else if (o->rect(PredefinedRect::VOLUME_AREA).contains(mouseInCell))
            m_tooltip = tr("Set the volume of the soundtrack");

    which, among other things, reduces chances for inconsistencies.

    opened by jaros3 85
  • (WIP) Advanced color selector

    (WIP) Advanced color selector

    I'm currently developing an advanced color selector (based on and so usable for any Qt apps, not just OpenToonz) as requested by @Agnyy. While it's far from being complete or advanced yet, i've already made it to work with OT and so have a few questions regarding integration:

    • what is the preferred way of source storage and building? As i understand, OT doesn't use many third-party dependences and uses static linking, so for now i used git submodule and add_subdirectory in CMakeLists

    • are there any special cases related to color selecting? I already run into "color 0" which is displayed as invalid style in Style Editor (though changing it through my dock works)

    • i see you're using custom icons for everything so i suppose using icons bundled with Qt-Color-Widgets would be ok?

    Since my color selector widget isn't limited to OT, i'd like this thread to be kept for OT-related stuff and discuss universal features in


    Issues List:

    • [ ] Fix the color picker not picking both colors for gradients and stuff. Only lets you pick one color.
    • [x] Fix black text in left most box when the color picker is opened for the 1st time
    • [x] Fix Linux compile target in toonz\sources\toonz\CMakeLists.txt (see comment belot)
    • [x] Suggestion: Relocate MI_OpenAdvancedColorSelector option in Windows Menu to after MI_OpenColorModel
    • [x] Add MI_OpenAdvancedColorSelector to stuff\profiles\layouts\rooms\Default\menubar_template.xml to match location in Windows Menu
    • [ ] Fix styling issues (not required, but would be nice)
    opened by caryoscelus 77
  • (Proposal) Hand-drawn Animation Auto-Complete

    (Proposal) Hand-drawn Animation Auto-Complete

    In my graduation project me and my team are going to implement the Hand-drawn Animation Auto-Complete research: click here to see video. This research is based on this one: click here to see video.

    I think it would be easier if we start it from scratch so that the code base would be smaller and more manageable. But at the same time it would be kind of a waste. So we were thinking maybe we could add this feature to opentoonz. Opentoonz has a wonderful qt5 code base. But it's huge and we will spend so much time trying to be consistent with the rest of the code.

    The question is: Would you guys be willing to merge this into the master branch if we do it, or would that be against any of the design philosophies of the program? If you would be willing to merge it then we will definitely start to work on it. If not then I guess we'll just start from scratch.

    Also if you guys have any ideas, comments or critics we would love to hear them.

    PS: we're big fans of opentoonz. Thank you for the masterpiece software.

    Want to back this issue? Post a bounty on it! We accept bounties via Bountysource.

    opened by ghost 77
  • [WIP] Curve Animation - animating individual strokes

    [WIP] Curve Animation - animating individual strokes

    This PR introduces a new timeline-only feature allowing the animation of individual vector curves (strokes). This is similar to the feature found in After Effects.

    This work was requested and overseen by @Agnyy, initially developed by @jaros3 and currently maintained by me.

    Feature Description

    This feature adds the ability to unfold vector layers into sublayers. Each sublayer contains a single curve (stroke). Each curve can be independently animated at the control point level. This is in addition to normal level keyframing.

    To create a curve keyframe:

    1. Click on the key icon on the sublayer (recommended where you want to start the curve animation).
    2. Move the timeline indicator to where you want to have the next curve keyframe to be.
    3. Switch to Control Point Editor tool or other supported tool.
    4. Modify a control point on the curve as desired.


    When a curve is animated, it's keyframes can be modified in the Function Editor.


    NOTE: Internally, what is being animated are the control point handles (1 if at end, 2 otherwise) that determines position and orientation of the control point and the curve between control points.


    1. When saving a scene with any animated curves, the scene cannot be opened in prior versions of OT.

      In order to open the scene in older versions, you must remove all curve keyframes before saving.

    2. The following tools are currently not supported in curve animation.

      Cutting Tool Eraser Tool (except when deleting the entire stroke) Tape Tool (only when joining lines is checked and only when an animated curve is selected)

      NOTE: These tools will currently block the tool from working on an animated curve. You'd need to turn off curve animation on that stroke for it to work.

    3. Curve keyframes cannot be modified directly from timeline. Need to use Function Editor to modify or delete

    Known Issues

    1. Undo of stroke changes also clears curve animations permanently

    2. Adding/removing control points with control point editor someones loses animation

    3. Selection Tool's pump does not work when curve animation enabled. Should work like pump tool

    4. Visualize as raster does not apply path animations

    5. Image bounding box doesn't always adjust in viewer's preview mode, cutting off aninmation at the boundries.

    6. Moving cells with active curve keyframes does not move curve keyframes with it.

    7. Timeline sublayer refresh issues

      • When playing back in viewer, the xsheet does not always resize properly. Initial attemps to do so causes extreme performation issues during playbak.
      • When erasing in "Normal" mode, cannot refresh xsheet size area until you are done erasing.


    Before this PR can be merged we need to

    1. Fixing any critical issues listed above or found while testing
    2. Test this heavily.

    Possible Future enhancements

    1. Add more control over curve keyframes from timeline.
    opened by manongjohn 75
  • FFmpeg Integration - mp4, webm, gif

    FFmpeg Integration - mp4, webm, gif

    Gif and Webm export are working when 1 cpu is used for export. I modified outputsettingspopup to disable other cpus when gif or webm is selected. Obviously it would be better if it could use all, but it is inconsistent right now.

    I submitted these both together because the implementation is basically the same(as is the h264 PR). I can split them if you prefer, but anything that doesn't work on one will probably not work on the other. The only difference is ffmpeg options.

    I realize that h264 support is being debated due to licensing issues, but these options shouldn't have licensing issues.

    The code works but I tagged it WIP because I'm sure there are things I missed. If you could look at it, I would appreciate it.

    opened by ghost 74
  • Guided Drawing Feature

    Guided Drawing Feature

    This feature adds a new option to the vector brush and geometry tools- Guided Drawing

    In order to successfully use auto-tweening of vector drawings, the strokes need to be in the same order and direction. This change makes the onion skin highlight what stroke is next in order and draws an x at the start of the stroke- making it much easier to keep track of what order the strokes need to be drawn in.


    opened by ghost 73
  • Scene Cast Modernization.

    Scene Cast Modernization.

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe

    To integrate the functionality of the scene cast window into OpenToonz more, and respond to more modern approaches to animation improving on existing functionality.

    Describe the solution you'd like

    Scene Cast window is lacking in UX and flexibility to behave and respond more like a modern library and fit in with the rest of OpenToonz.

    Core concepts are to:

    1. Right-click over label types.

      • Duplicate.
      • Copy.
      • Paste insert.
      • Delete.
      • Rename.
    2. Cast Zone would have the ability to duplicate levels.

    3. Labels to be dragged and drop capability.

    4. Duplicate levels with the scene cast.

    5. Thumbnail scale Slider to change the scale of the thumbnail.

    6. Capability for the user to see into subfolders.

    7. OT viewer could be built into the scene cast to save them from having constant right-click view to the animation. There should be the option not to see the viewer in the scene cast window. The capability of the viewer should still be accessible by right-clicking.

    8. Clone Lable: Should be associated with an icon so the user knows that the label is a clone label. A handy example would be having a "model sheet label" and it clones out to other sub-labels or scenes. this makes it easier for the label's content to be managed.

    9. Ability to lock labels this is so that the content can be removed or added to. This should have an icon associated with it.

    Some of this could also be pushed across to the browser window.

    feature request 
    opened by adamearle 0
  • Fx in 'custom panel' + color labbels

    Fx in 'custom panel' + color labbels

    I think it would be very nice to be able to add Fx's to the custom panel, and, on the way, to be able to differentiate it with a color (although this is something secondary and not so important) 😁


    feature request 
    opened by F-Burning 0
  • Opentoonz crashes with geometric tool in raster level.

    Opentoonz crashes with geometric tool in raster level.


    When I draw something with the geometric tool in a raster level, the software crashes.

    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Create a raster level.
    2. Draw something with geometric tool.

    Expected Behavior

    No response

    Screenshots, Video & Crash Logs

    No response

    OpenToonz Version


    OpenToonz Version Information

    built 15 nov 2022

    Operating System




    Graphics Tablet


    opened by F-Burning 9
  • Layer panel like AE for family friendly compositing

    Layer panel like AE for family friendly compositing

    I was thinking on a layer based compositing panel, like AE, and it would work the same way. The idea is that what you edit in this new panel, is transferred to the node composer automatically, making the work more friendly for users who are not familiar with nodes, and who want to work in a faster way.

    I have not thought about how this could work, whether or not it would be viable, because it has been a fleeting idea that I wanted to put on the table, and that is why I open this thread to discuss it if there is any kind of interest, and if you see it feasible.

    What do you think?

    feature request 
    opened by F-Burning 0
  • Opentoonz has crashed

    Opentoonz has crashed

    Ask a question related to OpenToonz

    My Opentoonz crashed and won't let me back in, is this just me or is this happening for other people.

    OpenToonz 1.6 (Build Nov 19 2022)

    Report Date: 2022-11-21 10:00:23 Crash Reason: (SIGABRT) Usually caused by an abort() or assert()

    Build ABI: x86_64-little_endian-lp64 Operating System: macOS 10.15 OS Kernel: 19.6.0 CPU Threads: 8

    GPU Vendor: Intel Inc. GPU Model: Intel Iris Pro OpenGL Engine GPU Version: 2.1 INTEL-14.7.28

    Crash File: /Users/atreyuarmstrong/Library/Application Support/OpenToonz/OpenToonz/crash/Crash-20221121-100023.log

    Application Dir: /Applications/ Stuff Dir: /Applications/OpenToonz/OpenToonz_stuff

    Project Name: sandbox Scene Name: untitled7 Project Path: /Applications/OpenToonz/OpenToonz_stuff/sandbox/sandbox_otprj.xml Scene Path: /Users/atreyuarmstrong/Library/Caches/OpenToonz/OpenToonz/temp/untitled7/untitled7.tnz

    ==== Backtrace ==== 1> 3 ??? 0x0000000000000400 0x0 + 1024 2> 4 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00007fff71c72808 abort + 120 3> 5 libc++abi.dylib 0x00007fff6eecf458 abort_message + 231 4> 6 libc++abi.dylib 0x00007fff6eec08bf _ZL29demangling_unexpected_handlerv + 0 5> 7 libobjc.A.dylib 0x00007fff709fd5b1 _ZL15_objc_terminatev + 104 6> 8 libc++abi.dylib 0x00007fff6eece887 _ZSt11__terminatePFvvE + 8 7> 9 libc++abi.dylib 0x00007fff6eed11a2 __cxa_get_exception_ptr + 0 8> 10 libc++abi.dylib 0x00007fff6eed1169 _ZN10__cxxabiv1L22exception_cleanup_funcE19_Unwind_Reason_CodeP17_Unwind_Exception + 0 9> 11 libtnzcore.dylib 0x0000000107f50af4 _ZN7TSystem22readDirectory_DirItemsER11QStringListRK9TFilePath + 612 10> 12 libtnzcore.dylib 0x0000000107f5059c ZN7TSystem25readDirectory_Dir_ReadExeERNSt3__14listI9TFilePathNS0_9allocatorIS2_EEEERKS2 + 44 11> 13 OpenToonz 0x0000000107476ca7 _ZN12StartupPopup15updateProjectCBEv + 1239 12> 14 OpenToonz 0x0000000107475ed1 _ZN12StartupPopup9showEventEP10QShowEvent + 33 13> 15 QtWidgets 0x000000010a76bd69 _ZN7QWidget5eventEP6QEvent + 1161 14> 16 QtWidgets 0x000000010a73252d _ZN19QApplicationPrivate13notify_helperEP7QObjectP6QEvent + 269 15> 17 QtWidgets 0x000000010a7338f2 _ZN12QApplication6notifyEP7QObjectP6QEvent + 466 16> 18 QtCore 0x000000010b4d67f4 _ZN16QCoreApplication15notifyInternal2EP7QObjectP6QEvent + 212 17> 19 QtWidgets 0x000000010a76aaed _ZN14QWidgetPrivate11show_helperEv + 413 18> 20 QtWidgets 0x000000010a76b724 _ZN14QWidgetPrivate10setVisibleEb + 804 19> 21 QtWidgets 0x000000010a932612 _ZN7QDialog10setVisibleEb + 258 20> 22 OpenToonz 0x000000010722f1c2 _ZN10MainWindow9showEventEP10QShowEvent + 146 21> 23 QtWidgets 0x000000010a76bd69 _ZN7QWidget5eventEP6QEvent + 1161 22> 24 QtWidgets 0x000000010a87d784 _ZN11QMainWindow5eventEP6QEvent + 276 23> 25 QtWidgets 0x000000010a73252d _ZN19QApplicationPrivate13notify_helperEP7QObjectP6QEvent + 269 24> 26 QtWidgets 0x000000010a7338f2 _ZN12QApplication6notifyEP7QObjectP6QEvent + 466 25> 27 QtCore 0x000000010b4d67f4 _ZN16QCoreApplication15notifyInternal2EP7QObjectP6QEvent + 212 26> 28 QtWidgets 0x000000010a76aaed _ZN14QWidgetPrivate11show_helperEv + 413 27> 29 QtWidgets 0x000000010a76b724 _ZN14QWidgetPrivate10setVisibleEb + 804 28> 30 OpenToonz 0x000000010720b5f4 main + 15092 29> 31 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fff71ba3cc9 start + 1 ==== End ====

    question os-mac 
    opened by treytrey132121 0
  • v1.6.0(Apr 1, 2022)

    Release Notes


    • Improved Audio Recording


    • Enabled to Cleanup Without Line Processing

    Flipbook / Viewers

    • (new) Zoom in/out and fit floating panel geometry commands
    • Enhanced Flipbook playback
    • (new) 30bit display feature

    Xsheet / Timeline

    • (new) "Implicit hold" move by Shift+dragging cells
    • (new) Cell Mark feature
    • Allowed changing parent of column from XSheet (Tahoma2D port)
    • (new) Xsheet Minimum Layout
    • (new) Xsheet zoom control
    • Enhanced Note level column

    Xsheet (Export)

    • (new) Export Xsheet to PDF
    • (new) TVPaint JSON export

    Image Levels / Rendering / FFMPEG

    • Enabled to set Raster level frame number format
    • Enabled to use PNG for new Raster level
    • (new) Multi-Thread FFMPEG option
    • Enhanced FFMPEG GIF export
    • (new) OpenEXR I/O

    Palettes / Style Editor

    • (new) Raster Lock Alpha tool setting
    • (new) Hex editbox in Style Editor
    • (new) Hex color names editor
    • Enabled to paste style's color into a color field

    File Browser

    • Enabled To view palette files from the File Browser

    Effects / Schematic

    • (new) Conical Transform option for Fractal Noise Fx Iwa
    • (new) "Image Size" option for the Input Size parameter for Tile Fx Iwa
    • Allowed Renaming Pass Through Nodes (Tahoma2D port)
    • (new) Shader Fx: HSL Blend GPU
    • (new) Fx Global Controls parameter
    • Redesigned Pass Through Fx Node
    • (new) Bokeh Advanced Iwa Fx
    • (new) Compass Gadget for Radial and Spin Blur Fxs
    • (new) Linear color space option for all Layer Blending Ino fxs

    File I/O

    • (new) File Path Processing Using Regular Expression

    Camera Capture / Stop Motion

    • (new) Camera calibration for the Camera Capture feature
    • Enabled inputting frame with suffix in Camera Capture
    • Enhanced Stop motion feature

    ... with many additional bug fixes, typo corrections, enhancements and more!

    See the change log and Opentoonz github pulse for more information.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(100.74 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(51.24 MB)
  • v1.6.0rc(Mar 11, 2022)

  • v1.5.0(Apr 10, 2021)

    Please make sure to uninstall all the previous versions of OpenToonz before installing V1.5.

    Release Notes

    Animate Tool

    • Ease Regulations for the Use of Animate Tool


    • Fix - Crash on Recording Audio (Mac, Windows)

    Build / Github

    • Custom Qt with Wintab support
    • New - Support for Github Actions
    • New - CI builds for Windows, Mac and Linux (via Github Actions)
    • Updated - Github Issue Templates


    • New - Aotz MyPaint brush set (Sketch, Ink, Fill, Clouds, Water, Grass, Leaves, Fur, Eraser, etc.)
    • Fix vector custom styles

    Color Model

    • Fix color model pick mode

    Color Separation

    • New - Save/Reload Color Separation Colors Parameters

    Control Point Editor Tool

    • New - Add snap option to control point editor tool
    • New - Freehand mode in control point editor tool


    • New - Convert To Vector : Align Boundary Strokes Direction Option

    Cutter Tool

    • New - Snap at intersection in cutter tool


    • New - Bloom Iwa Fx
    • New - Fractal Noise Iwa Fx
    • New - Glare Iwa Fx
    • New - Search bar in New Fx browser
    • New - Linear color space option for Add Fx Ino
    • New - Logarithmic option for Spiral fx
    • New - Particle FX Preset: Flock fx

    Eraser Tool

    • New Segment Erase
    • New Frame range for segment mode of eraser tool


    • New - (Optional/Experimental) Expression Reference Manager
    • New - Expression Function: Periodic Random
    • New - Copy expression object address directly from UI

    Geometry Tool

    • New - multi arc shape in geometric tool
    • Fix - Geometric tool / Type tool first point offset

    Image formats

    • Enhance - Premultiply on Loading PNG images


    • Fix - Fix copy/paste keyframe causing bad data

    Level Strip

    • New - Horizontal Level Strip option

    Monitors / Screens

    • Fix icon rendering for HDPI
    • Fix for Duplicate Window Title (Mac)
    • Fix for Full Screen on Multiple Monitors (WIndows)


    • New - (Optional) Toolbar location
    • New - Color Keys Global Palette

    Plastic Tool

    • Fix - OpenGL Line Smoothing


    • Updated Dwango plugins (separate download)


    • Fix Batch Rendering on Mac
    • Updated Output Settings Dialogue


    • Fix incorrect xml in tnz file

    Scene Cast

    • Fix - Scene Cast Update on Pasting

    Selector Tool

    • Enhancement - Improved target area for Transform selection

    Style Editor

    • New - (Optional) Create New Style Command Button

    Tape Tool

    • Fix - Fix Vector Tape Tool on Joining Points at the Same Position


    • Updated Languages ( )
    • New - Initial support for Norwegian Bokmal
    • New - Weblate widget
    • New - Generation of translation projects now optional in cmake

    UI / Preferences

    • New - All New Icons (GUI Cleanup)
    • New - Live update for 3DLuts via Preferences
    • New - Additional UI Style Sheet customizations via Preferences
    • New - Icons for all commands
    • Update Default Room set

    Operating Systems

    • New - FreeBSD support


    • New - Paste as Copy Command for XSheet
    • Fix - Fix Crash When Drawing on Absent Level


    • New - More shapes for Adobe Animate keyboard shortcuts
    • New - Shortcut keypress length option


    • New - Undo: Reset Undo when Saving Levels Preference Option

    ... with many additional bug fixes, typo corrections, enhancements and more!

    See the Opentoonz github pulse for more information: LINK

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(100.11 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(50.82 MB)
  • v1.5.0rc2(Apr 5, 2021)

  • v1.5.0rc(Mar 21, 2021)

  • v1.4.0(Feb 1, 2020)

    Release Notes


    • New Guided Drawing/Autoinbetweening
    • New XDTS File Support (Celsys and Toei Animation xsheet file format Import/Export)
    • New Cache folder Replacement & Clear Cache Command
    • New Camera Column in XSheet
    • New Context Aware Toolbar
    • New Create Blank Drawing command
    • New Fx: Corridor Gradient Fx Iwa
    • New Fx: Spin Gradient Fx Iwa
    • New Geometry Tool Driven Motion Paths
    • New (Initial) Korean Menu Translation
    • New Level Settings Adjustment for Multiple Selections in XSheet/Timeline
    • New Next/Previous Keyframe Shortcuts
    • New Pencil Mode for Toonz Raster Eraser in Freehand and Polyline
    • New Swap Colors Button for Gradient Fxs
    • New Short Play Feature
    • New Fill Tool for Raster Level
    • Updated/Reorganized Menus
    • New Canon DSLR Camera Capture support (Windows only)
    • New Portable Test Builds via zip file download at Github (Windows Only)
    • ...and much much more. (See listing below)


    Guided Drawing/Autoinbetweening

    • #2931 Add Vector Guided Drawing Auto-Inbetween option
    • #2930 Switch Auto-Inbetween Easing logic
    • #2935 Fix "Vector Guided Style" preference option
    • #2686 Fix crash when pressing Ctrl+X while moving a line (#2148)
    • #2957 Vector Guided Drawings Menu modification

    Create Blank Frames

    • #2907 Add Create Blank Drawing command
    • #2936 Fix issues with Create Blank Frames
    • #2739 Fix undo/redo issue when pasting to new frame (#1807)

    Xsheet & Timeline

    • #2938 XDTS File Support (Import/Export) - Celsys (Clip Studio) and Toei Animation file support
    • #2975 Fix "Merge Levels" Command to Update Thumbnails
    • #2897 Allow note frame creation on Animation Sheet
    • #2884 Fix folded columns slipping
    • #2911 Fix tool crashes on Palette and Zerary column
    • #2475 Fix 'Merge TLV levels' applies wrong style after first frame
    • #3026 Fix Dropdown Cycle Option
    • #2624 Fix Saving Sub Xsheet Including $scenefolder Path


    • #2872 Fix navigation keyframe shortcuts skipping
    • #2734 Add next/prev keyframe shortcuts

    Columns / Levels

    • #2884 Fix folded columns slipping
    • #2911 Fix tool crashes on Palette and Zerary column

    Camera Column

    • #2790 Remove selection requirement to toggle Camera Column
    • #2819 Fix Column Rename Field Position
    • #2811 Narrow Camera Column
    • #2810 Fix Assertion Failure on Selecting Camera Column
    • #2808 Fix deleted Camera1 returning due to Camera Column refresh
    • #2574 Add Camera Column to Xsheet
    • #2450 Prevent Camera Z from Being Zero

    Note Levels

    • #2897 Allow note frame creation on Animation Sheet
    • #2915 Recommit Add Note Level context menu

    Sound Levels

    • #2476 Fix left extender handle position on sound levels
    • #2472 Improve sound quality for playback and scrubbing on Linux #2244 (modified)

    Drawing Levels

    • #2934 Level Settings for Multiple Selection
    • #2928 Add Shift Keys commands

    Saving, Loading & Rendering

    File formats

    • #2924 Allow double-click in Load Scene dialog to open selected scene
    • #2913 Block reserved file names
    • #2829 Fix reading escaped double-quotes in quoted strings
    • #2938 New XDTS File Support
    • #2544 Fix Transparent MOV Output

    FFMpeg support

    • #2904 Mark PSD and ffmpeg loaded files as readonly in Level Strip
    • #2903 Allow Selection Tool copy when level is not editable
    • #2890 Warn on failing level save during Save All
    • #2888 Fix file loss issues
    • #2764 Fix crash on loading Blackmagic codecs
    • #2880 Handle missing ffmpeg info
    • #2876 Fix ffmpeg loaded levels


    • #2514 Backup scene file


    • #2510 Fix Audio Sync with Clapperboard

    UI & Panels


    • #2839 Initialize Slider to Linear
    • #2801 Fix Reset buttons on Tool Option bars


    • #3003 Fix Viewer to Unlock After Stopping Playback
    • #2885 Fix playback skipping first frame
    • #2883 Fix tool option on Command bar crash
    • #2847 Fix Crash on Launch without Viewer
    • #2723 Fix viewer pan disabled on toggling "Compare to Snapshot"
    • #2567 Fix touch rotating flipped viewer
    • #2564 Flip on viewer center


    • #2766 Fix picking color of the snapshot image on Flipbook
    • #2744 Fix Flipbook Histogram Problems
    • #2696 Limit flipbook zoom to 100% on initial loading

    Style Editor

    • #2882 Scene/Level Editor changes
    • #2855 Fix blank Style Editor panel
    • #2892 Fix initial Style Editor palette
    • #2814 Stop Width Change on Style Editor on Maximize

    Function Editor

    • #2755 Multi Channel Selection in Function Sheet Column Header
    • #2754 Change Step and Interpolation Type of Selected Multiple Keyframes in Function Editor
    • #2859 Add "Hide Selected" Command to the Function Editor Spreadsheet
    • #2755 Multi Channel Selection in Function Sheet Column Header
    • #2719 Option to hide inbetween values in the Function Editor spreadsheet
    • #2717 Revert text align of function editor sheet
    • #2655 Display Cycled Values in Function Editor Spread Sheet

    Color Model / Palettes

    • #2792 Save Specified Frame Numbers of Color Model in Palette
    • #2787 Fix Color Field Undo Registration
    • #2700 Fix Color Model fails to display if it is minimized on loading the image
    • #3023 Fix Studio Palette Hang Up on Clicking Item in the Tree View

    Level Strip

    • #2789 Fix filmstrip disabled tools


    • #2802 Fix Crash When Loading MacroFx Containing CurveFx
    • #2722 Fix crash on loading linked macro fx
    • #2779 Fix Fx Settings Geometry Restoration
    • #2479 Fx setting popup enhancements
    • #2554 Fix Fx connection crash

    Camera Capture

    • #3018 Fix Camera Capture Onion Skin for OSX
    • #2998 Fix Black Camera Capture View on MacOS
    • #2698 Add "Always Overwrite" button to Camera Capture

    Full Screen

    • #2823 Fix Main Window Full Screen Mode

    Startup Popup

    • #2875 Enable to create folder in the Startup Popup


    • #2821 Fix lipsync popup layout


    Animate Tool

    • #2858 Enable Animate tool to control precisely by pressing the Alt key
    • #2780 Fix Animate Tool Availability

    Selector Tool

    • #2809 Improve vector stroke selection
    • #2842 Fix pivot location on new/modified vector selections
    • #2837 Selection pivot fix
    • #2854 Fix bounding box computation in TXshSimpleLevel
    • #2867 Revised vector selection pivot re-centering logic
    • #2804 Improve selection box visibility
    • #2671 Added "Select All" function for vector images (#1042)

    Brush Tool

    • #2824 Nonlinear Slider for the Brush Size Options
    • #2770 Remember last brush preset used
    • #2737 Fix crash on centering Toonz Raster brush
    • #2695 Improve deactivate behaviour for brush (#2694)
    • #2687 Put raster brush cursor at center of preview square/circle (#1212)

    MyPaint Brushes

    • #2769 libmypaint DLL update
    • #2768 MyPaint libmypaint 1.4.0
    • #2763 Support for MyPaint brush format version 2
    • #2749 Fix Toonz Raster MyPaint brush center
    • #2614 Fix "Convert to Vectors" command for TLV with MyPaint Styles

    Eraser Tool

    • #2838 Enable Pencil Mode for Toonz Raster Eraser in Freehand and Polyline types
    • #2731 Enable shortcuts for Eraser Tool in Raster Levels (#2724)

    Fill Tool

    • #2646 New Fill Tool for Raster Level
    • #2995 Fix Phantom Fill Check

    Type Tool

    • #2874 Fix Type Tool Cursor Jumping
    • #2906 Ignore OT's paste shortcut in TypeTool box
    • #2773 Fix pasting into Type Tool edit box

    Pump Tool

    • #2805 Fix for pump tool using Wacom tablet (#2180)

    Control Point Editor Tool

    • #2774 Make control points easier to click (#1722)

    Pinch and Magnet Tools

    • #2848 Modify Maximum Values for Pinch and Magnet Tools Size
    • #2699 Fix for changing size of the magnet tool using hotkeys (#1436)

    Geometric Tool

    • #2830 Enable Geometric Tool for Motion Path

    User profiles


    • #2543 Change Preference defaults
    • #3024 Fix UI Font Colors
    • #3014 Theme Fixes for v1.4
    • #2988 Update Help menu options
    • #2966 Add new Help Menu options
    • #2947 Allow double-click in Load Level dialog to open selected level(s)
    • #2894 Overhaul the Preferences
    • #2921 Fix BG color buttons malfunction
    • #2918 Quick fix setting undo memory size
    • #2776 Cache folder replacement & Clear cache command
    • #2866 Fix customize commands tree structure
    • #2685 Modify saving and restoring panels / popups geometries
    • #3012 Fix Doubled Toolbar Separator

    Shortcut Keys

    • #2771 Fix default shortcut assignments


    Gradient FX

    • #2816 New Fx: Corridor Gradient Fx Iwa
    • #2873 New Fx: Spin Gradient Fx Iwa
    • #2786 Add Swap Colors Button to Gradient Fxs
    • #2878 Linear Gradient Fx Revised
    • #2742 Add "Type" option to gradient fxs
    • #2891 Fix odd behavior of LinearGradientFx handles

    Bokeh Ref Fx

    • #2743 Fix semi-transparent gap appears with Bokeh Ref Iwa fx

    Fx UI/Menus

    • #3029 Fix Panel Rearrangement
    • #2925 Add FX Editor to Windows menu
    • #2711 Fix schematic spline option icon zooming
    • #2625 debug ino_line_blur
    • #2480 possible to lose the Curves node's handles
    • #2767 Ensure dragged curve handles stay inside graph (#2480)
    • #2799 Add ability to move curve points using arrow keys


    Command Line/Scripting

    • #3011 Ability to execute Toonz scripts from commandline (modifies #2695)
    • #2750 Enable system path arguments in tcomposer

    Build environment


    • #2820 Update

    Enhanced portable Releases for testing builds

    • #2781 Add stuff folder to AppVeyor build artifact
    • #2756 Use QDir::home() instead of getenv("HOME") in file browser


    • #2916 Quick fix for build error
    • #2900 Fix macOS brew installed glew issue
    • #2835 Fix Travis macOS builds
    • #2806 Update macOS Info.plist to include missing strings
    • #2664 Image disappearing when moved (MacOs)


    • #2735 Add Desktop and Documents location in file browser for Linux
    • #2690 Update Build / Install Linux

    Translations & Other fixes


    • Language updates: Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Czech and German
    • #3030 More Korean Translations for v1.4
    • #3019 More Translation Updates for V1.4
    • #3017 Revised English Fx Help files (resolves #3015 updates #2672
    • #2986 Russian UI l10n update
    • #2985 Korean Translations for v1.4
    • #2983 Czech Translation Update by pafri
    • #2976 Make Stop Motion Texts Translatable
    • #2974 Update Chinese UI Translation to V1.4 (updates #2973)
    • #2972 Spanish and Japanese Translation Update for V1.4
    • #2825 Korean Translations
    • #2761 Add English Fx Help files
    • #2720 Translation fixes and Japanese translation update
    • #2535 Czech Translation


    • #2831 Fix source comment typos
    • #2740 Fix misc. source comment and doxygen typos in ./toonz/sources/toonzlib


    • #2847 Fix Crash on Launch without Viewer
    • #2459 Fix ParticlesFx Crash When Inputting Blank Vector Level To the Texture Port
    • #2486 Fix toonz raster deactivate crash
    • #2469 Fix vector replacement crash
    • #2148 Crash: Control + Z while moving a line (Fix via #2912)
    • #3013 Fix Crash on Applying "Adjust Current Level to This Palette" to Palette Level
    • #2987 Fix Crash on Loading XDTS and Other Improvements
    • #2994 Fix Crash on Reordering Nodes Containing Grouped Camera Node
    • #2697 Fix crash with visualization commands


    • #2918 Quick fix setting undo memory size
    • #2916 Quick fix for build error
    • #2688 remove tArrayCount macro
    • #2714 Fix crash on activating cycle
    • Other: #2515 #2516 #2517 #2470 #2473 #2477 #2498 #2573
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(42.40 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(52.58 MB)
  • v1.4.0rc(Jan 17, 2020)

  • v1.3.0rc2(Jan 23, 2019)

  • v1.3.0(Jan 30, 2019)

    Release Notes


    • Windows Ink Support. #2152 (Windows version)
    • MyPaint brush for toonz raster levels. #2257
    • New option for the output settings: adding Clapperboard. #2314
    • New Fx: Text Fx Iwa for rendering text. #2393 #2444
    • New command: Separate Colors. #2402 #2449
    • Improved Shift and Trace feature. #2212 #2240
    • Allowed to add Command Line Qualifiers for specifying system paths overriding the registry values. #2143 #2155 (Windows version)
    • Enabled to convert Toonz 4.x level files (.tzp and .tzu) to TLV via Convert command. #2126
    • Enabled to connect multiple nodes at once by Ctrl-dragging in the stage schematic. #2196
    • Reverted Alt-dragging feature to the Fx schematic. #2191
    • Allowed to use the Duplicate command in the Xsheet. #2342 #2447
    • Enabled to specify Matte Color for saving transparent raster levels in non-alpha-enabled image format. #2418



    • Fixed crash when using the vector brush + frame range with thickness 0. #2151
    • Fixed crash when pasting a mesh column node in the Stage Schematic. #2174
    • Fixed crash on undoing the Merge Levels command. #2183
    • Fixed crash on merging 16bpc raster levels. #2186
    • Fixed crash when typing function key on Type tool. #2222
    • Fixed crash when typing letter after dot in an input field. #2223
    • Fixed crash on launch if the preferred font is not a valid font for the system. #2227
    • Fixed crash on undoing the Antialias command on toonz raster level. #2331
    • Fixed crash on typing number in the style number field of toonz raster Tape tool. #2352
    • Fixed crash on switching back to raster Brush tool from temporary usage of Hand Tool. #2362
    • Fixed crash on switching back to Eraser tool from temporary usage of Hand Tool. #2389
    • Fixed crash when switching toonz raster levels containing MyPaint style. #2381
    • Fixed crash on pasting raster image selection. #2364
    • Fixed crash on using raster Brush tool just after unhiding column. #2369
    • Fixed crash when drag moving note cells. #2392
    • Fixed crash when switching modes while using Eraser tool. #2396
    • Fixed crash on trying to use the Palette Gizmo to empty palette. #2413
    • Fixed crash on using the Replace Fx command to a node with no input. #2417
    • Fixed crash on attempting to instance a certain Macro FX. #2425
    • Fixed crash on applying Motion Blur Fx to level deformed by Plastic tool. #2446
    • Fixed crash on attempting to use vector replacement commands to invalid levels. #2469
    • Fixes crash on inputting blank vector level to the texture port of Particles Fx. #2459
    • Fixed crash on selecting frame in 2nd level of a column. #2486
    • Fixed crash on setting the camera Z value to 0. #2405
    • Fixed the linked fxs not updating properly. #2061
    • Fixed the viewer not updating properly when using Onion Skin. #2125
    • Fixed the viewer not updating properly when using Animated Guided Drawing. #2264
    • Fixed the viewer not refreshing when switching the scenes. #2288
    • Fixed the vector Brush stroke display issues. #2133
    • Fixed “OpenToonz” shortcut preset to match the default keys. #2100
    • Fixed loading raster level to attach the Raster Drawing Palette. #2184
    • Fixed the motion path stroke not displayed. #2188
    • Fixed tcomposer to handle UNC paths properly. #2173
    • Fixed the New Scene command to continue opening new scene after saving modified levels. #2225
    • Fixed floating Viewer / Combo Viewer windows failing to restore geometry on launch. #2287
    • Fixed studio palettes losing link-ability once they are loaded on the scene and overwritten. #2299
    • Fixed files not being loaded properly. #2324
    • Fixed the output settings preset not being loaded properly. #2316
    • Fixed importing an image renames it incorrectly. #2325 #2326
    • Fixed Color Model failing to properly pick up the style on high dpi monitor environment. #2330
    • Fixed line termination problem with mouse on toonz raster. #2332
    • Fixed the mesh visibility to be kept hidden when the current tool is changed. #2333
    • Fixed antialiasing by using level settings applied on toonz raster levels. #2370
    • Fixed playback slowness with opening Style Editor. #2367
    • Fixed initial pen contact drawn as separate stroke when using Windows Ink. #2282
    • Fixed pen behavior when using Windows Ink. #2382
    • Fixed deterministic initialization bug in Particles Fx. #2273
    • Fixed memory leak bug in Tracker tool. #2279
    • Fixed renaming PSD cell available. #2416
    • Fixed loading SVG file. #2345 #2358
    • Fixed hiding a column with hotkeys not blocking the action of the tools. #2365
    • Fixed vector stroke being saved with wrong line cap. #2374
    • Fixed empty column property issues. #2395
    • Fixed incorrect key frame cell pasting and redo. #2398
    • Fixed the pressure sensitivity lost issue. #2431
    • Fixed updating tool state on switching levels. #2428
    • Fixed the schematic group node to be displayed properly when maximized. #2403
    • Fixed reordering fx in the Fx Schematic causing nodes to move so far. #2407
    • Fixed Style Picker and Type tools invalid status on non-toonz levels. #2483 #2489
    • Fixed tool state improperly being disabled on secondary level frame. #2487


    • Fixed antialiasing of vector strokes. #2289



    • Enhanced the Viewer playback with Plastic tool deformation. #2123
    • Updated the font combo box to show actual fonts. #2080
    • Enabled to save and load DPI information of JPEG format. #2322
    • Improved JPEG quality. #2419
    • Added checking folder access on overwriting level. #2334
    • Modified the behavior of folder tree in the File Browser to search the special folders on moving folder location. #2312
    • Enabled to open the fx settings from the context menu of the Xsheet. #2337
    • Enabled inputting numbers in Xsheet cell to use the level in the following cells. #2199
    • Allowed the Pump tool for precise tapering on small objects. #2340
    • Removed mysettings.ini from user profiles. #2366
    • Allowed to use Increase / Decrease Step commands even if cell selection is lost. #2343
    • Enabled to reload PSD levels. #2415
    • Added more default interpolation types and added ability to change interpolation type from Xsheet. #2344
    • When loading a level file into the Xsheet/Timeline, the current frame will now switch to the first frame of the newly loaded level. #2375
    • Removed version numbers from file names. #2410
    • UI enhancement. #2034 #2134 #2192 #2241 #2268 #2378 #2476
    • Source refactoring. #2165 #2194 #2195 #2197 #2246 #2247 #2271 #2277 #2278
    • Build / CI scripts fixes & enhancements. #2208 #2245 #2313 #2394 #2414
    • Typo fixes. #2162 #2379
    • Docs / instructions updates. #2113 #2153 #2168
    • Translation updates. #2448 #2453 #2464 #2465


    • Improved sound quality for playback and scrubbing. #2244 #2472
    • Added Linux desktop data. #2210


    • For OS X users: Please make sure to uninstall all the previous versions of OpenToonz before installing V1.3 for OS X.
    • Adding the Clapperboard will lose compatibility of the scene file with the older versions of OpenToonz. Setting the duration to 0 will remove the Clapperboard data from the scene at all so that you can maintain the compatibility.

    Special Thanks to:

    Mr. Alvin Wong and the Krita Community for making the addition of Windows Ink possible.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(40.25 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(38.39 MB)
  • v1.3.0rc(Jan 8, 2019)

  • v1.2.1(Jun 28, 2018)

    Release Notes


    • Color calibration feature using 3D LUT #1793 #1814 #1865
    • New Fx: Barrel Distort Iwa Fx. #1810 #1881
    • Introduced a new option “Merge Inks” for match lines feature. #1826
    • Introduced interim temp save scene file which will prevent OT crash while saving the scene from corrupting the previous scene file. #1608
    • Allowed export of individual frames for spritesheets format. #1742
    • Introduced “Maximum Gap” parameter to the fill tool which allows fill-able gap size change in vector images. (* Please see the notice below.) #1317 #1848
    • Introduced “Draw Order” option to the toonz raster brush which will make stacking order of the stroke to be the same as the order of the styles in the palette. #1849
    • Reverted Toonz Harlequin's handle to animate tool. #1870 #1900
    • Allowed to disable auto-stretch frame when autocreation option is set to “Use Xsheet as Animation Sheet”. #1707
    • Added the audio toggle back to Flipbook for OSX. #1890
    • New commands: “Insert & Paste Above/After”. #1958
    • New command: “Fill in empty cells”. #1970
    • Cursor preferences on drawing tools. #1960
    • Introduced a new option for automatically generate palette from color chips when raster image is loaded as color model. #1907



    • Fixed crash on launching the software with vector fill tool being selected. #1738
    • Fixed crash when undoing vector brush operation in frame range mode. #1759
    • Fixed crash with vector eraser tool with rectangle or freehand mode. #1760
    • Fixed crash on undo of raster freehand eraser tool. #1823
    • Fixed crash on adding batch rendering task from network drive. #1866
    • Fixed crash on accessing symbolic links in File Browser. #1930
    • Fixed crash when re-create the plastic skeleton. #2041
    • Fixed crash on saving curve in Function Editor. #2044
    • Fixed crash when switch to fill Tool after converting to vector in outline mode. #2057
    • Fixed crash when changing frame while dragging with pinch tool.#2069
    • Fixed crash with wheel zoom (too much) on Flipbook. #2103
    • Fixed the line-shaped artifacts on semi-transparent Deformed Image with plastic tool. #1726
    • Fixed plastic tool not to create the black contour. #1740
    • Fixed shift-dragging key frame behavior on Timeline. #1687
    • Fixed dragging from Level Strip to Timeline highlights a wrong cell. #1703
    • Fixed the rooms template cannot be loaded properly if $TOONZPROFILES is not set to $TOONZROOT/profiles. #1766
    • Fixed Palette title bar to be updated when loading color model. #1780
    • Fixed jumping stroke behavior with brush tool when using tablet. #1811
    • Fixed interrupted brush stroke when using tablet. #1753
    • Fixed dragging object with vector selection tool jumps across its existing location. #1776
    • Fixed render dialog no to be on top of all system windows. #1732
    • Fixed blank Viewer / Combo Viewer. #1785
    • Fixed PNG and spritesheet to be output as unpremultiplied. #1844
    • Fixed dragging cell not to duplicate fxs with no Inputs. #1836
    • Fixed double fields to update correctly when input values. #1843
    • Fixed "Replace Level..." command failure on the first call. #1868
    • Fixed undo of moving styles in the palette. #1917
    • Fixed MotionBlurIwaFx fails on the first frame. #1952
    • Fixed note icon drag area in timeline. #1961
    • Fixed touch controls to be compatible with trackpad. #1914 #1963
    • Fixed Viewer refreshing with raster brush. #1989
    • Fixed toonz farm to work among different platforms. #1609
    • Added missing xml & css templates for the “Print Xsheet” command. #1723
    • Fixed actual pixel size and zoom factor reporting. #1645
    • Fixed problem that group of key frame cannot be moved frame by frame. #2000
    • Fixed vector brush using wrong initial thickness value. #2005
    • Fixed tool shortcuts to take priority over frame skip on pressing shift+arrow key. #2047
    • Fixed random pressure sensitivity loss with non-wacom tablet. #2051
    • Fixed webm format output. #2065
    • Fixed tracker tool points number not visible. #2077
    • Fixed “Image DPI” field in convert popup to be updated upon opening. #2084
    • Fixed Undo / Redo of dragging multiple columns. #2085
    • Fixed Undo of pasting columns. #2088
    • Fixed loading Toonz4.x level files (.tzp). #2091
    • Fixed “No Antialiasing” option of selection tool to work properly and to update state in the tool options. #2102

    Mac OSX

    • Fixed crash on running batch rendering / cleanup. #1994
    • Fixed subxsheet is not visible in animate mode of plastic tool. #1678
    • Fixed Bokeh Fx not working. #1806
    • Fixed the ”Exit Group” command is missing from the Edit menu and the “Quit” menu item doesn’t work. #1874
    • Fixed preferences window to open on French interface. #1912 #2008
    • Fixed tfarm binaries to be built into .app folder. #1141 #1993
    • Fixed overflowing fill of vector region styles. #2105


    • Fixed sound scrub playback. #1749


    • Improved brush response. #1877 #1904 #1921 #1938 #1953 #1991 #2049 #2056 #2071 #2097
    • Relaxed the restriction on filename for sequential images. Any image files with name in a format like [levelname]["_"or"."][any digits][alphabet(optional)].[extension] will be treated as sequential. #1833 #1955 #1997
    • Use precise pen position and enhance the brush stroke quality drawn on the zoomed-out viewer. #1744
    • Disabled tools for hidden columns. #1643
    • Enabled vector selection right-click menus in all section modes. #1851
    • Enabled to skip the version check. #1824
    • Enabled to choose which panel (spreadsheet / graph) to be in a popup or toggle between them for Function Editor. #1649
    • Enabled to snap the starting point of brush stroke. Holding alt key temporary inverts snapping option. #1906
    • Introduced a confirmation dialog opening when moving palette on Studio Palette tree view. #1920
    • Enabled to translate and show icons for combo box items in Tool Options. #1863 #1942 #2024
    • Made touch control zoom more responsive. #1905
    • Updated timeline zoom control. #1947
    • Removed empty column creation when dragging columns/cells past first and last columns on timeline view. #1958
    • Allowed for multilingual FX help. (English version of fx doc is to be introduced in the future.) #1861 #1931
    • Changed default folder location to $scenefolder according to user preference. #1959
    • Added script for updating/adding translation TS files. #1709
    • Enabled to open sub-xsheet at selected sub-xsheet frame. #1980
    • Added colon separator option for TimeCodeIwa fx. #1995
    • UI enhancement. #1622 #1630 #1827 #1937 #1943 #1973 #1976 #1986 #1990 #2026 #2045
    • Source refactoring. #1743 #1745 #1841 #1909
    • Build / CI scripts fixes & enhancements. #1699 #1754 #1867 #1888 #1910 #2001 #2074 #2090
    • Typo fixes. #1751 #1971
    • Docs / instructions updates. #1801 #1856 #1972 #2027 #2068
    • Translation updates. #2018 #2022 #2025 #2037 #2038 #2052 #2055 #2067 #2081


    If you change the “Maximum Gap” from the default value, the level will lose compatibility and will not be opened with older versions of the software.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(40.09 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(38.40 MB)
  • v1.2.1rc2(Jun 21, 2018)

  • v1.2.1rc(Jun 12, 2018)

  • v1.2.0(Dec 11, 2017)

    Release Notes

    Please uninstall the previous version before installing V1.2.0.


    • Horizontal timeline option in Xsheet. #1019 #1570 #1573 #1618 #1669
    • MyPaint brushes for raster levels. #1124 #1525
    • Snapping and frame range options for vector brush. #1319 #1429
    • Guided drawing for vector brush. #1297
    • Command Bar panel. #1425 #1448
    • Lip Sync popup #1289 #1580 #1612
    • New Fx : Timecode Iwa for displaying the current time code. #1263
    • New Fx : Bokeh Ref Iwa for defocusing a single image by using a depth reference image. #1555
    • New Fx : Pass Through, utility fx for unifying the input of macro / grouped fx. #1353
    • New option : UI Font Family and Weight. #1386
    • New option : Use Camera DPI for All Imported Images. #1300
    • New option : New Levels Default to the Current Camera Size. #1256
    • New option : Enable OpenToonz Commands' Shortcut Keys While Renaming Cell. #1451
    • New option : Xsheet Column Header Layout. #1347
    • New option : Dropdown Shortcuts ( behavior on tool option ). #1420
    • New option : Show Current Time Indicator (Timeline Mode only). #1522
    • New option : Path Alias Priority, which enables to specify level paths as the relative path from the scene's parent folder using “$scenefolder” alias. #1513
    • New option : Sync Level Strip Drawing Number Changes with the Xsheet #1464
    • New option : Down Arrow at End of Level Strip Creates a New Frame. #1028
    • New command : Auto Input Cell Number. #1479
    • New command : Reframe with Empty Inbetweens. #1485
    • New command : Paste Numbers. #1530
    • New commands : Vectors to Toonz Raster and Replace Vectors with Simplified Vectors. #1410
    • New commands : Flip Viewer Horizontally / Vertically. #1356
    • New command : Export Soundtrack. #744
    • Enabled to use template settings for preferences and shortcut settings (*1). #1366 #1456 #1535
    • Enabled to use template settings for user env file (*2). #1531
    • Enabled to make all Windows builds to be portable (*3). #1381
    • Enabled to edit values in all value fields with middle mouse drag (*4). #1362 #1596 #1651
    • Added Russian translation. #1332 #1565
    • Added Mojo brush set for MyPaint raster brush. #1539
    • Added Note Level type. #1322 #1575 #1647
    • Added touch screen control (*5). #1437 #1621


    • Fixed Type tool on OSX. #1294 #1428
    • Fixed pen glitch on OSX. #1304 #1360 #1659
    • Fixed the studio palette path on OSX. #1253
    • Fixed crash when using camera capture on OSX. #1383
    • Fixed crash when using Shader fxs. #1308 #1517
    • Fixed crash when using HLSNoiseIno fx and other “Ino” fx series. #1427
    • Fixed crash on using brush presets #1440 #1447
    • Fixed crash on Tasks window with non-English environment. #1441
    • Fixed crash when using Selection tool on raster levels. #1476
    • Fixed crash when viewing audio levels in Scene Cast #1482
    • Fixed crash when merge more than two toonz raster levels. #1480
    • Fixed crash when renumbering raster or toonz raster level. #1498
    • Fixed crash when setting negative frame number to the console. #1574
    • Fixed crash on closing scene with floating selection remains. #1652
    • Fixed string functions. #1118
    • Fixed saving the custom layout file on quit. #1306
    • Fixed to save the “column icon loading policy” preference option properly on non-English environment. #1323
    • Fixed vertical padding on spritesheets output. #1259
    • Fixed setting of new level name for vector level. #1261
    • Fixed popup locations not to get moved off screen. #1287
    • Fixed version mismatch in tfarm. #1140
    • Fixed cleanup problem when the source image has no dpi. #1391
    • Fixed preferences saving behavior for “theme” and “languages”. #1403
    • Fixed panels grayed out when switching window maximization. #1288
    • Fixed env file path setup. #1457
    • Fixed for missing hook display on Hook tool. #1466
    • Fixed for foreign characters and apostrophes used in the level name. #1468
    • Fixed preview and camera toggle behavior for sound level. #1472
    • Fixed cell selection released on right-click. #1501
    • Fixed boolean (checkbox) tool option not changed via shortcut key if even number of tool option bars are opened. #1542 #1563
    • Fixed duplicate Cell Drag preferences options. #1584
    • Fixed fill behavior on Toonz Raster. #1540
    • Fixed renumber command on Level Strip. #1598
    • Fixed for fx parameter expression with hyphens. #1613
    • Fixed "Replace Parent Directory" command fails on the first call. #1626
    • Fixed Raster Selection tool fails to deform the image properly if the selection go beyond the canvas border. #1655
    • Fixed various bugs in Xsheet. #1335 #1376 #1550 #1604
    • Fixed various bugs in camera capture #1314 #1515


    • Updated Qt version to 5.9 #1517 #1545 #1569 #1588 #1611
    • Added audio scrubbing in Combo Viewer. #1260 #1302 #1343
    • Added autosave option to startup popup. #1265
    • Added Autopaint Lines option in Fill tool. #1564 #1605
    • Added histogram-based level adjust feature in camera capture. #1390
    • Added information label and previous level button in camera capture. #1407
    • Enabled to save scene on creating the subfolder in camera capture. #1496
    • Enabled enter key to end polyline. #1250
    • Enabled shift key to draw a straight line. Zero thick lines become visible on vector drawing. #1307
    • Enabled snapping for all shapes in the geometry tool. #1328
    • Enabled drawing substitution on subxsheet and note levels. #1286
    • Enabled column's color filter on vector levels and on rendering. #1461
    • Enabled to show renamed names in MacroFx ports. #1355
    • Enabled to adjust autoclose value via TEnv for maintenance purpose. #1467
    • Enabled undo for editing styles with the auto apply and for toggling autopaint option. #1558
    • Enabled to use tool-specific keys overriding the command shortcuts. #1568
    • Refined right-click menu of the Xsheet cell area. #1516
    • Changed the default values and shortcut keys. #1378.
    • Changed tool name “Edit tool” to “Animate tool”. #1351
    • Changed command name “Revert to Last Saved Version” to “Reload”. #1465
    • Changed parameter name “zanzo” to “Afterimage” in motion blur fx. #1413
    • Changed preferences option name “Style” to “Theme”.
    • UI enhancement. #1313 #1380 #1397 #1400 #1405 #1426 #1442 #1453 #1474 #1483 #1487 #1497 #1514 #1541 #1597 #1624 #1625 #1644
    • Source refactoring. #1336 #1524 #1623 #1668
    • Build scripts fixes & enhancements. #1373 #1449 #1523 #1585 #1587
    • Docs updates. #1301 #1325 #1409
    • Translation updates. #1340 #1431 #1450 #1471 #1469 #1484 #1486 #1495 #1519 #1505 #1593 #1610 #1632 #1633 #1653 #1662 #1666


    • (*1) To use this feature, save the template preferences and shortcut settings in $TOONZPROFILES\layouts\settings\preferences.ini and $TOONZPROFILES\layouts\settings\shortcuts.ini respectively.
    • (*2) To use this feature, save the template user env in $TOONZPROFILES\env\template.env
    • (*3) To run OpenToonz in portable mode, place a "portablestuff" folder in the same directory as the main executable, including the same contents as the normal stuff folder.
    • (*4) For the function editor, ctrl+drag to change value and alt+click to clear the key.
    • (*5) One finger for pan. Two fingers for zoom or rotate. Double tap for fits to the viewer. Three finger drag for undo and redo.Note that this option is OFF by default.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(39.74 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(38.34 MB)
  • v1.1.3(Jun 6, 2017)

    Release Notes


    • Introduced New Theme: Astral_048, 072, and 128. #1043, #1112, #1251 (please see the NOTICE below)
    • Xsheet Toolbar. #989
    • New Fx: SoapBubble Iwa. #950, #956, #1076, #1175, #1190
    • New Fx: Bokeh Iwa. #1123
    • Color filtering feature for columns in camstand view. #983
    • New options for input cells in xsheet effectively. #999, #1015
    • Set auto markers command. #982
    • Subfolder popup for the camera capture feature. #1008
    • Scrubbing the timeline options with shift + wheel. #994
    • Sound playback in combo viewer. #995
    • High dpi monitors support. #1132, #1206


    • Fixed crash on loading a sequence with a malformed frame number. #966
    • Fixed crash on applying shortcut preset. #963
    • Fixed crash on unfreezing preview. #991
    • Fixed crash on unlinking the level while opening the history panel. #975
    • Fixed crash on saving the scene containing a missing AIFF level. #971
    • Fixed crash on pressing arrow keys in the level strip. #1027
    • Fixed crash on running tconverter. #1106
    • Fixed crash on expanding history. #1158
    • Fixed crash on undo the paste into command with cell selection. #1211
    • Fixed crash on setting the camera scale to 0. #1219
    • Fixed crash on using the "skeleton mode" shortcut with the plastic tool. #1229
    • Fixed crash on rendering long scene with FFmpeg. #1030
    • Fixed crash on touching empty Flipbook. #1224
    • Fixed crash on switching raster level tools. #1228
    • Fixed crash on changing frames while dragging the vector eraser tool. #1221
    • Fixed assertion failure on screen pick. #1225
    • Fixed saving menu bar in non-English environment not to lose English titles. #898
    • Fixed auto-save behavior for untitled scene. #990
    • Fixed confliction warning with pixels only mode. #1023
    • Fixed preview fx updating render result. #1073
    • Fixed invalid scene path when import scene from sandbox to another project. #1064
    • Fixed the flipbook’s console to be updated when the "Blank Frame" option is changed. #1071
    • (Partially) fixed vector shapes unfillable. #1079
    • Fixed the "Convert File" command available from main menu bar. #1086
    • Fixed level placement behavior. #1139
    • Fixed changing name on change level type in new level popup. #1011
    • Fixed removing deleted scene from the “recent scene” items in the startup. #998
    • Fixed stuck playback when using loop shortcut. #1025
    • Fixed initial position of new zerary fx node. #1191
    • Fixed the convert feature from NAA raster images to TLV. #1203
    • Fixed the info popup and the flipbook opened from the file browser to be able to close. #1214, #1245
    • Fixed FFmpeg types and spritesheet type render wrong frames. #1234
    • Linux: Fixed non-printable null character appeared in xsheet. #968
    • Linux: Fixed paths to fxs and library folders. #1090


    • Moved non-project setting files from project to config folder. #701
    • Changed the default values. #945, #1010
    • Changed the brush size shortcuts. #685
    • Changed the closest field value (unused parameter) to 999. #1162
    • Added AJA Fr01 to the camera preset. #944
    • Supported Spanish UI. #713, #1002
    • Supported .aif (three-lettered AIFF) extension. #972
    • Added the render button to the output settings. #875
    • Added no trim option for the spritesheet output. #1022
    • Made the file system monitoring optional in the file browser. #1060
    • Extended ffmpeg timeout to 60 seconds. #1029
    • Reverted the option to import files to the current project. #1037
    • Removed “Are you sure?” popup on quit the software. #733
    • Set premultiply option and added level name type option on loading PSD layer levels. #1184
    • Set premultiply option on loading PNG file. #1217
    • UI enhancement. #771, #876, #988, #1003, #1013, #1034, #1035, #1053, #1054, #1103, #1241, #1244, #1246
    • Source refactoring. #927, #932, #973, #974, #1152, #1182, #1254
    • Build scripts fixes & enhancements. #899, #961, #1021, #1041, #1062, #1148, #1149, #1150
    • Typo fixes. #1012
    • Docs updates. #1138


    • The new themes are replacement of the original ones. You can still install & use the old themes from the old nightly builds for a while, but they will no longer be updated for the future releases.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(36.82 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(33.58 MB)
  • v1.1.2(Nov 26, 2016)

    Release Notes


    • "Organize palette" and "Update colors by using picked position" features for the workflow using raster level as a color model. #764
    • Linked styles enabled. #628 #817
    • Introduced option for disabling onionskin during playback. #708
    • Enabled switching the current style using numpad keys. #804 #934
    • Reverted auto center options to Cleanup Settings panel. #806
    • Enabled to set additional project root locations. #664
    • Added a save all button to the close dialog. #474
    • Added button for video capture filter control to Camera Capture (only for Windows) #845
    • Add a load image for onion skin button to Camera Capture. #751
    • Improved Convert command from non AA raster images to painted TLV. #853 #908
    • Introduced shortcuts selection choice and new shortcuts presets. #691
    • Introduced Locator sub-window for showing close-up image at mouse position. #862
    • Introduced Startup popup on launch of the software. #793 #870
    • Enabled sound playback in the viewer. #788
    • Introduced “Fast Render to MP4” command. #725
    • Introduced easy input feature for the Style Name Editor. #911
    • Introduced Audio Recording Popup. #786
    • Added 'spritesheet' for the output format options. #752


    • Fixed assert failing on project popup. #646
    • Fixed Viewer to update markers. #778
    • Fixed bugs in the Camera Capture popup. #782 #916
    • Fixed mesh preview blackout on opening Create Mesh popup. #785
    • Fixed save all issue setting wrong path on cancel save scene. #775
    • Fixed for gif reader not getting all frames. #770
    • Fixed clone levels not saving correctly. #847
    • Fixed ffmpeg related bugs. #814 #826 #827 #828 #924
    • Fixed Load Scene popup to initialize correctly. #868
    • Fixed Save Default Settings command to save format properties to project settings. #879
    • Fixed Studio Palette not to delete palette file unexpectedly. #888
    • Fixed dangling stack pointer use when inserting a keyframe. #798
    • Fixed crash on editing curve with control point tool. #922
    • Fixed crash related to the Function Viewer. #896
    • Typo fixes. #531 #758 #790


    • Build common. #689 #694 #743 #745 #831 #836
    • Build Windows. #796
    • Build Linux. #799 #800 #850 #893
    • Default value changes. #872
    • Code refactoring. #723 #805 #844
    • UI fixes. #677 #686 #687 #716 #719 #784 #789 #873 #874 #905 #912
    • Added UHD, DCI 2K and 4K to camera size preset. #672
    • Support “jpeg” extension for import. #656
    • Support mp3 import.(Required ffmpeg.) #749
    • Improved the direct inputting feature in Xsheet. #722
    • Show level settings and info for sound levels. #928
    • Show info for ffmpeg levels. #824
    • Moved ffmpeg temp files to cache folder. #921
    • Changed "Next / Prev Drawing" command to jump over empty cells. #929
    • Standard dpi changes to 120, which is used in “pixel” unit environment (Please see the notice below). #739


    • Due to the change of the standard dpi (#739), This version will lose compatibility in scenes created with older version with “pixel” unit environment. A warning popup will be shown.
    • If you already installed the previous version, please make sure to remove (or rename for keeping backup) $TOONZCONFIG\loc and $TOONZCONFIG\qss before install this version in order to update the translation files and style files properly. They are not overwritten automatically by the installer, since they might be modified by users. $TOONZCONFIG is set to C:\OpenToonz 1.1 stuff\config by default in Windows.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(36.81 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(33.64 MB)
  • v1.1.1(Aug 8, 2016)

  • v1.1.0(Aug 5, 2016)

    Release Notes


    • Added Spanish translation. #382, #502
    • “Pixels” option for measurement unit. #400
    • Enable to set a shortcut to maximize the pane / the entire room. #581
    • Brush stroke stabilizer. #432
    • Enable to toggle “Show Lines with Thickness 0” from the context menu of the viewer. #430
    • “Drawing Substitution Forward/Backward” commands to switch the drawing at the current frame to next/previous one in the level. #410
    • Store the toolbar state (expanded / shrinked) in user's env file #460
    • Level Create Popup sets default name and updates paths correctly. #437
    • Added "Autopaint for Lines" indicator on Palette. #496
    • Optimized the Configure Shortcuts popup. #510, #620
    • Reverted the behavior on double-clicking style in the Palette to open the Style Editor. #580
    • Camera Capture feature. #575, #625, #652, #680
    • Changed default bg color for Level Export command to avoid black background in non-alpha output formats. #438, #621
    • Integrated FFmpeg for import/export mp4, webm and gif formats. #624



    • Fixed RGB picker tool to pick wrong position. #479
    • Fixed crash on using Shader Fxs #495
    • Fixed Chinese translation. #505, #456, #461
    • Fixed shortcut to be available for the brush size. #522
    • Fixed wrong field access in the File Browser. #555
    • Fixed crash on undo the brush tool. #579
    • Fixed crash on Save Level As when the current level is not selected. #587
    • Fixed crash reading level (TLZ) file. #637
    • Fixed crash related to sub-xsheet and plastic tool. #659
    • Fixed preset dropdown, dpi lock, labels, decimals in Pixels Only Mode #674
    • Other bug fixes #465, #556, #557, #558, #559, #566, #599, #612, #613, #615, #629

    Mac OSX

    • Fixed OSX crash on vector animation rendering. #636
    • Fixed left button click sometimes ignored on dragging. #561


    • Build common #457, #554, #567, #600, #604, #609
    • Build Windows #544, #588
    • Enabled to build on Linux #452, #454, #466, #467, #518, #524, #525, #598
    • Changed “Toonz Palettes” to “Global Palettes” and added 3 starter palettes. #395
    • Default value changes. #396, #662
    • Removed ctrl key requirement from Function Curves editor. #657
    • Code refactoring #475, #506, #507, #509, #516, #521, #537, #547, #550, #553, #578, #601, #602, #610, #614, #616, #632, #643
    • UI fixes. #441, #443, #458, #508, #532, #515, #584
    • Git environment. #455, #462, #549, #563, #635, #655, #660
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(30.04 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(32.62 MB)
  • v1.0.3(Jun 15, 2016)

    Release Notes


    • Reverted Onion Skin UI on Xsheet #280
    • Reverted checkbox 'Global Key' to Edit tool #308
    • Rewrited update check #290
    • Added Chinese (Simplified) UI translation #278
    • Added German UI translation #363
    • Added menu item 'Toggle Edit in Place' #306
    • Added a desktop icon to the File browser #348
    • Rooms selection #378 #399
    • Refresh the current folder items of the File browser automatically #376
    • Option to retain original styles when loading color model's palette #407
    • Default folders for new project #394
    • Enabled to handle more than 3 peg holes on autocenter #314
    • Showed pinned center keys on Xsheet row area #369



    • Fixed crash when setting "Level Subsampling" to 0 #281
    • Fixed crash after right-clicking Xsheet column #285
    • Fixed incorrect assignments in if statements #311
    • Fixed preview image corruption bug #322
    • Fixed crash on using Magnet tool #324
    • Fixed crash on exploding sub-xsheet #305
    • Fixed codec-related crash on start-up #340
    • Fixed to load .psd layers encoded in various codings #355
    • Fixed crash on cleanup (by cloning a NULL palette) #354
    • Fixed level strip to reproduce width when restarting the software #357
    • Fixed memo's text color #371
    • Fixed crash on 32bit modules because of lack of dependencies #390
    • Fixed crash on edit mesh operation after save level #380
    • Fixed to allow negative frame id in scene.setCell (scripting) #345
    • Fixed the Project settings drop down #394
    • Fixed crash when clicking on xsheet cell #445


    • Fixed customize menu bar popup to show current menu bar tree #409

    Mac OSX

    • Fixed crash when z-axis move in camstand view #289
    • Fixed to search systemvar from collect path in OSX #316
    • Fixed creating empty level fails #317
    • Fixed crash on Save Scene / New Level (stop creating zero-size image) #333
    • Fixed random crashes after saving meshes #398


    • Build common #233 #260
    • Build Windows ver. #303
    • Code refactoring #286 #291 #292 #296 #297 #310 #318 #332 #339 #421 #431
    • Git environment #185 #350
    • Qt update #315 #337
    • Fix typo #347
    • Default value changes #385
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(34.67 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(31.58 MB)
  • v1.0.2(Apr 27, 2016)

    Release Notes


    • Reverted schematic output port
    • Reverted key frame display on Xsheet
    • Reverted room edit feature and menubar customization
    • Added Spanish UI translation
    • Added “Save All” menu item



    • Fixed invalid vector brush style
    • Fixed crash related to new level creation
    • Fixed bug on image conversion
    • Fixed crash bugs on Palette Viewer
    • Fixed loading camera preset bug
    • Fixed crash at first run with clean install
    • Fixed vector level rendering bug
    • Fixed function editor crash bug
    • Fixed pinch tool crash
    • Fixed save mesh operation
    • Fixed expression on a rotation bug
    • Latency bugs


    • Fixed crash in multiple monitor environment

    Mac OSX

    • Fixed invalid mouse button behavior on Scene Viewer
    • Fixed vector level thumbnail
    • Fixed crash on preview sub-camera
    • Fixed unintended scroll when using touch device


    • Porting to Linux & Build Linux ver.
    • Documents
    • Build common
    • Build Windows ver.
    • Build MacOSX ver.
    • Fix typo
    • Code refactoring
    • Library update
    • Misc
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenToonz.pkg(34.48 MB)
    OpenToonzSetup.exe(31.49 MB)
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AWS Samples 70 Dec 3, 2022
A set of one-line C++ macros to simplify the creation of reccurent things in Qt projects

QDefs A set of one-line C++ macros to simplify the creation of reccurent things in Qt projects (like Qt Meta Properties) so that doing them in C++ is

null 3 Nov 2, 2022
Beacon Object File allowing creation of Beacons in different sessions.

JumpSession_BOF This is a Beacon Object File allowing creation of Beacons in different sessions. Must be Elevated. This BOF was created on the heels o

null 69 Nov 18, 2022
ModuLiDAR is an all-in-one open-source software for autonomous UGVs and industrial robots.

ModuLiDAR is an all-in-one open-source software for autonomous UGVs and industrial robots. the target industries that ModuLiDAR is working on are farming industry, mining industry, warehouses industry, and construction industry.

null 18 Jun 22, 2022
SDR++ is a cross-platform and open source SDR software with the aim of being bloat free and simple to use.

SDR++ is a cross-platform and open source SDR software with the aim of being bloat free and simple to use.

AlexandreRouma 2.1k Nov 24, 2022
OpenFOAM is a free, open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package

acousticStreamingFoam About OpenFOAM OpenFOAM is a free, open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package released by the OpenFOAM Foun

Bruno 3 Oct 28, 2022
Open-source KVM software

Barrier Eliminate the barrier between your machines. Find releases for windows and macOS here. Your distro probably already has barrier packaged for i

null 715 Nov 24, 2022
C++ Open Source Software Template

cpp-oss-template cpp-oss-template is a simple template for C++ language based project. Support CI Appveyor Travis CI Azure Pipelines Support Tool Code

Chris Ohk 12 Jun 21, 2022