NVIDIA Texture Tools samples for compression, image processing, and decompression.


NVTT 3 Samples

This repository contains a number of samples showing how to use NVTT 3, a GPU-accelerated texture compression and image processing library.

This includes several small samples intended as tutorials:

  • mini_bc7 shows how to load an image and turn it into a one-mipmap DDS file using BC7 block compression. It's small enough that it can be rewritten in 250 characters (without error checking):
int main(int n,char**v){if(n==3){nvtt::Surface i;i.load(v[1]);nvtt::Context c(1);nvtt::CompressionOptions o;o.setFormat(nvtt::Format_BC7);nvtt::OutputOptions p;p.setFileName(v[2]);c.outputHeader(i,1,o,p);c.compress(i,0,0,o,p);}}
  • mipmap shows how to generate mipmaps from an image, and describes linear-space filtering and premultiplied alpha.
  • cuda_input shows how to use NVTT 3's low-level GPUInputBuffer API to compress a texture directly from a GPU buffer. This API accelerates compression by avoiding CPU-GPU data transfers.
  • c_wrapper_demo shows how to use NVTT 3's C wrapper, which allows other compilers and programming languages to use NVTT 3. It covers the high-level and low-level APIs.

This also includes the source code for several tools from NVTT 3 ported to use the nvpro-samples framework, which show how to use almost all of the functionality in NVTT 3:

  • compress is a general command-line tool for compressing images to DDS files, and uses similar flags as the Texture Tools Exporter's command-line interface. It supports many types of images, including normal maps.
  • batchCompress can be used to compress multiple files at once.
  • decompress decompresses DDS files to other formats.
  • imgdiff reports error metrics between image files.

For comprehensive API documentation, please see the docs/ folder in the NVTT 3 distribution.

Build Instructions

To build these samples, you'll need the NVTT 3 SDK. For cuda_input, you'll also need the CUDA Toolkit. Then do one of the following:

You can then use CMake to generate and subsequently build the project.

  • In file nvtt_samples/compress/compress.cpp std::path is used wrongly

    In file nvtt_samples/compress/compress.cpp std::path is used wrongly

    In file nvtt_samples/compress/compress.cpp std::path is used wrongly

    See line 410 output = input.replace_extension("dds");

    replace_extension modifies the @input and as a result the program doesn't work with non-explicit output file:

    Replacing the line with: output = input; output.replace_extension("dds");

    fixes the issue

    opened by ongamex 0
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