🧵 Fast and easy multithreading for React Native using JSI



🧵 Fast and easy multithreading for React Native using JSI.

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npm install react-native-multithreading
npx pod-install

Requires a version of react-native-reanimated which includes PR #1790. Either patch it yourself, or wait until that lands in a release.

⚠️ Warning: This is still just a proof of concept - do not use this library in production! ⚠️


Since JSI is becoming more mainstream, there might be functions that are actually blocking and take a while to execute. For example, a storage library like my react-native-mmkv or an SQLite JSI library might take a few milliseconds to execute a complex call. You don't want your entire React-JS thread to freeze when doing that, since users will perceive a noticeable lag or freeze.

That's where react-native-multithreading comes in; you can simply off-load such expensive calculations/blocking calls to a separate thread with almost no overhead while your main React-JS thread can concentrate on running your app's business logic, respond to user input, update state and more. You can also run complex JS calculations such as the Fibonacci number, but that's probably a rare use-case.

Inspired by @karol-bisztyga's Multithreading PR for Reanimated


To try out the Fibonacci Example, clone the repo and run the following commands:

yarn bootstrap
cd example
yarn ios

See my tweet 🐦

Shoot and Forget

To simply perform an expensive calculation on another thread without caring about the result, use the spawnThread function:

// JS thread
spawnThread(() => {
  // custom thread
  // expensive calculation
// JS thread

The React-JS Thread will continue execution while the custom thread will run the given function on a custom parallel runtime.


Since spawnThread returns a Promise, you can also await the result. The React-JS Thread will not be blocked and will still be able to continue execution elsewhere (timers, callbacks, ...), while the custom thread runs the given function in a custom parallel runtime.

const result = await spawnThread(() => {
  // expensive calculation
  return ...


This example calculates the Fibonacci Number for the given input. This demonstrates expensive calculation, awaiting the result, as well as using values from "outside". (fibonacci function and input are captured into the new thread and therefore immutable.)

const fibonacci = (num: number): number => {
  if (num <= 1) return 1
  return fibonacci(num - 1) + fibonacci(num - 2)

const input = 50
const result = await spawnThread(() => {
  console.log(`calculating fibonacci for input: ${input} in JS-Runtime: ${global._LABEL}...`)
  const fib = fibonacci(input)
  console.log("finished calculating fibonacci!")
  return fib
console.log(`Fibonacci Result: ${result}`)

What's possible?

  • You can use variables from "outside" (e.g. state), but those will be immutable/frozen.
  • You can use functions from "outside" if they also contain the 'worklet' directive.
  • You can assign Reanimated Shared Values.
  • You can call native JSI functions ("Host Functions") from a JSI library, e.g. every function react-native-mmkv provides.
  • You can asynchronously dispatch calls to functions from "outside" using runOnJS from react-native-reanimated.

What's not possible?

  1. At the moment, only iOS is implemented. I cannot implement Android until react-native-reanimated gets published with source-code (no prebuilt .aar)
  2. Since the library uses JSI for synchronous native methods access, remote debugging (e.g. with Chrome) is no longer possible. Instead, you should use Flipper.
  3. All functions you are calling inside a custom thread, must be workletized to truly run on a separate thread. So add the 'worklet' directive at the top of every function you're calling in that thread (including the thread callback itself), and don't forget to install the Reanimated babel plugin.




Note: Technically this is not multithreading, but rather multiprocessing.

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  • Android support (with `Android.mk`)

    Android support (with `Android.mk`)

    opened by mrousavy 1
  • Try support android

    Try support android

    The entire source code is written in C++, so I don't really have to do anything except finding the right CMakeLists configuration. That's going to be hard though, since I've never really used CMake before. Any help appreciated!


    The user has react-native-reanimated installed via npm which lives on his machine as an .aar. react-native-multithreading is also an .aar. How do I "dynamically" include reanimated aar in my aar without copying the entire REA source code into my lib?

    opened by mrousavy 0
  • Added a bunch of new stuff

    Added a bunch of new stuff

    Hey! I know you haven't been working on this actively but I thought of takings some time to up a few things. Here's the list:

    1. Updated the Scheduler similar to react-native-vision-camera so now it creates it's own Scheduler.
    2. Added support for loading JS modules! Basically you can drop a module file in app assets folder & it will be loaded into the worker thread. For example loading a html parser or any other such library for doing expensive work on the worker & returning the result.
    3. Updated the library to support latest react native version
    4. Added the ability to register native JSI plugins with the worker. This can be further expanded to enable access to all react native modules through a custom bridge implementation.
    5. Added eval support.
    6. Lazily install JSI bindings with install method.
    opened by ammarahm-ed 1
  • docs(SETUP.md): correct other JSI libs example

    docs(SETUP.md): correct other JSI libs example

    • [x] Correct the import path for the JSI module in the example
    • [x] ~~Add MMKV into the example - I feel most people would be using these together and could use the example.~~

    Also, I had to follow this suggested fix but replace mmkv with multithreading.

    opened by david-gettins 2
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