Zitto Jalvatore.

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A very simple kernel I'm working on in my free time.

Some useful resources

Some of the resources I found most useful are the OSDEV wiki, osdever.net (from which I basically stole the part regarding interrupts), this keyboard scancode map, and of course the most fundamental of all resources: RTFM!!!

Future of MellOS

I'm doing this in my spare time, which basically means "during a small part of the summer and a week or so around Christmas". Feel free to do whatever you like with this, as long as you don't physically (nor psychologically) harm people and animals I'm absolutely fine with it.

And now for something completely different:

Zitto Jalvatore.

  • Documentation Refactoring

    Documentation Refactoring

    Please check the Preview.

    Repository Suggestions


    • General formatting / spacing
    • Added license badge placeholder
    • Split up documentation
    • Added quicklinks

    opened by ElectronicsArchiver 9
  • Gdt for kernel

    Gdt for kernel

    Added a basic GDT for the Kernel instead of using the one of the Bootloader (there are a lot of reasons to do that) and changed the path of the Interrupts stuff

    opened by Mastcharub 1
  • read and write floppies

    read and write floppies

    re-did floppy driver fixed ISA_DMA fixed irq_wait not working when the emulator runs faster than the os

    added a debug option to the Makefile to use this option you should connect gdb to localhost:1234 after launching "make debug".

    Keep in mind default gdb will crash when you change from 16bit to 32bit. you should use this patched version instead: https://github.com/franchioping/Patched-gdb

    opened by franchioping 0
  • simple Ata HDD Polling Driver using PIO Mode

    simple Ata HDD Polling Driver using PIO Mode

    Added a simple Ata HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Polling Driver using PIO Mode (instead of the better DMA) and 'outw', 'inw', 'outl', 'inl' functions to 'port_io.cpp'

    opened by Mastcharub 0
  • MakeFile fix

    MakeFile fix

    made the Makefile actually use the LD variable, instead of just calling i386-elf-ld, and fixed the path from /usr/local/i386elfgcc/bin/i386-elf-LD to /usr/local/i386elfgcc/bin/i386-elf-ld

    opened by franchioping 0