A CMake starter template using CPM


Cmake Starter

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A lightweight Cmake project meant for a binary application (not a shared library), tests with catch2 are configured, CPM is the package manager of choice, docopt and fmtlib are installed and linked as libraries


This container builds the development environment for Ubuntu 20.04, installs the cmake project, and then runs the tests

⌨️ Commands

# Build the container (can be used to rebuild image after code changes)
# [e.g] docker image build -t 
docker image build -t cm:v0.1 .

# Rebuild with no cache
docker image build --no-cache -t cm:v0.1 .

# Run the container interactively
# [e.g] docker container run -it 
docker container run -it cm:v0.1

# Run non interactively
docker container run cm:v0.1
  • remove-file-globbing-fix


    Currently header files and source files are being globbed, which is considered to be bad practice in CMake. Add CMakeLists.txt files to src/ directories and add files there to be linked

    opened by mattcoding4days 1
Matt Williams
Rust && C++ programmer for DMG Blockchain Solutions
Matt Williams
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