The official Allegro 5 git repository. Pull requests welcome!


Welcome to Allegro!

Allegro is a cross-platform library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming. It handles common, low-level tasks such as creating windows, accepting user input, loading data, drawing images, playing sounds, etc. and generally abstracting away the underlying platform. However, Allegro is not a game engine: you are free to design and structure your program as you like.

Allegro 5 has the following additional features:

  • Supported on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iPhone and Android
  • User-friendly, intuitive C API usable from C++ and many other programming languages
  • Hardware accelerated bitmap and graphical primitive drawing support (via OpenGL or Direct3D)
  • Audio recording support
  • Font loading and drawing
  • Video playback
  • Abstractions over shaders and low-level polygon drawing
  • And more!

This readme contains general information which applies to all platforms that Allegro builds on.

README_cmake.txt discusses some build options for cmake.

README_msvc.txt discusses compilation on Windows with Microsoft Visual C/C++.

README_make.txt discusses compilation with GNU make. This applies to Unix-like operating systems such as Linux, MacOS X and MinGW on Windows.

README_macosx.txt has a few additional notes for MacOS X.

README_iphone.txt discusses iPhone operating systems.


We assume you have C and C++ compilers installed and functioning. We support gcc, clang and MSVC.

Allegro also requires CMake 2.8.5 or later to build. You may download it from

Library dependencies

Allegro is divided into a core library and a number of addon libraries. The core library depends on certain libraries to function. If you don't have those, nothing will work. These are required for the core library:

  • DirectX SDK (Windows only)

    You can get this for MSVC from the Microsoft web site (large download).

    Alternatively, smaller downloads for MSVC and MinGW are available here: Some MinGW distributions come with sufficient DirectX SDK to support compiling Allegro.

  • X11 development libraries (Linux/Unix only) The libraries will be part of your Linux distribution, but you may have to install them explicitly.

  • OpenGL development libraries (optional only on Windows)

The addons, too, may require additional libraries. Since the addons are strictly optional, they are not required to build Allegro, but a lot of functionality may be disabled if they are not present.

Windows users may find some precompiled binaries for the additional libraries from You need to get the bin and lib packages. The bin packages contain DLLs, and the lib packages contain the headers and import libraries.

Mac users may find some dependencies in Homebrew, Fink or MacPorts., and

Linux users likely have all the dependencies already, except PhysicsFS and DUMB. If your distribution uses separate development packages, they will need to be installed. The packages are probably named *-dev or *-devel.

These are the dependencies required for the addons:

On Windows it may be a pain to place all these libraries such that they can be found. Please see the README_cmake.txt section on the "deps subdirectory" when the time comes.

API documentation

To build the documentation you will need Pandoc. Pandoc's home page is

Installing Pandoc from source can be challenging, but you can build Allegro without building the documentation.

Online documentation is available on the Allegro web site:

Building with CMake

Building with CMake is a two step process. During the configuration step, cmake will detect your compiler setup and find the libraries which are installed on your system. At the same time, you may select options to customise your build. If you are unsure of what you are doing, leave all the options at the defaults.

Once the configuration step is successful, you will invoke another tool to build Allegro. The tool depends on your compiler, but is usually either make, or your IDE.

To avoid problems, unpack Allegro into a directory without spaces or other "weird" characters in the path. This is a known problem.

Now read README_msvc.txt, README_make.txt or README_macosx.txt.

  • comment to polygon

    comment to polygon

    Originally reported by: scherno2000

    Original Ticket: "alleg/bugs/106":

    1. rest(0) does not yield.
    2. in fbcon.c console_users is incremented twice, but decremented only once.
    3. If allegro application is run in console mode, and get_tty() returns 0 (running application from midnight commander), problems with threads created before fork().
    4. If allegro application is run in console mode, from midnight commander, then the shell thinks the application is ended too early because of main process is killed in allegro initialization.

    Please read the readme file in attached zip file.

    opened by allebot 52
  • patch al_set_window_constraints() when the flag ALLEGRO_MAXIMIZED is set

    patch al_set_window_constraints() when the flag ALLEGRO_MAXIMIZED is set

    If a window (display) was created with the ALLEGRO_MAXIMIZED flag then call to al_set_window_constraints() will be a cause of strange behavior as depicted below:


    The patch is fixing such problem. Tested only under Windows 7, 64-bit. Thanks!

    opened by gh0stwizard 44
  • Rework GLES support for portability

    Rework GLES support for portability

    Note: This pull request is mostly for review purposes, probably shouldn't be merged in just yet.

    Recently I've started looking into the possibilities of porting Allegro (and, in turn, my game engine) to various platforms. I've found @ptitSeb fork with OpenPandora and ODroid support, @allefant's patches for Emscripten and also started playing with Nokia N900 support by myself. SDL backend allowed me to experiment with X11/EGL without actually implementing it in Allegro itself just yet, so I could focus on the GLES stuff alone.

    What I found was a huge mess of #ifdefs. If I wanted to consolidate all the patches I found into one codebase, I would end up with lines like: #if defined ALLEGRO_IPHONE || defined ALLEGRO_ANDROID || defined ALLEGRO_RASPBERRYPI || defined ALLEGRO_PANDORA || defined __EMSCRIPTEN__ so before I went further, I decided to clean it all up and make parts that are actually GLES specific (as opposed to device specific) check for GLES instead of any particular device.

    In turn I've found out some other issues. For instance, on some platforms linking both libGLESv1_CM and libGLESv2 into the same binary breaks GLES2. Also, it wasn't actually easily possible to request a GLES build on a device that wasn't Android-based, iOS-based or Raspberry Pi. In turn, I've reworked the build system a bit.

    When it comes to the code, I've tested it so far on GNU/Linux on X11/GLX/GL, SDL/GLX/GL, SDL/EGL/GLES and Android. It still needs to be tested on other platforms - I should be able to do it for macOS and Raspberry Pi, but I can't for iOS, so that would need some external testing. I think it should be fairly solid, aside of iOS-case, where I have no idea, so I might have broken something there.

    Compiling with GLES3 is broken right now with this patch, I'll look into it later. Compiling with GLES1 was already broken (and impossible without modifying CMakeFiles.txt), but I've seen some patches floating somethere that should fix it, just haven't looked into them yet.

    When it comes to the build system, I'm not sure whether the way I've taken is the best one. Especially I don't like that WANT_GLES2 requires WANT_GLES, which alone means GLES 1.1, and together means GLES 2.0, which are completely different builds (GLES3 could stay that way though). I'd be thankful for any comments on how to tackle it.

    opened by dos1 33
  • al_get_monitor_info returns wrong values on Retina displays

    al_get_monitor_info returns wrong values on Retina displays

    On macOS, al_get_monitor_info returns the wrong values when called on a Retina display, specifically it seems like x2 and y2 are half of what they're supposed to be. As miniSphere uses this function to determine window scaling and position, this results in game windows which are too small and off-center:

    screen_shot_2018-08-04_at_11 17 24_am

    As Allegro is otherwise Retina-aware, al_get_monitor_info should return the native resolution rather than the one the system is faking.

    opened by fatcerberus 26
  • Allegro's cmake still fails to find GDI+

    Allegro's cmake still fails to find GDI+

    GDI+ was supposed to have been fixed in #529, but I'm still getting failures when running CMake:

    Could NOT find GDIPLUS (missing:  GDIPLUS_INCLUDE_DIR) 
    WARNING: cannot use GDI+. Will try other libraries.

    The value of GDIPLUS_INCLUDE_DIR is set to GDIPLUS_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND at this point. If I set it manually to my WinSDK include path in cmake-gui and reconfigure, it will work. But it will not find it by default.

    Windows Building 
    opened by fatcerberus 25
  • DUMB 2.0 and 0.9.3 support

    DUMB 2.0 and 0.9.3 support

    Specifying -lm on Arch Linux is necessary for DUMB support: Otherwise, cmake concludes that DUMB is not available. I used the DUMB 1.0-1 binary package from the Arch repo. This Arch package points to kode54's fork of DUMB with version 1.0 as suggested by the DUMB homepage, not to version 0.9.3 that A5 officially supports.

    I didn't test whether this is required on other systems, or whether it breaks the build on other systems.

    Still no successful playback: I've merely fixed A5's build for me. I can load a module with Allegro 5, but then my application will immediately crash within DUMB. Crashlog follows. I haven't debugged this crash yet! The fault could be in DUMB, in the DUMB Arch package, in A5, in my code, in a faulty module, ...

    I'll understand if you won't merge this PR before we have seen successful playback with DUMB 1.0 and A5. According to @SiegeLord, DUMB 1.0 made breaking changes. Still, I'm opening this PR to share my findings, allowing others to shed more light on this.

    #0  0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
    #1  0x00007ffff3dd1962 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
    #2  0x00007ffff3dd2d15 in dumb_read_it_quick () from /usr/lib/
    #3  0x00007ffff3dd0996 in dumb_read_it () from /usr/lib/
    #4  0x00007ffff78d5d74 in mod_stream_init (f=0x555556284600, buffer_count=3,
        samples=2048, loader=0x7ffff3dd0990 <dumb_read_it>)
        at /home/simon/c/notown/allegro5/addons/acodec/modaudio.c:213
    #5  0x00007ffff78d625c in _al_load_it_audio_stream (filename=<optimized out>,
        buffer_count=3, samples=2048)
        at /home/simon/c/notown/allegro5/addons/acodec/modaudio.c:391

    For reference, here's an excerpt from cmake's error log when DUMB's libraries don't specify -lm:

    Run Build Command:"/usr/bin/make" "cmTC_5d751/fast"
    /usr/bin/make -f CMakeFiles/cmTC_5d751.dir/build.make CMakeFiles/cmTC_5d751.dir/build
    make[1]: Entering directory '/home/simon/c/notown/allegro5/simon/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp'
    Building C object CMakeFiles/cmTC_5d751.dir/src.c.o
    /usr/bin/cc   -msse -W -Wall -Wpointer-arith -Wmissing-declarations -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -DDUMB_COMPILES   -o CMakeFiles/cmTC_5d751.dir/src.c.o   -c /home/simon/c/notown/allegro5/simon/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp/src.c
    Linking C executable cmTC_5d751
    /usr/bin/cmake -E cmake_link_script CMakeFiles/cmTC_5d751.dir/link.txt --verbose=1
    /usr/bin/cc  -msse -W -Wall -Wpointer-arith -Wmissing-declarations -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -DDUMB_COMPILES    -rdynamic CMakeFiles/cmTC_5d751.dir/src.c.o  -o cmTC_5d751 /usr/lib/ 
    /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `__pow_finite'
    /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `__log_finite'
    /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `__exp_finite'
    /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `sin'
    /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `__log2_finite'
    /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `cos'
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/cmTC_5d751.dir/build.make:99: cmTC_5d751] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/simon/c/notown/allegro5/simon/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp'
    make: *** [Makefile:126: cmTC_5d751/fast] Error 2
    Source file was:
                #include <dumb.h>
                int main(void)
                    return 0;
    opened by SimonN 23
  • Fix al_get_text_dimensions to get exact bounding box

    Fix al_get_text_dimensions to get exact bounding box

    al_get_text_dimensions is supposed to return the text bounding box, but currently only the width is correct (for the height it returns the font line height instead of a tight bounding box). This fixes it so that bbh is the exact height of the bounding box and bby is the offset from the top.

    opened by koro-xx 23
  • TTF re-locking causes missing glyphs

    TTF re-locking causes missing glyphs

    This seems to be a very device specific problem, looking for leads on what's causing it. Whenever the page bitmap is re-locked, the first glyph drawn shows up blank on Samsung S6. I know this because I tried calling al_get_text_width on the entire translation and only the first character on a new row other than the first row is blank, which is how the locking works. I tried different sized fonts which results in different first characters on rows and those characters are also blank. When not calling al_get_text_width like this, many more characters are blank which I assume must be the first characters in each lock (but I don't have a good way to test this as I don't have the device in my possession.) This problem doesn't affect all Androids, right now the only one I know of is the S6. Potential suspects: ttf addon, OpenGL ES locking code, ???.

    Attached the output from debug_cache in TTF addon using the same font size as used on S6. The first characters in the second, third and fourth rows are blank (O, 2, 0) on S6. (background has been coloured black so you can see the glyphs on the white webpage background...)


    High priority 
    opened by troutsneeze 23
  • al_install_audio() is 0 when A5 app is quicklaunched from Windows 7/8 taskbar (dsound.cpp seems to depend on display)

    al_install_audio() is 0 when A5 app is quicklaunched from Windows 7/8 taskbar (dsound.cpp seems to depend on display)

    In Windows 7/8, you can pin application shortcuts to the taskbar. If you run an Allegro 5 app from such a pinned taskbar icon, there is a chance that al_install_audio returns 0. The same app would run with sound when you doubleclick the executable in file browser.

    My Windows testers can reproduce with Allegro binary releases in Lix (my own game with Allegro 5). Lix is too big an example, and I still have to get their feedback on a short, self-contained example program.

    Still, I'm starting to believe this is an Allegro issue, not an issue in my game, because other Allegro 5 users ran into the same problem:

    I'll try to get more info from my testers with a small example program and Allegro debugging libraries.

    Windows Audio addon 
    opened by SimonN 21
  • Unable to load/play tracker files (.it/.xm/etc)

    Unable to load/play tracker files (.it/.xm/etc)

    Using the tutorial here, Allegro seems to be unable to play tracker modules. I've tried installing dumb and using -ldumb, but while it compiles without errors, it can't load the audio sample.

    Low priority Linux Building Acodec addon 
    opened by Eggbertx 21
  • Android build fails due to deprecated 'android' command

    Android build fails due to deprecated 'android' command

    The new Android SDK deprecates the 'android' command and the SDK manager, moving everything to Android Studio. This makes the final 'make' compile fail with the following error:

    Scanning dependencies of target jar
    [  8%] Generating allegro_activity/AndroidManifest.xml, allegro_activity/build.xml
    [  8%] Generating allegro_activity/
    The "android" command is deprecated.
    For manual SDK, AVD, and project management, please use Android Studio.
    For command-line tools, use tools/bin/sdkmanager and tools/bin/avdmanager
    Invalid or unsupported command "update project -p . -t android-12"
    Supported commands are:
    android list target
    android list avd
    android list device
    android create avd
    android move avd
    android delete avd
    android list sdk
    android update sdk
    make[2]: *** [android/CMakeFiles/jar.dir/build.make:75: android/allegro_activity/] Error 2
    make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:649: android/CMakeFiles/jar.dir/all] Error 2
    make: *** [Makefile:128: all] Error 2
    Building Android 
    opened by kraxarn 19
  • al_show_native_message_box does nothing with

    al_show_native_message_box does nothing with "heading" on OSX

    see the osx implementation


    on windows the "heading" looks like this (heading is "I AM ERROR" text):


    maybe can just add to start of setInformativeText the heading text + a newline (if present)?

    opened by connorjclark 0
  • Crash on Allegro 5.2.8 for Android when returning from background mode

    Crash on Allegro 5.2.8 for Android when returning from background mode

    Whenever an Android app powered by Allegro 5.2.8 returns from background mode, receives an ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_RESUME_DRAWING and calls al_acknowledge_drawing_resume, it crashes. Allegro 5.2.7 works fine. I compiled both versions from the sources (arm64-v8a). I see the problem in ex_android and in other examples.

    After investigating the issue, I found that it's already solved by SiegeLord with a change made in October. I think that the crash was related to this commit. Once you apply this patch, the problem vanishes.

    I could not find any information about this crash, so I just opened this issue in case anyone else struggles with Allegro 5.2.8 on Android. :+1:


    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   : backtrace:
    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   :     #00 pc 000000000005c378  /data/app/org.liballeg.ex_android-FSYOpTnS2qvoKzgGIT-L9A==/lib/arm64/ (_al_create_default_shader+16)
    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   :     #01 pc 00000000000969c8  /data/app/org.liballeg.ex_android-FSYOpTnS2qvoKzgGIT-L9A==/lib/arm64/ (android_acknowledge_drawing_resume+164)
    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   :     #02 pc 0000000000001e2c  /data/app/org.liballeg.ex_android-FSYOpTnS2qvoKzgGIT-L9A==/lib/arm64/ (main+1652)
    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   :     #03 pc 000000000009a210  /data/app/org.liballeg.ex_android-FSYOpTnS2qvoKzgGIT-L9A==/lib/arm64/ (android_app_trampoline+216)
    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   :     #04 pc 000000000005ce20  /data/app/org.liballeg.ex_android-FSYOpTnS2qvoKzgGIT-L9A==/lib/arm64/ (thread_func_trampoline+152)
    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   :     #05 pc 000000000009265c  /data/app/org.liballeg.ex_android-FSYOpTnS2qvoKzgGIT-L9A==/lib/arm64/ (thread_proc_trampoline+28)
    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   :     #06 pc 0000000000081b70  /system/lib64/ (__pthread_start(void*)+36)
    12-09 22:35:52.238 24474 24474 F DEBUG   :     #07 pc 00000000000235f8  /system/lib64/ (__start_thread+68)
    opened by alemart 0
  • Addition of a few const qualifiers on primitive and bitmap functions

    Addition of a few const qualifiers on primitive and bitmap functions

    I thought of doing this edit when I tried passing pointers to const-qualified Allegro objects, but the function signature didn't allow for that.

    This is a first step towards propagating as many const-qualifiers to the API level as appropriate.

    opened by Lehonti 0
  • Drawing functions questions

    Drawing functions questions

    I've got a few general questions regarding the drawing functions.

    Is there a reason some of the bitmap region drawing functions are omitted? All of them are implemented in terms of the same function anyway so the only reason I can think of to omit them would be percieved bloat, but its not really that many extra functions and helps makes things more clear in my opinion.

    The only exception I can see is the scaled bitmap drawing, where for some reason the base function has the behavior matching the other region drawing functions. Why's that like that anyway? It makes for a weird inconsistency.

    Lastly, what would the attitude here be towards implementing elliptical pieslice drawing functions? All of the other circular functions have elliptical variants so it'd also be more consistent.

    I'm partly asking this because I maintain these changes in a personal patch, so I could push them back to here if people think it's a good idea (besides changing scaled bitmap drawing because it'd break API). I'd love to hear your thoughts before i make a PR for anything.

    opened by TRDario 2
  • mouse cursor can be incorrectly hidden when interacting with close button on Windows

    mouse cursor can be incorrectly hidden when interacting with close button on Windows

    If the mouse cursor is hidden when the user goes into the window title bar, the cursor is made visible. It is set to be re-hidden when the cursor goes back into the window client area. This behavior is from (see all the usages of we_hid_the_mouse).

    This presents a problem when the cursor should be made visible because of an action the application performs on ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_CLOSE. This mouse state internal to wwindow.c has no idea the application has changed that the cursor should now be visible, so when the mouse re-enters the window client area it is incorrectly hidden.

    I've provided an example program.

    This program has been adapted from an allegro example. You can just copy over ex_mouse_cursor.cpp and build that target.

    Include is some commented out code that provides a partial workaround. The cursor can still act funny when on the very edge of the display as it re-enters, but it at least is not hidden when it should be shown.

    #include <allegro5/allegro.h>
    #include <allegro5/allegro_font.h>
    #include "allegro5/allegro_image.h"
    #include "common.c"
    #define MARGIN_LEFT  20
    #define MARGIN_TOP   20
    bool state = false;
    ALLEGRO_DISPLAY *display;
    ALLEGRO_FONT *font;
    static void draw_display()
       int th;
       if (state)
       if (state)
          al_clear_to_color(al_map_rgb(128, 128, 128));
       th = al_get_font_line_height(font);
       al_draw_text(font, al_map_rgba_f(0, 0, 0, 1),
          MARGIN_LEFT, MARGIN_TOP + 5 * th, 0,
          "Press S/H to show/hide cursor. Q to quit.");
       al_draw_text(font, al_map_rgba_f(0, 0, 0, 1),
          MARGIN_LEFT, MARGIN_TOP + 7 * th, 0,
          "For bug, try close win w/ cursor.");   
       al_draw_text(font, al_map_rgba_f(0, 0, 0, 1),
          MARGIN_LEFT, MARGIN_TOP + 8 * th, 0,
          " visible and move mouse down.");
       al_draw_text(font, al_map_rgba_f(0, 0, 0, 1),
          MARGIN_LEFT, MARGIN_TOP + 10 * th, 0,
          state ? "HIDDEN" : "VISIBLE");
    static void set_state(bool s)
       state = s;
    int main(int argc, char **argv)
       ALLEGRO_BITMAP *bmp;
       ALLEGRO_BITMAP *shrunk_bmp;
       ALLEGRO_MOUSE_CURSOR *custom_cursor;
       ALLEGRO_EVENT_QUEUE *queue;
       ALLEGRO_EVENT event;
       if (!al_init()) {
          abort_example("Could not init Allegro.\n");
       if (!al_install_mouse()) {
          abort_example("Error installing mouse\n");
       if (!al_install_keyboard()) {
          abort_example("Error installing keyboard\n");
       display = al_create_display(400, 400);
       if (!display) {
          abort_example("Error creating display\n");
       bmp = al_load_bitmap("data/allegro.pcx");
       if (!bmp) {
          abort_example("Error loading data/allegro.pcx\n");
       font = al_load_bitmap_font("data/fixed_font.tga");
       if (!font) {
          abort_example("Error loading data/fixed_font.tga\n");
       shrunk_bmp = al_create_bitmap(32, 32);
       if (!shrunk_bmp) {
          abort_example("Error creating shrunk_bmp\n");
          0, 0, al_get_bitmap_width(bmp), al_get_bitmap_height(bmp),
          0, 0, 32, 32,
       custom_cursor = al_create_mouse_cursor(shrunk_bmp, 0, 0);
       if (!custom_cursor) {
          abort_example("Error creating mouse cursor\n");
       shrunk_bmp = NULL;
       bmp = NULL;
       queue = al_create_event_queue();
       if (!queue) {
          abort_example("Error creating event queue\n");
       al_register_event_source(queue, al_get_keyboard_event_source());
       al_register_event_source(queue, al_get_mouse_event_source());
       al_register_event_source(queue, al_get_display_event_source(display));
       while (1) {
          al_wait_for_event(queue, &event);
          if (event.type == ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_CLOSE) {
          if (event.type == ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_EXPOSE) {
          // Uncomment for partial bug workaround.
          // if (event.type == ALLEGRO_EVENT_MOUSE_ENTER_DISPLAY)
          // {
          //    if (state)
          //       al_hide_mouse_cursor(event.mouse.display);
          //    else
          //       al_show_mouse_cursor(event.mouse.display);
          // }
          if (event.type == ALLEGRO_EVENT_KEY_CHAR) {
             switch (event.keyboard.unichar) {
                case 27: /* escape */
                   goto Quit;
                case 'h':
                case 's':
                case 'q':
                   goto Quit;
          if (event.type == ALLEGRO_EVENT_MOUSE_AXES) {
             static bool done = false;
             if (!done)
                al_set_mouse_cursor(event.mouse.display, custom_cursor);
                done = true;
       return 0;
    opened by connorjclark 0
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This Repository Aims To Help Beginners with their first successful pull request and Know How to do open source contributions Also For Intermediate and Advance level contributors as well.

Hacktoberfest_2021 This Repository Aims To Help Beginners with their first successful pull request and Know How to do open source contributions Also F

Rishu Rajan 15 Jan 9, 2022
Repository dedicated for beginner to compete in Hacktoberfest 2021 challenge . Create HactoberFest Pull Request

??️ HACKT0BERFEST-2021 ?? This repo's main purpose is to help newbies ?? to complete the Hacktoberfest Challenge. STEPS:- 1. Create a GitHub account a

null 48 Nov 7, 2022
Beginner-friendly repository to make your first Pull Request and contribute to the open-source.

HacktoberFest Repository ( ?? Star this repository! ?? ) This is a Hacktoberfest-Repository,feel free to make your contributions here this month to wi

Ajinkya Bodke 40 Nov 16, 2022
Contribute on this repository with valid pull request.

Hacktoberfest2021 (Excluded) Hey ?? everyone , hacktoberfest is back with biggest beginners friendly opensource event. Event will start from 1st of Oc

Rishabh Dwivedi 249 Dec 14, 2022
This is the git repository for the FFTW library for computing Fourier transforms (version 3.x), maintained by the FFTW authors.

This is the git repository for the FFTW library for computing Fourier transforms (version 3.x), maintained by the FFTW authors.

FFTW 2.3k Dec 27, 2022
This is official repository of the course Industrial Informatics LT, Year 2021/22, at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, held at Fondazione Universitaria di Mantova

Industrial informatics LT - Mantova - 2021/22 This is official repository of the course Industrial Informatics LT, Year 2020/21, at University of Mode

High-Performance Real-Time Lab 4 Jun 27, 2022
Notepad++ official repository

What is Notepad++ ? Notepad++ is a free (free as in both "free speech" and "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports sever

Notepad++ 18k Dec 27, 2022
📦 An official xmake package repository

xmake-repo An official xmake package repository Supporting the project Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a

xmake-io 332 Dec 24, 2022
official repository of the muparser fast math parser library

muparser - Fast Math Parser 2.3.3 (Prerelease) To read the full documentation please go to: See Install.txt for ins

Ingo Berg 301 Dec 22, 2022
SeqAn's official repository.

ATTENTION: SeqAn3 is out and hosted in a different repository: All new applications should be based on SeqAn3 and all

SeqAn 423 Dec 9, 2022
Official repository for the programming language Squirrel

The programming language SQUIRREL 3.1 stable -------------------------------------------------- This project has successfully been compiled and run o

Alberto Demichelis 772 Dec 28, 2022