Serverless SQLite database read from and write to Object Storage Service, run on FaaS platform.


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Serverless SQLite database read from and write to Object Storage Service, run on FaaS platform.

NOTES: This repository is still in the early development stage.


  • Use Object Storage Service as the underlying storage engine, such as AWS S3, Aliyun OSS, etc.
  • Run on FaaS platform, multiple query instances can share the same database, can be scaled horizontally.
  • Provide query interface via HTTP protocol.


I'm studying how to build a serverless database recently. I have created this repository to practice my C++ skills, and for fun.



  • C++ 17 compiler, such as GCC 9, Clang 10.
  • Unix-like operating system, such as Linux, FreeBSD, macOS.
  • Development tools:
    • clang-format: used to format the source code. Run the following command to install it:
      • Ubuntu or Debian: apt install clang-format
      • macOS: brew install clang-format


  • Initialize git submodule: git submodule init && git submodule update
  • Install dependencies: ./



This SQLite VFS may be used for storing and accessing a SQLite database backed by RADOS. This allows you to fully decentralize your database using Ceph’s object store for improved availability, accessibility, and use of storage. Link:

  • PRAGMA page_size = 65536 - bigger page size
  • PRAGMA cache_size = 4096 - cache 4096 pages or 256MB (with 64K page_cache).
  • PRAGMA journal_mode = PERSIST - don't deletes the journal for every transaction
  • PRAGMA temp_store=memory - put the temporary tables on memory


Python virtual filesystem for SQLite to read from and write to S3. Link:

sqlite-s3vfs stores the SQLite database in fixed-sized blocks, and each is stored as a separate object in S3. SQLite stores its data in fixed-size pages, and always writes exactly a page at a time. This virtual filesystem translates page reads and writes to block reads and writes. In the case of SQLite pages being the same size as blocks, which is the case by default, each page write results in exactly one block write.

Separate objects are required since S3 does not support the partial replace of an object; to change even 1 byte, it must be re-uploaded in full.

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