json-build is a zero-allocation JSON serializer compatible with C89



json-build is a zero-allocation JSON serializer compatible with C89. It is inspired by jsmn, a minimalistic JSON tokenizer.


  • compatible with C89
  • no dependencies
  • no dynamic memory allocation


Download json-build.h, include it, done.

#include "json-build.h"

jsonb b;
char buf[1024];

jsonb_push_object(&b, buf, sizeof(buf));
    jsonb_push_key(&b, buf, sizeof(buf), "foo", strlen("foo"));
    jsonb_push_array(&b, buf, sizeof(buf));
        jsonb_push_number(&b, buf, sizeof(buf), 1);
        jsonb_push_string(&b, buf, sizeof(buf), "hi", 2);
        jsonb_push_bool(&b, buf, sizeof(buf), 0);
        jsonb_push_null(&b, buf, sizeof(buf));
        jsonb_pop_array(&b, buf, sizeof(buf));
    jsonb_pop_object(&b, buf, sizeof(buf));
printf("JSON: %s", buf); // JSON: {"foo":[1,"hi",false,null]}

Since json-build is a single-header, header-only library, for more complex use cases you might need to define additional macros. #define JSONB_STATIChides all json-build API symbols by making them static. Also, if you want to include json-build.h for multiple C files, to avoid duplication of symbols you may define JSONB_HEADER macro.

/* In every .c file that uses json-build include only declarations: */
#include "json-build.h"

/* Additionally, create one json-build.c file for json-build implementation: */
#include "json-build.h"


  • jsonb_init() - initialize a jsonb handle
  • jsonb_push_object() - push an object to the builder stack
  • jsonb_pop_object() - pop an object from the builder stack
  • jsonb_push_key() - push an object key field to the builder stack
  • jsonb_push_array() - push an array to the builder stack
  • jsonb_pop_array() - pop an array from the builder stack
  • jsonb_push_token() - push a raw token to the builder stack
  • jsonb_push_bool() - push a boolean token to the builder stack
  • jsonb_push_null() - push a null token to the builder stack
  • jsonb_push_string() - push a string token to the builder stack
  • jsonb_push_number() - push a number token to the builder stack

The following are the possible return codes for the builder functions:

  • JSONB_OK - operation was a success, user can proceed with the next operation
  • JSONB_END - operation was a success, JSON is complete and expects no more operations
  • JSONB_ERROR_NOMEM - buffer is not large enough
  • JSONB_ERROR_INPUT - user action don't match expected next token
  • JSONB_ERROR_STACK - user action would lead to out of boundaries access, increase JSONB_MAX_DEPTH!

Its worth mentioning that all JSONB_ERROR_ prefixed codes are negative.

If you get JSONB_ERROR_NOMEM you can re-allocate a larger buffer and call the builder function once more.

Other info

This software is distributed under MIT license, so feel free to integrate it in your commercial products.

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  • question about jsonb_init()

    question about jsonb_init()


    I could not find a better way to ask a question about some implementation details in jsonb_init(), from jason-build. What is the purpose of the following code: void jsonb_init(jsonb *b) { static jsonb empty_builder; *b = empty_builder; ....

    Thanks in advance. Volodimir

    opened by volodimirsmartwave 9
  • possible memory leak when calling _jsonb_escape

    possible memory leak when calling _jsonb_escape


    We are using your amazing library and found a potential mem leak. I'm not sure the patch we prepared to solve it is good though:


    Seems like _jsonb_escape was using the complete bufsize but buf was passed as buf + b->pos. So could _jsonb_escape be writing beyond the limits of buf?

    To give some context, we are allocating an initial buffer that we resize if any of the build functions return JSONB_ERROR_NOMEM.

    opened by anibalportero 2
  • v1.1.1(Sep 3, 2022)

  • v1.1.0(Jun 16, 2022)

  • v1.0.1(Apr 15, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • docs: better document JSONB_MAX_DEPTH by @lcsmuller in https://github.com/lcsmuller/json-build/pull/2

    New Contributors

    • @lcsmuller made their first contribution in https://github.com/lcsmuller/json-build/pull/2

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/lcsmuller/json-build/compare/v1.0.0...v1.0.1

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.0.0(Feb 5, 2022)

  • v0.0.0(Feb 5, 2022)

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