DOS Web browser for 8088 class machines




MicroWeb is a web browser for DOS! It is a 16-bit real mode application, designed to run on minimal hardware.

Minimum requirements

To run you will need:

  • Intel 8088 or compatible CPU
  • CGA compatible graphics card (EGA and VGA are backwards compatible)
  • A network interface (it is possible to use your machine's serial port with the EtherSLIP driver)
  • A mouse is desirable but not 100% required


  • Text only (this may change in a later release)
  • HTTP only (no HTTPS support)
  • No CSS or Javascript
  • Very long pages may be truncated if there is not enough RAM available

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Escape : Exit
  • F2 : Invert screen (useful for LCD displays)
  • F6 / Ctrl+L : Select address bar
  • Tab / Shift+Tab : Cycle through selectable page elements
  • Backspace : Back in history

The page position can be scrolled with cursor keys, Page up, Page down, Home and End

Network setup

MicroWeb uses Michael Brutman's mTCP networking library for the network stack. You will need a DOS packet driver relevant to your network interface. You can read more about configuring DOS networking here

Build instructions

To build you will need the OpenWatcom 1.9 C++ compiler. Use OpenWatcom's wmake to build the makefile in the project/DOS folder

  • More packet drivers in boot disk

    More packet drivers in boot disk

    I think it is good to provide more packet drivers (for example, AMD PCNet driver for pcnet/vlance, rtl8029as (ne2k_pci), rtl8139) so people can test microweb on more VMs.

    opened by roytam1 4
  • MicroWeb SRC bug

    MicroWeb SRC bug


    MicroWeb, DosLynx and Arachne Chat board:

    Hi, Booted to DOS traps MicroWeb makefile error with this '....\src\dos\dos' problem.

    (ERROR: E059 unable to open '....\src\dos\dos')

    Please rectify this MicroWeb src bug! Thanks

    opened by eltoneo 2
  • Crashes on startup - IBM 5162 (286)

    Crashes on startup - IBM 5162 (286)

    I have an IBM 5162 with DOS 6.22 and an ATI All in wonder EGA+ card. 3com 3c509. The binary crashes on run, doesn't switch to graphics mode, just hangs. Any clues? Would love to check this out!

    opened by ajrossnz 2
  • Add environment variable for enhanced user agent

    Add environment variable for enhanced user agent

    Proposed patch to resolve #11.

    I thought offering the patch might help the discussion, since none was happening on the issue. I've not written any C++ in a long time, but this builds for me locally and seems to work as expected.

    I provided more client details in HTTP_USER_AGENT and then hit and they appeared. Old behavior is preserved if the env variable is unset.

    opened by chabala 1
  • Customizable user agent string

    Customizable user agent string

    It might be nice to allow users to customize/append to the user agent string, perhaps via environment variable, so that tools that track user agents not only see MicroWeb BUILDDATE, but also the platform information that is typically shown in parenthesis, e.g. OS, architecture, hardware, etc. Not that MicroWeb should be trying to detect and set it; it would be up to the user to configure.

    Users that configure the extra info are then silently advertising what they use to surf, and popular proxies like FrogFind are in a better place to see what kinds of hardware are using their service.

    opened by chabala 0
  • wishlist: Crypto Ancienne support

    wishlist: Crypto Ancienne support

    Crypto Ancienne is a HTTP proxy that is meant for old computers that do not have the processing power necessary to do TLS, but unlike most other proxies with the same goal, it only handles https:// urls and does not do rewriting of transferred contents. It is designed to be used with a compatible web browser, which allows forwarding https requests to a plaintext HTTP proxy, something that MicroWeb doesn't seem to support at the moment.

    I think it would be a very clean solution for https support in MicroWeb, and help with pages where FrogFind doesn't correctly identify the contents.

    opened by nortti0 2
  • XP Boot Flag[s]

    XP Boot Flag[s]

    Failed Build with this DOSNet.ERR: ....\src\DOS\DOSNet.cpp(563): Warning! W014: col(0) no reference to symbol '__static_assert'

    ....\lib\mTCP\TCPINC\dns.h(60): Note! N392: col(39) definition: 'void __static_assert( int * )' Please help . . .

    opened by eltoneo 0
  • DOS Boot Flag

    DOS Boot Flag

    Re: MicroWeb build ERR:

    ....\lib\mtcp\tcplib\trace.cpp: 201 lines, included 2434, no warnings, no errors

    Code size: 270 wlink system dos name microweb.exe file { MicroWeb.obj App.obj Parser.obj Renderer.obj Tags.obj Platform.obj CGA.obj EGA.obj Hercules.obj Font.obj Inter face.obj DOSInput.obj DOSNet.obj Page.obj packet.obj arp.obj eth.obj ip.obj tcp. obj tcpsockm.obj udp.obj utils.obj dns.obj timer.obj ipasm.obj trace.obj } Error (E14): Cannot execute (wlink): Arg list too big Error (E42): Last command making (microweb.exe) returned a bad status Error (E02): Make execution terminated

    opened by eltoneo 2
  • 200LX Visibility Issues

    200LX Visibility Issues

    This is an extraordinary program -- thank you for all your hard work. Running MicroWeb -c on Omnibook 425 makes for easy reading, but MicroWeb on the 200LX is very hard on the eyes, and the MWEB95.EXE only partially fills the 200LX screen.

    Would it be difficult to allow a choice of font size and an option for bold-ing?

    Thanks again for making a browser that drags DOS kicking and screaming into 2022.

    opened by jakfish 0
  • wishlist: support for Web Rendering Proxy.

    wishlist: support for Web Rendering Proxy.

    If you can get this to support html forms, either gif or png images, and 'ismap' ( then you can probably use Web Rendering Proxy ( to render modern web pages.

    opened by cogburnd02 0
  • (French) accents and & in URL

    (French) accents and & in URL

    Hi all, I discover this incredible project by the webmaster of a famous French retro informatic forum, I've installed MicroWeb under PC-DOS V/7.0 (Japanese version of PC-DOS 2000) to have all DOS Web Browsers in the same VM (under 86box, Pentium MMX/166, 32 MB RAM, CL-GD 5480, PC-Net ISA 0x300 IRQ3), and I report some issues I've encounter.

    1° HTML entities like à (à) or others, can't display. I'm sad to not see French accents on my website (the same for Greek letters to a lesser extent)

    2° I think, <table> is not supported yet, because the one I use for the header seems not work here. The cells are displayed one below the other. The float CSS can help when implemented

    3° When I try to use JavaScript, MicroWeb don't display anything

    4° WINJOY is a verifed XHTML 4.0 Transitional site, but to do that, I'm foced to use an HTML entity for & instead, because I'm using parameters in URLs, but, as MicroWeb don't support these, it tries to access to the page without replace the entity by a real &. So I've to manually replace it in the search bar

    My site looks pretty well without any major change except JavaScript, that's awesome !

    That's all for today, thanks for your good work (^_^)

    20211112-080257-683 Home page of WINJOY (No French accents, no Greek letters, no table)

    20211112-081322-064 When i'm trying to access WINJOY with JavaScript

    20211112-080307-230 When I'm trying to acces to the Windows section

    opened by sJARB 2
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