PHP Encoder, protect PHP scripts in PHP 8 and PHP 7, High Performance, Compitable with X86_64, MIPS, ARM platform and Ubuntu/Centos/OpenWRT system.


What's FRICC2?

FRICC2 is a PHP Script encryption tool. When you are developing a commercial software using PHP, the script can be distributed as encrypted up until just before execution. Thanks for PHP-Screw.



  1. Less file handle open or read.
  2. Compress supported, small size of target files.
  3. Fix serval memory Leak.
  4. More performance when php open files.
  5. Supported Bundle in PHP with static.
  6. Tested on Ubuntu / CentOS / Openwrt.
  7. Tested in x86_64 / MIPS / ARM Processors.
  8. Supported PHP 8(include JIT), Tested Memory Leak.
  9. Supported Sandbox Mode(uncomment in fricc2_lib.h to enable it), only encrypted source can be run.


PHP Version

PHP Version Status Notice
PHP 8.X Static / Shared Recommend
PHP 7.4.X Static / Shared Recommend
PHP 7.0.X / 7.3.X Static / Shared Runtime Little Memory Leak (auto free when php exit)
Other Version NO TEST NO TEST

ZLIB Support in PHP

PHP must be compiled with the "--with-zlib" option.


Get Source

# git clone source
cd ~/
git clone

# optional init key (Set Better Secure different)
chmod +x ~/FRICC2/fricc2load/init_key

# optional enable sandbox mode to edit fricc2_lib.h

# Requirement Example CentOS 7.9
yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
yum install zlib-static zlib-devel

# Requirement Example Ubuntu 20.04
sudo apt install build-essential pkg-config autoconf zlib1g-dev

Build PHP Extension (Shared)

# Compile fricc2load
cd ~/FRICC2/fricc2load/
make install

# Append this line to php.ini

# Test in CLI
php -m|grep fricc2load

# Restart the web server / your php daemon as you need

Build Encode Program

# Compile Encode Program
cd ~/FRICC2/fricc2/
cp fricc2 /usr/bin/

# Test Create test.php
	echo "hello fricc2\n";
fricc2 -o test_new.php test.php
php ./test_new.php
# Screen output:
hello fricc2


Optional Build PHP Extension (Static)

# example of your php source in ~/php-7.4.22/
cd ~/php-7.4.22
cp -avf ~/FRICC2/fricc2load/ ./ext/
./buildconf --force

# append --enable-fricc2load=static --with-zlib to configure (example):
./configure --enable-fricc2load=static --with-zlib
make install

# check modules
php -m|grep fricc2load


Sun Bing [email protected]

  • phar package encryption error cannot be executed

    phar package encryption error cannot be executed


    I hope the author can support the encryption of phar packages. I'm using hyperf framework and I haven't been able to find an encryption protection scheme.

    I implore the author to consider helping.

    Thank you very much.

    opened by etjson 9
Hoowa Sun
Hoowa Sun
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