Examples of using Hunter package manager to build and run Android application.


Examples of using Hunter package manager to build and run Android application.


Android NDK

Go to download page and choose NDK for your platform. E.g. Mac OS X:

> wget http://dl.google.com/android/ndk/android-ndk-r10e-darwin-x86_64.bin
> chmod +x android-ndk-r10e-darwin-x86_64.bin
> ./android-ndk-r10e-darwin-x86_64.bin

Now save location of NDK directory so it can be found in toolchain:

> export ANDROID_NDK_r10e="`pwd`/android-ndk-r10e"

Verify correctness:

> ls "${ANDROID_NDK_r10e}/README.txt"

Note that there is no need to download Android SDK manually since it will be downloaded by Hunter.

Android CMake toolchain

Clone Polly collection of toolchains and add /bin/build.py script to PATH:

which build.py /.../polly/bin/build.py">
> git clone https://github.com/ruslo/polly
> export PATH="`pwd`/polly/bin":$PATH
> which build.py

Android tools

Every example will print path to the android, emulator and adb tools:

Path to `android`: /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/android
Path to `emulator`: /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/emulator
Path to `adb`: /.../Install/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb

You need to use this tools to create/start emulator. If no real or virtual device started you will see this message while building example:

Added file /.../_builds/android-ndk-r10e-api-21-x86/apk/build.xml
Added file /.../_builds/android-ndk-r10e-api-21-x86/apk/proguard-project.txt
/.../Install/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb uninstall org.pixellight.test
- waiting for device -

Create device

Choose device name from the list. E.g Nexus 6:

> /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/android list device | grep 'Nexus 6'
id: 8 or "Nexus 6"
    Name: Nexus 6

Choose target and skin:

> /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/android list target
Available Android targets:
id: 1 or "android-21"
     Name: Android 5.0.1
     Type: Platform
     API level: 21
     Revision: 2
     Skins: HVGA, QVGA, WQVGA400, WQVGA432, WSVGA, WVGA800 (default), WVGA854, WXGA720, WXGA800, WXGA800-7in
 Tag/ABIs : default/x86

Create virtual device:

> /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/android create avd --name "Nexus_6_API_21_WXGA720" --skin WXGA720 --target "android-21"

Now you can find it in list of available devices:

> /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/android list avd
Available Android Virtual Devices:
    Name: Nexus_6_API_21_WXGA720
    Path: /.../.android/avd/Nexus_6_API_21_WXGA720.avd
  Target: Android 5.0.1 (API level 21)
 Tag/ABI: default/x86
    Skin: wxga720

Let's run it:

> /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/emulator -avd Nexus_6_API_21_WXGA720

If you need sdcard for testing:

/.../Install/android-sdk/tools/emulator -sdcard "`pwd`/android-sdcard" -avd Nexus_6_API_21_WXGA720">
> /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/mksdcard 512M "`pwd`/android-sdcard"
> /.../Install/android-sdk/tools/emulator -sdcard "`pwd`/android-sdcard" -avd Nexus_6_API_21_WXGA720

Choosing toolchain

API version

Take a look at this wiki to pick the version you need. E.g. if your device using Android 4.4 you need API level <= 19, for instance android-ndk-r10e-api-16-*.

CPU architecture

Run next command to determine CPU architecture of emulator:

> /.../Install/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb -e shell getprop ro.product.cpu.abi

And this one for device:

> /.../Install/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb -d shell getprop ro.product.cpu.abi


You can use adb to monitor logging messages:

> /.../Install/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb shell logcat



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