FleakOS Kernel Source Tree



FleakOS Kernel Source Tree


sudo apt-get install -y xorriso

sudo apt-get install -y gcc-multilib

sudo apt-get install -y nasm

sudo apt install -y qemu-system-x86

sudo apt-get install grub-common


  • IDT , and interrupts added!

    IDT , and interrupts added!

    i added the IDT , and remapped the hardware interrupts , now CPU exceptions are from 0 to 31 , and hardware interrupts are mapped from 32 to 47 . handler for CPU exceptions is : isr_handler defined in interrupts_handlers.c and the irq_handler is for CPU exceptions good day .

    opened by HadiMed 0
GitHub of development team of the FleakOS
An intrusive C++17 implementation of a Red-Black-Tree, a Weight Balanced Tree, a Dynamic Segment Tree and much more!

This is Ygg (short for Yggdrasil), a C++17 implementation of several intrusive data structures: several balanced binary search trees: a red-black Tree

Lukas Barth 93 May 29, 2022
SQL grammar for tree sitter

tree-sitter-sql I want to do something fun at work since we have stuff like this in Go: const hoverDocumentQuery = ` -- source: enterprise/internal/co

TJ DeVries 20 Nov 16, 2021
This repository provides implementation of an incremental k-d tree for robotic applications.

ikd-Tree ikd-Tree is an incremental k-d tree designed for robotic applications. The ikd-Tree incrementally updates a k-d tree with new coming points o

HKU-Mars-Lab 290 Jun 21, 2022
Tree sitter grammar for Svelte

Tree-sitter-svelte Tree-sitter grammar for svelte Install npm i tree-sitter-svelte tree-sitter Usage To get started with exploring the grammar in a w

Himujjal Upadhyaya 39 Jun 17, 2022
Device Tree for Redmi K30 Ultra

Copyright (C) 2020 PixelExperience Plus Edition Device configuration for Redmi K30 Ultra ========================================= The Redmi K30 Ultra

Xayah 22 Jun 2, 2022
A tree-sitter grammar for go.mod files

tree-sitter-go-mod tree-sitter grammar for go.mod files. Status The grammar is fairly small, and has been working well for highlighting for me. I expe

Camden Cheek 20 Jun 11, 2022
A tree-sitter grammar for HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language), used by projects such as Terraform.

tree-sitter-hcl tree-sitter grammar for HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language) files. HCL is the configuration format used by projects such as Terrafo

Mitchell Hashimoto 60 Jun 25, 2022
A tree-sitter grammar for protocol buffer files (proto3).

tree-sitter-proto tree-sitter grammar for protocol buffer files (proto3 only). Status The grammar should be complete. I'm still working on the highlig

Mitchell Hashimoto 39 Jun 26, 2022
Generic parse tree, configurable lexer, `lemon` parser generator, wrapped for C++17 and Python 3.

This project augments the Lemon parser generator with a high-level parse tree interface, grammar action DSL, and an integrated, configurable lexer allowing the creation of an entire standalone, object-oriented parser from a single input grammar file. The entire parser is written in native C/C++, and the parser interface is made comfortably available to both C++ and Python3 applications.

Aubrey R. Jones 11 Jun 16, 2022
Algo-Tree is a collection of Algorithms and data structures which are fundamentals to efficient code and good software design

Algo-Tree is a collection of Algorithms and data structures which are fundamentals to efficient code and good software design. Creating and designing excellent algorithms is required for being an exemplary programmer. It contains solutions in various languages such as C++, Python and Java.

DSC-Banasthali 53 Jun 12, 2022
Build a tree-sitter dynamic module

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should clarify that this module is NOT a standalone tree-sitter module. It is supo

Yuan Fu 4 May 22, 2022
RavencoinLite Core integration/staging tree

RavencoinLite Core integration/staging tree https://ravencoinlite.org What is RavencoinLite? RavencoinLite is an experimental digital currency that en

null 24 Oct 12, 2021
tree-sitter parser and syntax highlighter for the Dwarf Fortress raw language

tree-sitter-dfraw A simple language parser and highlighter made with tree-sitter tokyonight nightfly Using with nvim-treesitter Please refer to the ad

null 2 Apr 1, 2022
HEEx grammer for Tree-sitter

Tree-sitter HEEx Tree-sitter grammar and parser for HEEx, the HTML-aware and component-friendly extension of EEx for Phoenix. For Surface support, see

Connor Lay (Clay) 24 Jun 20, 2022
A clone of Google C++ B-tree

This library is a C++ template library and, as such, there is no library to build and install. Copy the .h files and use them! See http://code.googl

Diego Caro 77 Feb 1, 2022
Binary Search tree

eng Binary tree Task: Create a binary search tree, the information part of which will be a symbol, make direct and symmetric traversals, search for th

Andrey 0 Nov 25, 2021
Org grammar for tree-sitter

tree-sitter-org Unstable: This build will change. Org grammar for tree-sitter. It is not meant to implement emacs' orgmode parser, but to implement a

Emilia Simmons 138 Jun 25, 2022
Golang template grammar for tree-sitter

tree-sitter-go-template Golang templates grammar for tree-sitter. NeoVim integration using nvim-treesitter Add gotmpl parser following nvim-treesitter

Nikita Galaiko 21 Jun 24, 2022