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--- README for Cadence ---

Cadence is a set of tools useful for audio production.
It's being developed by falkTX, using Python3 and Qt5 (and some C++ where needed).

The tools share the same base source code, so most of them look quite similar (which is intentional).
Also, lots of custom widgets were coded when needed (like pixmapdial, pixmapkeyboard, patchcanvas and systray).
They can be re-used in other projects. Contact the author if you need help on that.

===== DESCRIPTIONS =====

Here's a brief description of the main tools:


The main app. It performs system checks, manages JACK, calls other tools and make system tweaks.


Digital peak meter for JACK.
It automatically connects itself to all application JACK output ports that are also connected to the system output.


Simple and easy-to-use configure dialog for jackdbus.
It can configure JACK's driver and engine parameters, and it also supports LADISH studios.


Small tool that shows JACK, A2J, LASH and LADISH logs in a multi-tab window.
The logs are viewed in a text box, making it easy to browse and extract status messages using copy and paste commands.


Tool to record (or 'render') a JACK project using jack-capture, controlled by JACK Transport.
It supports a vast number of file types and can render in both realtime and freewheel modes.

Cadence-XY Controller

Simple XY widget that sends and receives data from Jack MIDI.
It can send data through specific channels and has a MIDI Keyboard too.


A Patchbay test app, created while the patchcanvas module was being developed.
It allows the user to experiment with the patchbay, without using ALSA, JACK or LADISH.
You can save & load patchbay configurations too.


JACK Patchbay, with some neat features like A2J bridge support and JACK Transport.
It's supposed to be as simple as possible (there's Claudia for advanced things), so it can work nicely on Windows and Mac too.
Currently has ALSA-MIDI support in experimental stage (it doesn't automatically refresh the canvas when changes happen externally).


LADISH frontend; just like Catia, but focused at session management through LADISH.
It has a bit more features than the official LADISH GUI, with a nice preview of the main canvas in the bottom-left.
It also implements the 'Claudia-Launcher' add-application style for LADISH.


A multimedia application launcher with LADISH support.
It searches for installed packages (not binaries), and displays the respective content as a launcher.
The content is got through an hardcoded database, created and/or modified to suit the target distribution.
Currently supports Debian and ArchLinux based distros.

  • Unset executable bits & remove !#shebang

    Unset executable bits & remove !#shebang

    Patch 1/3

    I'm not an expert, but those XMLs do not look like any kind of normally executable scripts. And even if they were -- XML syntax does not allow shebangs, as far as standard1 is concerned.

    Patch 2/3

    Drop unused global var WINEASIO_PREFIX

    It was mis-formatted anyway. Looks like a copy-paste from wineasio which is broken in the exact same way1.


    Patch 3/3

    Unset executable bit & remove !#shebang

    Unset executable bit from all python sources upon installation, and remove shebang from all python modules w/o if __name__ == '__main__'.

    There are corresponding wrappers provided in the $(PREFIX)/bin/ for each python script (not ui_*.py), so there should be no need to call these source files directly as commands. Even those python sources which do not have a script in $(PREFIX)/bin/ -- they are just being imported into other modules, and their __name__ == '__main__' exists simply for debugging purposes.

    Also, restricting to only single valid entry point adheres to

    The Zen of Python

    There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.

    Fixes #240

    opened by ratijas 12
  • fix linux alsa card detection in jacksettings

    fix linux alsa card detection in jacksettings

    Wrong card/device detection under linux. I've rewrite JackSettingsW.getAlsaDeviceList to get more reliable information and split capture/playback device detection.

    opened by RushOnline 12
  • Use procfs to get list of ALSA PCM devices

    Use procfs to get list of ALSA PCM devices

    The device selection drop-down list in the JACK configuration dialog was always empty on my system.

    The reason is that JackSettingsW.getAlsaDeviceList() failed, because env LANG=C aplay -l on my system still returns German localized output (the correct command would be env LC_ALL=C aplay -l).

    But relying on an external command to get the list of ALSA PCM devices seems like a bad idea to me anyway, it is too fragile. Querying aplay also doesn't take into account that for the input device configuration we only want a list of capture devices.

    I implemented a Python module alsainfo, which reads the device info from /proc/asound/cards and /proc/asound/pcm and used this in getAlsaDeviceList(). The list is also filtered by device type (playback, capture) for the input and output selection lists.

    opened by SpotlightKid 9
  • In Cadence, if PyQt4 is not installed LV2_PATH is set to empty

    In Cadence, if PyQt4 is not installed LV2_PATH is set to empty

    I installed Cadence on fedora 21 64 bits from git repo. PyQt4 was not installed on my system. When I started qtractor, it was not able to locate LV2 plugins because LV2_PATH was set to empty at startup by the script data/21cadence-session-inject.

    The command "$INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/cadence-session-start --printLADSPA_PATH" in the script 21cadence-session-inject hangs with a message related to missing PyQt4 python package and then LV2_PATH is set to empty (and the same happens for the other environment variables).

    opened by ycollet 9
  • Cadence not displaying xruns properly

    Cadence not displaying xruns properly

    Instead of xruns displaying the actual xruns count, I am now getting dbus.UInt32(0). I'm not quite sure when this started, but I am running the latest cadence-git version from aur/Arch Linux and community/jack2. Kernel version: 5.2.21-rt13-1-rt

    opened by kflak 7
  • Cannot start Cadence, loadlocale.c related error

    Cannot start Cadence, loadlocale.c related error

    Hi Filipe, Yesterday I wanted to install the current Linux 64 version of Cadence (Cadence-0.8.1-linux64.tar.xz if you did not update it in the last 12 hours), but I got a locale error that looked very similar to Do you expect indeed the same error? It was late yesterday and I closed down the laptop before doing the bug report. If you do not expect the same error, I will check tonight when back to my Linux laptop what the error message exactly is and paste it here.

    opened by Spleenico 7
  • Add RPM based distro support to claudia_launcher

    Add RPM based distro support to claudia_launcher

    Provides the ability to use the built in application database on RPM based distributions like OpenSUSE and Fedora.

    Has been tested on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

    opened by dsonck92 7
  • [bug] cadence-session-start

    [bug] cadence-session-start

    cadence-session-start does not work with parameter --maybe-system-start.

    line 23:

    if [ "$CADENCE_AUTO_STARTED"x == ""x ]; then

    should be:

    if [ "$CADENCE_AUTO_STARTED"x == "true"x ]; then
    opened by stemuedendron 7
  • Can't start JACK when switching to another user.

    Can't start JACK when switching to another user.

    Ubuntu Studio 18.04.4 - Cadence

    It seems that Jack doesn't stop when I disconnect from an user. I can't start jack in another user because the sound card is unavailable. I disconnect from 'user A' with jack server started, and then I connect to 'user B' and try to start jack via Cadence. Here's the log :

    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: Starting jack server...
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: JACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 10
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: self-connect-mode is "Don't restrict self connect requests"
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: ERROR: cannot open DB environment: Permission denied
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: Acquired audio card Audio0
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: creating alsa driver ... hw:PCH,0|hw:PCH,0|512|2|44100|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: ERROR: 
    ATTENTION: The playback device "hw:PCH,0" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: Released audio card Audio0
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: ERROR: Cannot initialize driver
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: ERROR: JackServer::Open failed with -1
    Fri Feb  7 10:15:15 2020: ERROR: Failed to open server
    opened by moonshaadow 6
  • Refine #256

    Refine #256

    • ~~Disable 'Export HW port' when JACK is not running~~
    • Fix 'Export HW port' tray option not working and incorrect state
    • Disable 'Export HW port' when ports are already exported and notify it with the button text
    • Do not start A2JMIDI after exporting ports
    • Stop A2JMIDI before stopping JACK


    • ~~It doesn't make sense to only export ports while not starting A2J: Either you don't want to export the ports at all if for example your soundcard crashes A2J when exporting its ports, or you want your ports exported which means it starts A2J as well.~~
    • ~~If you plug a new hw, just export hw ports again and it will stop/start A2J if needed~~.
    opened by terencode 6
  • Port to Qt5

    Port to Qt5

    Qt4 is no longer supported and does not even receive security fixes. Do you have plans to port Cadence to Qt5? If not, would you be willing to accept patches that ported Cadence to Qt5?

    opened by rekado 5
  • How to completely purge cadence

    How to completely purge cadence

    Cadence is causing some issues on my system and I want to completely remove it and undo any changes it has made to my system. What files do I need to delete/change?

    I'm using Ubuntu 22.10

    opened by reahari 0
  • setMinimumSize : unexpected type 'float'

    setMinimumSize : unexpected type 'float'

    Hi. With the last versions of Claudia and Ubuntu 22 TLS, I get this error when lauching Claudia :

    [email protected]:~$ claudia
    Using Tray Engine 'Qt'
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/share/cadence/src/", line 2768, in <module>
        gui = ClaudiaMainW()
      File "/usr/share/cadence/src/", line 786, in __init__
        self.ui.miniCanvasPreview.init(self.scene, DEFAULT_CANVAS_WIDTH, DEFAULT_CANVAS_HEIGHT)
      File "/usr/share/cadence/src/", line 76, in init
        self.setMinimumSize(self.fFakeWidth+padding,   self.fFakeHeight+padding)
    TypeError: arguments did not match any overloaded call:
      setMinimumSize(self, int, int): argument 1 has unexpected type 'float'
      setMinimumSize(self, QSize): argument 1 has unexpected type 'float'
    opened by AnasGhrab 7
  • Provide option to not automatically connect the pulseaudio sink with system

    Provide option to not automatically connect the pulseaudio sink with system

    So that I can have my equalizer inbetween.


    The collection between pulseaudio JACK Sink and system is added automatically each time.

    But as far as I can tell I can't even load stuff into carla automatically on login, so it probably doesn't actually matter. I was hoping to be able to load my room calibration parameters automatically, since pulseeffects causes clicking nosies.

    opened by sezanzeb 0
  • v0.9.2(Jun 18, 2022)

    Change systray tooltip from HTML to plaintext Fallback to GLib DBus if Qt DBus is not available Fix build with Qt 5.15+ Fix compatibility with Python 3.10

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.9.1(Dec 4, 2019)

    Fix DBus casting issues triggered in Python 3.8 Fix ALSA capture device list on Linux Add RPM-based distribution support to Claudia-Launcher Don't set SSE flags in the Makefile Simplify UI regarding ALSA-MIDI bridge Other small miscellaneous fixes

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.9.0(Apr 2, 2018)

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