featured cs:go internal hack, one file and less than 1000 lines.



This is a featured CS:GO internal cheat written in less than 1000 lines, and in one C++ file. I encourage you to submit feature suggestions and issues with the cheat!


  • draggable gui

gui image

thanks es3n1n for making the menu draggable!

  • config system
  • bhop
  • auto pistol
  • hit sound
  • box esp

esp image

  • name esp
  • health bar
  • dormant & team check for esp
  • spectator list
  • disable post processing
  • noscope crosshair
  • recoil crosshair
  • auto accept
  • triggerbot
  • radar
  • rankrevealer
  • use spam
  • flash reducer


a simple config system is included with this cheat. there is currently only one config, however we plan to expand this.. the save & load buttons operate on a config file "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive\singlefile.cfg", where the config is stored as a binary representation of the config structure. Unfortunately, a more user editable config system such as JSON is not possible due to size constraints.

code style

this was programmed with the intention of being a single-file cheat, as well as a target line count of under 1000. i achieved both of these with the initial version i am posting.

features i won't add

in the interest of keeping line count down, i won't be adding customizable chams or glow, as the colors seem too awkward to emplace in the menu. Right now triggerbot is controlled by a macro, something I don't really like but currently works. I will be adding a key binder in the menu, which will make triggerbot easier. A keyboard is pretty simple compared to a colorpicker, so something I can reasonably add. As well as this, glow and chams are a rabbit hole of interfaces and classes that will just have like 1 or 2 functions. Glow doesn't seem that bad, however you need to have a visibility check.



adds esp, as well as basic misc.


adds triggerbot, radar, and other misc functions


adds draggable menu, rank revealer, use spam and flash reducer


minor bug fixes, increment cs:go version

  • messed up sound

    messed up sound

    Ok so when i inject the cheat sound is messed up.... i hear everything fine but when i inject some of the sounds are not happening. i hope you understand what i mean. btw very very nice simple legit cheat:). keep up the good work

    opened by BernardWasTaken 5
  • singlefile v2

    singlefile v2

    I have a lot of planned major features for v1.4 of SingleFile, however I feel like it may be more important to make a new version, espically looking through the code, as my knowledge and skills improve I've seen a lot of my practices I didn't notice before. This initial commit represents my new plans for this new version, in that I have CS:GO internal rendering in 34 lines of code. image


    The amount of disorganization and bad practices in the current code written by me over the past few months is sort of difficult to work on and patch to be more efficent.

    opened by exploitmafia 3
  • singlefile v1.3 source code and main branch source code is not the same

    singlefile v1.3 source code and main branch source code is not the same

    singlefile v1.3 source: 880if (!strstr(interfaces.engine->GetVersionString(), "")) main branch source: 880if (!strstr(interfaces.engine->GetVersionString(), ""))

    I don't know which offset is the correct one.

    opened by 2168028160 2
  • How to update offset.

    How to update offset.

    From 1.31 to 1.32, the offset can be injected successfully


    Every time after the game is updated, you need to be informed to update the offset. It's too troublesome. I want to ask how to set the offset. In the code comments, it was mentioned to search from hazedumper warehouse, but I didn't find it. Can you direct me how to modify the offset?

    Thank you for your help.

    opened by 2168028160 1
  • singlefile v1.4

    singlefile v1.4

    I will not push this to main until I have the following features working:




    slider, color picker and combobox element

    I may consider increasing the line count cap to 2500 or 5000 depending on this. I also might want to make a proper menu with tabs during this.

    opened by exploitmafia 11
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