RenderStream plugin for Unreal Engine

  • Maps workflow in 1.29_v1

    Maps workflow in 1.29_v1


    Is the map selection workflow working properly in 1.29? We had to update to 1.29 for r20.3 (preview) and it doesn't looks like the plugin generates the maps .json. I tried manually creating it and while it works for the default map, additional maps just dont work at all - returning an "INVALID" argument in d3.

    opened by noxy-k 10
  • Adding CineCameraActor as a child of another actor

    Adding CineCameraActor as a child of another actor

    I am trying to create an experience where the camera will fly across the globe and give the physical camera controlling the disguiese/cine camera freedom to do small movements or rotations while the overall experience still is flying across the globe.

    I thought this seemed easiest to put the CineCameraActor with the RenderStreamDefinition as a child to an Actor that will actually move across the globe. However, I seem to have a misunderstanding of how the CineCameraActor is inheriting rotation from the Parent Actor which is resulting the image being shown on the XR stage to not be in the direction/position I am expecting it to be.

    I need to figure this out within the next couple of days so any information will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is a gif of the CineCameraActor moving thru the Himalayas in editor mode. This is how I want it to appear on the XR stage but it is not. everestflyover

    opened by mrnelson6 4
  • Version mismatch between d3 and plugins caused UE editor to crash

    Version mismatch between d3 and plugins caused UE editor to crash

    Current behavior When there is a version mismatch between d3 and the RenderStream plugin, this causes the UE editor to crash when launched without an error message, making troubleshooting difficult.

    Expected behavior UE editor should not crash, and present an informative error message to the user.

    bug question 
    opened by makkbe 4
  • Exposed parameters not updating in .json file

    Exposed parameters not updating in .json file

    Hi! In the latest push of the plugin, the camera names are updating but none of the variable exposed in UE seem to be updating properly in the .json file. The .json file updates when new variables are added (except for floats - booleans, integers etc. all appear fine!), but not when old variables are modified.

    opened by taliafin1000 3
  • vignetting on default cinecamera

    vignetting on default cinecamera


    While setting up any kind of project (r20) the default camera outputs with vignetting although none is set on it. A workaround currently is to set vignetting size and strength to 0 on the camera on UE side, this seems to bypass whatever d3 is asking for. This works only with the rendering strategy set to fullscreen. Tiling/manual does not work and keeps the camera vignetting.

    This probably happens when D3 copies the camera and passes its own arguments. There might be other similar arguments that I haven't identified yet that are being passed. Is it possible to check/remove those defaults?


    opened by noxy-k 3
  • Unreal crashes when more than two streams are rendered by a single instance

    Unreal crashes when more than two streams are rendered by a single instance

    Launching with more than two streams assigned to a single render instance causes a crash due to access violations. Call stack may be in random locations.

    bug regression 
    opened by husberg-disguise 3
  • Additional visibility support

    Additional visibility support

    Currently there are 2 limitations with visibility

    • Hard to modify multiple actors at once.
    • Impossible to change visibility on actors that do not support adding components
    opened by MunWolf 3
  • Actor BP Variable not visible in json

    Actor BP Variable not visible in json

    I am having an issue when referencing actor variables from the Level BP. In my case I am trying to expose "Solar Time" which is created by the SunSky Actor BP. I have tried direct reference and casting to the BP. Setting the default value of the variable using either method in the Level BP alters the world but the variable never appears in the .json file for control in d3.

    I am able to bypass SunSky Actor BP variables and expose parameters of its components as expected. E.g. can expose directional light component intensity as variable in Level BP.

    opened by avanalle 2
  • Unreal Editor spammed with error 16

    Unreal Editor spammed with error 16

    Summary: When the RenderStream plugin is added to a project, the output log is spammed with the following error when the Editor is launched:

    [2021.12.22-09.07.07:879][115]LogRenderStream: Error: Error awaiting frame data error 16
    [2021.12.22-09.07.07:895][116]LogRenderStream: Error: Workload asset not created
    RenderStream Callstack:  < rs_awaitFrameData < RSAwaitFrameData

    With the current retail version of d3 and UE plugin, the callstack is blank. When testing with the tip of r20.3 and r1.28_UE4.27 the callstack information is included.

    Bug reduction:

    • Seen in r20.0.3 (84705) with RS1.28 (UE 4.27) v2 - latest public release.
    • Seen in r20.3 (84847) with RenderStream-UE_r1.28_UE4.27_r1.28_UE4.27_r20.0_v2-3-g4eb863a (Patches Applied).

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Launch UE and create a new blank project
    2. Add the plugin to the project folder as normal
    3. Restart UE
    4. Open the output log (notice error spam)
    opened by bbuckley94 2
  • OpenXR plugin spams the rslog

    OpenXR plugin spams the rslog

    Summary: In Unreal Engine 4.27 (Preview 3), it appears as though the OpenXR plugin is enabled by default. In certain projects the OpenXR plugin causes the rslog to be spammed when starting a RenderStream workload. We should suppress this.

    Depending on the installation either of the following will be spammed: LogHMD: Failed to enumerate extensions. Please check that you have a valid OpenXR runtime installed.

    2021-08-04T14:02:15.413+08:00: LogHMD: Optional extension XR_VARJO_quad_views is not available
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.413+08:00: LogHMD: Required extension XR_EXT_eye_gaze_interaction is not available
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.413+08:00: LogHMD: Could not enable all required OpenXR extensions for OpenXREyeTracker on current system. This plugin will be loaded but ignored, but will be enabled on a target platform that supports the required extension.
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.431+08:00: LogHMD: Failed to create an OpenXR instance, result is XR_ERROR_RUNTIME_FAILURE. Please check if you have an OpenXR runtime installed. The following extensions were enabled:
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.431+08:00: LogHMD: - XR_KHR_D3D11_enable
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.431+08:00: LogHMD: - XR_KHR_D3D12_enable
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.432+08:00: LogHMD: - XR_KHR_opengl_enable
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.432+08:00: LogHMD: - XR_KHR_vulkan_enable
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.432+08:00: LogHMD: - XR_KHR_composition_layer_depth
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.432+08:00: LogHMD: - XR_KHR_visibility_mask
    2021-08-04T14:02:15.432+08:00: LogHMD: - XR_EXT_hand_tracking

    Potentially just an issue with the UE 4.27 preview. Logging for tracking purposes only.

    Bug reduction:

    • Seen in r19.0 (80689) with Unreal plugin r1.27_UE4.27 -- Not seen when OpenXR plugins disabled.
    • Not seen in r19.0 (80689) with Unreal plugin r1.27_UE4.27 -- Regardless of whether OpenXR plugins are enabled.

    Steps to reproduce: See DSOF-17840

    opened by bbuckley94 2
  • RSP-247 allow disabling custom event control

    RSP-247 allow disabling custom event control

    This patch adds a toggle box in the project plugin settings under 'Disguise Renderstream' called "Detect and control custom events". When this toggle is off, the Renderstream plugin will not export custom events in the schema or attempt to trigger them at runtime. For RSP-247, DSOF-22487

    opened by josh-disguise 1
  • Asset caching performance improvement

    Asset caching performance improvement

    DO NOT MERGE as this still needs to be tested by client if it actually helps

    Issue: When using a multiuser editing session with multiple rx's and an editor machine, the constant resaving of the RenderstreamChannelCacheAsset causes the multi user session and Renderstream to crash. This only seems to be an issue when using multiple heavy sublevels as it take a long time to save all the individual cache assets for each sublevel.

    Profiling: During profiling I noticed that ForceDeleteObjects function was stalling main thread a lot because it was force replacing references and we don't want to do that. AssetCreated function was taking some amount of time too even though it just broadcasting that new in memory asset is created

    Before changes: image

    After changes: image

    opened by tomasgdc 0
  • V4


    Thank your team for your efforts. Now R21's support for UE5 is complete, but I found some problems. For example, the V4 version shakes back when zoom is advancing, and the camera name is still not recognized correctly.

    opened by one-Ge 2
  • Is Source Control implemented?

    Is Source Control implemented?

    We're running source control on our UE projects and started testing the renderstream plugin (we're running an rx2 cluster). The .json generated by the plugin doesn't seem to be going through source control and fails to update - probably because the file itself is read-only unless it gets checked out. An easy work around is to not have the .json part of the source control but that'd mean copying this file manually to multiple machines whenever we update/work. Not feasible.

    I might be completely mistaken of course - help please!

    opened by noxy-k 3
  • Expose generic functionality / function library

    Expose generic functionality / function library

    Issue #35 has repeatedly come up, but would require RenderStream API changes that would generally not be beneficial to the platform.

    Instead, collate the most used functionality and expose it as a collection of fields that can be easily enabled in the plugin settings without having to modify exposed variables in the blueprint of each level.

    Examples would be:

    • Performance tooling: engine scalability slider, stat overlays and starting/stopping of profiling to disk
    • Camera post-effects/screen-space effects that may or may not work for split viewports
    • Anything the community can think of, so ideally easily extensible
    opened by husberg-disguise 0
  • RenderStream working with Camera Components

    RenderStream working with Camera Components

    Hey guys, I'm working on a RenderStream camera integration with a lot of cameras for each room, and I'm really missing the ability to make a blueprint that holds cameras. Currently the RenderStreamChannelDefinition component only works with Camera Actors, which means leaving a lot of stuff lying around in the umap. That combined with the requirement for cameras to exist in the main map makes conflicting changes in the main map very likely.

    Our situation would be really helped if:

    • RenderStreamChannelDefinitions could have a version to handle Camera Components
    • There would still be something to handle Camera Actors
    • Camera rigs could be built and modified within blueprints
    opened by dylandevs 0
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