A fast base64 module for React Native



A native implementation of Base64 in C++ for React Native. 4x faster than base64-js on an iPhone 11 Pro. Try the benchmarks under example.


npm install react-native-quick-base64


import { btoa, atob } from 'react-native-quick-base64';

const base64 = btoa('foo');
const decoded = atob(base64);


Compatible with base64-js.

byteLength(b64: string): number

Takes a base64 string and returns length of byte array

toByteArray(b64: string): Uint8Array

Takes a base64 string and returns a byte array

fromByteArray(uint8: Uint8Array): string

Takes a byte array and returns a base64 string

btoa(data: string): string

Encodes a string in base64

atob(b64: string): string

Decodes a base64 encoded string


Adds btoa and atob functions to global.


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.



  • Crashes on Android Start up sometimes on release build

    Crashes on Android Start up sometimes on release build

    Hello! Thank you for building this awesome library.

    I'm using this library in my application, and it's working fine on iOS, but it sometimes crashes on startup of my app for android release build.

    Is this a known problem?

    Here's the stack trace of the crash, hope it helps.

          #00 pc 000000000005ba2c  /data/app/~~yY065jv4ZakTKp3V_fMcsw==/com.masked-WePDD3HBan4olArPBJi-QQ==/lib/arm64/libhermes.so (BuildId: a3c1bac83dd7ae8092428d75091c23ae6f8c69c7)
          #01 pc 000000000006e0e8  /data/app/~~yY065jv4ZakTKp3V_fMcsw==/com.masked-WePDD3HBan4olArPBJi-QQ==/lib/arm64/libhermes.so (BuildId: a3c1bac83dd7ae8092428d75091c23ae6f8c69c7)
          #02 pc 00000000000709f0  /data/app/~~yY065jv4ZakTKp3V_fMcsw==/com.masked-WePDD3HBan4olArPBJi-QQ==/lib/arm64/libhermes.so (BuildId: a3c1bac83dd7ae8092428d75091c23ae6f8c69c7)
          #03 pc 00000000000342a0  /data/app/~~yY065jv4ZakTKp3V_fMcsw==/com.masked-WePDD3HBan4olArPBJi-QQ==/lib/arm64/libhermes.so (facebook::hermes::HermesRuntimeImpl::setPropertyValue(facebook::jsi::Object&, facebook::jsi::String const&, facebook::jsi::Value const&)+128) (BuildId: a3c1bac83dd7ae8092428d75091c23ae6f8c69c7)
          #04 pc 000000000004df94  /data/app/~~yY065jv4ZakTKp3V_fMcsw==/com.masked-WePDD3HBan4olArPBJi-QQ==/lib/arm64/libquickbase64.so (void facebook::jsi::Object::setProperty<facebook::jsi::Function>(facebook::jsi::Runtime&, char const*, facebook::jsi::Function&&)+144) (BuildId: 54db5574dbb5bdf19ead7da238493e90a842cd9b)
          #05 pc 000000000004dbec  /data/app/~~yY065jv4ZakTKp3V_fMcsw==/com.masked-WePDD3HBan4olArPBJi-QQ==/lib/arm64/libquickbase64.so (installBase64(facebook::jsi::Runtime&)+332) (BuildId: 54db5574dbb5bdf19ead7da238493e90a842cd9b)
          #06 pc 000000000004ee10  /data/app/~~yY065jv4ZakTKp3V_fMcsw==/com.masked-WePDD3HBan4olArPBJi-QQ==/lib/arm64/libquickbase64.so (Java_com_reactnativequickbase64_QuickBase64Module_initialize+32) (BuildId: 54db5574dbb5bdf19ead7da238493e90a842cd9b)

    React Native ver: 0.65.1 react-native-quick-base64 ver: 0.1.4 jsruntime: hermes

    opened by Naturalclar 19
  • With version  2.0.2 getting react-native-quick-base64:generateJsonModelDebug error

    With version 2.0.2 getting react-native-quick-base64:generateJsonModelDebug error


    with the update 2.0.2 android build is failing with the following error. Can you please check

    Execution failed for task ':react-native-quick-base64:generateJsonModelDebug'.

    C:\Users\aj\work\node_modules\react-native-quick-base64\android\CMakeLists.txt : C/C++ debug|armeabi-v7a : CMake Error at C:\Users\aj\work\node_modules\react-native-quick-base64\android\CMakeLists.txt:14 (add_library): Syntax error in cmake code when parsing string

    Invalid character escape '\U'.
    opened by activexJ 3
  • Support encodes base64url

    Support encodes base64url


    I'm looking for a solution encodes base64 to base64url without using javascript replace. Can you add a feature for encodes base64url or is there a solution for me?

    opened by nanthawat 2
  • feat(android): autoinstall

    feat(android): autoinstall

    I saw @mrousavy made his module able to auto-install:


    • It automatically initializes the native module on Android while avoiding the race condition crash issue mentioned in #2.

    • BREAKING CHANGE: Remove the manual installation from your Android app

    opened by craftzdog 2
  •  react-native-quick-base64 2.0.2 build error

    react-native-quick-base64 2.0.2 build error

    Could not determine the dependencies of task ':react-native-quick-base64:mergeDebugNativeLibs'.

    No version of NDK matched the requested version 21.4.7075529. Versions available locally: 20.1.5948944

    opened by xieyimaple 1
  • Search node_modules recursively

    Search node_modules recursively

    Hello Takuya, Thanks for the library. We're using it in a monorepo setup. So, we need to search for node_modules in root directory.

    I've added (copy/pasted 😆) the below approach from react-native-mmkv by marc.

    Let me know if any changes are required. Also, love your videos ❤️

    opened by intergalacticspacehighway 1
  • fix: Initialize QuickBase64 on JS Thread (Android)

    fix: Initialize QuickBase64 on JS Thread (Android)

    Initializes QuickBase64 on the JS-Thread to avoid any race condition or invalid access.

    This also means that the user has to manually edit some native Java files to correctly install QuickBase64...

    opened by mrousavy 0
  • CMake blocking in build on RN 0.70

    CMake blocking in build on RN 0.70

    hello, On RN 0.70.4 with this module , build on Window is blocking .

    error message : > Task :react-native-quick-base64:buildCMakeDebug[armeabi-v7a] FAILED C/C++: ninja: error: mkdir(CMakeFiles/quickbase64.dir/myprojectpath): No such file or directory

    opened by Productivix 2
  • Port WebKit's base64 implementation to improve performance

    Port WebKit's base64 implementation to improve performance

    It uses a lookup table https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/blob/main/Source/WTF/wtf/text/Base64.cpp

    ref: https://github.com/margelo/react-native-quick-crypto/issues/18

    opened by craftzdog 1
  • toBase64 results differ from js-base64

    toBase64 results differ from js-base64

    I have run the same byte arrays through js-base64 and cpp64 with those results:

     LOG  [82, 235, 19, 104, 164, 2, 214, 83, 201, 109, 220, 113, 198, 127, 246, 41, 43, 88, 224, 70, 83, 8, 70, 37, 84, 13, 192, 247, 128, 225, 4, 94]
     LOG  cpp64: UusTaKQC1lPJbdxxxn/2KStY4EZTCEYlVA3A94DhBF4=
     LOG  jsb64: UusTaKQC1lPJbdxxxn/2KStY4EZTCEYlVA3A94DhBF4=
     LOG  [11, 80, 135, 209, 171, 28, 64, 255, 39, 210, 24, 201, 226, 41, 153, 223, 120, 249, 81, 218, 135, 69, 207, 111]
     LOG  cpp64: C1CH0ascQP8n0hjJ4imZ33j5UdqHRc9v
     LOG  jsb64: C1CH0ascQP8n0hjJ4imZ33j5UdqHRc9v
     LOG  [184, 179, 212, 210, 19, 142, 29, 203, 166, 118, 216, 245, 113, 162, 222, 115]
     LOG  jsb64: uLPU0hOOHcumdtj1caLecw==

    The A padding on the last tuple is wrong..

    Any idea what could be wrong?

    opened by pke 13
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