HEEx grammer for Tree-sitter


Tree-sitter HEEx

Tree-sitter grammar and parser for HEEx, the HTML-aware and component-friendly extension of EEx for Phoenix.

For Surface support, see tree-sitter-surface.


Parsing support for the following nodes:

  • Tags
  • Components
  • Directives
  • Expressions
  • Attributes
  • Text
  • Comments
  • Doctype


  • Highlights
  • Folds
  • Indents
  • Injections

Currently supported in NeoVim via nvim-treesitter.

  • Add support for :for and :let attrs

    Add support for :for and :let attrs

    See https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view/pull/2023 and https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view/pull/2013 for more information.

    opened by connorlay 6
  • Support special attributes :let, :for, :stream

    Support special attributes :let, :for, :stream

    Adds supports for HEEx special attributes: :let, :for, and :stream.

    A new node has been added to the grammar, special_attribute, that behaves similarly to the attribute node with the following changes:

    • a special_attribute must have a corresponding expression node.
    • a special_attribute can only be added to the following tags: start_component, start_slot, start_tag, and self_closing_tag.
    • a special_attribute_name can only be one of the following values (more could be added in the future): let, for, stream.
    • a special_attribute_name is highlighted as keyword

    This PR also adds the prettier code formatter with configuration borrowed from tree-sitter-elixir.

    opened by connorlay 3
  • Error on `do` blocks

    Error on `do` blocks

    I created a vanilla phx project and created a new resource using the generators and I am seeing an error on the do in do blocks.

    Here you can see the screenshot with the corresponding nodes in nvim treesitter playground.

    opened by mhanberg 3
  • allow brackets in expression_value nodes

    allow brackets in expression_value nodes

    I found some odd behavior parsing a case like this:

    <div phx-value-target={ "##{@id}" }></div>

    where the expression_value node has a hard time dealing with the brackets {..}. Here's the parse result:

    (fragment [0, 0] - [1, 0]
      (tag [0, 0] - [0, 42]
        (start_tag [0, 0] - [0, 36]
          (tag_name [0, 1] - [0, 4])
          (attribute [0, 5] - [0, 35]
            (attribute_name [0, 5] - [0, 21])
            (expression [0, 22] - [0, 35]
              (ERROR [0, 23] - [0, 27]
                (expression_value [0, 23] - [0, 27]))
              (expression_value [0, 27] - [0, 32])
              (ERROR [0, 32] - [0, 33]))))
        (end_tag [0, 36] - [0, 42]
          (tag_name [0, 38] - [0, 41]))))

    I shuffled around the grammar rules for expression_value a bit so we use a hidden $._expression_value which can repeat to capture everything in the expression's brackets. Then we alias those repeating hidden nodes all together as one expression_value node. The tree for that example case ends up looking like so

    (fragment [0, 0] - [1, 0]
      (tag [0, 0] - [0, 42]
        (start_tag [0, 0] - [0, 36]
          (tag_name [0, 1] - [0, 4])
          (attribute [0, 5] - [0, 35]
            (attribute_name [0, 5] - [0, 21])
            (expression [0, 22] - [0, 35]
              (expression_value [0, 23] - [0, 34]))))
        (end_tag [0, 36] - [0, 42]
          (tag_name [0, 38] - [0, 41]))))
    opened by the-mikedavis 3
  • Indentation and `Pair Matching` not working

    Indentation and `Pair Matching` not working


    First of all, thank you for putting this together so close to the release of LV 0.16 I was so stoked when I saw there was treesitter support already ❤️

    I'm having some issues where indentation motions with = are just putting everything flat on the same level, and the % motion to go to a "matching pair" which I expect should take me to the closing take for a div for example if I'm on the opening tag, isn't working. It's just doing nothing.

    Odds are my configuration are just wrong, any ideas on how to trouble shoot this most effectively?

    opened by heimann 3
  • New to TS - Unable to install heex

    New to TS - Unable to install heex


    I'm using neovim and tree-sitter but ran into an issue when trying to install heex.

    :TSInstall heex
    Parser not available for language heex

    Any ideas on what could be wrong with my system? I was able to use :TSInstall to install elixir/erlang/html grammar, so something works.


    opened by fkumro 3
  • freature request: sigil-H support?

    freature request: sigil-H support?

    Thanks for this lib! now my html.heex files are a lot more readable. Are you planning on implementing support for ~H heex regions? I'm interested in helping out with this, seems like it may relate to this call https://github.com/neovim/neovim/blob/master/runtime/lua/vim/treesitter/languagetree.lua#L263.

    opened by briandunn 2
  • add highlight and injection queries and partial_expression_value node

    add highlight and injection queries and partial_expression_value node

    connects https://github.com/connorlay/tree-sitter-eex/issues/1 connects https://github.com/elixir-lang/tree-sitter-elixir/issues/2

    Pretty much the same thing as https://github.com/connorlay/tree-sitter-eex/pull/4 but for the heex directives. I'm open to renaming the new node, naming things is hard :sweat_smile:

    With this change to the grammar I'm seeing good combined injections results:


    Although the error -> affects heex as well as eex.

    I also slightly modified the queries so that the <%, <%=, etc. act like keywords like in tree-sitter-embedded-template or the eex highlight PR. I did like the old scopes for those though; it was nice to have them look subtle. Maybe it makes sense to use punctuation.directive so that theme authors can make a distinction but it defaults to looking like otherwise punctuation?

    opened by the-mikedavis 1
  • Separate ending expressions from beginning/middle expressions

    Separate ending expressions from beginning/middle expressions

    This allows consumers to detect when an expression that is broken up over multiple directives ends, which can be used to calculate indentation more accurately.

    Connects #28

    opened by the-mikedavis 0
  • Fix link to sigil_H/2

    Fix link to sigil_H/2

    sigil_H/2 and the HEEx documentation moved from Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers to Phoenix.Component in https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view/commit/02e20e4f5a01356004efd7fb965bbeeb99534c35.

    With the 0.18.0 release, this left the HEEx link in the README broken. This change points to the new URL.

    Closes #25

    opened by the-mikedavis 0
  • Usage in editor extensions

    Usage in editor extensions

    Hey folks,

    I'm working on adding TreeSitter Elixir syntax highlighting to the Nova editor. I would love to also support HEEx templates using this project but I noticed the repo doesn't contain a licence. Can I use this project in an editor extension? And if so are there any specific attribution requirements you have?

    opened by raulchedrese 0
  • Directive blocks are not represented

    Directive blocks are not represented

    I am currently implementing indentation using emacs treesit ( tree-sitter integration ), which uses this library. Everything works well except for directive blocks like

    <%= if true do %>
    <% end %>

    which produces

    (fragment [0, 0] - [4, 0]
      (directive [0, 0] - [0, 17]
        (partial_expression_value [0, 3] - [0, 14]))
      (component [1, 0] - [2, 25]
        (start_component [1, 0] - [1, 24]
          (component_name [1, 1] - [1, 23]
            (function [1, 2] - [1, 23])))
        (end_component [2, 0] - [2, 25]
          (component_name [2, 2] - [2, 24]
            (function [2, 3] - [2, 24]))))
      (directive [3, 0] - [3, 10]
        (partial_expression_value [3, 3] - [3, 7])))

    Since the directive is not the parent of the component there is no simple way of checking parent for indentation.

    opened by wkirschbaum 4
  • v0.5.0(Jun 13, 2022)

    • Add new nodes to support HEEx special attributes
    • Support self-closing HEEx slots
    • Support hyphens in HTML tag names
    • Update README
    • Add prettier code formatter
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.4.1(Apr 17, 2022)

  • v0.4.0(Jan 30, 2022)

    • Add new nodes to support HEEx slots
    • Fix: allow for empty comments
    • Update highlights to better match those in nvim-treesitter
    • Update README
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.3.1(Jan 24, 2022)

  • v0.3.0(Jan 17, 2022)

    • Add highlight queries, thanks @the-mikedavis!
    • Add injection queries, thanks @the-mikedavis!
    • Add partial_expression_value node to support multi-clause directives, thanks @the-mikedavis!
    • Add support for multi-line EEx comments, thanks @the-mikedavis!
    • Add support for HTML comments, thanks @the-mikedavis!
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.2.1(Oct 19, 2021)

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