CS370 mTar Spring 2022 (custom tar)


Homework 04: mTar


  • Must support two command line options

    • -a file.mtar file1 [files...]
    • -x file.mtar
  • Options, explained:

    • -a file.mtar file1 [files...]
      • -a: "archive"
      • file.mtar: name of archive file
      • file1: must have at least one file to archive
      • files...: optional additional files
    • -x file.mtar
      • -x: "extract"
      • file.mtar: archived file from previous execution
  • Archiving:

    • Must combine all file attributes, contents into single archival file (.mtar)
      • filename
      • permissions
      • timestamps
      • contents
    • Must work with any type of regular file
      • text
      • binary
      • jpeg
      • pdf
    • Must ignore other types of files
      • directories
      • sockets
    • S_ISREG() to determine file type
  • Extraction:

    • Must take single archive file (.mtar)
      • .mtar archive file generated using same program (with -a option)
    • Must recreate and fully restore all files in archive file
      • filename
      • timestamps
      • permissions
      • contents


  • chmod
  • utime
  • utimbuf
  • Archive Finished

    Archive Finished

    Archive finished* and separated a lot of code into their own methods for reuse. Added an ifdef for macOS since they use a different name for mtim, atim, and ctim in the stat buffer.

    Extract is setup to get started. Initial error handling is in place.

    • Maybe not completely finished, we will see
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Cameron Tredoux
Computer Science @ Western Colorado University and CU Boulder
Cameron Tredoux
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