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C++ Voyager Test Framework

Voyager is a simple and handy C++ Unit Test framework. It is designed to be beautiful and expressive both. Try it to feel it!


To add Voyger to your new or existing project, add it to a subfolder as a submodule using following git command:

git submodule add https://github.com/anafro/voyager Path/To/Voyager/Folder

Then just update your CMakeLists.txt with following code:

# --- Voyager Test ---
target_link_libraries(YourProjectName VoyagerLibrary)

And that's it! Easy, isn't it? :)


Voyager can be used only from C++11 and higher.

Adding tests

To add a new test, write:

Voyager::test("Test Name", [](auto& shouldBe) {
    // Your test case will be here

Test name should be in this form: all of the words are separated with a space and capitalized. If you don't follow this form, it won't cause an error, but we are highly recommend to follow it.

Writing tests

Write your code as usual - there are no restrictions. There are some functions that will help you to test:

Important: if some of the test functions fails, test won't be stopped! To stop test execution, just return from it.


shouldBe.equalTrue(bool expression, std::string messageIfFailed);

If expression is not true, test will fail.


shouldBe.equalFalse(bool expression, std::string messageIfFailed);

If expression is not false, test will fail.


shouldBe.failed(std::string message);

Fails the test unconditionally. It will be helpful, if, for example, your code should not throw any exception, but when it does, you'll write failed(...)

Running tests

To run all the tests, use Voyager::run();

Example test

Voyager::test("Water Boiling", [](auto& shouldBe) {
  Water water;
  shouldBe.equalTrue(water.getTemperature() == 100);

Voyager::test("Water Freezing", [](auto& shouldBe) {
  Water water;
  shouldBe.equalTrue(water.getTemperature() == 0);
  shouldBe.equalTrue(water.getState() == SOLID);



If you discover any issues or problems in Voyager, please, send an email to Anafro via [email protected]


The Voyager Test framework is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

Anatoly Frolov
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