Very simple C++ JSON Parser

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Very simple JSON parser for c++


   "examples": [
         "tag_name": "a",
         "attr": [
               "key": "href",
               "value": ""
               "key": "target",
               "value": "_blank"
         "this_is": [
         "number_array": [
         "pie": 3.14,
         "boolean": true,
         "bug": null,
         "mixed": [
               "test1": -1.2345,
               "test2": false
            "end of story!"
         "done": true

example "main.cpp" file

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include <fstream>
#include <cstring>
#include "jute.h"
using namespace std;

int main () {
    ifstream in("data.json");
    string str = "";
    string tmp;
    while (getline(in, tmp)) str += tmp;
    jute::jValue v = jute::parser::parse(str);
    cout << v.to_string() << endl;
    cout << " ------ " << endl;
    cout << v["examples"][0]["attr"][0]["value"].as_string() << endl;
    if (v["examples"][1]["mixed"][5][1][1].as_bool()) {
        cout << v["examples"][1]["pie"].as_double() << endl;
        cout << v["examples"][2].to_string() << endl;
    // You can get type of a jValue by calling its get_type() function
    // It returns a jType which can be one of these:
    //    if (v["examples"][1]["mixed"][5][1][1].get_type() == jute::JBOOLEAN) ...
    return 0;


This version is not providing error checking. All functions assume the input string is in valid format of JSON. Also number format checking is poor. Improvements are welcome. Read the source code; it is just about 300 LOC 😄

License: MIT

  • Clang compilation error

    Clang compilation error

    With Apple LLVM version 7.0.0 (clang-700.0.72),

    jute.cpp:80:22: error: addition of default argument on redeclaration makes this constructor a
          default constructor
    jValue::jValue(jType tp = JUNKNOWN) {

    Related discussion

    I think a simple fix is to make another default constructor.

    opened by miloyip 3
  • Whitescape recognition has been changed in order to tolerate tabs too

    Whitescape recognition has been changed in order to tolerate tabs too

    I've replaced the whitespace recognition logic to isspace() in order to tolerate e.g. tab characters as well. I didn't want to eliminate the is_whitespace() intentionally.

    opened by kzaabox 1
  • License



    I found the jute parser very easy to use and fully working for my needs. What is the license of the source? Can it be used in project distributed under BSD-3-Clause license?

    Thank you for answer.

    opened by MrLukass 1
  • Suggestions


    1. using namespace std in header file will pollute all implementation files that include the header. The practice is to use std::string, std::vector, etc. in header.
    2. Use size_t instead of int for size of array/object and indices. Otherwise there are a lot of related warnings.
    3. Currently, these APIs returns jValue by value.
    jValue operator[](int i);
    jValue operator[](string s);

    This will make a deep copy of the whole subtree for every call. If the library is designed for read-only access to the parse result (as I cannot find APIs for modifying existing values), I will suggest to change all APIs as const member functions:

    string to_string() const;
    jType get_type() const;
    int as_int() const;
    double as_double() const;
    bool as_bool() const;
    string as_string() const;
    size_t size() const;
    const jValue& operator[](size_t i) const ;
    const jValue& operator[](const string& s) const;

    While the other write-access API can be private and makes parser friend of jValue.

    opened by miloyip 0
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Amir Saboury
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