A Cross-Platform(Web, Android, iOS) app to Generate Faces of People (These people don't actually exist) made using Flutter.


👨 👩 Flutter Random Face Generator

A flutter app to generate random faces. The Generated faces do not actually exist in real life (in other words you could catfish without getting in trouble 😉 ). This app uses the thispersondoesnotexist and the fakeface api.

Each image has been pre-analyzed by an AI algorithm called pypy-agender to identify the gender and age.

💻 Installation links


  • Generate a Random Face
  • Filter by Gender
  • Filter by a Age Range
  • Dark Mode
  • Switch Themes
  • Responsive Design

📸 Screenshots

  • Mobile
Light Dark
  • Desktop
Light Dark

🔌 Plugins

Name Usage
http Api Calls
cupertino_icons To use some iOS icons

Please star the repo if you like what you see 😊 .

🤓 Author

Aditya R



  • versionCode


    Please remember to increase versionCode before you make a new release. The current one still shows versionCode: 1. As Android uses versionCode to tell versions apart, the new release will not be considered an update but the same version, so users won't get any update information.

    PS: Any reason why you remove older releases?

    opened by IzzySoft 7
  • initial fastlane structure

    initial fastlane structure

    For your RFP with F-Droid (the bot complained Fastlane is missing). Be welcome to use my Fastlane Cheat Sheet to build on this – e.g. moving the screenshots in to fastlane/metadata/android/en-US/images/phoneScreenshots/ from their current location in screenshots/).

    opened by IzzySoft 6
  • Dark theme bug

    Dark theme bug

    To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Change app to darktheme
    2. Close the app from recents (or force stop)
    3. Reopen the app
    4. It starts as light theme

    Expected behavior When reopening it should start with previously used user-preferred theme.

    opened by shuvashish76 1
  • Option to save the photo

    Option to save the photo

    The app looks cool and amazing. 😄 It would be even more amazing if there were an option to save the random face to the gallery. That would be a great help for the catfishing community. 🙏

    opened by thenithinbalaji 1
  • Feature request

    Feature request

    Firstly i love the app and the overall concept. Would be great if there was an option to select region, as its more useful to use an image that belongs to a particular region. I do not not know if thats possible, but just a thought to make the app more useful.

    opened by shom13 1
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