A step by step example of creating your own React Native TurboModule.


Discovering Turbo Modules

Note: This example was made in RN 0.63. Some things have changed since then, but the good news is that now the setup should be easier in RN 0.67 / 0.68

A journey to discover React Native TurboModules. Alghough TurboModules aren't officially released yet and there is almost no documentation, there are already some libraries based on new infrastructure, including awesome Reanimated 2 by SWM. I digged through React Native source code and various Github repositories to learn how it is done. I managed to get it working, so I share my step-by-step journey here.

Each commit is a different stage towards a fully featured Turbo Module.

  1. see commit - Basic initialization and boilerplate (use npx create-react-native-library with C++ template)
  2. see commit - Adding fbjni for Android - it greatly improves Java - C++ interop.
  3. see commit - Migrating from legacy RN bridge to JSI.
  4. see commit - Implementing the "Real" Turbo Module.
  5. see commit - Calling Kotlin/Swift code from C++ module.
  6. TODO: Multithreading / asynchronous operations (a commit with experiments)

I'm not so creative in examples, I ended up with something simple, but demonstrating: The module consists of two methods:

  • sumSquares(a: number, b: number): number - calculates a^2 + b^2 - this method has C++ only implementation
  • makeGreetingFor(name: string): string - returns [Tag] Hello, {name}! - we want this method to be implemented for each platform separately in Kotlin/Swift.

Useful repositories and articles about Turbo Modules:

Known issues

  • In iOS project, after each pod install you have to manually add GreetingManager.swift to project in Xcode. Adding *.swift to podfile sources causes conflicts with React dependencies, because they're not modularized. You could also try with use_frameworks!.

Below is a react-native-builder-bob generated readme:


npm install my-turbo-utils


import MyTurboUtils from 'my-turbo-utils';

// 3*3 + 4*4 = 25
const result = await MyTurboUtils.sumSquares(3, 7);

const greeting = await MyTurboUtils.makeGreetingFor('TurboModules');


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.



  • Global is not registered on the iOS side... sometimes.

    Global is not registered on the iOS side... sometimes.


    I've been implementing a very very simple multiply module, hello world is boring, and I followed your exact implementation. I am not sure if you also encountered this issue, but on the iOS sometimes it does not find any turboModule on global on the JS side. Hot-reloading it again makes it available, but this might be an issue in a production build and very annoying during development.

    Did you also encounter this issue? If not feel free to close this and I will mess around myself a bit. Your repo has been a massive help with the registering of my turbomodule.


    opened by blu3beri 8
  • [Doubt] - Async Operations

    [Doubt] - Async Operations

    Hi @barthap . Thank you very mutch for sharing your discoverys. I'm trying to contribute with a project that you mention in your repo (react-native-quick-sqlite), implementing some async operations, but I have some doubts and problems that I couldn't overcome yeat.

    I need to use turbo modules in order to use callinvoker, or I can use it with a regular JSI Non Turbo Module implementation?

    opened by EduFrazao 1
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