Thoughts about entity-component-system



Warning: This is not a complete production-ready library for entity-component-system.

This is only my thoughts about how the modern entity-component-system should look.

Key things:

  • Data-oriented design for components storage. Storages support reordering to reduce 'fragmentation.'

  • Compile-time type check fully compatible with C++ types

  • Multithreading friendly. There should be no data dependencies that limit the parallel processing. Systems must know what data they need only for reading, and which ones to modify.

  • Systems(Processes) can control the order of updating entities. Should be easy to create a parent/child relationship.

  • Support for a large number of entities (100K+) The worst complexity of the any algorithm must be O(n) or better.

The main difference from other entity-component-system frameworks is ReMap, Fold and Reorder concept. When the system(process) receives notification about a new entity, the process can determine the key for this entity. After the keys of all entities are defined, the entities are updated in the order that is defined by the key.

Build status

Windows Appveyor build status

Useful reading (in random order):

Theory and Practice of Game Object Component Architecture by Marcin Chady

Game Architecture and Components Systems in Lumberyard by Rosen Baklov and Bill Merrill

A Data - Driven Game Object System by Scott Bilas

Entity Systems are the future of MMOG development by Adam Martin

"Overwatch" Gameplay Architecture and Netcode (pay wall)

Unite Austin 2017 - Writing High Performance C# Scripts by Joachim Ante

A Dynamic Component Architecture for High Performance Gameplay by Terrance Cohen

Pitfalls of Object Oriented Programming by Tony Albrecht

Implementation of a component-based entity system in modern C++ by Vittorio Romeo

Evolve Your Hierarchy by Mick West

Component-oriented design on consoles by Boris Batkin (in Russian)

Object Systems by Doug Church

Building a Data-Oriented Entity System (Bitsquid engine) by Niklas Gray

Comparison of Doom 1, Quake, and Doom 3 entity references system by Guillaume Chereau

A flexible and expandable architecture for computer games by Jeff Plummer

The Components and Systems of Morgan's Raid by Paul Gestwicki

Dungeon Siege by Scott Bilas

Data Structures for Entity Systems: Contiguous memory by Adam Martin

Sergey Makeev
Roblox Corporation, Sr. Technical director, Rendering
Sergey Makeev
apecs: A Petite Entity Component System

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Matt Cummins 17 Jun 1, 2022
EntityX - A fast, type-safe C++ Entity-Component system

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Google 250 Jul 26, 2022
Entity-Component-System (ECS) with a focus on ease-of-use, runtime extensibility and compile-time type safety and clarity.

Kengine The Koala engine is a type-safe and self-documenting implementation of an Entity-Component-System (ECS), with a focus on runtime extensibility

Nicolas Phister 456 Jul 28, 2022
An open source C++ entity system.

anax ARCHIVED: as I haven't maintained this library for at least a couple of years. I don't have the time or interest to work on this. Please use anot

Miguel Martin 456 Aug 10, 2022
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Operating system project - implementing scheduling algorithms and some system calls for XV6 OS

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CQC (Charmed Quark Controller) a commercial grade, full featured, software based automation system. CQC is built on our CIDLib C++ development system, which is also available here on GitHub.

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Hobbyist Operating System targeting x86_64 systems. Includes userspace, Virtual File System, An InitFS (tarfs), Lua port, easy porting, a decent LibC and LibM, and a shell that supports: piping, file redirection, and more.

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