SWIG bindings for raylib (to Lua, and hopefully other languages)



SWIG binding for raylib

This repo generates raylib bindings to other languages (eg. Lua), by providing a raylib.i SWIG interface file.

SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages (C#, Java, Lua, Python, Ruby, ...)

raylib is a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming.

Current Status

  • SWIG 4.0.2
  • raylib 3.7.0
    • raylib.h
    • raymath.h
    • rlgl.h
    • physac.h
    • easings.h
  • Supported languages:
    • Lua


This provided build method requires xmake and SWIG installed.

xmake update -s dev # SWIG file support currently requires dev branch of xmake. Will not need this line anymore after xmake publishes a release.
xmake config --menu # Config the project using a terminal ui. You choose a target language and other options in the menu `Project Configuration`.
xmake               # Build with saved configs.



Print raylib version in the terminal:

# Start luajit to test. You should change the path of the output library accordingly.
luajit -i -e "package.cpath=package.cpath..';./build/linux/x86_64/release/swig?_lua.so'"
> raylib = require "raylib"
> print(raylib.RAYLIB_VERSION)

Basic window in Lua:

-- Original version in C: https://github.com/raysan5/raylib/blob/master/examples/core/core_basic_window.c, by Ramon Santamaria (@raysan5)
local raylib = require "raylib"
local screenWidth, screenHeight = 800, 450
raylib.InitWindow(screenWidth, screenHeight, "raylib [core] example - basic window")
while not raylib.WindowShouldClose() do
    raylib.DrawText("Congrats! You created your first window!", 190, 200, 20, raylib.LIGHTGRAY)

Performance Notes

  • Because the module contains a large number(hundreds) of symbols binded, for some languages(Lua) a wrapper on top of the generated SWIG module has been added, providing only a small set of symbols when the module imported, and only automatically adding needed symbols on demand, thus saving searching time. See file raylib.i.
    • The original unwrapped module is still accessible in these languages. eg. raylib.swig in Lua.
  • Interops are expensive. Here are some tips to save interop counts:
    • If a simple struct instance is to be modified many times (eg. C Vector2 value calculated inside a loop):
      • It might not be a good idea to use the struct fields directly in complex calculations, because SWIG wraps the getter and setter functions to contain implicit C <-> script type conversions. Instead, if needed, copy the fields as local types, and after calculations copy back the results to the struct instance.
      • Note that in raylib many API functions accepting Vector2 as parameters also have a sibling version which accepts simple int x, int y, and this means in many situations you can just avoid alloc'ing and modifying C Vector2 instances at all.
    • You can modify the binding file to contain you own C functions to possibly prevent some interops happen, and generate bindings of them for your need.
  • examples/textures_bunnymark.lua is ready for benchmarking performance.

Pull Requests are welcomed

Would be nicer if this repo can be a collection featuring Ruby/Python/... bindings as well!


  • Huge thanks to @waruqi for presenting the awesome xmake build system which keeps all the messes away from the building process, also for giving many advices on the build script in this repo.


  • Embedded raylib/*.h are copied from raylib, see the beginning of each file and the original LICENSE from raylib repo.
  • examples/resources/ folder has its own LICENSE file inside.
  • Other part of the repo: MIT
  • Add examples

    Add examples

    Idea: Translate "example" folder of raylib from C to Lua

    • [x] core (done partially)
    • [x] shapes (done partially)
    • [x] textures (done partially)
    • [x] text (done partially)
    • [ ] models
    • [ ] audio
    • [ ] shaders
    • [ ] physics
    documentation enhancement 
    opened by Rinkaa 2
  • refine xmake build script

    refine xmake build script


    • [ ] ~~One xmake project per binding target language~~ Use is_config to limit project scope add_requires(See: https://github.com/RayquazaGX/swigraylib/commit/d6d3f1849da3a64c710ff76cfaa9e74a4df8a4d6#r57162758)
    • [ ] Remove xrepo install xxx step
    opened by Rinkaa 0
  • code cleanup: elimate all warnings

    code cleanup: elimate all warnings

    • rearrange Color defines, much cleaner now
    • use _Bool instead of int to define bool, to prevent some int return values in C be recognized as boolean values in Lua
    opened by Rinkaa 0
  • Some symbols (mainly macro functions and literals) are missing

    Some symbols (mainly macro functions and literals) are missing

    • [x] Color literals
    • [x] Macro aliases (ie. #define FormatText TextFormat)
    • [x] Typedef aliases (ie. typedef Vector4 Quaternion)
    opened by Rinkaa 0
  • More SWIG style declarations so less work for each target language

    More SWIG style declarations so less work for each target language


    • [ ] Use %typemap to glue up the return value array pointer with the out argument array length;
    • [ ] Use %extend to generate constructor functions for common structs, so we can prepare values during struct instance construction call in most script languages, eg. vec = raylib.Vector2(100,100)
    opened by Rinkaa 1
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