An open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 🎢



An open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. A construction and management simulation video game that simulates amusement park management. Group Park 5


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If you want to help make the game, join the developer channel.

If you need help, want to talk to the developers, or just want to stay up to date then join the non-developer channel for your language.

If you want to help translate the game to your language, please stop by the Localisation channel.

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1. Introduction

OpenRCT2 is an open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (RCT2). The gameplay revolves around building and maintaining an amusement park containing attractions, shops and facilities. The player must try to make a profit and maintain a good park reputation whilst keeping the guests happy. OpenRCT2 allows for both scenario and sandbox play. Scenarios require the player to complete a certain objective in a set time limit whilst sandbox allows the player to build a more flexible park with optionally no restrictions or finance.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 was originally written by Chris Sawyer in x86 assembly and is the sequel to RollerCoaster Tycoon. The engine was based on Transport Tycoon, an older game which also has an equivalent open-source project, OpenTTD. OpenRCT2 attempts to provide everything from RCT2 as well as many improvements and additional features, some of these include support for modern platforms, an improved interface, improved guest and staff AI, more editing tools, increased limits, and cooperative multiplayer. It also re-introduces mechanics from RollerCoaster Tycoon that were not present in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. Some of those include; mountain tool in-game, the "have fun" objective, launched coasters (not passing-through the station) and several buttons on the toolbar.

2. Downloading the game (pre-built)

OpenRCT2 requires original files of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 to play. It can be bought at either Steam or If you have the original RollerCoaster Tycoon and its expansion packs, you can point OpenRCT2 to these in order to play the original scenarios. offers precompiled builds and installers of the latest master and the develop branch. There is also a cross platform Launcher available that will automatically update your build of the game so that you always have the latest version.

Flathub offers flatpaks for Linux distributions that support this application distribution system:

Some Linux distributions offer native packages already. These packages are usually third-party, but we're trying to resolve issues they are facing.

Some *BSD operating systems offer native packages. These packages are usually third-party, but we're trying to resolve issues they are facing.

3. Building the game

3.1 Building prerequisites

OpenRCT2 requires original files of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 to play. It can be bought at either Steam or


  • Visual Studio 2019 (Enterprise / Professional / Community (Free))
    • Desktop development with C++


  • Xcode 10+

The program can also be built as a command line program using CMake. This type of build requires:

  • Xcode Command Line Tools
  • Homebrew
  • CMake (available through Homebrew)


  • sdl2 (only for UI client)
  • freetype (can be disabled)
  • fontconfig (can be disabled)
  • libzip (>= 1.0)
  • libpng (>= 1.2)
  • speexdsp (only for UI client)
  • curl (only if building with http support)
  • nlohmann-json (>= 3.6.0)
  • openssl (>= 1.0; only if building with multiplayer support)
  • icu (>= 59.0)
  • zlib
  • gl (commonly provided by Mesa or GPU vendors; only for UI client, can be disabled)
  • duktape (unless scripting is disabled)
  • cmake
  • innoextract (optional runtime dependency; used for GOG installer extraction during setup)

Refer to for more information about installing the packages.

3.2 Compiling and running


  1. Check out the repository. This can be done using GitHub Desktop or other tools.

  2. Open a new Developer Command Prompt for VS 2019, then navigate to the repository (e.g. cd C:\GitHub\OpenRCT2).

  3. To build the 64-bit version, use msbuild openrct2.proj /t:build /p:platform=x64.

    To build the 32-bit version, use msbuild openrct2.proj /t:build /p:platform=Win32.

  4. Run the game, bin\openrct2

Once you have ran msbuild once, further development can be done within Visual Studio by opening openrct2.sln. Make sure to select the correct target platform for which you ran the build in point #3 (Win32 for the 32-bit version, x64 for the 64-bit version), otherwise the build will fail in Visual Studio.

Other examples:

set platform=x64
msbuild openrct2.proj /t:clean
msbuild openrct2.proj /t:rebuild /p:configuration=release
msbuild openrct2.proj /t:g2
msbuild openrct2.proj /t:PublishPortable



The recommended way of building OpenRCT2 for macOS is with Xcode. The Xcode build will create a self-contained application bundles which include all the necessary game files and dependencies. Open the project file OpenRCT2.xcodeproj in Xcode and build from there. Building this way will handle the dependencies for you automatically. You can also invoke an Xcode build from the command line using xcodebuild.


A command line version of OpenRCT2 can be built using CMake. CMake will retrieve the dependences from Dependencies automatically. You can build the project using CMake using the following commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
ln -s ../data data

Then you can run the game by running ./openrct2.

Detailed instructions can be found on Building OpenRCT2 on macOS using CMake.


The standard CMake build procedure is to install the required libraries, then:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../ # set your standard cmake options, e.g. build type here - For example, -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo
make # you can parallelise your build job with e.g. -j8 or consider using ninja
DESTDIR=. make install # the install target creates all the necessary files in places we expect them

You can also use Ninja in place of Make, if you prefer, see Wiki for details.

Detailed instructions can be found on Building OpenRCT2 on Linux.

4. Contributing

OpenRCT2 uses the gitflow workflow. If you are implementing a new feature or logic from the original game, please branch off and perform pull requests to develop. If you are fixing a bug for the next release, please branch off and perform pull requests to the correct release branch. master only contains tagged releases, you should never branch off this.

Please read our contributing guidelines for information.

4.1 Bug fixes

A list of bugs can be found on the issue tracker. Feel free to work on any bug and submit a pull request to the develop branch with the fix. Mentioning that you intend to fix a bug on the issue will prevent other people from trying as well.

4.2 New features

Please talk to the OpenRCT2 team first before starting to develop a new feature. We may already have plans for or reasons against something that you'd like to work on. Therefore contacting us will allow us to help you or prevent you from wasting any time. You can talk to us via Discord, see links at the top of this page.

4.3 Translation

You can translate the game into other languages by editing the language files in data/language directory. Please join discussions in the #localisation channel on Discord and submit pull requests to OpenRCT2/Localisation.

4.4 Graphics

You can help create new graphics for the game by visiting the OpenGraphics project. 3D modellers needed!

4.5 Audio

You can help create the music and sound effects for the game. Check out the OpenMusic repository and drop by our #open-sound-and-music channel on Discord to find out more.

4.6 Scenarios

We would also like to distribute additional scenarios with the game, when the time comes. For that, we need talented scenario makers! Check out the OpenScenarios repository.

5. Licence

OpenRCT2 is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

6. More information

Similar Projects

OpenLoco OpenTTD openage OpenRA
Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Transport Tycoon Deluxe Age of Empires 2 Red Alert

7. Sponsors

Companies that kindly allow us to use their stuff:

DigitalOcean JetBrains Backtrace
do_logo_vertical_blue svg jetbrains backtrace
Hosting of various services CLion and other products Minidump uploads and inspection
  • OpenRCT2 logo required

    OpenRCT2 logo required

    Before our first pre-release, we need to create a square logo for OpenRCT2 which will be used for the executable / application icon. If there is anyone experienced in illustration art or knows anyone that is and who is up for the task, an SVG submission would be welcome.

    It can be based on one of the original icons for RCT if desired. I also think the icon should have a transparent background with some sort of border rather than a opaque square.


    opened by IntelOrca 117
  • .park implementation

    .park implementation

    This is not a general Q&A thread. Ask any questions on Discord. Questions placed here will be removed. Any issues you find should be reported as regular issues, making sure to mention they only affect the new save format.

    This is still in development, but it's easier to do proper discussion if we have a PR. Hence the "Draft PR".

    Still to implement:

    • [x] Entities
      • [x] Remove all unnecessary fields from SpriteBase (~~LinkedListId, next, previous, next_in_quadrant,~~ flags)
      • [x] Replace sprite_identifier with EntityType (remove sub types for MiscEntities)
      • [x] Replace EntityLists with lists (remove next field)
      • ~~[ ] Invert ownership of entities so that they store in the lists~~
      • ~~[ ] Make entity removal/addition happen at end of tick~~
      • ~~[ ] Replace EntityLists with vectors created on load (remove next field)~~
      • [x] Rework checksum to compute by entity type
      • [x] Rework replays to save by entity type
      • [x] Rework s6 save test to use GameState
      • ~~[ ] Investigate best way to hold all Entity types~~
      • ~~[ ] Move sprite flashing to ui project~~
      • [x] Remove all for loops over entities that use GetEntity (except where required)
      • [x] split guests and staff
    • [x] Research list
    • [x] Cheats (implemented by ZehMatt)
    • [x] Fix crash when raising object limits (#10881)
    • [x] Invisibility flag instead of corrupted elements
    • [x] Revert RidesBeenOn hack
    • [x] Remove gScenarioExpansionPacks (no longer used)
    • [x] Export to .park in crash handling
    • [x] Export to .parkrep in crash handling
    • [x] Handle packing of objects (dat, json, parkobj)
    • [x] Update replay to use .park
    • [x] Allow using new and old object identifiers
    • [x] Handle new object types (station, surface, edge, music)
    • [x] Reserve room for tile element owner
    • [x] Fix scenery window to handle more scenery groups
      • [x] Use full width of window to show list items
      • [x] Fix incorrect title
    • [x] Send park instead of sv6 over network (cheats now in .park data)
    • [x] Splitting paths into path surfaces and path railings
      • [x] Update tile inspector
      • [x] Update plugin framework
      • [x] Use correct yellow bamboo supports
      • [x] Footpath surface objects
        • [x] JSON files
        • [x] Loading code in OpenRCT2
      • [x] Make old-style/legacy paths work as well.
      • [x] Paths without slope railings should not have railings underground
      • [x] Support colours: grey for space supports, yellow for bamboo supports
      • [x] Preview images for path surface and path supports
      • [x] Object Selection window:
        • [x] Preview for path surfaces and railings
        • [x] Tab images for path surfaces and railings
        • [x] Tooltips for legacy footpaths, surfaces and railings
        • [x] Window width
        • [x] Hide legacy footpaths from default view
        • [x] Require at least one regular path, one queue and one path railing selected. (And don't require selecting legacy paths.)
      • [x] Fix paths in track designs
      • [x] Reset footpath selection when loading a new game
      • [x] Path preview for yellow bamboo and grey space supports is broken (Ted)
      • [x] Loading SV6 files with custom objects is broken (Ted)
      • [x] Optionally: make the RCT1 space supports use the images from RCT2 + g1.dat in order to work for everyone (Michael)
    • [x] Set researched ride types, entries and scenery automatically (build pre-researched list automatically)
    • [x] Do we still need gMapBaseZ? Yes
    • [x] Fix money32 / money64 issues
    • [x] Replace gScenarioTicks with gCurrentTicks
    • [x] Staff patrol areas
    • [x] Fix read/write of notifications.
    • [x] Call scenario_remove_trackless_rides() and scenario_fix_ghosts() again (or integrate them)
    • [x] Miscellaneous tab in Scenery window is broken
    • [x] Warn when trying to export JSON objects to TD6
    • [x] Change guest history to real values
    • [x] Scenario editor: Add pay park / pay rides
    • [x] Fix mouse input on zoom x0.5 on half of the map (easy to repro on Electric Fields, left side)
    • [x] Investigate string ID exhaustion
    • [x] Fix park name always being Six Flags
    • [x] Rename objects to
      • [x] Rename space footpath surface to "red tarmac"
    • [x] Remove loading of JSON legacy footpaths (DAT support for them should remain).
    • [x] Fix raised circuit and art deco footpath railings (they should still have queue banners).
    • [x] Allow railings to omit banners (needed for the invisible railings)
    • [x] Include an invisible footpath surface

    PRs to be merged first:

    • [x] Refactor of remaining tile elements:
    • [x] Translate SV6 object offsets to OpenRCT2 ones #10881
    • [x] Rework scenery handling #10922
    • [x] Ride id (needed for more than 255 rides in a park)

    Crashes/faults to address:

    • [x] News history gets corrupted

    Limits to be raised in this PR:

    • [x] 255 stations
    • [x] 2047 small objects
    • [x] 2047 large objects
    • [x] 2047 wall objects
    • [x] 2047 ride types
    • [x] 255 combined path types
    • [x] 255 banner objects
    • [x] 255 path addition objects
    • [x] 16777216 tile elements
    • [x] 65535 sprites
    • [x] 1000 rides in a park
    • [x] 255 trains per ride (from 31) (#714)
    • [x] 256 spawn points (up from 2)

    Stuff to be left for another PR:

    • [ ] More granular Z coordinates for tile elements (making them twice as granular allows for 100% RCT1 compatibility in this area).
    • [ ] Splitting path elements and path additions

    To be decided:

    • [x] Map size (x and y are often saved in 8-bit unsigned variables, which will overflow)
    • [x] Usage of old identifiers:

    Other stuff this PR tackles:

    • [x] Making the Fruity Ices Stall colourable
    • [x] Allow freezing a ride's ratings

    Test notes:

    • [x] Test by loading up an SV6, saving it to .PARK, then reloading that file.
    • [x] Test placing track design (currently crashes in some cases)

    Stuff for the changelog:

    - Feature: [#10664] New save format with increased limits. (put this right on top!)
    - Feature: [#714] Allow up to 255 trains per ride.
    - Feature: [#2253] Path surfaces and railings can be mixed and matched, like in RCT1.
    - Improved: [#10664] Invisibility status is now shown in the Tile Inspector.
    opened by Gymnasiast 104
  • Partially fix compilation on OS X

    Partially fix compilation on OS X

    Currently, building on OS X appears to be broken -- this is a step towards fixing the build process. The changes are made are relatively minor, and will still result in a broken compilation process:a fter my changes, the process errors on the inline assembly in addresses.h, stating "brackets expression not supported on this target". If anyone else could look at that, that'd be grand.

    As for my changes: first off, OS X does not provide a sha256sum tool, which assumes to exist. Instead, we should use shasum -a 256.

    Secondly, clang does not support the var-tracking-assignments flag. I checked why it was introduced using git blame, but there does not seem to be a proper reason? Dropping it results in compilation continuing.

    Finally, limits.h was not included in rect.c, resulting in CHAR_BITS not being defined.

    opened by AaronVanGeffen 91
  • Added build target appbundle on OS X

    Added build target appbundle on OS X

    This resolves #2463

    Thanks to @kkirby for helping with this once we realized we were both working on it at the same time.

    I did add the .icns file to the repository, but I felt that because the file type is similar to the .ico format, the presence of the icon.ico file justifies adding the .icns file. If you disagree, I can use kkriby's script to generate the icon file on build.

    opened by LRFLEW 69
  • Game crashes when switching to OpenGL

    Game crashes when switching to OpenGL

    OS: Windows 7 Version: 0.0.5-1e3504c

    [Explanation of the issue...]

    • [ ] Reproducible in RCT2 (vanilla) - no
    • [ ] Multiplayer? - not tested

    Steps to reproduce: Set renderer to software with hardware display. Then switch to OpenGL

    Error message:

    Probleemhandtekening: Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: APPCRASH Naam van de toepassing: openrct2.exe Versie van toepassing: Tijdstempel van toepassing: 504d6947 Naam van foutmodule: openrct2.dll Versie van foutmodule: Tijdstempel van foutmodule: 5782c991 Uitzonderingscode: c0000005 Uitzonderingsmarge: 00022e99 Versie van besturingssysteem: 6.1.7601. Landinstelling-id: 1043 Aanvullende informatie 1: 0a9e Aanvullende informatie 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Aanvullende informatie 3: 0a9e Aanvullende informatie 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    Screenshots / Video:

    opened by Invictaz 66
  • Add message dialog and directory open dialog on OS X

    Add message dialog and directory open dialog on OS X

    This implements #2471.

    One issue I had was compiling both Objective-C and C++ together. Apparently Objective-C doesn't like the -std flag. To get around this, I split up the c, cpp and mm files into their own variables in the CMakelists file. This way the cpp files get the -std flag, and the mm files don't. I don't know if there is a better option. There was apparently an issue filed in CMake to implement a OBJC_FLAGS variable, but they didn't do it.

    opened by kkirby 59
  • Sse4.1


    This is the same as but with SSE4.1 this time.

    @ZehM4tt can you check this? Especially debug builds.

    Do benchgfx test/tests/testdata/parks/bpb.sv6 before and after this change.

    testing required performance 
    opened by janisozaur 57
  • Add cheat for changing car lengths

    Add cheat for changing car lengths

    When enabled, this cheat allows users to set any train length between 1 and 64, regardless of station length or the normal maximum and minimum length of the train. It also increases the supported maximum length of trains from 16 to 64. It should be noted that rides with trains longer than 16 will not be backward compatible.

    It is known not to work on tower rides or on the reverse freefall coaster - I'm not exactly sure why, but it doesn't seem too much of an issue for now. Also, if there is not room behind the station for the extra cars (either because it's a shuttle coaster or because there's a track merge), then they all just layer on top of one another. I'm not sure what can be done about it - ideally you'd limit the trains to what will fit, but that means traversing the track to determine how much room there is, which seems excessively complex.

    opened by X123M3-256 54
  • Cannot open the damn exe

    Cannot open the damn exe

    So I want to try the OpenRCT and I am pretty noob at setting things up (or things that are new to me) and it just crashed when I try oto open the exe file. I chose the right directory (not the C:/, it is in a USB flash) and jnothing. I tried fiddlling the settings, nope. I tried running it on a command propmpt, nothing. Is there any help at all here? Thanks. I am using win 8 btw


    opened by pGore33p 54
  • Implement several POSIX methods.

    Implement several POSIX methods.

    I'm working on posix.c to get rid of most of the STUB() calls there.

    What's done for now:

    • Implement file copy on POSIX systems; autosave should work now on Mac OS X and Linux. (tested on Arch Linux)
    opened by rubdos 53
  • include correct headers

    include correct headers

    This fixes so that each files includes the headers that it needs. This usually works anyway on gcc but clang is more stricter about this.

    It also changes _stricmp to strcasecmp which I believe to be right based on this:

    opened by LinusU 53
  • [e7c3dd] openrct2.exe: std::_Narrow_char_traits<char,int>::length, FormatArgument, FormatArgumentAny, OpenRCT2::FormatStringA...

    [e7c3dd] openrct2.exe: std::_Narrow_char_traits::length, FormatArgument, FormatArgumentAny, OpenRCT2::FormatStringA...

    New error: [openrct2]
    1 occurrence since (Fri Nov 15 2019 11:27:39)
    Attributes _rxid — 1
    • 0d000000-7eda-6b09-0000-000000000000 — 1

    attachment_config.ini — 1
    • C:\Users\grkim\Documents\OpenRCT2\crash\ff5f7acf-210e-4a18-95ed-2d0909340e32.ini — 1

    assert_failure — 1
    • * — 1

    fault.address — 1
    • 2507183330800 — 1

    version — 1
    • OpenRCT2, v0.4.3-71-gee5540c (ee5540c on develop) provided by GitHub — 1

    error.message — 1

    commit — 1
    • ee5540c — 1

    Classifiers invalid-read
    Frames std::_Narrow_char_traits<char,int>::length FormatArgument FormatArgumentAny OpenRCT2::FormatStringAny FormatStringAny OpenRCT2::FormatStringLegacy std::tuple<int>::{ctor} std::_Compressed_pair<std::allocator<char>,std::_String_val<std::_Simple_types<char> >,1>::{ctor} GuestListWindow::DrawScrollSummarised GuestListWindow::OnScrollDraw std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> >::{ctor} WidgetScrollDraw WidgetDraw WindowDrawWidgets Window::DrawWidgets GuestListWindow::OnDraw window_event_paint_call window_draw_single window_draw_core window_draw invoke std::_Invoker_ret<void>::_Call std::_Func_impl_no_alloc<`window_draw_all'::`2'::<lambda_1>,void,rct_window *>::_Do_call window_visit_each(std::function<void __cdecl window_draw_all OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::DrawDirtyBlocks OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::DrawAllDirtyBlocks OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::PaintWindows OpenRCT2::Paint::Painter::Paint OpenRCT2::Context::Draw OpenRCT2::Context::RunFixedFrame OpenRCT2::Context::RunFrame OpenRCT2::Context::RunGameLoop OpenRCT2::Context::Launch OpenRCT2::Context::RunOpenRCT2 NormalisedMain wmain invoke_main UnhandledExceptionFilter public: virtual CMsgCandidateListUpdate::Read
    opened by OpenRCT2-git-bot 0
  • Selecting

    Selecting "Build Custom Design" when building a maze fails to open construction window

    Operating System

    WIndows 10

    OpenRCT2 build

    OpenRCT2, v0.4.3-70-gc202fd3 (c202fd3 on develop) provided by GitHub

    Base game

    RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

    Area(s) with this issue?

    No response

    Describe the issue

    Selecting "build custom design" when trying to build a maze will fail to open the construction window, meaning custom mazes are impossible at the moment.

    Steps to reproduce

    1. Open the new ride tool
    2. Select maze
    3. Select "build custom design"
    4. Construction window fails to open


    No response

    opened by Derpercoaster 0
  • [6b90c7] openrct2.exe: std::_Narrow_char_traits<char,int>::length, FormatArgument, OpenRCT2::FormatArgumentAny, OpenRCT2::For...

    [6b90c7] openrct2.exe: std::_Narrow_char_traits::length, FormatArgument, OpenRCT2::FormatArgumentAny, OpenRCT2::For...

    New error: [openrct2]
    1 occurrence since (Fri Nov 15 2019 11:27:39)
    Attributes _rxid — 1
    • 08000000-7eda-6b09-0000-000000000000 — 1

    attachment_config.ini — 1
    • C:\Users\tomatoanus\Documents\OpenRCT2\crash\49f6f45d-f765-4b01-aefb-3cbefe470331.ini — 1

    assert_failure — 1
    • * — 1

    fault.address — 1
    • 74965836 — 1

    version — 1
    • OpenRCT2, v0.4.3 (285e0fc on master) provided by GitHub — 1

    error.message — 1

    commit — 1
    • 285e0fc — 1

    Classifiers invalid-read
    Frames std::_Narrow_char_traits<char,int>::length FormatArgument OpenRCT2::FormatArgumentAny OpenRCT2::FormatStringAny FormatStringAny FormatStringLegacy format_string std::tuple<int,int>::{ctor} GuestListWindow::DrawScrollSummarised GuestListWindow::OnScrollDraw std::_Char_traits<char,int>::move WidgetScrollDraw WidgetDraw Window::OnDrawWidget WindowDrawWidgets Window::DrawWidgets GuestListWindow::OnDraw window_event_paint_call window_draw_single window_draw_core window_draw invoke std::_Invoker_ret<void>::_Call std::_Func_impl_no_alloc<`window_draw_all'::`2'::<lambda_1>,void,rct_window *>::_Do_call window_visit_each(std::function<void __cdecl window_draw_all OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::DrawDirtyBlocks OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::DrawAllDirtyBlocks OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::PaintWindows OpenRCT2::Paint::Painter::Paint OpenRCT2::Context::Draw OpenRCT2::Context::RunVariableFrame OpenRCT2::Context::RunFrame OpenRCT2::Context::RunGameLoop OpenRCT2::Context::Launch std::_Compressed_pair<std::allocator<char>,std::_String_val<std::_Simple_types<char> >,1>::{ctor} std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> >::_Construct std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> >::{ctor} nlohmann::detail::parser<nlohmann::basic_json<std::map,std::vector,std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> >,bool,__int64,unsigned __int64,double,std::allocator,nlohmann::adl_serializer,std::vector<unsigned char,std::allocator<unsigned char> > >,nlohmann::detail::iterator_input_adapter<std::_Vector_const_iterator<std::_Vector_val<std::_Simple_types<unsigned char> > > > >::sax_parse_internal<nlohmann::detail::json_sax_dom_callback_parser<nlohmann::basic_json<std::map,std::vector,std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> >,bool,__int64,unsigned __int64,double,std::allocator,nlohmann::adl_serializer,std::vector<unsigned char,std::allocator<unsigned char> > > > > common_tcsncat_s<wchar_t> OpenRCT2::Context::RunOpenRCT2 NormalisedMain wmain invoke_main wmainCRTStartup
    opened by OpenRCT2-git-bot 0
  • [b34e17] openrct2.exe: std::_Narrow_char_traits<char,int>::length, FormatArgument, OpenRCT2::FormatArgumentAny, OpenRCT2::For...

    [b34e17] openrct2.exe: std::_Narrow_char_traits::length, FormatArgument, OpenRCT2::FormatArgumentAny, OpenRCT2::For...

    New error: [openrct2]
    1 occurrence since (Fri Nov 15 2019 11:27:39)
    Attributes _rxid — 1
    • 0b000000-7eda-6b09-0000-000000000000 — 1

    attachment_config.ini — 1
    • C:\Users\tomatoanus\Documents\OpenRCT2\crash\4097a5cc-07a7-40a3-ab7d-40d4622aca22.ini — 1

    assert_failure — 1
    • * — 1

    fault.address — 1
    • 73275036 — 1

    version — 1
    • OpenRCT2, v0.4.3 (285e0fc on master) provided by GitHub — 1

    error.message — 1

    commit — 1
    • 285e0fc — 1

    Classifiers invalid-read
    Frames std::_Narrow_char_traits<char,int>::length FormatArgument OpenRCT2::FormatArgumentAny OpenRCT2::FormatStringAny FormatStringAny FormatStringLegacy format_string std::tuple<int,int>::{ctor} GuestListWindow::DrawScrollSummarised GuestListWindow::OnScrollDraw std::_Char_traits<char,int>::move WidgetScrollDraw WidgetDraw Window::OnDrawWidget WindowDrawWidgets Window::DrawWidgets GuestListWindow::OnDraw window_event_paint_call window_draw_single window_draw_core window_draw invoke std::_Invoker_ret<void>::_Call std::_Func_impl_no_alloc<`window_draw_all'::`2'::<lambda_1>,void,rct_window *>::_Do_call window_visit_each(std::function<void __cdecl window_draw_all OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::DrawDirtyBlocks OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::DrawAllDirtyBlocks OpenRCT2::Drawing::X8DrawingEngine::PaintWindows OpenRCT2::Paint::Painter::Paint viewports_invalidate EntityBase::Invalidate OpenRCT2::Context::Draw OpenRCT2::Context::RunVariableFrame OpenRCT2::Context::RunFrame OpenRCT2::Context::RunGameLoop OpenRCT2::Context::Launch yuv420_rgb24_sseu OpenRCT2::Context::RunOpenRCT2 NormalisedMain wmain invoke_main wmainCRTStartup
    opened by OpenRCT2-git-bot 0
  • [69c3a5] openrct2.exe: ObjectManager::LoadObjects, OpenRCT2::Title::TitleSequencePlayer::LoadParkFromStream, OpenRCT2::Title:...

    [69c3a5] openrct2.exe: ObjectManager::LoadObjects, OpenRCT2::Title::TitleSequencePlayer::LoadParkFromStream, OpenRCT2::Title:...

    New error: [openrct2]
    1 occurrence since (Fri Nov 15 2019 11:27:39)
    Attributes _rxid — 1
    • 07000000-7eda-6b09-0000-000000000000 — 1

    attachment_config.ini — 1
    • C:\Users\filip\Documents\OpenRCT2\crash\09182110-eca6-481b-a2c6-8c508bc135e6.ini — 1

    assert_failure — 1
    • Location: RegisterLoadedObject:283 — 1

    fault.address — 1
    • 18446744073709551615 — 1

    version — 1
    • OpenRCT2, v0.4.3 (285e0fc on master) provided by GitHub — 1

    error.message — 1

    commit — 1
    • 285e0fc — 1

    Classifiers invalid-read
    Frames ObjectManager::LoadObjects OpenRCT2::Title::TitleSequencePlayer::LoadParkFromStream OpenRCT2::Title::TitleSequencePlayer::Update OpenRCT2::TitleScreen::Load title_load game_load_or_quit_no_save_prompt SavePromptWindow::OnMouseUp std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> >::{ctor} InputStateWidgetPressed GameHandleInputMouse GameHandleInput ContextHandleInput OpenRCT2::GameState::Tick OpenRCT2::Context::Tick OpenRCT2::Context::RunFixedFrame OpenRCT2::Context::RunFrame OpenRCT2::Context::RunGameLoop OpenRCT2::Context::Launch OpenRCT2::Context::RunOpenRCT2 NormalisedMain wmain invoke_main
    opened by OpenRCT2-git-bot 0
  • Make construction window wider

    Make construction window wider

    This specifically only makes the window wider, shifts the elements to the centre and does nothing else. That will be done in followup PRs.


    I was thinking it might be handy for e.g. including the vertical drop pieces in the same row instead of shuffling.

    opened by Gymnasiast 0
  • v0.4.3(Dec 14, 2022)

    • Feature: [#17782] The Flying Coaster now has access to boosters and can draw outside loops.
    • Feature: [#17997] The Log Flume can now draw steep pieces down (if vehicle allows it).
    • Feature: [#18312, objects#220, OpenSFX#13] New sound effects for the Hybrid and Single Rail roller coasters.
    • Feature: [#18675] [Plugin] Plugins can refer to g2 image icons by name.
    • Feature: [objects#173] Add alpine coaster vehicle.
    • Feature: [objects#221] Add two extra jungle walls.
    • Feature: [objects#225] Add log cabin roofs.
    • Feature: [OpenMusic#14, OpenMusic#15, OpenMusic#18] Added Galaxy, Acid and Dodgems ride music styles.
    • Improved: [#18013, #18016, #18018, #18019, #18514, objects#224] Added colour presets to Spiral Slide, Dodgems, Boat Hire, Flying Saucers, and Car Ride.
    • Improved: [#18024] Clearer error messages when loading incompatible .park files.
    • Improved: [#18192] Tycoon Park has been added to the Extras tab.
    • Improved: [#18214] Competition scenarios have received their own section.
    • Improved: [#18250] Added modern style file and folder pickers on Windows.
    • Improved: [#18332] Allow Inverted Roller Coaster to draw boosters.
    • Improved: [#18350] Changed ride vehicle list to have less padding.
    • Improved: [#18422] Allow adding images to music objects.
    • Improved: [#18428] [Plugin] Add widget description interfaces to documentation.
    • Improved: [#18487] Mini Helicopters track can now draw spinning tunnels.
    • Improved: [#18591] Order RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 scenarios by difficulty.
    • Improved: [#18607] A new tab for all UCES Scenarios, if it’s installed.
    • Improved: [#18621] OpenGL performance.
    • Change: [#17677] Open campaign window from finished campaign news.
    • Change: [#17998] Show cursor when using inverted mouse dragging.
    • Change: [#18230] Make the large flat to steep pieces available on the corkscrew roller coaster without cheats.
    • Change: [#18381] Convert custom invisible paths to the built-in ones.
    • Change: [OpenSFX#11, OpenMusic#19] First implementation of official replacement asset packs for sound effects & music.
    • Fix: [#1491] Clearance of the Cash Machine is too low (original bug).
    • Fix: [#1519] “See-through rides” doesn't affect all rides (original bug).
    • Fix: [#6341] “Unlock vehicle limits” does not allow setting fewer vehicles than the vehicle type requires.
    • Fix: [#14312] Research ride type message incorrect.
    • Fix: [#14425] Ride ratings do not skip unallocated ride ids.
    • Fix: [#15969] Guests heading for ride use vanilla behaviour
    • Fix: [#17067] Random Staff Patrol Area clicks.
    • Fix: [#17316] Sides of River Rapids’ corners overlay other parts of the track.
    • Fix: [#17657] When switching from buying land rights to buying construction rights, grid disables and won't re-enable afterwards.
    • Fix: [#17763] Missing validation on invalid characters in file name.
    • Fix: [#17853] Invention name tears while being dragged.
    • Fix: [#18064] Unable to dismiss notification messages.
    • Fix: [#18070] Underground entrance/exit shows through terrain walls (original bug).
    • Fix: [#18094] Underground shops & facilities don't show when adjacent to non-underground path (original bug).
    • Fix: [#18122] Ghosts count towards “Great scenery!” guest thought.
    • Fix: [#18134] Underground on-ride photo section partially clips through adjacent terrain edge.
    • Fix: [#18244] Invention DragWindow's starting position is inconsistent.
    • Fix: [#18245] Guests stopping dead in their tracks at railway crossings.
    • Fix: [#18257] Guests ‘waiting’ on extended railway crossings.
    • Fix: [#18354] Overwrite alert does not show when save name has different casing on Windows.
    • Fix: [#18379] Tunnel entrances for underground Mini Golf Hole E are not rendered correctly.
    • Fix: [#18442] About window background is clickable.
    • Fix: [#18449] [Plugin] Change type of listview widgets from 'scroll_view' to 'listview'.
    • Fix: [#18453] Slow walking guests don't get across level crossings in time.
    • Fix: [#18469] Land rights window buttons incorrectly disabled and markers remain visible indefinitely.
    • Fix: [#18459] ‘Highlight path issues’ hides fences for paths with additions.
    • Fix: [#18552] Trains clipping through helixes.
    • Fix: [#18576] Cannot open parks with certain types of corrupt tile elements.
    • Fix: [#18606] JSON objects do not take priority over the DAT files they supersede.
    • Fix: [#18620] [Plugin] Crash when reading widget properties from windows that have both static and tab widgets.
    • Fix: [#18653] Negative ratings multipliers do not appear in Vehicle tab.
    • Fix: [#18696] Construction rights cannot be viewed after all are purchased.
    • Fix: [#18720] Upwards helix is enabled for the Alpine Coaster, even when cheats are off.
    • Fix: [#18755] Ferris Wheel and Circus ghosts not coloured correctly.
    • Fix: [#18802] Game could crash when determining if a mechanic is heading to fix the ride blocking the path.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.3-android-arm.apk(11.47 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.3-linux-x86_64.AppImage(50.07 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(99.92 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.3-windows-installer-win32.exe(28.09 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.3-windows-installer-x64.exe(28.74 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.4.2(Oct 5, 2022)

    • Feature: [#6326] Ability to load .SV6 files from RCT Classic that have more than 9601 guests.
    • Feature: [#6570, #10860, #17929] Fully support RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic as a RCT2 base install path.
    • Feature: [#13634] Add ability to sell merchandise in random colours.
    • Feature: [#16164] Add new track elements for Flying Coaster and Lay-Down Coaster and add paint code for more elements.
    • Feature: [#16283] Added parkinfo command line tool to list objects in a save file.
    • Feature: [#16662] Show a warning message when g2.dat is mismatched.
    • Feature: [#17107] Ride operating settings can be set via text input.
    • Feature: [#17638] Added Zero G rolls, medium loops and large corkscrews to the Hybrid and Single-Rail coasters.
    • Feature: [#17821] [Plugin] Add API for track subpositions and vehicle subposition.
    • Feature: [#17877] Add three real-life flying roller coaster colour schemes.
    • Feature: [#17900] Add “Classic Wooden Coaster” with shallow banked turns.
    • Feature: [#18057] Staff members now wait for passing or stalled vehicles before crossing railway tracks.
    • Feature: [#18168] Add additional track pieces to the LIM Launched Coaster and the Looping Coaster.
    • Feature: [objects#198] Add additional pirate roofs.
    • Feature: [objects#205] Add additional glass roofs.
    • Feature: [objects#209] Add the Steel Roller Coaster train and 2-across Inverted Train from RollerCoaster Tycoon 1.
    • Feature: [#18050] Add asset pack manager and asset packs.
    • Improved: [#15358] Park and scenario names can now contain up to 128 characters.
    • Improved: [#15589] Numpad Enter can now be used to close text input.
    • Improved: [#16819] Don’t prompt to “Save game as” when saving a loaded saved game (excepting autosaves).
    • Improved: [#16840] Add support for rectangular heightmaps.
    • Improved: [#17575] You can now search for Authors in Object Selection.
    • Improved: [#17806] Added warning when using RCT1 objects without RCT1 linked.
    • Improved: [#17868] [Plugin] You can now change active tab of a custom window programmatically.
    • Improved: [#17909] Track elements that are not supported by any train are now hidden by default.
    • Improved: [#17924] Improved performance when loading JSON object images from a .DAT file.
    • Improved: [#17955] Modifying ratings via in-game console is now multiplayer-safe and also freezes the ratings.
    • Improved: [#18177] [Plugin] Widget tooltips can now be read and changed.
    • Change: [#9104] Calculate maze support costs.
    • Change: [#17319] Giant screenshots are now cropped to the horizontal view-clipping selection.
    • Change: [#17499] Update error text when using vehicle incompatible with TD6 and add error when using incompatible track elements.
    • Change: [#17655] Lower default price for the Crooked House.
    • Change: [#17745] Make maintenance cost of Mini-Golf more balanced.
    • Change: [#17762] Use vertical tabs in the New Game dialog.
    • Change: [#18113] Increased limit of Loan Interest in Scenario Editor to 255%.
    • Fix: [#5141] Headless server is counted as a player.
    • Fix: [#7466] Coaster track not drawn at tunnel exit.
    • Fix: [#10535] Guests getting stuck at specific level crossings.
    • Fix: [#14337] Guest blocking ride entrance after ride price changed to be unaffordable.
    • Fix: [#15328] Wooden Roller Coaster incorrectly draws a railing on the first station piece (original bug).
    • Fix: [#16392] Scenery on sloped surface is placed at wrong height.
    • Fix: [#16476] The game sometimes crashes when demolishing a maze.
    • Fix: [#17053] Crash when trying to open files under 4 bytes in length.
    • Fix: [#17312] (Flying) Inline Twist appearing under the surface when placed on ground level.
    • Fix: [#17339] Distorted visuals when changing scaling factor between integer numbers in OpenGL rendering mode.
    • Fix: [#17394] Six-seater Hyper-Twister Trains focuses ride window camera on Car 2 rather than Car 1 (original bug).
    • Fix: [#17430] Possible crash when toggling tile element visibility in multiplayer.
    • Fix: [#17444] “Manta Ray” boats slowed down too much in “Ayers Rock” scenario (original bug).
    • Fix: [#17503] Parks with staff with an ID of 0 have all staff windows focus on that staff.
    • Fix: [#17508] Grid doesn’t disable after setting patrol area.
    • Fix: [#17532] Object Selection window allows unselecting all station types.
    • Fix: [#17533] Missing audio when specifying ‘--rct2-data-path’.
    • Fix: [#17535] Multiplayer desync when placing rides with scenery.
    • Fix: [#17541] Station style not correctly saved to TD6.
    • Fix: [#17542] Stalls will autorotate towards paths outside the park.
    • Fix: [#17544, #17754] Visual glitches in Invention List window.
    • Fix: [#17553] Crash when moving invention list items to empty list.
    • Fix: [#17571] All researched tracked rides show up as new vehicles in .park scenarios.
    • Fix: [#17600] Notifications are not properly cleared when loading a park.
    • Fix: [#17605] Crash when opening parks which have had objects removed externally.
    • Fix: [#17639, 17735] When building upside down, the special elements list contains many items twice (original bug).
    • Fix: [#17664] Unable to save after an extended period of time due to inactive ride music data leaking.
    • Fix: [#17703] (undefined string) when building on invalid height.
    • Fix: [#17776] “Other Parks” tab uses separate lists for SC4/SC6 and .park scenarios.
    • Fix: [#17784] Colour preset RNG is biased (original bug).
    • Fix: [#17788] Guests could leave queue if another guest rejoins it from the entrance building.
    • Fix: [#17834] Finance window becomes blank after 4096 years.
    • Fix: [#17816] Option to pause game when Steam Overlay is active is not greyed out when using the OpenGL renderer.
    • Fix: [#17897] Guest can get stuck on tiles with construction rights outside the park.
    • Fix: [#17904] Trees are removed at no cost to make way for ride entrance/exits.
    • Fix: [#17905] The chain button in the map window is enabled for rectangular maps when (re)opened.
    • Fix: [#17931] The in-game command ‘count_objects’ crashes the game.
    • Fix: [#17865] With difficult guest generation, tested but unopened rides still contribute to the guest cap.
    • Fix: [#17866] [Plugin] Wrong Soft Guest Cap at start of new game.
    • Fix: [#17889] Peeps don’t stop at level railway crossings if approached from downhill.
    • Fix: [#17980] Queue lines of track designs mess up existing queue lines if dragged through them.
    • Fix: [#17959] Areas marked for dirty drawing are too large.
    • Fix: [#17963] Some marketing campaigns can’t be started after Finances window tab has been on Research.
    • Fix: [#17964] Sprites don’t show up on two sides of the view-clip selection.
    • Fix: [#17966] Reversed steel trains do not properly import from S4.
    • Fix: [#17973] Bins and lamps overlay parts of the land (original bug).
    • Fix: [#18008] Steeplechase S-bends has multiple gaps visible in the tracks (original bug).
    • Fix: [#18009] Visual glitch with litter at edge of sloped path.
    • Fix: [#18025] Fix land ownership in Six Holland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, North America - Grand Canyon and Asia - Great Wall of China Tourism Enhancement scenarios.
    • Fix: [#18026] Park rating drops to 0 with more than 32k guests, total ride excitement or intensity.
    • Fix: [#18032] All non-interactive widgets (labels, groupboxes) produce sound when clicked.
    • Fix: [#18035] Favourited servers don’t get their online status updated.
    • Fix: [#18051] Visual glitch with Mine Ride’s large unbanked turn (original bug).
    • Fix: [#18059] [Plugin] Width and height of custom window not changeable via script.
    • Fix: [#18063] Guests can stop for all kinds of actions at railway crossing.
    • Fix: [#18087] Bank balance is clamped to a 32-bit integer every transaction.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.2-android-arm.apk(11.35 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.2-linux-x86_64.AppImage(49.45 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(97.99 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.2-windows-installer-win32.exe(19.92 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.2-windows-installer-x64.exe(20.66 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.4.1(Jul 4, 2022)

    • Feature: [#16825] Add Alpine Coaster track type.
    • Feature: [#17011] Option to show ride vehicles as separate entries when selecting a ride to construct.
    • Feature: [#17217] Add FLAC and OGG/vorbis as supported audio formats for ride music objects.
    • Feature: [#12328, #17418] Add vehicles for the Hybrid Coaster, Single-Rail Roller Coaster and Classic Mini Roller Coaster.
    • Improved: [#7983] The red colour in the ride stat screen and the ride graphs now corresponds better to negative effects on a ride’s stats.
    • Improved: [#13966] Music Style dropdown is now sorted by name.
    • Improved: [#16978] Tree placement is more natural during map generation.
    • Improved: [#16992] The checkbox in the visibility column of the Tile Inspector has been replaced with an eye symbol.
    • Improved: [#16999] The maximum price for the park entry has been raised to £999.
    • Improved: [#17050] Transparency can be enabled directly without needing see-through enabled first.
    • Improved: [#17059] Show Tile Inspector usage hint when nothing is selected.
    • Improved: [#17199] Allow creation of Spiral Slide reskins.
    • Improved: [#17242] More natural looking shorelines in map generator.
    • Improved: [#17328] Parks can now be resized into rectangular shapes from the map and map generation windows.
    • Change: [#16952] Make “Object Selection” order more coherent.
    • Change: [#17002] Weather no longer resets when converting a save to scenario.
    • Change: [#17294] New ride window remembers scroll position per tab instead of highlighted ride.
    • Removed: [#16864] Title sequence editor (replaced by plug-in).
    • Removed: [#16911, #17411] Residual support for pre-Vista Windows systems.
    • Fix: [#13997] Placing a track design interferes with other players building a ride.
    • Fix: [#15787] When deselecting "Show banner text in upper case", the banners remain upper case for 10 seconds.
    • Fix: [#16539] CustomListView header not clickable when listview is scrolled.
    • Fix: [#16799] Browsing “Up” in the Load Save window shows no files, only folders.
    • Fix: [#16934] Park size displayed incorrectly in Park window.
    • Fix: [#16974] Small scenery ghosts can be deleted.
    • Fix: [#16989] Re-focusing maximised window triggers a restore and maximise.
    • Fix: [#17005] Unable to set patrol area for first staff member in park.
    • Fix: [#17017] [Plugin] Crash when using tile element properties that require a valid ride to be linked.
    • Fix: [#17073] Corrupt ride window and random crashes when trains have more than 144 cars.
    • Fix: [#17080] “Remove litter” cheat does not empty litter bins.
    • Fix: [#17099] Object selection thumbnail box is one pixel too tall.
    • Fix: [#17104] Changing map size does not invalidate park size.
    • Fix: [#17157] Crash when browsing “Up” to folder with CJK characters in its name.
    • Fix: [#17187] Text input window does not resize correctly.
    • Fix: [#17197] Segfault when extracting files from the GOG installer.
    • Fix: [#17205] Map generator sometimes crashes when not all standard terrain objects are available.
    • Fix: [#17221] Object ghosts and tooltips follow invisible cursor when moving the viewport by right-click dragging.
    • Fix: [#17255] Cursor position is incorrect when adjusting terrain and water height.
    • Fix: [#17257] [Plugin] Add tertiary colour to large scenery scripting API.
    • Fix: [#17261] Hand cursor position is incorrect when dragging items in the Inventions List window.
    • Fix: [#17292] Rows in shortcut key list stay highlighted when cursor leaves list.
    • Fix: [#17295] Pause status not cleared when loading a scenario made from a converted paused save.
    • Fix: [#17310] Reversed reversible vehicles not imported properly when loading RCT1 parks.
    • Fix: [#17335] [Plugin] Documentation has an incorrect type for PixelData ‘data’ attribute.
    • Fix: [#17337] Air Powered Vertical Coaster trains not imported properly when loading RCT1 parks.
    • Fix: [#17346] Surface height markers are concealed by sprites of same surface.
    • Fix: [#17369] [Plugin] ‘Car.travelBy()’ moves other cars as well.
    • Fix: [#17377] When building the park entrance before opening the Footpaths window, the path will be invisible.
    • Fix: [#17381] Air Powered Vertical Coaster stat penalty is wrong.
    • Fix: [#17399] Guests never generate the being watched thought.
    • Fix: [#17433] Wrong T-shirt colours for guests on a Twist ride.
    • Fix: [#17450] Ducks can swim on three-corners-up land tile.
    • Fix: [#17461] Footpath Railing tooltip showing incorrect tooltip.
    • Fix: [#17464] Green Tarmac footpath is not available in the Track Designer.
    • Fix: [#17466] New object types not packed in save files.
    • Fix: [#17481] Roto-drop cars try going up to top pieces that are ghosts or belong to other rides.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.1-android-arm.apk(11.00 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage(48.13 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(83.23 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.1-windows-installer-win32.exe(19.12 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.1-windows-installer-x64.exe(19.85 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.4.0(Apr 25, 2022)

    • Headline feature: [#10664] New save format with increased limits.
    • Feature: [#714] Allow up to 255 trains per ride.
    • Feature: [#2253] Path surfaces and railings can be mixed and matched, like in RCT1.
    • Feature: [#2766] The Fruity Ices Stall can now be recoloured, like in RCT1.
    • Feature: [#4933] Allow map sizes of 999 × 999 (up from 254 × 254).
    • Feature: [#7660] Custom music objects that are distributed with the save.
    • Feature: [#8407] Ride platforms can be made invisible.
    • Feature: [#12793] Add Excitement/Intensity/Nausea ratings to Ride List view with sorting.
    • Feature: [#13858] Flatride bases can be made invisible.
    • Feature: [#14676] [Plugin] Allow plugins to store data in .park files.
    • Feature: [#15367] Individual track elements can now be drawn as another ride type.
    • Feature: [#15901] [Plugin] Add ‘map.getAllEntitiesOnTile’ to API.
    • Feature: [#16029] [Plugin] Add ‘TrackElement.rideType’ to API.
    • Feature: [#16097] The Looping Roller Coaster can now draw all elements from the LIM Launched Roller Coaster.
    • Feature: [#16132, #16389] The Corkscrew, Twister and Vertical Drop Roller Coasters can now draw inline twists.
    • Feature: [#16144] [Plugin] Add ‘ImageManager’ to API.
    • Feature: [#16707] [Plugin] Implement intransient plugins.
    • Feature: [#16707] [Plugin] New API for current mode, ‘map.change’ hook and toolbox menu items on title screen.
    • Feature: [#16731] [Plugin] New API for fetching and manipulating a staff member’s patrol area.
    • Feature: [#16800] [Plugin] Add lift hill speed properties to API.
    • Feature: [#16806] Parkobj can load sprites from RCT image archives.
    • Feature: [#16831] Allow tertiary colours for small and large scenery objects.
    • Feature: [#16872] [Plugin] Add support for custom images.
    • Improved: [#3517] Cheats are now saved with the park.
    • Improved: [#10150] Ride stations are now properly checked if they’re sheltered.
    • Improved: [#10664, #16072] Visibility status can be modified directly in the Tile Inspector’s list.
    • Improved: [#16251] Plugin API handles null values better.
    • Improved: [#16251] openrct2.d.ts: mark ‘callback’ argument of queryAction and executeAction as optional.
    • Improved: [#16251] openrct2.d.ts: change ‘network.status’ to ‘network.mode’ in network API docs.
    • Improved: [#16251] openrct2.d.ts: added previously undocumented ‘GroupBoxWidget.text’ property.
    • Improved: [#16251] openrct2.d.ts: removed unused ‘LabelWidget.onChange’ property.
    • Improved: [#16258] Increased image limit in the engine.
    • Improved: [#16408] Improve ‘--version’ cli option to report more compatibility information.
    • Improved: [#16740] Allow staff patrol areas to be defined with individual tiles rather than groups of 4x4.
    • Improved: [#16764] [Plugin] Add hook ‘’, called before the map is saved.
    • Improved: [#16925] The queue length of 1000 guests is lifted, and a warning for too long queues is added instead.
    • Change: [#14484] Make the Heartline Twister coaster ratings a little bit less hateful.
    • Change: [#16077] When importing SV6 files, the RCT1 land types are only added when they were actually used.
    • Change: [#16424] Following an entity in the title sequence no longer toggles underground view when it’s underground.
    • Change: [#16493] Boat Hire and Submarine Ride support costs now match their visual appearance.
    • Change: [#16710] Changed default view of Guest List to ‘Thoughts’ and selected tab will default to ‘Summarised’ (when opened from the menu).
    • Change: [#16859] Guests with umbrellas no longer always avoid going into a Maze.
    • Change: [#16912] Tired or nauseated guests will no longer jump in a Maze.
    • Fix: [#6767] Black screen after Alt-Tabbing back into the game.
    • Fix: [#11752] Track pieces with fractional cost are too cheap to build.
    • Fix: [#12556] Allow game to run without audio devices.
    • Fix: [#12774] [Plugin] Scripts will not be re-initialised when a new scenario is loaded from within a running scenario.
    • Fix: [#13336] Can no longer place Bumble Bee track design (reverts #12707).
    • Fix: [#14155] Map Generator sometimes places non-tree objects as trees.
    • Fix: [#14674] Recent Messages only shows first few notifications.
    • Fix: [#14920] Ghosts for rides and shops do not auto-elevate when obscured.
    • Fix: [#15413] Modifying park rating with plugins desyncs park rating history from actual park rating.
    • Fix: [#15571] Non-ASCII characters in scenario description get distorted while saving.
    • Fix: [#15830] Objects with RCT1 images are very glitchy if OpenRCT2 is not linked to an RCT1 install.
    • Fix: [#15909] Text can overflow in ‘Select ride design’ windows.
    • Fix: [#15947, #15960] Removing a flat ride results in an error message and duplicate structures.
    • Fix: [#15998] Cannot set map size to the actual maximum.
    • Fix: [#16007] Scenario Editor “Entry Price” appears to the right of the value field.
    • Fix: [#16008] Tile Inspector can select elements from last tile without reselecting it.
    • Fix: [#16024] Go-Karts with more than 32 vehicles do not colour themselves correctly.
    • Fix: [#16026] Newly created rides with “Disable vehicle limits” cheat always get 32 trains with 12 cars each.
    • Fix: [#16063] Object Selection preview for objects with glass is broken.
    • Fix: [#16075] Exporting track designs saves scenery in incorrect locations.
    • Fix: [#16087] The Looping Roller Coaster booster is now always drawn correctly.
    • Fix: [#16140] The ‘Follow this’ option is now disabled when the ride view is set to ‘overall’ or a station.
    • Fix: [#16162] Go Karts speeds are not correctly randomised, they only go very fast or very slow.
    • Fix: [#16188] Medium-size banked turns on the Twister and Vertical Roller Coaster have incorrect support placement (partly original bug).
    • Fix: [#16264, #16572] Placing saved track design crashes game.
    • Fix [#16308] Crash when trying to place down a ride on Android.
    • Fix: [#16327] Crash on malformed network packet.
    • Fix: [#16449] [Plugin] Viewport doesn't hide when switching tabs.
    • Fix: [#16450] Banner style not copied when using tile inspector.
    • Fix: [#16535] Entering construction mode unblocks all paths.
    • Fix: [#16542] “Same price throughout park” status not correctly imported for RCT1 saves.
    • Fix: [#16572] Crash when trying to place track designs.
    • Fix: [#16591] [Plugin] ‘setInterval’ and ‘setTimeout’ is not disposed when map unloads.
    • Fix: [#16711] [Plugin] ‘Car.rideObject’ overflowing with more than 256 ride types.
    • Fix: [#16779] Fix case where title music doesn't unmute properly.
    • Fix: [#16808] Incorrect track design serialisation causing vehicle object replacement.
    • Fix: [#16869] Soft Toy Stall cannot be recoloured, but shows a recolouring option anyway (original bug).
    • Fix: [#16995] Native Linux dialog windows do not open if the path contains single quotes.
    • Fix: [objects#165] Glitch when Bengal Tiger Cars go through a corner.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.0-android-arm.apk(10.82 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.0-linux-i686.tar.gz(69.89 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.0-linux-x86_64.AppImage(46.06 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(80.24 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.0-windows-installer-win32.exe(18.06 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.4.0-windows-installer-x64.exe(18.85 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.3.5.1(Nov 21, 2021)

    • Improved: [#12825, #12869] The Tile Inspector window’s layout has been tweaked slightly.
    • Change: [#15899] Weird bonus for path 0 - likely intended as a queue bonus (original bug).
    • Fix: [#15138] Sometimes small scenery stays when building through it.
    • Fix: [#15620] Placing track designs at locations blocked by anything results in wrong error message.
    • Fix: [#15843] Tile Inspector can be resized too small.
    • Fix: [#15844] Tile Inspector has inconsistent text colours.
    • Fix: [#15878] Crash when opening a ride window for a corrupted vehicle.
    • Fix: [#15908] Crash when track elements have no ride assigned.
    • Fix: [#15919] Research status incorrectly considered for scenery when in editor modes.
    • Fix: [#15938] Track designs of some ride types are incorrectly exported to TD6.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2- MB)
    OpenRCT2- MB)
    OpenRCT2- MB)
    OpenRCT2- MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2- MB)
    OpenRCT2- MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.3.5(Nov 6, 2021)

    • Feature: [#3868] Initial support for using TTF in OpenGL mode (still contains bugs).
    • Feature: [#7682] Follow ride/guest/staff in main window viewport.
    • Feature: [#13407] Allow building chain lifts on enclosed dinghy slide pieces when cheats are on.
    • Feature: [#15084] [Plugin] Add "vehicle.crash" hook.
    • Feature: [#15143] Added a shortcut key for Giant Screenshot.
    • Feature: [#15164] Highlight elements selected by the Tile Inspector, tracks are currently not supported.
    • Feature: [#15165] [Plugin] Add the ability to create entities using "map.createEntity".
    • Feature: [#15194] [Plugin] Add guest properties, ride downtime and park casualty penalty.
    • Feature: [#15195] Added a bug-report item in file dropdown menu.
    • Feature: [#15294] New vehicle animation type: flying animal.
    • Fix: [#10614] Track Designs with missing path(s) do not use alternate pathways.
    • Fix: [#12981] New vehicles do not appear in vehicle type dropdown.
    • Fix: [#13465] Creating a scenario based on a won save game results in a scenario that’s instantly won.
    • Fix: [#13912] “Dome park” no longer renders dome correctly.
    • Fix: [#14316] Closing the Track Designs Manager window causes broken state.
    • Fix: [#14482, #15258] Rides with invisibility hacks sometimes behave incorrectly.
    • Fix: [#14649] ImageImporter incorrectly remaps colours outside the RCT2 palette.
    • Fix: [#14667] “Extreme Hawaiian Island” has unpurchaseable land tiles (original bug).
    • Fix: [#14741] Crash when exiting OpenRCT2 on macOS.
    • Fix: [#15096] Crash when placing entrances in the scenario editor near the map corner.
    • Fix: [#15136] Exported SV6 files cause vanilla RCT2 to hang.
    • Fix: [#15142] ToonTowner's mine roofs were moved into the pirate theme scenery group instead of the mine theme scenery group.
    • Fix: [#15148] Track Designs Manager delete confirmation window doesn't display properly.
    • Fix: [#15170] Plugin: incorrect label text alignment.
    • Fix: [#15177] Crash in lightfx_add_lights_magic_vehicle().
    • Fix: [#15184] Crash when hovering over water types in Object Selection.
    • Fix: [#15193] Crash when rides/stalls are demolished.
    • Fix: [#15197] Cannot place flat ride after removing it in construction window.
    • Fix: [#15199] Construction window is not closed when a ride gets demolished.
    • Fix: [#15213] Freeze when hovering over Reverse Freefall Coaster in Russian.
    • Fix: [#15227] Crash on exit after hovering over water types in the Object Selection window.
    • Fix: [#15255] Tile Inspector shows banner information on walls that do not contain one.
    • Fix: [#15257] Chat icon shows in scenario/track editor. Other icons don't disable when deactivated in options menu.
    • Fix: [#15289] Unexpected behavior with duplicated banners which also caused desyncs in multiplayer.
    • Fix: [#15322] Circus music doesn't play.
    • Fix: [#15377] Entrance/exit ghost doesn't work on different stations without touching them first.
    • Fix: [#15451] Guest list name filter remains after group selection.
    • Fix: [#15466] Crash when opening a dropdown with 0 rows.
    • Fix: [#15476] Crash when placing/clearing small scenery.
    • Fix: [#15487] Map animations do not work correctly when loading an exported SV6 file in vanilla RCT2.
    • Fix: [#15490] Tile inspector needlessly updates clearance height when changing surface slopes.
    • Fix: [#15496] Crash in paint_swinging_inverter_ship_structure().
    • Fix: [#15503] Freeze when doing specific coaster merges with block brakes.
    • Fix: [#15514] Two different “quit to menu” menu items are available in track designer and track design manager.
    • Fix: [#15560] Memory leak due to OpenGL Renderer not releasing a texture.
    • Fix: [#15567] Litter not being counted correctly during Park rating calculation (original bug).
    • Fix: [#15579] Crash in track_block_get_next().
    • Fix: [#15582] [Plugin] Litter properties return incorrect values.
    • Fix: [#15584] Ride income underflows when on-ride photos are making losses.
    • Fix: [#15612] Crash when placing walls beside certain scenery objects.
    • Fix: [#15851] Incorrect percentage chance of jumping with Katie Smith cheat.
    • Fix: [#15858] Joanne Barton and Emma Garrell cheat incorrectly not applying effects to self.
    • Improved: [#3417] Crash dumps are now placed in their own folder.
    • Improved: [#13524] macOS arm64 native (universal) app
    • Improved: [#15538] Software rendering can now draw in parallel when Multithreading is enabled.
    • Change: [#8601] Revert ToonTower base block fix to re-enable support blocking.
    • Change: [#15174] [Plugin] Deprecate the type "peep" and add support to target a specific scripting api version.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.5-android-arm.apk(10.98 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.5-linux-i686.tar.gz(10.62 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.5-linux-x86_64.AppImage(39.84 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.5-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(70.45 MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.5-windows-installer-win32.exe(12.65 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.5-windows-installer-x64.exe(13.32 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.3.4(Jul 19, 2021)

    • Feature: [#13967] Track List window now displays the path to the design when debugging tools are on.
    • Feature: [#14071] “Vandals stopped” statistic for security guards.
    • Feature: [#14169] Lighting effects for shops and stalls.
    • Feature: [#14296] Allow using early scenario completion in multiplayer.
    • Feature: [#14538] [Plugin] Add property for getting current plugin api version.
    • Feature: [#14620] [Plugin] Add properties related to guest generation.
    • Feature: [#14636] [Plugin] Add properties related to climate and weather.
    • Feature: [#14731] Opaque water (like in RCT1).
    • Change: [#14496] [Plugin] Rename Object to LoadedObject to fix conflicts with Typescript's Object interface.
    • Change: [#14536] [Plugin] Rename ListView to ListViewWidget to make it consistent with names of other widgets.
    • Change: [#14751] “No construction above tree height” limitation now allows placing high trees.
    • Change: [#14841] Redesign the About window, including new button to copy the current version info.
    • Fix: [#11829] Visual glitches and crashes when using RCT1 assets from mismatched or corrupt CSG1.DAT and CSG1i.DAT files.
    • Fix: [#12262] Windows can appear off screen with small screens or high scaling.
    • Fix: [#13581] Opening the Options menu causes a noticeable drop in FPS.
    • Fix: [#13894] Block brakes do not animate.
    • Fix: [#13986] OpenGL: Track preview window, flip/rotate button do not update the thumbnail.
    • Fix: [#14315] Crash when trying to rename Air Powered Vertical Coaster in Korean.
    • Fix: [#14330] join_server uses default_port from config.
    • Fix: [#14415] Entrances/exits are removed when built on top of each other.
    • Fix: [#14449] Surface smoothing at extra zoom levels not working.
    • Fix: [#14468] Cannot close Options window on Android.
    • Fix: [#14493] [Plugin] isHidden only works for tile elements up to the first element with a base height of over 32.
    • Fix: [#14587] Confusing message when joining server with mismatched network version.
    • Fix: [#14604] American-style Steam Trains are not imported correctly from RCT1 saves.
    • Fix: [#14638] The “About OpenRCT2” window cannot be themed.
    • Fix: [#14682] Crash when painting Swinging Ships with invalid subtype.
    • Fix: [#14707] Crash when window is closed during text input.
    • Fix: [#14710] Ride/Track Design preview does not show if it costs more money than available.
    • Fix: [#14774] Incorrect import of scenery research caused all scenery to be unlocked.
    • Fix: [#14806] Incorrect function call in WallPlaceAction plugin code.
    • Fix: [#14871] Crash when trying to place track when there are no free tile elements.
    • Fix: [#14880] Unable to close changelog window when its content fails to load.
    • Fix: [#14945] Incorrect drop height penalty on log flume ride.
    • Fix: [#14964] Unable to build in multiplayer as client with "Build while paused" cheat enabled when the host is paused.
    • Improved: [#14511] “Unlock operating limits” cheat now also unlocks all music.
    • Improved: [#14712, #14716] Improve startup times.
    • Improved: [#14982] Add Malgun Gothic and change Nanum Gothic filename for Korean.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.4-android-arm.apk(10.86 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.4-linux-i686.tar.gz(10.55 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.4-linux-x86_64.AppImage(39.14 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.4-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(67.05 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.4-windows-installer-win32.exe(12.63 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.4-windows-installer-x64.exe(13.40 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.3.3(Mar 13, 2021)

    • Feature: [#6677] Add Discord RPC to macOS builds.
    • Feature: [#6844] Enhanced track designer with ability to add/remove scenery and footpaths.
    • Feature: [#7059] Landscape doors for the Ghost Train.
    • Feature: [#11859] Add on-ride photo section to Air Powered Vertical and Reverse Freefall Coaster.
    • Feature: [#12307] Allow extraction of GOG installer via innoextract (for Linux users).
    • Feature: [#13057] Make GameAction flags accessible by plugins.
    • Feature: [#13078] [Plugin] Add colour picker widget.
    • Feature: [#13376] Open custom window at specified tab.
    • Feature: [#13384] [Plugin] Expose all TileElement data.
    • Feature: [#13398] Add pause button to the Track Designer.
    • Feature: [#13436] macOS: use new icon that matches Big Sur's style.
    • Feature: [#13495] [Plugin] Add properties for park value, guests and company value.
    • Feature: [#13509] [Plugin] Add ability to format strings using OpenRCT2 string framework.
    • Feature: [#13512] [Plugin] Add item separators to list view.
    • Feature: [#13583] [Plugin] Add allowed_hosts to plugin section of config.
    • Feature: [#13593] [Plugin] Add ability to read and change the position of ride vehicles.
    • Feature: [#13613] Add single-rail roller coaster (Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor).
    • Feature: [#13614] Add terrain surfaces from RollerCoaster Tycoon 1.
    • Feature: [#13675] [Plugin] Add context.setInterval and context.setTimeout.
    • Feature: [#13848] Replace shortcut engine allowing multiple bindings from different input devices.
    • Feature: [#13927] [Plugin] Add isVisible and text box widget.
    • Feature: [#13965] Make ride construction shortcuts work for footpath, too.
    • Feature: [#13969] [Plugin] Add APIs for editing title sequences.
    • Feature: [#14002] [Plugin] Use allowed_hosts when checking the binding IP for listening.
    • Feature: [#14059] [Plugin] Add optional filter to custom tools.
    • Feature: [#14142] [Plugin] Add option for taking transparent screenshots.
    • Feature: [#14171] [Plugin] Add API for getting network traffic statistics.
    • Feature: [#14171] [Plugin] Add API for creating custom widgets.
    • Feature: [#14171] [Plugin] Add API for drawing graphics for custom widgets.
    • Feature: [#14171] [Plugin] Add click event to spinners and allow them to be held down.
    • Feature: [#14252] [Plugin] Add API for vehicle g-forces.
    • Change: [#13346] [Plugin] Renamed FootpathScenery to FootpathAddition, fix typos.
    • Change: [#13857] Change Rotation Control Toggle to track element number 256
    • Fix: [#4605, #11912] Water palettes are not updated properly when selected in Object Selection.
    • Fix: [#7772] Hacked vehicles may incorrectly not mark a vehicle object as in use causing accidental removal when remove_unused_objects is used.
    • Fix: [#9631, #10716] Banners drawing glitches when there are more than 32 on the screen at once.
    • Fix: [#11438] Freeze when shrinking map size.
    • Fix: [#11484] Console output does not properly return to column 0 after line ending.
    • Fix: [#12895] Mechanics are called to repair rides that have already been fixed.
    • Fix: [#13048] Keyboard mute button interpreted as C key.
    • Fix: [#13102] Underflow on height chart (Ride measurements).
    • Fix: [#13234] Incorrect vehicle mass after using Remove All Guests cheat.
    • Fix: [#13236] New ride type appears as new vehicle type in research.
    • Fix: [#13257] Rides that are exactly the minimum objective length are not counted.
    • Fix: [#13334] Uninitialised variables in CustomTabDesc.
    • Fix: [#13342] Rename tabChange to onTabChange in WindowDesc interface.
    • Fix: [#13427] Newly created Go-Karts show “Race won by ”.
    • Fix: [#13431] [Plugin] UI disabled widgets can still be interacted with.
    • Fix: [#13454] Plug-ins do not load on Windows if the user directory contains non-ASCII characters.
    • Fix: [#13466] “Build 5 roller coasters” excitement corrupted in Park window.
    • Fix: [#13469] Exception thrown from plugin in context.subscribe.
    • Fix: [#13477] Plug-in widget tooltips do not work.
    • Fix: [#13489] Mechanics continue heading to inspect broken down rides.
    • Fix: [#13510] [Plugin] list view scroll resets when items is set.
    • Fix: [#13574] Crash when a JSON object does not set originalId.
    • Fix: [#13832] Players last action position is invalid on opening/closing a ride in multiplayer.
    • Fix: [#13937] Pathfinding gets confused when two entrances/exits from the same ride are on top of each other.
    • Fix: [#13961] Animation for Guests sliding down Spiral Slide is missing on close zoom levels.
    • Fix: [#14012] 'Finish 5 roller coasters' goal is listed incorrectly in scenario selector.
    • Fix: [#14095] Holding down [-][+] buttons does not decrease/increase number of circuits.
    • Fix: [#14225] Desync when “allow early scenario completion” is enabled.
    • Fix: [#14247] Scenarios from RCT1 allow hiring too many staff.
    • Improved: [#6022] Allow up to 128 ride objects to be selected in track designer.
    • Improved: [#12917] Changed peep movement so that they stay more spread out over the full width of single tile paths.
    • Improved: [#13386] A GUI error message is now displayed if the language files are missing.
    • Improved: [#14193] [Plugin] Add TileElement union type and use it in Tile interface instead of BaseTileElement.
    • Improved: [#14193] [Plugin] Add exact type field to each TileElement, add type field to WidgetBase.
    • Improved: [#14193] [Plugin] Change single quotes to double quotes in openrct2.d.ts.
    • Removed: [#13423] Built-in explode guests cheat (replaced by plug-in).
    • Removed: [#14186] Network traffic window (replaced by plug-in).
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.3-android-arm.apk(10.85 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.3-linux-i686.tar.gz(9.36 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.3-linux-x86_64.AppImage(38.91 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(56.66 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.3-windows-installer-win32.exe(12.70 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.3-windows-installer-x64.exe(13.37 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.3.2(Nov 1, 2020)

    • Feature: [#12110] Add Hybrid Coaster (Rocky Mountain Construction I-Box) track type.
    • Feature: [#12999] .sea (RCT Classic) scenarios are now listed in the “New Scenario” dialog.
    • Feature: [#13000] objective_options command for console.
    • Feature: [#13096] Add Esperanto translation.
    • Feature: [#13164] Add 'Objective options' to Cheats menu.
    • Change: [#9568] Change lift sounds of Reverser Roller Coaster and Compact Inverted Coaster to better fitting ones.
    • Change: [#13160] The lay-out of the Park Cheats tab has been improved.
    • Fix: [#1324] Last track piece map selection still visible when placing ride entrance or exit (original bug).
    • Fix: [#3200] Close Construction window upon selecting vehicle page.
    • Fix: [#4022] Fix Mac cursor offset on launch
    • Fix: [#4041] Garbled park option on scenario editor with custom theme.
    • Fix: [#4865] Offer an option to disable inhibiting the monitor power.
    • Fix: [#5178] Lighting effects cannot be disabled in software mode
    • Fix: [#5904] Empty errors on tile inspector base height change.
    • Fix: [#6086] Cannot install existing track design with another name.
    • Fix: [#6614, #8623] Colours are distorted when using OpenGL with Intel integrated graphics drivers.
    • Fix: [#7443] Construction arrows pulse at irregular intervals.
    • Fix: [#7518] Water isn't cut down by view clipping tool.
    • Fix: [#7748] Tooltips would not timeout for normal UI elements.
    • Fix: [#8015] RCT2 files are not found when put into the OpenRCT2 folder.
    • Fix: [#8957] Error title missing when building with insufficient funds
    • Fix: [#10186] Placing multiple saved rides ignores design name (original bug).
    • Fix: [#12368] Desync due to ghost station pieces affecting changing ride settings.
    • Fix: [#12940] Windows cause issues with snow drawing.
    • Fix: [#13019] Simulated trains sometimes open construction window when they crash.
    • Fix: [#13021] Mowed grass and weeds don't show up in extra zoom levels.
    • Fix: [#13024] Console cursor does not correctly render at current cursor position.
    • Fix: [#13029] Not all Junior Roller Coaster pieces are shown when "Show all track pieces" cheat is enabled.
    • Fix: [#13044] Rides in RCT1 saves all have "0 customers per hour".
    • Fix: [#13074] Entrance and exit ghosts for mazes not being removed.
    • Fix: [#13083] Dialog for renaming conflicting track design crops text out.
    • Fix: [#13097] Missing direction arrow for stations
    • Fix: [#13098] UI buttons for entrance and exit don't toggle according to them being built.
    • Fix: [#13098] Maze can still be constructed while placing entrance and exit (original bug).
    • Fix: [#13118] Closing construction window resets ride viewport.
    • Fix: [#13129] Missing error message when waiting for train to leave station on the ride measurements graph.
    • Fix: [#13138] Fix logical sorting of list windows.
    • Fix: [#13158] Cursors are drawn incorrectly in text input fields.
    • Fix: [#13222] Vehicle collision causes negative number of passengers (original bug).
    • Fix: [#13226, #7280] No error is shown when attempting to load a corrupted save.
    • Fix: [#13266] Plugin API: Deleting key of sharedStorage not working.
    • Fix: [#13278] Desync caused by ghost tiles changing the ride mode.
    • Fix: [#13289] Litter and vomit sometimes not loading with RCT1 saved game or scenario
    • Fix: [#13292] Impossible excitement rating requirements with finish building 5 coasters goal
    • Improved: [#13023] Made add_news_item console command last argument, assoc, optional.
    • Improved: [#13098] Improvements to the maze construction window user interface
    • Improved: [#13125] Selecting the RCT2 files now uses localised dialogs.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.2-android-arm.apk(10.81 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.2-linux-i686.tar.gz(9.30 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.2-linux-x86_64.AppImage(38.79 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(47.60 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.2-windows-installer-win32.exe(12.40 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.2-windows-installer-x64.exe(13.06 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.3.1(Sep 27, 2020)

    • Feature: [#10807] Add 2x and 4x zoom levels (currently limited to OpenGL).
    • Feature: [#12703] Add scenario plugin APIs.
    • Feature: [#12708] Add plugin-accessible names to all game actions.
    • Feature: [#12712] Add TCP / socket plugin APIs.
    • Feature: [#12840] Add Park.entranceFee to the plugin API.
    • Feature: [#12884] Add BaseTileElement.occupiedQuadrants to the plugin API.
    • Feature: [#12885] Add SmallSceneryElement.quadrant to the plugin API.
    • Feature: [#12886] Make all scenery placement and remove actions available to the plugin API.
    • Feature: [#2350, #12922] Add snow, heavy snow and blizzard to weather types.
    • Fix: [#400] Unable to place some saved tracks flush to the ground (original bug).
    • Fix: [#5753] Entertainers make themselves happy instead of the guests.
    • Fix: [#7037] Unable to save tracks starting with a sloped turn or helix.
    • Fix: [#12691] Ride graph tooltip incorrectly used count instead of number string.
    • Fix: [#12694] Crash when switching ride types with construction window open.
    • Fix: [#12701] Silent NSIS setup flag /S isn't silent, upgrade pop-up appears anyway.
    • Fix: [#12737] Space Rings draw the same vehicle 4 times.
    • Fix: [#12756] Scenario Editor crashing the game on macOS.
    • Fix: [#12764] Rides don't start aged anymore.
    • Fix: [#12818] Ride price not ignored in free-rides parks.
    • Fix: [#12820] Title menu buttons not invalidating properly
    • Fix: [#12845] Deleting ride with active ad campaign creates incorrect notification.
    • Fix: [#12857] Incorrect Peep thoughts in imported RCT1 parks.
    • Fix: [#12881] Guests' favourite rides are not listed in the guest window.
    • Fix: [#12910] Plugin API: getRide sometimes returns null for valid ride IDs.
    • Fix: [#12912] Plugin: selectedCell of CustomListView is being ignored on creation.
    • Fix: [#12918] Cannot place vanilla TD6 tracks of the Hypercoaster, Monster Trucks, Classic Mini Roller Coaster, Spinning Wild Mouse and Hyper-Twister types.
    • Fix: Incomplete loop collision box allowed overlapping track (original bug).
    • Improved: [#12806] Add Esperanto diacritics to the sprite font.
    • Improved: [#12837] Arabic text is now drawn and shaped correctly on Windows.
    • Improved: [#12890] Add stroke to lowercase 'L' to differentiate from capital 'I'.
    • Technical: [#12749] The required version of macOS has been lowered to 10.13 (High Sierra).
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.1-android-arm.apk(10.69 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.1-linux-i686.tar.gz(8.71 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage(38.02 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(52.44 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.1-windows-installer-win32.exe(11.94 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.1-windows-installer-x64.exe(12.59 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.3.0(Aug 15, 2020)

    • Feature: [#7648] "Enable all drawable track pieces" now enables more pieces for the Twister, Vertical and Air Powered Vertical coasters.
    • Feature: [#9029] Open doors with the tile inspector.
    • Feature: [#9614] Allow popping balloons and quacking ducks in the title screen.
    • Feature: [#10572] Cheat to allow building at invalid heights.
    • Feature: [#11155] Guest entry points can now be removed by clicking them again.
    • Feature: [#11231] Change shortcut window list order to be more intuitive, and split it into logical sections.
    • Feature: [#11298] Custom IP address can now be advertised to the master server to work around IPv6 issues.
    • Feature: [#11306] Path additions are now kept when replacing the path.
    • Feature: [#11320] Support for custom JavaScript plugins.
    • Feature: [#11422] Added a shortcut key for disabling/enabling clearance checks.
    • Feature: [#11788] Command to extract images from a .DAT file.
    • Feature: [#11959] Hacked go-kart tracks can now use 2x2 bends, 3x3 bends and S-bends.
    • Feature: [#12090] Boosters for the Wooden Roller Coaster (if the "Show all track pieces" cheat is enabled).
    • Feature: [#12184] .sea (RCT Classic) scenario files can now be imported.
    • Feature: [#12347] Periodically check for new releases on GitHub, and show a notification on the title screen.
    • Feature: [#12347] The 'About OpenRCT2' window now has a link to the OpenRCT2 Discord Server.
    • Feature: [#12591] Show authors of an object on the object selection dialog.
    • Change: [#11209] Warn when user is running OpenRCT2 through Wine.
    • Change: [#11358] Switch copy and paste button positions in tile inspector.
    • Change: [#11449] Remove complete circuit requirement from Air Powered Vertical Coaster (for RCT1 parity).
    • Change: [#11898] The openrct-data-path command-line argument has been renamed to openrct2-data-path.
    • Change: [#11944] The ride list sort mode is now remembered for the duration of the game.
    • Fix: [#1013] Negative length displayed in Ride window.
    • Fix: [#1148] Research funding dropdown not shown in finances window.
    • Fix: [#5451] Guests scream on every descent, no matter how small.
    • Fix: [#6119] Advertising campaign for ride window not updated properly (original bug).
    • Fix: [#7006] Submarine Ride is in the wrong research group.
    • Fix: [#7324] Research window shows vehicle name instead of ride name.
    • Fix: [#7969, #8175, #12501] When loading a landscape in the Scenario Editor, the inventions list, financial settings and objective settings are reset.
    • Fix: [#10549] 'Build the best ride you can' objective missing ride name.
    • Fix: [#10634] Guests are unable to use uphill paths out of toilets.
    • Fix: [#10751] Saved mazes are incomplete.
    • Fix: [#10876] When removing a path, its guest entry point is not removed.
    • Fix: [#10876] There can be multiple peep spawns on the same location.
    • Fix: [#11002] Rides list shows both red and green light activated.
    • Fix: [#11072] Land and water tools working out of bounds (original bug).
    • Fix: [#11085] Handle player list before game actions during map load.
    • Fix: [#11259] Custom JSON object breaks saves.
    • Fix: [#11290] Perform funds checking for all peeps entering a ride.
    • Fix: [#11315] Ride that has never opened is shown as favorite ride of many guests.
    • Fix: [#11386] Alphabetical sorting is broken.
    • Fix: [#11405] Building a path through walls does not always remove the walls.
    • Fix: [#11450] Rides with unsuitable track can't be opened even with "Enable all drawable track pieces" cheat.
    • Fix: [#11455] Object Selection window cuts off scenery names.
    • Fix: [#11623] Erratic zoom behavior when pointing outside of the map.
    • Fix: [#11640] Objects with a blank description in one language do not fall back to other languages anymore.
    • Fix: [#11676] Spiral Roller Coaster has regular lift hill available.
    • Fix: [#11695] Mechanics walk to tile 0, 0 at entrance only stations when trying to fix them.
    • Fix: [#11804] Some RCT1 fences are imported at the wrong height.
    • Fix: [#11953] Incorrect banner text shade colour on wall text.
    • Fix: [#11968] Maze height is higher than it should be.
    • Fix: [#12062] Inconsistent lift hill sprites on Flying Coaster while inverted (original bug).
    • Fix: [#12068] Incorrect Entrance/Exit location on track design preview. Incorrect track design previews with track that contain diagonal track elements.
    • Fix: [#12071] Crash in Guest List when a guest dies.
    • Fix: [#12093] Staff window tab animation was no longer updating.
    • Fix: [#12123] Long server descriptions are not cut off properly.
    • Fix: [#12211] Map Generator shows incorrect map sizes (e.g. "150 x 0").
    • Fix: [#12221] Map Generation tool doesn't place any trees.
    • Fix: [#12285] On-ride photo profit assumes every guest buys one.
    • Fix: [#12297] OpenGL renderer causing artifacts.
    • Fix: [#12308] Cannot use cheats in editor modes.
    • Fix: [#12312] Softlock when loading save file via command line fails.
    • Fix: [#12486] set-rct2 has a broken g1.dat check.
    • Fix: [#12498] Circus construction ghost does not rotate (original bug).
    • Fix: [#12505] Stores selling multiple items can only have the first product advertised.
    • Fix: [#12506] Cannot advertise food if there are no rides in the park.
    • Fix: [#12533] Track designs list does not use natural sorting.
    • Fix: [#12611] 'Monthly Income from ride tickets' in Scenario Editor is removed when park is not free entry.
    • Fix: 'j' character has broken kerning (original bug).
    • Fix: RCT1 scenarios have more items in the object list than are present in the park or the research list.
    • Fix: Brakes keep working during "Brakes failure".
    • Fix: Guests maze pathfinding prefers a specific direction (original bug).
    • Improved: [#6530] Allow water and land height changes on park borders.
    • Improved: [#11390] Build hash written to screenshot metadata.
    • Improved: [#3205] Make handymen less likely to get stuck in ride queues.
    • Technical: [#8110] OpenRCT2 now uses a single directory name for title sequences instead of three.
    • Technical: [#11517] Windows Vista is supported again (libzip regression in the previous release).
    • Technical: The required version of macOS has been increased to 10.14 (Mojave) for plugin support.
    • Removed: [#11820] Twitch support (relied on a server that has been down for a few years).
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.0-android-arm.apk(10.56 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.0-linux-i686.tar.gz(8.57 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.0-linux-x86_64.AppImage(36.94 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(43.01 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.0-windows-installer-win32.exe(11.64 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.3.0-windows-installer-x64.exe(12.29 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.2.6(Apr 17, 2020)

    • Feature: [#10925] Show hovered values on finance charts.
    • Feature: [#11013] Ctrl+C copies input dialog text to clipboard.
    • Feature: [#11218] load_park command for console
    • Feature: [#11272] Option for toggling notifications for 'Ride casualties' and 'Stuck or stalled vehicles'.
    • Feature: [#11281] add_news_item command for console
    • Feature: [#11300] Add powered launch and reverse incline launched shuttle mode to the Stand-Up Roller Coaster (for RCT1 parity).
    • Fix: [#475] Water sides drawn incorrectly (original bug).
    • Fix: [#6123, #7907, #9472, #11028] Cannot build some track designs with 4 stations (original bug).
    • Fix: [#6238] Invalid tile elem iteration in Guest::UpdateUsingBin
    • Fix: [#7094] Back wall edge texture in water missing.
    • Fix: [#9719] Hacked walls in RCT1 saves are imported incorrectly.
    • Fix: [#10372, #10509, #10806] Lift base sections incorrectly exporting, causing various lift related bugs.
    • Fix: [#10928] File browser's date column is too narrow.
    • Fix: [#10951, #11160] Attempting to place park entrances creates ghost entrances in random locations.
    • Fix: [#11005] Company value overflows.
    • Fix: [#11027] Third color on walls becomes black when saving.
    • Fix: [#11063] Scrolling position persists when switching tabs in the scenery window.
    • Fix: [#11106] Crash on getting invalid vehicle index.
    • Fix: [#11126] Cannot place Frightmare track design.
    • Fix: [#11208] Cannot export parks with RCT2 DLC objects.
    • Fix: [#11230] Seat Rotation not imported correctly for hacked rides.
    • Fix: [#11225] Replay manager cannot handle track designs.
    • Fix: [#11246] Fix Various Import/Export issues with Boat locations, balloon frame number.
    • Fix: [#11258] Properly remove format codes from imported strings.
    • Fix: [#11286] Fix banner tooltip colour.
    • Fix: Small red gardens in RCT1 saves are imported in the wrong colour.
    • Improved: [#11157] Slimmer virtual floor lines.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.6-linux-i686.tar.gz(7.66 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.6-linux-x86_64.AppImage(34.74 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.6-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(31.92 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.6-raspbian-dbgsym_armhf.deb(70.99 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.6-raspbian_armhf.deb(8.66 MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-installer-win32.exe(10.35 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-installer-x64.exe(10.88 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    openrct2-arm.apk(10.32 MB)
  • v0.2.5(Mar 24, 2020)

    • Feature: [#3154] Use a random title sequence each time it is shown.
    • Feature: [#6553] Android version now runs in full screen.
    • Feature: [#7865] Transport rides can now be synchronised.
    • Feature: [#9073] Shortcut keys for the Tile Inspector.
    • Feature: [#10305] Add two shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the scaling factor.
    • Feature: [#10189] Make Track Designs work in multiplayer.
    • Feature: [#10357] Added window for scenery scatter tool, allowing for area and density selection.
    • Feature: [#10637] Console command to remove all floating objects.
    • Change: [#1164] Use available translations for shortcut key bindings.
    • Change: [#10997] Speed is automatically reset to normal upon scenario completion.
    • Fix: [#2485] Hide Vertical Faces not applied to the edges of water.
    • Fix: [#5249] No collision detection when building ride entrance at heights > 85.5m.
    • Fix: [#6766] Changelog window doesn't open on some platforms.
    • Fix: [#7784] Vehicle tab takes 1st car colour instead of tab_vehicle's colour.
    • Fix: [#7854] Cannot build a custom spiral roller coaster design.
    • Fix: [#7854] Empty entries in spiral roller coaster designs list.
    • Fix: [#8151] Game freezes upon demolishing mazes at odd heights.
    • Fix: [#8875] RCT1 competition scenarios are classified incorrectly.
    • Fix: [#10176] Mistake in the sprite for the land tool's 6x6 grid.
    • Fix: [#10196] Doors unable to be placed at end of track corners.
    • Fix: [#10228] Can't import RCT1 Deluxe from Steam.
    • Fix: [#10313] Path furniture can be placed on level crossings.
    • Fix: [#10325] Crash when banners have no text.
    • Fix: [#10376] No ratings generated when a shop and track intersect.
    • Fix: [#10420] Money effect causing false positive desync.
    • Fix: [#10477] Large Scenery cannot be placed higher using SHIFT.
    • Fix: [#10489] Hosts last player action not being synchronized.
    • Fix: [#10543] Secondary shop item prices are not imported correctly from RCT1 saves.
    • Fix: [#10547] RCT1 parks have too many rides available.
    • Fix: [#10587] Update last action coordinates on correct player.
    • Fix: [#10631] Game bugs out and crashes if you get too many stations via copying stations with the tile inspector.
    • Fix: [#10662] Duck cheat tooltips look odd and do not explain anything.
    • Fix: [#10694] The lift hill speed of the flying roller coaster cannot be changed (original bug).
    • Fix: [#10705] Apply multithreaded rendering to all viewports.
    • Fix: [#10739] Mountain tool overlay for even-numbered selections.
    • Fix: [#10752] Mute button state not correctly set at startup.
    • Fix: [#10822] Can place too many peep spawns.
    • Fix: [#10898] Banner text has an offset in tile inspector window.
    • Fix: [#10904] RCT1/LL-scenarios with red water won't open.
    • Fix: [#10941] The Clear Scenery tool gives refunds for ghost elements.
    • Fix: [#10963] Light effects are drawn off-centre in some rotations.
    • Fix: [#10993] Bottom toolbar not refreshing when a guest leaves the park.
    • Fix: [#11001] Rides list does not use natural sorting.
    • Fix: [objects#54] Stage Coach cars are not considered covered by the game.
    • Fix: [objects#56] Handymen cut grass incorrectly.
    • Improved: [#682] The staff patrol area is now drawn on the water, instead of on the surface under water.
    • Improved: [#10858] Added horizontal grid lines to finance charts.
    • Improved: [#10884] Added y-axes and labels to park window charts.
    • Improved: [#10970] Introduced optional light effects for vehicles at night.
    • Removed: [#6898] LOADMM and LOADRCT1 title sequence commands (use LOADSC instead).
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.5-linux-i686.tar.gz(7.64 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.5-linux-x86_64.AppImage(34.67 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.5-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(31.77 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.5-windows-installer-win32.exe(10.32 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.5-windows-installer-x64.exe(10.84 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.2.4(Oct 28, 2019)

    • Feature: [#9285] Remember current group in scenario list window.
    • Feature: [#9918] Increase image list capacity by about 100k units.
    • Change: [#1349] Increase the number of ride music played simultaneously from 2 to 32.
    • Fix: [#4927] Giant screenshot cut off at bottom and top.
    • Fix: [#7572] Queue paths connect to regular paths through fences.
    • Fix: [#7690] Problem with guests freezing on certain tiles of path.
    • Fix: [#7883] Headless server log is stored incorrectly if server name contains CJK in Ubuntu
    • Fix: [#8136] Excessive lateral G penalty is too excessive.
    • Fix: [#8584] Duck spawning function does not check tiles with x or y coordinate of 0..64 (Original bug)
    • Fix: [#9179] Crash when modifying a ride occasionally.
    • Fix: [#9533] Door sounds not playing.
    • Fix: [#9574] Text overflow in scenario objective window when using CJK languages.
    • Fix: [#9603] Don't render audio when master volume is turned off.
    • Fix: [#9625] Show correct cost in scenery selection.
    • Fix: [#9669] The tile inspector shortcut key does not work with debugging tools disabled.
    • Fix: [#9675] Guest entry point limit can be bypassed in scenario editor.
    • Fix: [#9683] Cannot raise water level if part of the tool's area of effect is off of the map.
    • Fix: [#9684] Entering custom size for water/land tool allows confirmation with main enter key, but not numpad enter key.
    • Fix: [#9690] The keyboard shortcut for rotating the game view can be set to Enter or KP Enter, but not both.
    • Fix: [#9717] Scroll bars do not render correctly when using OpenGL renderer.
    • Fix: [#9729] Peeps do not take into account height difference when deciding to pathfind to a ride entrance (original bug).
    • Fix: [#9902] Doors/Portcullis do not check to make sure doors are open causing double opens.
    • Fix: [#9926] Africa - Oasis park has wrong peep spawn (original bug).
    • Fix: [#9953] Crash when hacked rides attempt to find the closest mechanic.
    • Fix: [#9955] Resizing map in while pause mode does not work and may result in freezes.
    • Fix: [#9957] When using 'no money' cheat, guests complain of running out of cash.
    • Fix: [#9970] Wait for quarter load fails.
    • Fix: [#9994] Game action tick collision during server connect and map load.
    • Fix: [#10017] Ghost elements influencing ride excitement.
    • Fix: [#10036] Do not allocate large chunks of memory for save file classification.
    • Fix: [#10106] Ride circuits should not be used for modes that do not support it.
    • Fix: [#10149] Desync in headless mode with rides that create smoke particles.
    • Improved: [#9466] Add the rain weather effect to the OpenGL renderer.
    • Improved: [#9987] Minimum load rounding.
    • Improved: [#10125] Better support for high DPI screens.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.4-linux-i686.tar.gz(92.05 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.4-linux-x86_64.AppImage(34.75 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.4-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(30.12 MB) MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.4-windows-installer-win32.exe(8.48 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.4-windows-installer-x64.exe(9.03 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.2.3(Jul 10, 2019)

    • Feature: [#485] Rides can now be simulated with ghost trains during construction.
    • Feature: [#1260] Option for making giant screenshots have a transparent background.
    • Feature: [#2339] Find local servers automatically when fetching servers.
    • Feature: [#7296] Allow assigning a keyboard shortcut for the scenery picker.
    • Feature: [#8029] Add the Hungarian Forint (HUF) to the list of available currencies.
    • Feature: [#8481] Multi-threaded rendering.
    • Feature: [#8558] Guest debugging tab.
    • Feature: [#8659] Banner and sign texts are now shown in tooltips.
    • Feature: [#8687] New multiplayer toolbar icon showing network status with reconnect option.
    • Feature: [#8791] Improved tile element flag manipulation in Tile Inspector.
    • Feature: [#8919] Allow setting ride price from console.
    • Feature: [#8963] Add missing Czech letters to sprite font, use sprite font for Czech.
    • Feature: [#9154] Change map toolbar icon with current viewport rotation.
    • Change: [#7877] Files are now sorted in logical rather than dictionary order.
    • Change: [#8427] Ghost elements now show up as white on the mini-map.
    • Change: [#8688] Move common actions from debug menu into cheats menu.
    • Change: [#9428] Increase maximum height of the Hypercoaster to RCT1 limits.
    • Fix: [#2294] Clients crashing the server with invalid object selection.
    • Fix: [#4568, #5896] Incorrect fences removed when building a tracked ride through
    • Fix: [#5103] OpenGL: ride track preview not rendered.
    • Fix: [#5889] Giant screenshot does not work while using OpenGL renderer.
    • Fix: [#5579] Network desync immediately after connecting.
    • Fix: [#5893] Looking at guest window tabs other than the main tab eventually causes assertion.
    • Fix: [#5905] Urban Park merry-go-round has entrance and exit swapped (original bug).
    • Fix: [#6006] Objects higher than 6 metres are considered trees (original bug).
    • Fix: [#7039] Map window not rendering properly when using OpenGL.
    • Fix: [#7045] Theme window's colour pickers not drawn properly on OpenGL.
    • Fix: [#7323] Tunnel entrances not rendering in 'highlight path issues' mode if they have benches inside.
    • Fix: [#7729] Money Input Prompt breaks on certain values.
    • Fix: [#7884] Unfinished preserved rides can be demolished with quick demolish.
    • Fix: [#7913] RCT1/RCT2 title sequence timing is off.
    • Fix: [#7700, #8079, #8969] Crash when unloading buggy custom rides.
    • Fix: [#7829] Rotated information kiosk can cause 'unreachable' messages.
    • Fix: [#7878] Scroll shortcut keys ignore SHIFT/CTRL/ALT modifiers.
    • Fix: [#8219] Faulty folder recreation in "save" folder.
    • Fix: [#8480, #8535] Crash when mirroring track design.
    • Fix: [#8507] Incorrect change in vehicle rolling direction.
    • Fix: [#8537] Imported RCT1 rides/shops are all numbered 1.
    • Fix: [#8553] Scenery removal tool removes fences and paths while paused.
    • Fix: [#8598] Taking screenshots fails with some park names.
    • Fix: [#8602] Wall piece collision detection deviates from vanilla
    • Fix: [#8649] Setting date does not work in multiplayer.
    • Fix: [#8873] Potential crash when placing footpaths.
    • Fix: [#8882] Submarine Ride does not count as indoors (original bug).
    • Fix: [#8900] Peep tracking is not synchronized.
    • Fix: [#8909] Potential crash when invoking game actions as server.
    • Fix: [#8947] Detection of AVX2 support.
    • Fix: [#8988] Character sprite lookup noticeably slows down drawing.
    • Fix: [#9000] Show correct error message if not enough money available.
    • Fix: [#9067] Land/water tools show prices when money is disabled.
    • Fix: [#9124] Disconnected clients can crash the server.
    • Fix: [#9132] System file browser cannot open SV4 files.
    • Fix: [#9152] Spectators can modify ride colours.
    • Fix: [#9202] Artefacts show when changing ride type as client or using in-game console.
    • Fix: [#9240] Crash when passing directory instead of save file.
    • Fix: [#9245] Headless servers apply Discord Rich Presence.
    • Fix: [#9293] Issue with the native load/save dialog.
    • Fix: [#9322] Peep crashing the game trying to find a ride to look at.
    • Fix: [#9324] Crash trying to remove invalid footpath scenery.
    • Fix: [#9402] Ad campaigns disappear when you save and load the game.
    • Fix: [#9411] Ad campaigns end too soon.
    • Fix: [#9476] Running simulate command on park yields Completed: (null).
    • Fix: [#9520] Time Twister object artdec29 conversion problem.
    • Fix: Guests eating popcorn are drawn as if they're eating pizza.
    • Fix: The arbitrary ride type and vehicle dropdown lists are ordered case-sensitively.
    • Improved: [#6116] Expose colour scheme for track elements in the tile inspector.
    • Improved: Allow the use of numpad enter key for console and chat.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.3-windows-installer-win32.exe(7.88 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.3-windows-installer-x64.exe(8.42 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.2.2(Mar 13, 2019)

    • Feature: [#4418] Allow steep slopes on the side-friction roller coaster.
    • Feature: [#7726] Add shortcut to advance one tick.
    • Feature: [#7956, #7964] Add sprite font glyphs for Hungarian and some Czech letters.
    • Feature: [#7971] Toolbox option to open custom content folder.
    • Feature: [#7980] Allow data path for RCT1 to be specified by a command line argument.
    • Feature: [#8073] Auto-upload minidumps to (optional, MSVC/Windows only)
    • Feature: [#8078] Add save_park command to in-game console.
    • Feature: [#8080] New console variable "current_rotation" to get or set view rotation.
    • Feature: [#8098] Glyph for Russian rouble sign.
    • Feature: [#8099] Add Powered Launch mode to Inverted RC (for RCT1 parity).
    • Feature: [#8190] Allow building footpaths on 'corner down' terrain.
    • Feature: [#8191] Allow building on-ride photos and water S-bends on the Water Coaster.
    • Feature: [#8259] Add say command to in-game console.
    • Feature: [#8374] Add replay system.
    • Feature: [#8377] Add option to adjust amount of autosaves to keep.
    • Feature: [#8458] Add sprite sorting benchmark.
    • Feature: [#8583] Add boosters to water coaster.
    • Feature: [#8648] Add optional chat button to top toolbar in multiplayer games.
    • Feature: [#8652] Add network window including a graph for data usage visualisation.
    • Feature: [#8670] Add ability to download missing objects when loading a park.
    • Change: [#7961] Add new object types: station, terrain surface, and terrain edge.
    • Change: [#8222] The climate setting has been moved from objective options to scenario options.
    • Change: [#8718] Allow TARMAC object to be removed when running the remove_unused_objects command.
    • Change: [#8718] No longer require the generic scenery groups and tarmac footpath to be checked when creating a scenario.
    • Change: [#8734] Disable kick button in multiplayer window when unable to use it.
    • Fix: [#3832] Changing the colour scheme of track pieces does not work in multiplayer.
    • Fix: [#4094] Coasters with long flat-to-steep pieces offer them in diagonal mode (original bug).
    • Fix: [#5684] Player list can desync between clients and server and can crash.
    • Fix: [#6191] OpenRCT2 fails to run when the path has an emoji in it.
    • Fix: [#7439] Placement messages have mixed strings
    • Fix: [#7473] Disabling sound effects also disables "Disable audio on focus loss".
    • Fix: [#7536] Android builds fail to start.
    • Fix: [#7689] Deleting 0-tile maze gives a MONEY32_UNDEFINED (negative) refund.
    • Fix: [#7828] Copied entrances and exits stay when demolishing ride.
    • Fix: [#7945] Client IP address is logged as (null) in server logs.
    • Fix: [#7952] Performance drop caused by code refactor.
    • Fix: [#7954] Key validation fails on Windows due to non-ASCII user / player name.
    • Fix: [#7975] Inspection flag not cleared for rides which are set to never be inspected (original bug).
    • Fix: [#7985] Giant Screenshot ignores 'Map rendering' settings.
    • Fix: [#7987] Broken track designs increase money by MONEY32_UNDEFINED.
    • Fix: [#7991] Scenery and footpaths on Construction Rights tiles can be deleted using Clear Scenery.
    • Fix: [#8034] Vanilla sprites are broken when making screenshots from command line.
    • Fix: [#8045] Crash when switching between languages.
    • Fix: [#8062] In multiplayer warnings for unstable cheats are shown when disabling them.
    • Fix: [#8090] Maze designs saved incorrectly.
    • Fix: [#8101] Title sequences window flashes after opening.
    • Fix: [#8120] Crash trying to place peep spawn outside of map.
    • Fix: [#8121] Crash Renaming park with server logging enabled.
    • Fix: [#8139] Buying land costs money when the game is in "no money" mode.
    • Fix: [#8141] Attempting to build entrance/exit on station 2 does not work.
    • Fix: [#8142] Reliability of mazes and crooked houses can go below 100%.
    • Fix: [#8187] Cannot set land ownership over ride entrances or exits in sandbox mode.
    • Fix: [#8200] Incorrect behaviour when removing entrances and exits that are on the same tile.
    • Fix: [#8204] Crash when tile element has no surface elements.
    • Fix: [#8264] Rides and scenery placeable outside of map with ZC and Sandbox mode enabled.
    • Fix: [#8335] Rides with arbitrary ride types can crash the game when they break down.
    • Fix: [#8358] Infinite loop when changing vehicle count on stopped ride.
    • Fix: [#8402] Crash closing a window in some cases.
    • Fix: [#8431] Crash when game action logging is enabled.
    • Fix: [#8433] Crash if master server response is not valid JSON.
    • Fix: [#8434] Crash if curl_easy_init fails.
    • Fix: [#8443] Crash when selecting the current vehicle for ride that has none available.
    • Fix: [#8456] Junior booster track piece doesn't connect properly.
    • Fix: [#8464] Crash on game shutdown.
    • Fix: [#8469] Crash modifying colour on hacked rides.
    • Fix: [#8508] Underground roto-drop is not going up.
    • Fix: [#8555] Multiplayer window text limits are not computed properly.
    • Fix: [#8572] Steel Twister track pieces ID 64 and 65 drawn incorrectly.
    • Fix: [#8585] Part of track missing on air powered vertical coaster.
    • Fix: [#8588] Guest list scrolling breaks above ~2000 guests.
    • Fix: [#8591] Game loop does not run at a consistent tick rate of 40 Hz.
    • Fix: [#8647] Marketing campaigns check for entry fees below £1 (original bug).
    • Fix: [#8653] Crash when peeps attempt to enter a ride with no vehicles.
    • Fix: [#8720] Desync due to boats colliding with ghost pieces.
    • Fix: [#8739] Savegame from original game crashes when cruising through map.
    • Fix: [#8742] Access violation in vehicle_update_sound_params.
    • Fix: [#8804] Raising water shows money effect at the bottom rather than new height.
    • Fix: [#8811] Some fields in the sv6 save file not being copied correctly.
    • Fix: [#8824] Invalid read in footpath_chain_ride_queue.
    • Improved: [#2940] Allow mouse-dragging to set patrol area (Singleplayer only).
    • Improved: [#7730] Draw extreme vertical and lateral Gs red in the ride window's graph tab.
    • Improved: [#7930] Automatically create folders for custom content.
    • Improved: [#7980] Show the full path of the scenario in the scenario select window.
    • Improved: [#7993] Allow assigning a keyboard shortcut for opening the tile inspector.
    • Improved: [#8107] Support Discord release of RCT2.
    • Improved: [#8491] Highlight entrance and exit with different colours in track design previews.
    • Improved: Almost completely new Hungarian translation.
    • Removed: [#7929] Support for scenario text objects.

    Note: due to mistake during release, it might identify as v0.2.1-1020-g298c9f523, but it really is v0.2.2

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(30.67 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.2-windows-installer-win32.exe(9.51 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.2-windows-installer-x64.exe(10.04 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.2.1(Aug 26, 2018)

    • Feature: [#5993] Ride window prices can now be set via text input.
    • Feature: [#6998] Guests now wait for passing vehicles before crossing railway tracks.
    • Feature: [#7658] Add option to always use system file browsing window.
    • Feature: [#7694] Debug option to visualize paths that the game detects as wide.
    • Feature: [#7713] The virtual floor now takes land ownership rights into account.
    • Feature: [#7771] Danish translation.
    • Feature: [#7797, #7802, #7821, #7830] Add sprite font glyphs for Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, Catalan and Romanian.
    • Feature: [#7848] Add a master volume slider to audio options screen.
    • Feature: [#7868] Placing scenery while holding shift now scales appropriately with zoom levels.
    • Feature: [#7882] Auto-detect Steam and GOG installations of RCT1.
    • Feature: [#7885] Turkish translation.
    • Fix: [#3177] Wrong keys displayed in shortcut menu.
    • Fix: [#4039] No sprite font glyph for German opening quotation mark.
    • Fix: [#5548] platform_get_locale_date_format is not implemented for Linux.
    • Fix: [#7204] Object source filters do not work for RCT1, AA and LL.
    • Fix: [#7440] Memory leak. All system memory used.
    • Fix: [#7462] Guest window goes beyond the map edge on a spiral slide.
    • Fix: [#7533] Screenshot is incorrectly named/file is not generated in CJK language.
    • Fix: [#7628] Always-researched items can be modified in the inventory list.
    • Fix: [#7643] No Money scenarios with funding set to zero.
    • Fix: [#7653] Finances money spinner is too narrow for big loans.
    • Fix: [#7673] Vehicle names are cut off in invention list.
    • Fix: [#7674] Rides show up as random numbers in guest's ride list.
    • Fix: [#7678] Crash when loading or starting a new game while having object selection window open.
    • Fix: [#7683] 'Arbitrary ride type' dropdown state is shared between windows.
    • Fix: [#7697] Some scenery groups in RCT1 saves are never invented.
    • Fix: [#7711] Inverted Hairpin Coaster allows building invisible banked pieces.
    • Fix: [#7734] Title sequence not included in macOS builds as of 0.2.0 release.
    • Fix: [#7756] Steam RCT2 path not correctly checked on macOS and Linux.
    • Fix: [#7765] Crash when opening ride list window on Windows Vista.
    • Fix: [#7773] Once research has been completed, player is still charged for research.
    • Fix: [#7786] Crash when importing a track design.
    • Fix: [#7793] Duplicate private keys generated.
    • Fix: [#7817] No sprite font glyph for interpunct.
    • Fix: [#7823] You can build mazes in pause mode.
    • Fix: [#7804] Russian ride descriptions are cut off.
    • Fix: [#7872] CJK tooltips are often cut off.
    • Fix: [#7895] Import of Mega Park and the RCT1 title music do not work on some RCT1 sources.
    • Improved: [#7899] Timestamps in the load/save screen are now displayed using local timezone instead of GMT.
    • Improved: [#7918] Better RCT2 detection if both disc and GOG/Steam versions are installed.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(33.48 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.1-windows-installer-win32.exe(9.31 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.1-windows-installer-x64.exe(9.84 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.2.0(Jun 10, 2018)

    • Feature: [#1417] Allow saving track designs for flat rides.
    • Feature: [#1675] Auto-rotate shops to face footpaths.
    • Feature: [#3473] Add button in ride window's maintainance tab to refurbish the ride.
    • Feature: [#6510] Ability to select edges or a row of tiles by holding down Ctrl using the land tool.
    • Feature: [#7187] Option for early scenario completion.
    • Feature: [#7266] Make headless instances use an interactive terminal with access to the in-game console API.
    • Feature: [#7267] Leverage more historical data in Finances window.
    • Feature: [#7316] Cheat to allow freezing all staff
    • Feature: [#7332] Keyboard shortcuts for view path issues and cutaway view.
    • Feature: [#7348] Add large half loops to the Vertical Drop Roller Coaster.
    • Feature: [#7459] Allow opening and closing of parks that use no money.
    • Feature: [#7579] New horizontal +/- spinner widgets to make adjusting values easier.
    • Fix: [#2053] When clearance checks are disabled, a track piece ghost can remove non-ghost track pieces.
    • Fix: [#2611] Some objects show (undefined string) instead of a description in Korean.
    • Fix: [#3596] Saving parks, landscapes and tracks with a period in the filenames don't get their extension.
    • Fix: [#5210] Default system dialog not accessible from saving landscape window.
    • Fix: [#6134] Scenarios incorrectly categorised when using Polish version of RCT2.
    • Fix: [#6141] CSS50.dat is never loaded.
    • Fix: [#6647] Changelog window causes FPS drop.
    • Fix: [#6938] Banner do not correctly capitalise non-ASCII characters.
    • Fix: [#7176] Mechanics sometimes fall down from rides.
    • Fix: [#7303] Visual glitch with virtual floor near map edges.
    • Fix: [#7313] Loading an invalid path with openrct2 produces results different than expected.
    • Fix: [#7327] Abstract scenery and stations don't get fully See-Through when hiding them (original bug).
    • Fix: [#7331] Invention list in scenario editor crashes upon removing previously-enabled ride/stall entries.
    • Fix: [#7341] Staff may auto-spawn on guests walking outside of paths.
    • Fix: [#7354] Cut-away view does not draw tile elements that have been moved down on the list.
    • Fix: [#7358] Peeps and staff entering rides still have the slope speed penalty set.
    • Fix: [#7382] Opening the mini-map reverts the size of the land tool to 1x1, regardless of what was selected before.
    • Fix: [#7402] Edges of neigbouring footpaths stay connected after removing a path that's underneath a ride entrance.
    • Fix: [#7405] Rides can be covered by placing scenery underneath them.
    • Fix: [#7418] Staff walk off paths with a connection but no adjacent path.
    • Fix: [#7434] Diagonal ride segments cannot be deleted if they are isolated.
    • Fix: [#7436] Only the first 32 vehicles of a train can be painted.
    • Fix: [#7480] Graphs skip values of 0.
    • Fix: [#7505] Game crashes when trying to make path over map edge while having clearance checks disabled.
    • Fix: [#7528] In park entrance pricing tab, switching tabs happens on mouse-down instead of mouse-up
    • Fix: [#7544] Starting a headless server with no arguments causes the game to freeze.
    • Fix: [#7571] Hovering a ride design over scenery or tracks will give tons of money.
    • Improved: [#2989] Multiplayer window now changes title when tab changes.
    • Improved: [#5339] Change eyedropper icon to actual eyedropper and change cursor to crosshair.
    • Improved: [#5832] Resize tile inspector automatically when selecting a tile element.
    • Improved: [#6221] The scenario editor's invention list is now resizeable.
    • Improved: [#7069] The arbitrary ride type selection dropdown is now sorted orthographically, and has its spinners removed.
    • Improved: [#7302] Raising land near the map edge makes the affected area smaller instead of showing an 'off edge map' error.
    • Improved: [#7435] Object indexing now supports multi-threading.
    • Improved: [#7510] Add horizontal clipping to cut-away view options.
    • Improved: [#7531] "Save track design" dropdown now stays open.
    • Improved: [#7548] Ctrl-clicking with the tile inspector open now directly selects an element and its tile.
    • Improved: [#7555] Allow setting the Twitch API URL, allowing custom API servers.
    • Improved: [#7567] Improve the performance of loading parks and the title sequence.
    • Improved: [#7577] Allow fine-tuning the virtual floor style.
    • Improved: [#7608] The vehicle selection dropdown is now sorted orthographically.
    • Improved: [#7613] Resizing the staff window now resizes the name and action columns too.
    • Improved: [#7627] Allow scrolling up and down on spinners to change their values.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(32.97 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.0-windows-installer-win32.exe(9.16 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.2.0-windows-installer-x64.exe(9.69 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.1.2(Mar 18, 2018)

    • Feature: [#2893] Object selection filters for items from RCT1, Added Attractions and Loopy Landscapes.
    • Feature: [#3505] Allow up to 1024 items per scenery tab.
    • Feature: [#3510] Auto-append extension if none is specified.
    • Feature: [#3994] Show bottom toolbar with map tooltip (theme option).
    • Feature: [#4184] Add command and cheat to alter the date.
    • Feature: [#4906] Add follow sprite command to title sequences.
    • Feature: [#4984] Add option to highlight path issues: full bins, vandalism & vomit.
    • Feature: [#5826] Add the show_limits command to show map data counts and limits.
    • Feature: [#6078] Game now converts mp.dat to SC21.SC4 (Mega Park) automatically.
    • Feature: [#6125] Path can now be placed in park entrances.
    • Feature: [#6181] Map generator now allows adjusting random terrain and tree placement in Simplex Noise tab.
    • Feature: [#6235] Add drawing debug option for showing visuals when and where blocks of the screen are painted.
    • Feature: [#6290] Arabic translation (experimental).
    • Feature: [#6292] Allow building queue lines in the Scenario Editor.
    • Feature: [#6295] TrueType fonts are now rendered with light font hinting by default.
    • Feature: [#6307] Arrows are now shown when placing park entrances.
    • Feature: [#6313] Add keyboard shortcut for toggle gridlines.
    • Feature: [#6324] Add command to deselect unused objects from the object selection.
    • Feature: [#6325] Allow using g1.dat from RCT Classic.
    • Feature: [#6329] Render level crossings when the Miniature Railway crossed a path.
    • Feature: [#6338] Virtual floor to help positioning objects vertically.
    • Feature: [#6353] Show custom RCT1 scenarios in New Scenario window.
    • Feature: [#6411] Add command to remove the park fence.
    • Feature: [#6414] Raise maximum launch speed of the Corkscrew RC back to 96 km/h (for RCT1 parity).
    • Feature: [#6433] Turn 'unlock all prices' into a regular (non-cheat, persistent) option.
    • Feature: [#6516] Ability to search by filename in the object selection window.
    • Feature: [#6530] Land rights tool no longer blocks when a tile is not for purchase.
    • Feature: [#6568] Add smooth nearest neighbour scaling.
    • Feature: [#6651, #6658] Integrate Discord Rich Presence.
    • Feature: [#6709] The New Ride window now shows available vehicles for a ride type.
    • Feature: [#6731] Object indexing progress is now reported via command line output.
    • Feature: [#6779] On-ride photo segment for Splash Boats.
    • Feature: [#6838] Ability to auto-pause server when no clients are connected.
    • Feature: [#7031] Better support for displaced ride entrances and exits.
    • Feature: Add search box to track design window.
    • Feature: Allow using object files from RCT Classic.
    • Feature: Title sequences now testable in-game.
    • Feature: Vehicles with matching capabilities are now always switchable.
    • Feature: Add search box to track design window.
    • Feature: Add load scenario command to title sequences.
    • Fix: [#816] In the map window, there are more peeps flickering than there are selected (original bug).
    • Fix: [#996, #2589, #2875] Viewport scrolling no longer shakes or gets stuck.
    • Fix: [#1185] Close button colour of prompt windows does not match.
    • Fix: [#1833, #4937, #6138] 'Too low!' warning when building rides and shops on the lowest land level (original bug).
    • Fix: [#2254] Edge scrolling horizontally now has the same speed as vertical edge scrolling.
    • Fix: [#2607] Rain rendered incorrectly in additional viewport.
    • Fix: [#3171] Guests entering from the corner of the tile in Amity Airfield (original bug).
    • Fix: [#3330] Current number of passengers overflows when over 255 (original bug).
    • Fix: [#4760] Asia - Great Wall of China and South America - Rio Carnival have incorrect guest entry points (original bug).
    • Fix: [#4953, #6277] Unable to advertise to master servers over IPv6.
    • Fix: [#4991] Inverted helices can be built on the Lay Down RC, but are not drawn.
    • Fix: [#5190] Cannot build Wild Mouse - Flying Dutchman Gold Mine.
    • Fix: [#5224] Multiplayer window is not closed when server shuts down.
    • Fix: [#5228] Top toolbar disappears when opening SC4 file.
    • Fix: [#5261] Deleting a banner sign after copy/pasting it will crash the game.
    • Fix: [#5398] Attempting to place Mini Maze.TD4 results in weird behaviour and crashes.
    • Fix: [#5417] Hacked Crooked House tracked rides do not dispatch vehicles.
    • Fix: [#5445] Patrol area not imported from RCT1 saves and scenarios.
    • Fix: [#5585] Inconsistent zooming with mouse wheel.
    • Fix: [#5609] Vehicle switching may cause '0 cars per train' to be set.
    • Fix: [#5636] Pausing the game shows mute button as active.
    • Fix: [#5741] Land rights indicators disappear when switching views.
    • Fix: [#5761] Mini coaster doesn't appear despite being selected.
    • Fix: [#5788] Empty scenario names cause invisible entries in scenario list.
    • Fix: [#5809] Support Steam RCT1 file layout when loading CSG images.
    • Fix: [#5838] Crash when saving very large track designs.
    • Fix: [#5901] Placing peep spawn not synced across multiplayer.
    • Fix: [#6101] Rides remain in ride list window briefly after demolition.
    • Fix: [#6114] Crash when using a non-LL CSG1.DAT.
    • Fix: [#6115] Random title screen music not random on launch.
    • Fix: [#6118, #6245, #6366] Tracked animated vehicles not animating.
    • Fix: [#6129] Guest List summary not updating after a ride rename.
    • Fix: [#6133] Construction rights not shown after selecting buy mode.
    • Fix: [#6188] Viewports not being clipped properly when zoomed out in OpenGL mode.
    • Fix: [#6193] All rings in Space Rings use the same secondary colour.
    • Fix: [#6196, #6223] Guest's energy underflows and never decreases.
    • Fix: [#6198] You cannot cancel RCT1 directory selection.
    • Fix: [#6199] Inverted Hairpin Coaster vehicle tab is not centred.
    • Fix: [#6202] Guests can break occupied benches (original bug).
    • Fix: [#6251] Splash Boats renders flat-to-25-degree pieces in tunnels incorrectly.
    • Fix: [#6261, #6344, #6520] Broken pathfinding after removing park entrances with the tile inspector.
    • Fix: [#6271] Wrong booster speed tooltip text.
    • Fix: [#6293] Restored interface sounds while gameplay is paused.
    • Fix: [#6301] Track list freezes after deleting track in Track Manager.
    • Fix: [#6308] Cannot create title sequence if title sequences folder does not exist.
    • Fix: [#6314] Imported SV4 files do not mark their scenarios as completed.
    • Fix: [#6318] Cannot sack staff that have not been placed.
    • Fix: [#6320] Crash when CSS1.DAT is absent.
    • Fix: [#6331] Scenery costs nothing in track designs.
    • Fix: [#6358] HTTP requests can point to invalid URL string.
    • Fix: [#6360] Off-by-one filenames when exporting all sprites.
    • Fix: [#6388] Construction rights tool erroneously enabled in some RCT1 scenarios even when no rights are available.
    • Fix: [#6413] Maze previews only showing scenery.
    • Fix: [#6423] Importing parks containing names with Polish characters.
    • Fix: [#6423] Polish characters now correctly drawn when using the sprite font.
    • Fix: [#6445] Guests' favourite ride improperly set when importing from RCT1 or AA.
    • Fix: [#6452] Scenario text cut off when switching between 32 and 64-bit builds.
    • Fix: [#6460] Crash when reading corrupt object files.
    • Fix: [#6481] Can't take screenshots of parks with colons in the name.
    • Fix: [#6500] Failure to load resources when config file is missing.
    • Fix: [#6547] The server log is not logged if the server name contains CJK.
    • Fix: [#6593] Cannot hire entertainers when default scenery groups are not selected (original bug).
    • Fix: [#6657] Guest list is missing tracking icon after reopening.
    • Fix: [#6803] Symbolic links to directories are not descended by FileScanner.
    • Fix: [#6830] Crash when using mountain tool due to ride with no ride entry.
    • Fix: [#6833] Shops in corrupted files not imported correctly.
    • Fix: [#6846] Zoom level in some ride overview windows was erroneously set too high.
    • Fix: [#6904] Manually added multiplayer servers not saved.
    • Fix: [#7003] Building sloped paths through flat paths with clearance checks off causes glitches.
    • Fix: [#7011] Swinging and bobsleigh cars going backwards swing in the wrong direction (original bug).
    • Fix: [#7042, #7077] Paths sometimes disconnect when building them with clearance checks off.
    • Fix: [#7125] No entry signs not correctly handled in pathfinding.
    • Fix: [#7223] Vehicle mass not correctly recalculated when using remove all guests cheat.
    • Fix: [#7229] Exploding guests cheat causes rides to get stuck and freezes game.
    • Fix: [#7295] peep_should_go_on_ride_again() checked balloon colour instead of toilet need.
    • Fix: [#7301] Sprite compiler dithering checks transparency of wrong pixel.
    • Fix: Infinite loop when removing scenery elements with >127 base height.
    • Fix: Ghosting of transparent map elements when the viewport is moved in OpenGL mode.
    • Fix: Clear IME buffer after committing composed text.
    • Fix: RCT1 mazes with wooden fences not imported correctly.
    • Fix: Title sequence editor now gracefully fails to preview a title sequence and lets the user know with an error message.
    • Fix: When preset title sequence fails to load, the preset will forcibly be changed to the first sequence to successfully load.
    • Fix: Remove consecutive thoughts about a ride being demolished.
    • Fix: Water raft vehicles stop spinning when going up slopes.
    • Fix: Incorrect spin is applied to coasters on S-bends and other turns.
    • Improved: [#5962] Use AVX2 instruction set where supported, resulting in a performance boost.
    • Improved: [#5964] Use SSE 4.1 instruction set where supported, resulting in a performance boost.
    • Improved: [#6186] Transparent menu items now draw properly in OpenGL mode.
    • Improved: [#6218] Speed up game start up time by saving scenario index to file.
    • Improved: [#6242] Prevent scenery aging and grass growth causing tile invalidation unless necessary - slight performance boost.
    • Improved: [#6423] Polish is now rendered using the sprite font, rather than TTF.
    • Improved: [#6746] Draw friction wheels instead of chain lift on Looping Roller Coaster stations.
    • Improved: Load/save window now refreshes list if native file dialog is closed/cancelled.
    • Improved: Major translation updates for Japanese and Polish.
    • Improved: Added 24x24, 48x48, and 96x96 icon resolutions.
    • Technical: [#6384] On macOS, address NSFileHandlingPanel deprecation by using NSModalResponse instead.
    • Technical: [#6772] RCT2 interop removed.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.2-android-arm.apk(12.84 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.2-android-x86.apk(13.50 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.2-linux-i686.tar.gz(12.20 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(21.25 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.2-windows-installer-win32.exe(7.73 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.2-windows-installer-x64.exe(8.27 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.1.1(Aug 9, 2017)

    This is mostly a bugfix release.

    • Feature: [#5815] Add cheat to ignore research status and access rides/scenery not yet invented.
    • Feature: [#5857] Keyboard shortcut for clear scenery.
    • Feature: [#5877] Allow up to 16 stations to be synchronised
    • Feature: [#5970] The Bobsleigh Roller Coaster now supports on-ride photos.
    • Feature: [#5991] Allow all tracked rides that can be tested without guests to the Track Designer
    • Fix: [#2127, #2229, #5586] Mountain tool cost calculation
    • Fix: [#3589] Crash due to invalid footpathEntry in path_paint
    • Fix: [#3852] Constructing path not clearing scenery on server.
    • Fix: [#4455] Crash in window_sign_invalidate due to original bug
    • Fix: [#4715] Fix OpenGL rendering of water when zoomed. See #5890.
    • Fix: [#4931] Crash in path_paint - footpathentry was null
    • Fix: [#5629] Issue with tower ride modes approach to station - incorrect sum caused sawtooth in velocity
    • Fix: [#5768] Prevent loading non-existent title sequences.
    • Fix: [#5858] Crash when using custom ride with no colour presets.
    • Fix: [#5865] Ride preview flickering on uneven terrain or mid air.
    • Fix: [#5872] Incorrect OpenGL rendering of masked sprites
    • Fix: [#5880] Leaving bumper cars without building causes assertion.
    • Fix: [#5890] Fix zoomed OpenGL rendering of special sprites with primary and secondary colours.
    • Fix: [#5912] Negative queue when moving entrance in paused state.
    • Fix: [#5920] Placing guest spawn doesn't do anything every 3rd click
    • Fix: [#5939] Crash when importing 'Six Flags Santa Fe'.
    • Fix: [#5977] Custom music files not showing up in music list
    • Fix: [#5981] Ride list doesn't update after using quick demolish.
    • Fix: [#5984] Allow socket binding to same port after crash
    • Fix: [#5998] Staff not getting paid / no loan interest.
    • Fix: [#6026] 'Select ride to advertise' dropdown does not display all items.
    • Fix: [#6052] Unable to place entrance/exit on certain ride types.
    • Fix: [#6071] Quick demolish can delete protected ride.
    • Fix: [#6111] Mute button always visible in editor.
    • Fix: [#6113] Track preview shows incorrect highest drop height.
    • Improved: [#2223] Change mountain tool to ignore higher surrounding tiles.
    • Improved: [#4301] Leading and trailing whitespace in player name is now removed.
    • Improved: [#5859] OpenGL rendering performance
    • Improved: [#5863] Switching drawing engines no longer requires the application to restart.
    • Improved: [#6003] Doors placed on tracks will now work with all vehicles
    • Improved: [#6037] Autosaves are now stored in a subfolder
    • Improved: The land tool buttons can now be held down to increase/decrease size.
    • Improved: Dropdowns longer than 32 items overflow into columns.
    • Improved: Ride Type option in ride window is now a dropdown.
    • Improved: "About OpenRCT2" window redesigned, now contains OpenRCT2 info and access to changelog
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.1-android-arm.apk(10.20 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.1-android-x86.apk(10.85 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.1-linux-i686.tar.gz(9.64 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(15.21 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.1-windows-installer-win32.exe(5.18 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.1-windows-installer-x64.exe(5.75 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.1.0(Jul 12, 2017)

    • Feature: [#5056] Add cheat to own all land.
    • Feature: [#5133] Add option to display guest expenditure (as seen in RCTC).
    • Feature: [#5196] Add cheat to disable ride ageing.
    • Feature: [#5504] Group vehicles into ride groups
    • Feature: [#5576] Add a persistent 'display real names of guests' setting.
    • Feature: [#5611] Add support for Android
    • Feature: [#5706] Add support for OpenBSD
    • Feature: OpenRCT2 now starts up on the display it was last shown on.
    • Feature: Park entrance fee can now be set to amounts up to £200.
    • Improved: Construction rights can now be placed on park entrances.
    • Improved: Mouse can now be dragged to select scenery when saving track designs
    • Fix: [#259] Money making glitch involving swamps (original bug)
    • Fix: [#441] Construction rights over entrance path erased (original bug)
    • Fix: [#578] Ride ghosts show up in ride list during construction (original bug)
    • Fix: [#597] 'Finish 5 roller coasters' goal not properly checked (original bug)
    • Fix: [#667] Incorrect banner limit calculation (original bug)
    • Fix: [#739] Crocodile Ride (Log Flume) never allows more than five boats (original bug)
    • Fix: [#837] Can't move windows on title screen to where the toolbar would be (original bug)
    • Fix: [#1705] Time Twister's Medieval entrance has incorrect scrolling (original bug)
    • Fix: [#3178, #5456] Paths with non-ASCII characters not handled properly on macOS.
    • Fix: [#3346] Crash when extra long train breaks down at the back
    • Fix: [#3479] Building in pause mode creates too many floating numbers, crashing the game
    • Fix: [#3565] Multiplayer server crash
    • Fix: [#3681] Steel Twister rollercoaster always shows all track designs
    • Fix: [#3846, #5749] Crash when testing coaster with a diagonal lift in block brake mode
    • Fix: [#4054] Sorting rides by track type: Misleading research messages
    • Fix: [#4055] Sort rides by track type: Sorting rule is not really clear (inconsistent?)
    • Fix: [#4512] Invisible map edge tiles corrupted
    • Fix: [#5009] Ride rating calculations can overflow
    • Fix: [#5253] RCT1 park value conversion factor too high
    • Fix: [#5400] New Ride window does not focus properly on newly invented ride.
    • Fix: [#5489] Sprite index crash for car view on car ride.
    • Fix: [#5730] Unable to uncheck 'No money' in the Scenario Editor.
    • Fix: [#5750] Game freezes when ride queue linked list is corrupted.
    • Fix: [#5819] Vertical multi-dimension coaster tunnels drawn incorrectly
    • Fix: Non-invented vehicles can be used via track designs in select-by-track-type mode.
    • Fix: Track components added by OpenRCT2 are now usable in older scenarios.
    • Technical: [#5047] Add ride ratings tests
    • Technical: [#5458] Begin offering headless build with reduced compile- and run-time dependencies
    • Technical: [#5755] Title sequence wait periods use milliseconds
    • Technical: Fix many desync sources
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.0-android-arm.apk(10.10 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.0-android-x86.apk(10.74 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.0-linux-i686.tar.gz(6.51 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(15.15 MB) MB) MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.0-windows-installer-win32.exe(5.17 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.1.0-windows-installer-x64.exe(5.76 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.0.7(May 3, 2017)

    • Feature: [#1730] Keyboard shortcuts for track construction.
    • Feature: [#2060, #5282] Heightmap loader
    • Feature: [#5110] The tile inspector can now be used in multiplayer.
    • Feature: [#5305] Add scenery eye dropper tool.
    • Feature: [#5370] Ride operating mode can be set from the console.
    • Feature: [#5415] Add mute toolbar button (as seen in RCT1 and Locomotion).
    • Improved: [#5254] Scenario option changes are now synchronised over multiplayer.
    • Improved: [#3288] Added server description and greeting textboxes to the start server menu.
    • Improved: [#3502] Track previews display at higher zoom level for large layouts.
    • Improved: [#5055] Implement 'quick demolish' for rides.
    • Improved: [#5137] Removing all guests no longer closes the rides and removes the vehicles.
    • Improved: [#5163] Minor tile inspector improvements and fixes.
    • Improved: [#5222] Add Catalan language.
    • Improved: [#5351] Giga Coaster and Steel Twister RC boosters now use the correct sprites.
    • Improved: Looping RC and Corkscrew RC now use booster sprites from RCT1's CSG1.DAT if available.
    • Improved: Scenario options are now synced in multiplayer.
    • Improved: Remove duplicate ride penalty for closed rides.
    • Improved: Make shortcut keys window larger and resizable.
    • Removed: known_issues.txt no longer used, check issue tracker on GitHub.
    • Fix: [#1992] Felicity Anderson Cheat can crash the game, as well as blocking queues.
    • Fix: [#4493] Provide tooltip for disabled price field.
    • Fix: [#4689] Object selection tabs sometimes flicker.
    • Fix: [#4913] Server greeting displaying local setting.
    • Fix: [#4972] Map window not updated properly when shrinking map from Map Generation window.
    • Fix: [#5004] Peeps in parks imported from RCT1 show abnormalities.
    • Fix: [#5014] Research not imported from RCT1 correctly.
    • Fix: [#5032] Booster speed is not saved in TD6.
    • Fix: [#5140] Headless server should save default users.json.
    • Fix: [#5150] --openrct-data-path sets user data path instead of OpenRCT2 data path.
    • Fix: [#5169] Parks containing packed objects fail to open.
    • Fix: [#5199] "Force a breakdown" debugging tool isn't hidden in multiplayer.
    • Fix: [#5188] Clicking on a Magic Carpet doesn't open the ride window.
    • Fix: [#5218] Scale RCT1 park value objectives.
    • Fix: [#5219] Game crashes when opening 'misc' tab in options.
    • Fix: [#5238] RCT1 import: Rides are initially free when placing them.
    • Fix: [#5252] Correct typo in Conger Eel Coaster description.
    • Fix: [#5265] Queue line TVs not detected properly.
    • Fix: [#5271] Keyboard shortcuts window isn't large enough (for some languages).
    • Fix: [#5284] Mechanic is called to fix a ride that's outside his patrol area.
    • Fix: [#5285] Intro always plays even if play_intro = false.
    • Fix: [#5299] Scenario editor crash when placing peep spawn.
    • Fix: [#5318] Using the bulldozer tool on under-construction paths results in unlimited free money.
    • Fix: [#5325] Game crashes if encountering an invalid ride type during research.
    • Fix: [#5345] Correct typos in descriptions for Top Spin and Splash Boats.
    • Fix: [#5350] Steel Twister RC and Giga Coaster boosters are underpowered, Junior Roller Coaster boosters overpowered compared to RCTC.
    • Fix: [#5357] "Assertion failed!" after guest with name 'Emma Garrell' exits/enters ride.
    • Fix: Walls do not import from RCT1 correctly in pause mode.
    • Fix: Extraneous window tabs show up on MacOS 10.12.
    • Fix: Potential for integer overflow in ride length.
    • Fix: Vehicles erroneously removed when removing all guests.
    • Technical: INI configuration file now case-insensitive.
    • Technical: Remove version build from msbuild & NSIS.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-0.0.7-linux-i686.tar.gz(6.16 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.0.7-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(14.31 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.0.7-windows-installer-win32.exe(5.01 MB)
    OpenRCT2-0.0.7-windows-installer-x64.exe(5.59 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.0.6(Jan 30, 2017)


    • Feature: [#3355] Allow loading of parks from URLs.
    • Feature: [#4673] Add paint Z clipping.
    • Feature: [#4901] Allow entertainers' costume changes even in absence of required scenery.
    • Feature: [#4916] FreeBSD support.
    • Feature: [#4963] Add boosters (from RCT1 and RCTC).
    • Feature: [#5113] Entertainers are now hired with a random costume.
    • Improved: [#4847] Guest / staff pathfinding.
    • Improved: [#4938] Checksum calculations speeded up.
    • Improved: [#5007] Vehicles and functioning rides are now imported when loading SC4 / SV4 parks.
    • Improved: Guests and staff are now imported when loading SC4 / SV4 parks.
    • Fix: [#4571] Only start autosave timer after update or game command.
    • Fix: [#4584] Junior Coaster diagonal flat-to-steep slopes not drawn.
    • Fix: [#4929] Changing TTF language crashes game.
    • Fix: [#4944] Game crashes upon selecting objects in scenario editor.
    • Fix: [#4951] Scenarios are not recorded as completed from a saved game.
    • Fix: [#4968] Completing a scenario does not save the name that is entered.
    • Fix: [#4996] Objects unloaded after loading landscape.
    • Fix: [#5003] Able to remove entrance/exit of unedittable rides (such as in Volcania).
    • Fix: [#5096] Failure to open parks with out of bounds sprite coordinates.
    • Fix: [#5114] Some entertainer costumes never select-able.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2- MB)
    OpenRCT2- MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2- MB)
    OpenRCT2- MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.0.5(Dec 27, 2016)


    This is the first fully implemented version of OpenRCT2. RCT2.EXE is no longer required.

    • Feature: Ability to disable rendering of weather effects and gloom
    • Feature: New view option: "See-Through Paths"
    • Feature: Add cheat to reset date.
    • Feature: Add OpenGL drawing engine.
    • Feature: Implementation of the user-defined currency
    • Feature: Extended tile inspector.
    • Feature: Add ride console command for diagnostics and changing vehicle type.
    • Feature: Allow selecting corners when using the mountain tool.
    • Feature: Allow setting ownership of map edges.
    • Feature: Allow up to 255 cars per train.
    • Feature: Importing SV4 and SC4 files with rides.
    • Feature: Filter Object Selection Window by "Selected only" and "Non-selected only"
    • Feature: Allow raising terrain to 64 in-game units.
    • Feature: Assymmetric-key-based authorisation and assignment storage.
    • Feature: Add Norwegian translation.
    • Feature: Add cheat to disable littering.
    • Feature: Add Cheat to disable plant aging.
    • Feature: Add Cheat that allows any track piece to use a chain lift.
    • Feature: Add Console command to set vehicle friction.
    • Feature: Add console command to set scenario initial cash.
    • Feature: Objects are scanned from the user directory as well as the RCT2 directory.
    • Feature: Objects directory is scanned recursively.
    • Feature: Optionally zoom in towards the cursor rather than the screen centre.
    • Change: The maximum height of Junior Roller Coasters is now 14 units, like it was in RCT1.
    • Improved: Pathfinding algorithm.
    • Improved: Performance and reliability of loading objects.
    • Improved: Screenshots are now saved with the name of the park and the current date and time.
    • Improved: More accurate frame rate calculation
    • Improved: In-game file dialog now shows more formats (sv6, sc6, sv4, etc.)
    • Improved: Joining multiplayer will not redownload custom objects
    • Removed: BMP screenshots.
    • Removed: Intamin and Phoenix easter eggs.
    • Fix: [#933] On-ride photo price sometimes gets reset to £2 when using 'same price in whole park' (original bug).
    • Fix: [#1038] Guest List is out of order.
    • Fix: [#1238] Track place window does not fully adjust to custom colour scheme.
    • Fix: [#2042] Guests entering queues are immediately annoyed when many entertainers are around (original bug).
    • Fix: [#2081] Game hangs when track has infinite loop.
    • Fix: [#2754] Dragging scrollview fails when scaled.
    • Fix: [#3210] Scenery window scrolls too far.
    • Fix: [#3282] Launched Freefall ride ratings are fixed for Downward Launch (original bug).
    • Fix: [#3307] Ride music and sound has degraded since RCT2.
    • Fix: [#3344] Build new ride window can be opened in scenario editor.
    • Fix: [#3347] Ride windows are auto-positioned below the HUD when using RCT1 lights.
    • Fix: [#3352] Assertion triggered while fixing surface tiles.
    • Fix: [#3361] Missing Twister coaster piece.
    • Fix: [#3418] Launched freefall restraints are drawn incorrectly when up (original bug).
    • Fix: [#3451] Renaming staff is a guest command.
    • Fix: [#3635] Inspecting sidewalk path crashes game.
    • Fix: [#3735] Advertisement campaign window bug.
    • Fix: [#3771] Crash when kicking player in multiplayer.
    • Fix: [#3824] Segfault when passing invalid arguments to ride set type.
    • Fix: [#3858] Tooltip shown when hovering over title logo.
    • Fix: [#3915] Restore horizontal and vertical scrollbar behaviour from RCT2 when clicking on one of the scrollbars.
    • Fix: Lay-down Roller Coasters from RCT1 saves are imported with an incorrect vehicle type (not reported).
    • Fix: High lateral G-forces penalty applied too early (not reported).
    • Technical: Multiplayer groups are now stored in JSON format.
    • Technical: MinGW builds dropped support for Windows XP
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    OpenRCT2-v0.0.5-linux-i686.tar.gz(5.89 MB)
    OpenRCT2-v0.0.5-linux-x86_64.tar.gz(13.01 MB) MB)
    OpenRCT2-v0.0.5-windows-installer-win32.exe(4.71 MB)
    OpenRCT2-v0.0.5-windows-installer-x64.exe(5.26 MB) MB) MB)
  • v0.0.4(Apr 15, 2016)

  • v0.0.3(Nov 30, 2015)

  • v0.0.2(Jun 21, 2015)

  • v0.0.1(Dec 7, 2014)

    This is the very first code snapshot where most of the logic still resides in the original game. This is just a base version and should not be used.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
An open source re-implementation of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.
OpenMW is an open-source open-world RPG game engine that supports playing Morrowind.

OpenMW is an open-source open-world RPG game engine that supports playing Morrowind.

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Project DELTA - An open-source trainer built on the Void Engine for Toby Fox's games and their spin-offs.

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MAZE (My AmaZing Engine) - 🎮 Personal open-source cross-platform game engine

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yuzu is an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra.

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Vinifera is an open-source community collaboration project extending the Tiberian Sun engine.

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Open-source flog (Nintendo Switch's Golf NES easter egg) reimplementation

This repository is dedicated to flog, an easter egg present on Nintendo Switch consoles, containing various tools and information, which are the result of progressive reverse-engineering of the easter egg.

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Classic Tomb Raider open-source engine

Classic Tomb Raider open-source engine

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Minetest is an open source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation

Minetest 8.3k Dec 29, 2022
an open source NES platformer game

Nova the Squirrel is an NES game that stars Nova Storm, a green squirrel, who winds up in a new and unfamiliar world with strange new abilities, and she must use her new abilities to save the world.

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Ducktape is an Open source Light weight 2d Game Engine that gives utmost priority to user convenience.

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