OpenMW is an open-source open-world RPG game engine that supports playing Morrowind.



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OpenMW is an open-source game engine that supports playing Morrowind by Bethesda Softworks. You need to own the game for OpenMW to play Morrowind.

OpenMW also comes with OpenMW-CS, a replacement for Bethesda's Construction Set.

Font Licenses:

Current Status

The main quests in Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon are all completable. Some issues with side quests are to be expected (but rare). Check the bug tracker for a list of issues we need to resolve before the "1.0" release. Even before the "1.0" release however, OpenMW boasts some new features, such as improved graphics and user interfaces.

Pre-existing modifications created for the original Morrowind engine can be hit-and-miss. The OpenMW script compiler performs more thorough error-checking than Morrowind does, meaning that a mod created for Morrowind may not necessarily run in OpenMW. Some mods also rely on quirky behaviour or engine bugs in order to work. We are considering such compatibility issues on a case-by-case basis - in some cases adding a workaround to OpenMW may be feasible, in other cases fixing the mod will be the only option. If you know of any mods that work or don't work, feel free to add them to the Mod status wiki page.

Getting Started

The data path

The data path tells OpenMW where to find your Morrowind files. If you run the launcher, OpenMW should be able to pick up the location of these files on its own, if both Morrowind and OpenMW are installed properly (installing Morrowind under WINE is considered a proper install).

Command line options

Syntax: openmw 
Allowed options:
  --help                                print help message
  --version                             print version information and quit
  --data arg (=data)                    set data directories (later directories
                                        have higher priority)
  --data-local arg                      set local data directory (highest
  --fallback-archive arg (=fallback-archive)
                                        set fallback BSA archives (later
                                        archives have higher priority)
  --resources arg (=resources)          set resources directory
  --start arg                           set initial cell
  --content arg                         content file(s): esm/esp, or
  --no-sound [=arg(=1)] (=0)            disable all sounds
  --script-verbose [=arg(=1)] (=0)      verbose script output
  --script-all [=arg(=1)] (=0)          compile all scripts (excluding dialogue
                                        scripts) at startup
  --script-all-dialogue [=arg(=1)] (=0) compile all dialogue scripts at startup
  --script-console [=arg(=1)] (=0)      enable console-only script
  --script-run arg                      select a file containing a list of
                                        console commands that is executed on
  --script-warn [=arg(=1)] (=1)         handling of warnings when compiling
                                        0 - ignore warning
                                        1 - show warning but consider script as
                                        correctly compiled anyway
                                        2 - treat warnings as errors
  --script-blacklist arg                ignore the specified script (if the use
                                        of the blacklist is enabled)
  --script-blacklist-use [=arg(=1)] (=1)
                                        enable script blacklisting
  --load-savegame arg                   load a save game file on game startup
                                        (specify an absolute filename or a
                                        filename relative to the current
                                        working directory)
  --skip-menu [=arg(=1)] (=0)           skip main menu on game startup
  --new-game [=arg(=1)] (=0)            run new game sequence (ignored if
  --fs-strict [=arg(=1)] (=0)           strict file system handling (no case
  --encoding arg (=win1252)             Character encoding used in OpenMW game

                                        win1250 - Central and Eastern European
                                        such as Polish, Czech, Slovak,
                                        Hungarian, Slovene, Bosnian, Croatian,
                                        Serbian (Latin script), Romanian and
                                        Albanian languages

                                        win1251 - Cyrillic alphabet such as
                                        Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian Cyrillic
                                        and other languages

                                        win1252 - Western European (Latin)
                                        alphabet, used by default
  --fallback arg                        fallback values
  --no-grab                             Don't grab mouse cursor
  --export-fonts [=arg(=1)] (=0)        Export Morrowind .fnt fonts to PNG
                                        image and XML file in current directory
  --activate-dist arg (=-1)             activation distance override
  --random-seed arg (=
     )   seed value for random number generator

  • Shadows


    Scrawl suggested I actually make a PR for this so that it's easier to keep track of while the last few things are sorted out.

    Current issues (that I can think of):


    • [x] ~~I've not decided which way to make the sky not receive shadows is best ( versus Scrawl likes method two and I trust his judgement above my own.
    • [x] The minimap needs shadows turning off.
    • [x] The character preview needs shadows turning off.
    • [x] Interiors need shadows to not be cast by walls etc. (as they use a 'fake' light source which is blocked everywhere)
    • [x] Settings need to be changeable by users instead of hardcoded.
    • [x] Description of settings needs adding to the documentation
    • [x] Turning on shadows should ~~potentially somehow warn users that they might get issues with shaders off unless~~ force shaders on, but maybe the documentation should suggest they want to do this
    • [x] Assorted parameter tuning to make things look as good as possible.
    • [x] Move as much as possible out of shadermanager.cpp
    • [x] Separate MWShadow into two classes - a shadow technique class based directly on osgShadow::ViewDependentShadowMap and a shadow manager class handling interaction with the rest of the engine.
    • [x] ~~Work out why some Linux users are seeing issues that I'm not, and fix the problem.~~ (This wasn't Linux-specific after all, and was just that distant land was on and broke things.)
    • [x] Ensure that shadow map projection keeps shadow map texels roughly 1:1 with screen pixels.
      • [x] Fix this when due to perspective errors.
      • [x] Fix this when due to a high viewing distance.
      • [x] Fix this when due to ~~similar light and camera angles~~ that wasn't the issue shadow maps being set up to cover non-existent objects under the ground.
        • [x] Stop that fix from breaking first person meshes.
        • [x] Stop that fix from sometimes making shadows disappear from near to the camera when the closest thing to the camera is terrain, not an object.
      • [x] Fix this when due to similar light and camera angles as this issue seems to have ~~reappeared~~ never actually been solved?
        • [x] See how easily this can be fixed by messing around with Cascading Shadow Maps.
        • [x] Implement a maintainable and configurable implementation of Cascading Shadow Maps.
    • [x] Ensure distant terrain causes no issues with the ComputeLightSpaceBounds visitor (which I'm not 100% sure is ever doing its job properly or we'd not have issues when increasing view distance but leaving distant terrain off... unless it's the same water-has-a-huge-bounding-sphere issue that means we can't do bounding volume based traversals).
    • [x] Sort out excessive light space perspective transformation effect with RenderLeafTraverser<RenderLeafBounds>.
      • [x] Stop distant terrain screwing up the ratio calculation.
      • [x] ~~Work out what's going on with this screenshot. The nearest shadow map (red) is excessively distorted, removing detail from the tree on the left.~~ I didn't work out what was going wrong, but I fixed this by accident.
    • [x] Resolve this issue
    • [x] Fix this (yet) again but for ~~OSG 3.6~~ maybe not OSG 3.6 [email protected]'s mad computer which has issues no one else has reported.~~ Not just akortunov's computer ~~absolutely ridiculous viewing distances.~~ Fixed the viewing distance issue ~~yet another reason.~~ the CLSB visitor giving erroneous results & the ConvexHull thing not considering shadow casters outside of the viewing frustum.
    • [x] Fix disappearing first-person meshes. Video in
    • [x] Fix wavy Balmora banners breaking things.
    • [x] ~~Investigate issue 1 in this post: ~~Solve issue where OSG's computed far plane is nearer than the most distant geometry.~~ The computed far plane was fine all along. Solve distant (relatively speaking) shadows disappearing due to erroneous clipping.
    • [x] Fix stateset weirdness.
      • [x] ~~Work out if there's a reason @akortunov had minimap and character preview issues after I fixed them for other people and if the magic fix that shouldn't have worked with CSM is reliable and identifiable.~~ No one else has reported anything, so hopefully this is fine.
      • [x] ~~Investigate and fix this unholy abomination: The person who reported this can no logner replicate it, so I'm going to assume I've fixed it by fixing something else.
      • [x] Work out the cause of and then get rid of messages about an invalid OpenGL state.
    • [x] Fix depth precision issues.
      • [x] Reduce Peter Panning without increasing flicker on thin meshes like leaves and ferns.
      • [x] Reduce flicker on thin meshes like leaves and ferns without increasing Peter Panning.
      • [x] Fix evil flicker on a bunch of things (especially with CSM and uniform/log ratio at near 1.0 and a ridiculous viewing distance). Video in ~~The root cause is all shadow maps sharing the same near/far planes so the near shadow map has basically no depth resolution.~~ ~~The actual root cause is that the terrain paging system regards all shadow cameras as maximally distant, so serves up the same single whole-of-Morrowind TerrainDrawable for each of them, and that forces all shadow maps to use the same near/far planes so the near shadow map has basically no depth resolution. This issue can be avoided by disabling terrain shadows, which are basically garbage anyway and will be until the issue is resolved. Attempts to do so have lead to weird crashes, so this is being backburnered for now.~~ The real actual cause was that the shadow map near plane was too far from the things receiving shadows. Using depth clamping to move it closer without preventing things outside the viewing frustum casting shadows has sorted this out.
      • [x] Use normal-offset shadow mapping to try and reduce flickering with much less peter panning.
    • [x] Adjust the alpha test such that invisible actors cannot cast a shadow.
    • [x] Fix animated things being culled for no reason Specifically, it seems that the direct parents of RigGeometries are getting falsely culled sometimes, but other times it's a more complex issue that I won't go into unless someone asked. Copying the bounds from a RigGeometry to its children (which contain the actual mesh) fixed the issue, though.
    • [x] Solve yet another issue with indoor shadows not being everywhere they should be. Investigation ~~suggests this is another LiSPSM issue.~~ shows this is my ConvexHull::extendTowardsNegativeZ() function failing in common edge cases and the provided ConvexHull::clip(osg::Plane) function failing in edge cases made common by the extendTowardsNegativeZ function's introduction.
    • [x] More shadows being gone: When I went to test this, I encountered an issue and fixed it, but I'm not 100% sure if it was the same one. Either way, shadow maps were being used exclusively even for regions that hadn't been considered their responsibility during their cull traversal, so that was fixed by telling the shader about it.
    • [x] Degarbagify terrain shadows. The terrain paging system regards shadow cameras as maximally distant, so serves up a single whole-of-Morrowind TerrainDrawable, which is far too low quality to let all but the largest mountains cast any shadows.
    • [x] Fix colorMode issue (erroneously described as full object shadow pop-ins here:
    • [x] Fix shadows being gone from a set of steps: Technically, this is just really bad Peter Panning caused by a huge polygon offset, so it might not be fixable, per se.
    • [x] Surprisingly, another missing shadows bug:

      Some strange behavior at extreme sunset angles. Note the area roughly where the soldiers are as the camera moves around.

      That doesn't look like it's supposed to happen. Can I get a save game right there along with your settings (not just shadow settings as stuff like view distance makes a difference, too).

      Save File Settings.cfg I'll add that I could not reproduce this on older build artifacts.

    • [x] Incompatibility with the water shader and disabled shadows. (Note: I can't reproduce this).

      Turning off shadows appears to break the water shader. (shadows off) (shadows on)

      That's bad. Can you get me an APITrace of it being broken, please? There should be a thread somewhere explaining how. Maybe testing with an artefact from before normal offset shadows got merged, too, as that's the only thing I've done recently that might have broken it, and I'd have expected someone to have reported this already if it's been broken for a long time.

      I'll see if I can figure out APITrace. For now I can say it doesn't break like this on my pre-normal offset artifacts. Apparently I'd already fixed this by the time someone else reported it, which is why no one else could reproduce it. Good job, me, on wasting a bunch of time hunting something that was already dead.

    • [x] Weird glow on the bottom of things at night.
    • [x] Threading issue with debug HUD frustum geometry. Either double-buffer it or, as it's only there during debugging, make it dynamic so OSG handles the threading (and potentially makes the whole next frame stall while waiting for it).


    • [x] Improve the culling polytope used when allow shadow map overlap is enabled so performance doesn't fall linearly as more shadow maps are added.
    • [x] Investigate this: User unable to reproduce
    • [ ] At night shadows need to be tweaked in some way if anyone other than me starts complaining about them (as another fake light source is used at night, too).
      • [ ] Maybe the position of the light source should follow one of the moons.
      • [ ] Maybe the diffuse component of the light source should be reduced and the ambient one increased.
    • [x] Investigate disabling lighting calculations when rendering the shadow map for a speed boost.
    • [x] Investigate disabling the light manager for shadow map rendering as there's no point working out which lights have the most effect on which objects or sending lights to the GPU when we're ignoring them in the shader.
    • [ ] Consider using a big PCF filter as an option to soften shadows and/or make undersampling look less bad.
      • [ ] PCSS is probably the only good option for soft shadows as everything else involves blurring the parts of shadows that need to be hard.
    • [ ] Consider potential systems to avoid wasting shadow map space on distant stuff.
      • [ ] Maybe a heuristic in QuadTreeWorld based on maximum steepness in a cell and the angle of the sun in the sky which affects the ComputeLightSpaceBounds visitor.
      • [ ] Maybe just a boring maximum shadow map distance setting.
      • [ ] As distant statics don't exist yet, there's no good way to theorise about the ideal solution for these and if it's just going to be as simple as having a distant statics shadows setting.
      • [ ] Maybe see if there's a way to make terrain shadows separate for ECLD cells and terrain paging (distant) cells.
    • [x] Sort out excessive light space perspective transformation effect with RenderLeafTraverser<RenderLeafBounds>.
      • [ ] Suppress unsolvable issues by finding the highest value for the minimum lispsm near far ratio setting which doesn't produce artefacts. Users can help with this, and may find playing with the values at the bottom of shadow.hpp in this branch useful. Remember that before telling me that a value is safe, it needs to work (meaning not look worse than a lower value) both with and without the CLSB applied (the thing that automatically toggles), with and without a high view distance, with and without distant terrain, with and without split shadow maps (look at the end bit of the terrain fragment shader if not using exactly three), in first and third-person view, and in various combinations of these settings. MOVED FROM BLOCKERS TO NON-BLOCKERS
    • [x] Move common shadow shader code into a shader header.
    • [ ] Fix 360° screenshots.
    • [ ] Fix shadows being in the wrong place in the screenshots embedded in saves.
    • [ ] See if MGE XE does something more interesting with interior shadows that I can copy.
    • [x] Investigate the performance cost of doing a different thing for one light on a range of systems to work out if Mesa's optimiser is bad or if I just expect too much from shader optimisers. Patch here:

    Maybe unrelated to shadows

    • [ ] Intermittent OpenGL errors (which don't show up in APITrace etc. but give the message glCallList failed because (depending on the operation) a referenced binding point is empty; a referenced name is not the name of an object; or the given name is otherwise not valid to this operation (GL_INVALID_VALUE) when caught by KHR_DEBUG). Note: These errors may be because of a regression in OSG 3.6.x and may also happen on master-branch OpenMW - JDGBOLT's issue reports are from a build with a bunch of ongoing PRs and unreleased OSG builds.

    Want to tell me how well this works on your machine? I'll need screenshots (ideally with the debug hud turned on), a description of your shadow settings and maybe a coc target and definitely to know whether distant terrain is on.

    Testing both with and without this patch (including with and without shadows enabled) on a range of systems might be helpful to me. I know it makes a difference on Mesa, and no difference with AMD's and Nvidia's proprietary Windows drivers, but don't know for other situations.

    Want to give me free money because you really like shadows? I have a Patreon at

    opened by AnyOldName3 675
  • Grass instancing

    Grass instancing

    An alternative to #3010. Opened to have build artefacts to test the feature and compare performance with paging PR. Existing settings:

    enabled = true
    density = 0.5
    min chunk size = 0.5

    A main idea - instead of merging grass instances to large shapes draw the same shape many times without uploading the same data every time. Since all instances of the same shape use the same transformations, we need to move, scale and rotate every instance via vertex shader. It allows to decrease CPU and RAM usage compared to paging, but causes higher GPU usage due to additional calculations in shaders.

    Note that roundcover objects can not cast shadows since shadows system is not aware of any transformantions in the vertex shader. Can be fixed in follow-up PR, but such shadows will cause a really large performance drop. Probably it would better to use port-processing shaders (e.g. SSAO) instead of real-time shadows for groundcover.

    In my testing instancing is a bit slower than paging (it has higher GPU usage, but lower Draw and Cull, but my setup is GPU-limited). An advantage of instancing is that it uses less RAM (roughly near 100MB in my testing), also cell transitions are faster since OpenMW does not need to load a lot of instances and then merge them to batches. This behaviour is fully expected since the main purpose of instancing is to reduce CPU usage at the cost of additional GPU overhead (more complex shaders and an overhead to bind per-vertex data).

    Discussion Needs testing 
    opened by akortunov 195
  • Use recastnavigation for pathfinding (#2229)

    Use recastnavigation for pathfinding (#2229)

    Solves #2229.

    Should replace

    To build use recastnavigation from repository.

    Tasks and decisions to be done:

    • [x] When build NavMesh? On cell preload and cell load in background.
    • [x] Load Navigator configuration from settings.cfg.
    • [x] Use tiles to build navmesh `. Allows actors to start find path faster. Possibly to do in parallel. Allows caching.
    • [x] Visualize NavMesh. togglenavmesh command.
    • [x] Visualize actors paths. toggleactorspaths command.
    • [x] Split RecastMesh into tiles. Reduces time to build single navmesh tile.
    • [x] Limit number of tiles to add to NavMesh. Important when number of loaded cells more than 9. There is a physical limit in recastnavigation how much polygons and tiles could be in navmesh. Polygon identifier contains tile number and polygon number inside tile 22 bits total. Now 10 bits used for tile and 12 for polygon. Could be increased if recastnavigation would use 64 bits identifiers (need a lot of changes).
    • [x] Support changing collision shapes. Navmesh updates when object changed or transformed.
      • [x] Animated
      • [x] Transformed (doors)
    • [x] Support avoided areas (task #1724)
    • [x] Support swim (water). Navmesh surface with specific water flag. Possible to forbid actors to swim:
      • [x] Exterior cells
      • [x] Interior cells
    • [ ] Support doors. Allow actors to find path through closed doors:
      • [x] without teleports
      • [ ] with teleports (who can use it?)
    • [ ] Use different navmesh with half extents for different actors:
      • [ ] Exterior cells (takes too much time to build navmesh, need optimization)
      • [x] Interior cells
    • [ ] Different settings for interior and exterior cells. There is a restrictions for that. Tile size depends on cell size. Navmesh can't contain tiles with different sizes, so different navmeshes are required to use different cell size for interior and exterior. Probably will not be possible to make off mesh connections for teleports (needs research).
    • [x] Documentation for settings
      • [x] Comment for each option in settings-default.cfg file
      • [x] docs/source/reference/modding/settings/navigator.rst document
    • [x] Cache NavMesh tiles data
      • [x] Select key generation approach:
        • ~~Use btCollisionShape user pointer to store original memory address or counter value. Small size. Possible collisions. Surrogate key.~~
        • [x] Use RecastMesh binary data. Requires ordered build of RecastMesh. Large size. Persistent key.
      • [x] Select limit cache size approach:
        • [x] Limit by total NavMeshData size. Allows to limit by used memory. Too large objects possible could not fit cache size in some specific cases.
        • ~~Limit by number of items. May lead to large variance of used memory.~~
      • [x] Select cache item replacement method:
        • ~~Replace least recently used item. Requires external lifetime handling of a NavMeshData value.~~
        • [x] Replace currently unused least recently used item. Allows internal lifetime handling of a NavMeshData value. Requires to hold used item externally.
    • [ ] Find optimal parameters values
    • [x] Unit tests
    • [ ] Consider actors as obstacles (implemented with some issues here, disabled now), (see
      • [ ] Find out how to communicate openmw physics and dtCrowd physics.
      • [ ] Use dtCrowd for multiple navmeshes.
      • [ ] Handle agents number overflow.
    • [ ] Support jump
    • [ ] Build NavMesh tiles data on cell preload
    opened by elsid 184
  • Separate grass handling

    Separate grass handling

    This PR handles grass objects from enabled plugins separately from other objects.

    Also there is an another implementation, which is based on ObjectPaging (unfortunately, grass animations do not work).

    Summary of changes:

    1. Attach grass nodes directly to cell node, without creating a cellref and animation object just for every grass shape. As a result, grass almost does not affect cell loading speed, does not have collisions and does not block objects (e.g. corpses).
    2. Use a separate mask for grass nodes, so grass objects do not cast shadows (but still receive them) and do not present in reflections. It allows to use grass when shadows and/or object reflections are enabled.
    3. Implemented a grass density setting. A density algorithm is deterministic, so the grass should be in the same place every time when the same density is used.
    4. Implemented a grass rendering distance setting. Grass objects near rendering border fade away. Allows to increase performance and avoid pop-ins. Requires an AlphaProperty for groundcover objects.
    5. Grass is animated via separate shader - it takes in account wind speed from openmw.cfg and player's position to emulate stomping.

    It is recommended to test this PR with the Aesthesia Groundcover.

    An example of settings:

    enabled = true
    fade start = 0.75
    density = 0.3
    distance = 6144
    animation = true

    Known limitations:

    1. There is no batching system, so large grass density still significally increases CPU loading and may lead to noticable performance drops on Draw-limited setups.
    2. MGE uses custom lighting shaders (some grass replacers even use custom shaders), so some MGE-specific grass mods may do not work as intended.
    3. Some mods may add groundcover objects, which are not supposed to be animated (stones, mushrooms, etc). Such objects also have no alpha property, so fading does not work for them too.
    4. Grass is rendered/animated only for active grid.


    The main question - can we use such system, or our current approach is to do nothing and wait until a skilled OpenGL developer implements a procedure-generated grass for us for free?

    opened by akortunov 175
  • Movement solver changes/fixes

    Movement solver changes/fixes

    This fixes several major problems with the current movement solver, which make it a lot harder to get stuck and much less common that you can't jump in certain locations unless you stand still.

    No changelog additions yet and not ready to merge. Some of these changes can cause performance problems and bring some other bugs to attention (like capsules breaking some vanilla level design), so it shouldn't get merged until enough people look at it.

    If you look at this, though, please test it, too, and compare its behavior ingame directly to current master. The problems it fixes are monumental.

    This is certainly still not a perfect movement solver, but it's a lot better than what OpenMW has right now.

    Problems fixed:

    • Not mapping against what's hit unless the stair code successfully runs
    • Lack of safety margin making it unsafe to do the above
    • Problem with how "don't skid up steep slopes" worked, preventing jumping while running into walls
    • Some bad interactions between jumping and stairstepping
    • Getting stuck in simple acute crevices, including some hanging sloped walls and things like the double stairs in the ald'ruhn mage's guild (complex acute crevices still get stuck)
    • The stair code freaking out in obscure cases involving steep slopes

    Test cases:

    • The bottom of the stair meshes in interior vivec areas (test these with cylinders and rounded cylinders too, see actor.cpp)
    • The beds in the ald'ruhn mage's guild (their sides are steep slopes)
    • The bedside tables in the ald'ruhn mage's guild (their sides are VERY steep slopes)
    • The hanging sloped walls in the ald'ruhn mage's guild
    • The big plant pot thing near the entrance of the ald'ruhn mage's guild
    • Most walls anywhere
    • The double stairs in the ald'ruhn mage's guild (falling between the railings, not between them where you could always fit and get stuck) (note: in vanilla you can just walk between them for some reason)
    • Some of the pillars in the ald'ruhn mage's guild walls, where they intersect with the wall at an obtuse angle (as far as player collision is concerned)
    • A place in the ald'ruhn mage's guild (near a merchant) where two tall pots meet eachother at an obtuse angle (as far as player collision is concerned) (try jumping)

    Things that might need adjustment:

    • ~~~There's a hack that ensures the stairs code works correctly when the player is jumping and moving upwards, but maybe the stairs code shouldn't work in this case at all.~~~
    • There's a hack that makes slopes act like walls in some cases, to keep the character from stuttering and unable to jump when like walking into the sides of beds and tables in ald'ruhn, or some rocks in the wilderness. It doesn't help in some cases.

    Related forum thread (linked for bookkeeping purposes):

    Merge conflict Needs testing 
    opened by wareya 168
  • [WIP] OSG PSSM shadow For SunLight

    [WIP] OSG PSSM shadow For SunLight

    Parallel Split Shadow Mapping (fitted for Sun-outdoor- not for other sources unless very far) test it against any osg version it should work please give detailed feedbacks(with osg version) if it fails (but no crashlog it's too big)


    arbitrary choices made:

    • shadowing op in shading is a COLout=mix(ambiantbias*COLin,COLin,shadowedratio), replace that if you're not happy
    • shadowing shading is controlled with 2 extra StatSet components provided by shadowmanager ( a static unshadowed uniform and a shadowed stateset to reuse shadowmaps)


    • strange behavior at night fixed by disabling backface culling : terrain was culled by shadowcams
    • flickering shadows was related to strange numeric problem(sorry to misslead you with my previous mt or multipass implication) fixed removing "Transform on LightSource" pssm feature
    • Indoor sun disable

    known bugs:

    • an numeric problem persists in shadow camera matrices in few light configurations (Warnings)

    capture d ecran de 2018-12-23 16-51-58

    opened by mp3butcher 93
  • [Review phase] Terrain texture selection

    [Review phase] Terrain texture selection

    Terrain texture selection, based on

    Feedback and review is greatly appreciated. Plutonicoverkill's code had some reviews, but I don't clearly understand what are the reasonings behind those comments.

    opened by unelsson 88
  • add Octree Occlusion Queries feature

    add Octree Occlusion Queries feature

    A cheap way to improve render performance when there's lot of hidden objects... Include a lazy optimisation for shadow: I narrow the far plane of the view with OQ results splitting cull traversal in 3 traversal:

    1. for OQ (just to submit queries)
    2. for not occluded (that give me the narrow frustum with the nearest far plane possible)
    3. for the rest (don't care the far plane of this frustum) 2&3 may be merged but include terrain in far plane computation can be of some use for fine tuning


    • You can check drawcharge of the oq compromise with stats (it's part of the few quads)
    • Indoor is treated as outdoor...(differents octree parameter -for other scene scale-should be used for indoor, but it wouldn't be very usefull as indoor dont lag)
    • octree occlusion culling is hierarchic so keep max BVH OQ level count low for more reactivity SOLVED
    • bug still exists with hierarchical terrain+oq+shadow culling (some are drawn even if occluded when include terrain in far plane computation is true) SOLVED
    • little bug with ingame shadows settings (can't enable it if shaders disabled) but switching shadow on/off ingame is so usefull that i let the bug be. Video (outdated): Demo video Capture d’écran de 2019-06-11 20-20-04 reference:
    opened by mp3butcher 84
  • WIP: New Movement Solver Fixes (Do not merge yet)

    WIP: New Movement Solver Fixes (Do not merge yet)

    This is a manual rewrite of #1794 based on a much more recent version of master. See #1794 for a description of what changes this PR does.

    This is the PR you want to use if you want to test how the movement solver fixes interact with double-precision bullet or threaded/async movement solving.

    I intend to rebase this branch to logically split everything up into single stable commits or squash everything into a single commit so that it doesn't interfere with bisecting, so do not merge it yet.

    These changes require double-precision Bullet. Otherwise interacting with certain objects becomes glitchy/unstable because single precision Bullet sucks.

    Needs testing 
    opened by wareya 73
  • Weapon sheathing

    Weapon sheathing

    Implements feature #4673. Related topic is here. Here are WIP animations for this feature:

    Basic idea: add some new bones to humanoid skeleton and attach weapons/quivers/scabbards/etc to these bones.

    Data format is compatible with the Weapon Sheathing mod, so you can use meshes from this mod. xbase_anim_sh.nif is required, other files are optional.

    Sheathed models for now are separate meshes with _sh suffix. If there is no scabbard for current weapon mesh, an engine will show only holstered weapon. Also scabbards and quivers do not have enchanting glow (but arrows in quiver do).

    The feature is disabled by default. You should enable it in config file:

    [Game] weapon sheathing = true use additional anim sources = true

    Now this feature supports:

    1. Weapon holstering. Holstered weapons also has glow when enchanted.
    2. Scabbards for any type of weapon excepts of throwing. Scabbard itself does not have a glow.
    3. Quivers for bows and crossbows. Quivers itself do not have a glow, but arrows have when enchanted. Count and type of rendered arrows depends on type and count of equipped arrows.


    1. I had to rework autoequipping
    2. Shield holstering is not supported for now - there is a lot of issues with resources (we will need to add new animation groups, there is a lot of clipping with movement animations, issues with mods that use pseudo-shields, etc).
    opened by akortunov 73
  • Add testing options to the Settings page

    Add testing options to the Settings page

    Implements #4345, providing a GUI for the three most commonly used testing options. A number of new users have indicated that command line parameters and editing files in the data folders are cumbersome. This provides a user-friendly alternative.

    testing options

    Additionally, the "Start default character at" field grays out if the "Skip menu and generate default character" setting is unchecked, meaning that there is no confusion over why characters aren't appearing at that location. Note that the cell itself itself is preserved.

    start default character at disabled

    And if the "Start default character at" field is blank, the words "default cell" appear as placeholder text to clarify what will happen.

    start default character at default cell

    The startup script field can be edited with either text or with the "Browse…" button.

    (Note that both the starting cell field and the startup script field are unfortunately affected by Bug #3911, causing double characters when typing on macOS).

    opened by Thunderforge 69
  • openmw-0.47.0(Nov 5, 2021)

    Another year of busy and fruitful development lies behind us -- and the OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.47.0 of our open-source engine! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all supported operating systems.

    With over 180 solved issues and a plethora of new features, this release is on par with the enormous 0.46.0 release we had last year. Brace yourself for object paging which allows OpenMW to finally display distant statics, proper support for groundcover mods, an improved lighting system, more efficient and robust physics, the new, optional over-the-shoulder camera, and much, much more!

    In addition, countless bugs have been solved -- both for the vanilla game and for a variety of mods to ensure even better mod compatibility in the new version.

    Check out the release announcement video by the hacking Atahualpa and the slashing johnnyhostile, and see below for the full list of changes. There are also a German release video and a German changelog available.

    Known Issues:

    • On macOS, launching OpenMW from OpenMW-CS requires '' and '' to be siblings
    • Lighting of spellcasting particles looks dull
    • Pathfinding during the "Tribunal" expansion quest "Infidelities" is broken and the journal may not get updated because Taren Andoren hasn't yet reached his target spot; as a workaround, waiting for one hour will allow Taren to reach his target spot and the journal to be correctly updated
    • Performance of enchanted ranged weapons (e.g., darts) isn't as good as other projectiles' performance

    New Engine Features:

    • by akortunov
      • [#5524] Failed scripts are flagged as 'inactive' and ignored rather than being removed -- until the game is reloaded or restarted
      • [#5580] An NPC's service refusal (e.g., for training, trading, or enchanting) can be filtered by service type to allow more complex NPC reactions instead of the vanilla "all or nothing" behaviour
      • [#5642] Arrows can be attached to an actor's skeleton instead of the bow mesh to allow implementing left-handed bows and actor-dependent shooting animations
      • [#5813] Improved handling of groundcover mods via grass instancing
    • by AnyOldName3
      • [#4899] Alpha-to-coverage anti-aliasing -- this improves the look of alpha-tested objects, e.g., foliage from "Morrowind Optimization Patch"
      • [#4977] Show default icon if an item's icon is not found
    • by Assumeru
      • [#2404] Levelled lists can be placed in containers
      • [#2798] Base records are mutable, i.e., modifying an instance of a base record (e.g., a guard NPC) will now affect all instances sharing the same base record (e.g., all other clones of that guard NPC)
      • [#5730] Add option to support graphic herbalism to 'Advanced' tab in the launcher
      • [#5771] 'ori' console command displays the mesh's data source as well as whether the x-prefixed version is used
    • by bzzt
      • Proper underwater shadows when refraction is enabled; disabled if 'refraction scale' setting is not 1.0 [additions by AnyOldName3 and madsbuvi]
      • [#2386] Optional: Render distant static objects via object paging, i.e., by merging objects which are close to each other; ON by default but 'Distant land' needs to be enabled [corrections and polishing by psi29a]
      • [#2386] Optional: Object paging in active cells (3x3 grid around player character); ON by default [corrections and polishing by psi29a]
    • by Capostrophic
      • [#5362] Dialogue for splitting item stacks displays the name of the trapped soul for stacks of soul gems
      • [#5445] Handle 'NiLines' property of NIF meshes
      • [#5545] Optional: Allow the player character to steal from unconscious (knocked-down) NPCs during combat; OFF by default
      • [#5579] Support for inverse-order rotation (z, y, x) in 'SetAngle' function
      • [#5649] Support Skyrim SE's compressed BSA format
      • [#5672] Setting 'Stretch menu background' which makes background images fit the full screen is also available in the launcher
    • by CedricMocquillon
      • [#1536] Show current level-up attribute multipliers in 'Level' tooltip
      • [#4486] Handling and logging of crashes on Windows
      • [#5297] Search bar in the launcher's 'Data Files' tab
      • [#5486] Optional: Determine a trainer's offered skills and their respective limits by evaluating base values instead of modified ones; OFF by default
      • [#5519] Reorganised and expanded 'Advanced' tab in the launcher to integrate most MCP-like settings
      • [#5814] 'bsatool' can add to or create new BSA archives (supports all BSA types)
    • by elsid
      • [#4917] Objects too small to change the navigation mesh no longer trigger updates of that mesh which improves performance
      • [#5500] Scene loading ends only when enough navigation mesh tiles around the player character have been generated
      • [#6033] Automatically add existing path grid to navigation mesh to further improve pathfinding
      • [#6033] Partially remove fallbacks to old pathfinding to avoid, e.g., actors following other enemies into lava
      • [#6034] Calculate optimal navigation paths based on an actor's individual movement speed on land and in water
    • by fr3dz10
      • [#2159] Optional: Grey out dialogue topics which are -- at least in that moment -- exhausted and highlight newly added topics; OFF by default (colours are customisable)
      • [#4201] Projectile-projectile collision, including targeted spells (a successful hit cancels both projectiles); emulates vanilla behaviour
      • [#5563] Optional: Physics are run in one or several background threads to improve performance; OFF by default
    • by
      • [#5828] New, shader-based, customisable lighting system which removes the limit of eight light sources per object
    • by jefetienne
      • [#5692] Filter in the spell window also displays items and spells with matching magic effects -- not only those with matching names
    • by ptmikheev
      • Improved vanity mode in third-person view
      • [#390] Optional: New over-the-shoulder look in 3rd-person view; OFF by default
      • [#390] Optional: Auto-switch shoulder in narrow passages; ON by default but 'View over the shoulder' needs to be enabled
      • [#2686] Logged info in 'openmw.log' displays timestamps
      • [#4894] Optional: NPCs avoid collisions when moving; OFF by default
      • [#4894] Optional: NPCs give way to moving actors if they are idle; ON by default but 'NPCs avoid collisions' needs to be enabled
      • [#5043] Optional: Customisable head bobbing in first-person mode; OFF by default
      • [#5457] Optional: More realistic diagonal character movement; OFF by default
      • [#5610] Optional: Actors move and turn smoother; OFF by default
    • by simonmeulenbeek
      • [#5511] Add audio settings to 'Advanced' tab in the launcher
    • by TescoShoppah
      • [#3983] Installation wizard provides link to FAQ section regarding buying Morrowind.
    • by unelsson
      • [#5456] Basic support for 'Collada' animation format
    • by wareya
      • [#5762] 'Movement solver' is now much more robust
      • [#5910] Fall back to true delta time if needed to prevent physics death spirals in game

    New Editor Features:

    • by Atahualpa
      • [#6024] Customisable primary and secondary selection modes for 'terrain land editing' mode (see #3171)
    • by olcoal
      • [#5199] Improved and configurable colours in 3D view
    • by unelsson
      • [#832] Proper handling of deleted references
      • [#3171] Instance drag selection with the following modes: 'centred cube', 'cube corner to corner', 'centred sphere'
      • [#3171] Configurable actions for instance drag selection: 'select only', 'add to selection', 'remove from selection', 'invert selection'

    Engine Bug Fixes:

    • by akortunov
      • [#3714] Resolved conflicts between 'SpellState' and 'MagicEffects' functionality of the engine
      • [#3789] Fixed a crash which could occur when updating active magic effects
      • [#4021] Attributes and skills are now stored as floating-point values
      • [#4623] Improved implementation of the Corprus disease
      • [#5108] Prevent save-game bloating by using an appropriate fog texture format
      • [#5165] Active spell effects now use real-time updates instead of timestamps to avoid problems with time scale and scripted daytime changes
      • [#5387] 'Move' and 'MoveWorld' commands now correctly update the moved object's cell
      • [#5499] Game logic for rank advancement now properly considers the two favoured skills of a faction
      • [#5502] Dead zone of analogue sticks can now be configured in the 'openmw.cfg' file
      • [#5619] Key presses are now ignored during savegame loading
      • [#5975] Controllers for "sheath" meshes (used by weapon sheathing mods) are now disabled to prevent, e.g., accidentally playing shooting animations for bows in "HQ Arsenal" mod
      • [#6043] An NPC's 'shield' animation is now cancelled when a light source is equipped instead of a shield
      • [#6047] In-game mouse bindings can no longer be triggered when controls are disabled, e.g., when loading a savegame
    • by AnyOldName3
      • [#2069] 'NiFlipControllers' now only affect the base texture which, e.g., solves issues with the fireflies in the "Fireflies Invade Morrowind" mod
      • [#2976] Fixed issues with the priority of OpenMW's local and global config files
      • [#4631] GPUs which don't support an anti-aliasing value of 16 now always fall back to a lower value if '16' is set in the settings
      • [#5391] Bodies from "Races Redone" mod are now correctly shown on the inventory's paper doll
      • [#5688] Water shader no longer breaks in interior cells when indoor shadows are disabled
      • [#5906] Sun-glare effect now works with 'Mesa' drivers and AMD GPUs
    • by Assumeru
      • [#2311] Targeting non-unique actors in scripts is now supported
      • [#2473] Selling respawning items to vendors now increases the amount that respawns
      • [#3862] Random contents of containers are now determined in a similar way as in the original engine
      • [#3929] Random loot in a container no longer respawns when the player character takes the loot and trades with the container's owner afterwards
      • [#4039] Followers no longer form a train of actors but rather follow their leader at the same distance
      • [#4055] If a script is running as a global script, newly triggered local instances of that script will now be initialised with the global script's variable state
      • [#5300] NPCs carrying torches now switch to using a shield when they enter combat [inspired by Capostrophic's work]
      • [#5423] Bigger creature followers -- e.g., Guars -- no longer bump into their leader
      • [#5469] Scripted rotations or displacements of large objects no longer reset the local map's fog of war
      • [#5661] Region sounds now use fallback values to determine the minimum and maximum time between sounds
      • [#5661] There now is a chance to play no region sound at all if the sum of all sound chances for the current region is below 100 %
      • [#5687] Bound items covering the same equipment slot no longer freeze the game if they expire at the same time, e.g., while resting
      • [#5835] Scripts can now set AI values ('AI Hello', 'AI Alarm', 'AI Fight', 'AI Flee') to negative numbers
      • [#5836] Dialogue conditions containing negative AI values now work
      • [#5838] Teleport doors to non-existent wilderness cells no longer break the local map
      • [#5840] NPCs being hit due to attacking an enemy with an active 'fire/frost/shock shield' effect now trigger the corresponding damage sound effect
      • [#5841] Free spells can now be cast even if the caster has no magicka left
      • [#5871] Users with Russian keyboard layout can now use 'Ё' in input fields without opening the console
      • [#5912] 'Summon' effects that failed to summon anything are no longer removed
      • [#5923] Clicking on blank spaces in the journal can no longer open topics on the next page
      • [#5934] Morrowind legacy madness: The item count in 'AddItem' commands is now transformed into an unsigned value, i.e., negative numbers will overflow and result in a positive number of items being added
      • [#5991] Scripts can now open books and scrolls in the inventory
      • [#6007] Corrupt video files no longer crash the game
      • [#6016] Sneaking or jumping NPCs no longer stop and turn to greet the player character
    • by Capostrophic
      • [#4774] Guards no longer ignore attacks of invisible player characters but rather initiate dialogue and flee if the player resists being arrested
      • [#5358] Initiating dialogue with another actor without closing the dialogue window no longer clears the dialogue history in order to allow, e.g., emulation of three-way dialogue via 'ForceGreeting' command
      • [#5363] 'Auto Calc' flag for enchantments is now properly treated as flag in OpenMW-CS and in OpenMW's 'esmtool'
      • [#5364] Scripts which try to start a non-existent global script now skip that step and continue execution instead of breaking
      • [#5367] Selecting already equipped spells or magic items via hotkey no longer triggers the 'equip' sound to play
      • [#5369] 'Scale' argument in levelled creature lists is now considered when spawning creatures from such lists
      • [#5370] Morrowind legacy madness II: Using a key on a trapped door/container now only disarms the trap if the door/container is actually locked
      • [#5397] NPC greetings are now properly reset when leaving and re-entering an area
      • [#5403] Visual spell effects affecting an actor now also play during that actor's death animation
      • [#5415] Environment maps now properly work for equipped items, e.g., those of the "HiRez Armors" mod
      • [#5416] Junk non-node root records in NIF meshes are now handled more gracefully to allow certain modded assets to be loaded
      • [#5424] Creatures now head-track the player character
      • [#5425] Magic effects which are not applied once now have a minimum duration of 1 second
      • [#5427] 'GetDistance' function no longer stops script execution when there is no object found for the given ID
      • [#5427] 'GetDistance' function and the engine's object search now log improved warning messages regarding missing objects of a given ID
      • [#5435] Enemy attacks can now hit the player character when collision is disabled
      • [#5441] Fixed the priority of certain animations to allow enemies to push the player character in first-person view if the player just holds the attack button
      • [#5451] Magic projectiles now instantly disappear when their caster vanishes or dies
      • [#5452] Auto-walking is no longer included in savegames, i.e., the player character will stand still again after loading
      • [#5484] Items with a base value of 0 can no longer be sold for 1 gold
      • [#5485] Successful intimidation attempts now always increase an NPC's disposition by at least a minimum margin
      • [#5490] Hits to the 'left carry' slot are now redistributed to the 'left pauldron' slot or the 'cuirass' slot if the actor has no shield equipped
      • [#5525] Case-insensitive search in the inventory window now also works for non-ASCII characters
      • [#5603] When switching to constant-effect enchanting in the enchantment window, all effect ranges are now reset to 'self' if possible and incompatible effects are removed
      • [#5604] OpenMW's NIF loaders can now correctly handle NIF files with multiple root nodes
      • [#5611] Repair hammers with 0 uses can now be used only once before they break, while lockpicks and probes with 0 uses do nothing at all -- thanks, Bethesda!
      • [#5622] Fixed the priority of the main-menu window to prevent the in-game console from becoming unresponsive
      • [#5627] Book parser now considers images and formatting tags after the last 'end of line' tag to correctly display certain in-game books and scrolls added by mods
      • [#5633] Negative spell effects received before switching to god mode no longer continue to harm the player character
      • [#5639] Tooltips no longer cover message boxes
      • [#5644] Active summon effects on the player character no longer cause crashes during game initialisation
      • [#5656] Characters no longer use the standing animation when blocking attacks in sneak mode
      • [#5695] Actors casting a target spell at themselves via script now aim for their feet rather than casting the spell in their current target's direction
      • [#5706] AI sequences -- e.g., for patrolling NPCs -- no longer stop looping when a savegame is reloaded
      • [#5758] Paralysed actors who are underwater now float to the surface
      • [#5758] Levitating actors who get paralysed now fall to the ground
      • [#5869] Guards now only initiate the arrest dialogue if the player character is in line of sight
      • [#5877] Transparency of magic-effect icons is now properly reset to prevent "empty" icons from appearing in certain situations
      • [#5902] 'NiZBufferProperty' now handles 'depth test' flag
      • [#5995] UV offset in 'NiUVController' -- which is used in vanilla Morrowind to simulate liquid movement -- is now properly calculated
    • by ccalhoun1999
      • [#5101] Hostile followers no longer follow the player character through teleport doors or when they use travel services
    • by davidcernat
      • [#5422] The player character no longer loses all spells if resurrected via the 'resurrect' console command
    • by elsid
      • [#4764] Synchronise main thread and rendering thread to avoid errors with particles, e.g., in the water-ripple effect
      • [#5479] Fixed an issue with pathfinding that led to NPCs standing rooted to the ground instead of wandering about
      • [#5507] Sound volume settings are now always restricted to the range [0.0, 1.0] and are no longer potentially unclamped in response to in-game volume changes.
      • [#5531] Fleeing actors are now correctly rotated which, e.g., prevents cliff racers from diving underwater when fleeing
      • [#5914] 'Navigator' now builds "limited" paths for actors with far-away destinations to ensure pathfinding even over greater distances (outside the navigation mesh)
      • [#6294] Fixed a crash caused by an empty path grid
    • by fr3dz10
      • [#3372] Magic bolts and projectiles now always collide with moving targets
      • [#4083] Doors now mimic vanilla Morrowind's behaviour when colliding with an actor during their open/close animation [partially fixed by elsid]
      • [#5472] Zero-lifetime particles are now handled properly and a related potential zero division in 'NiParticleColorModifier' that caused crashes on non-PC platforms, e.g., when using Melchior Dahrk's "Mistify" mod, has been fixed
      • [#5548] 'ClearInfoActor' script function now removes the correct topic from an actor
      • [#5739] Saving and reloading the savegame prior to hitting the ground no longer prevents fall damage
    • by
      • [#5899] Exiting the game without having closed all modal windows no longer leads to a crash
      • [#6028] NIF particle systems now properly inherit the particle count from their 'NiParticleData' record which, e.g., solves issues with the "I Lava Good Mesh Replacer" mod
    • by kyleshrader
      • [#5588] Clicking on an empty journal page no longer triggers topic entries to show
    • by madsbuvi
      • [#5539] Resizing of the game window no longer breaks when switching from lower resolution to full-screen resolution
    • by mp3butcher
      • [#1952, #3676] 'NiParticleColorModifier' in NIF files is now properly handled which solves issues regarding particle effects, e.g., smoke and fire
    • by ptmikheev
      • [#5557] Moving diagonally using a controller's analogue stick no longer results in slower movement speed compared to keyboard input
      • [#5821] OpenMW now properly keeps track of NPCs which were added by a mod and moved to another cell, even if the mod's load-order position is changed
    • by SaintMercury
      • [#5680] Actors now properly aim magic projectiles which, e.g., prevents bull netches from shooting over the player character's head
    • by Tankinfrank
      • [#5800] Equipping a constant-effect ring no longer unequips a cast-on-use ring which is currently selected in the spell window
    • by wareya
      • [#1901] Actors' collision behaviour now more closely replicates vanilla Morrowind's behaviour
      • [#3137] Walking into a wall no longer prevents the player character from jumping
      • [#4247] Actors can now walk up certain steep stairs thanks to the usage of AABB ("axis-aligned bounding box") collision shapes
      • [#4447] Switching to AABB collision shapes also prevents the player character from looking through certain walls
      • [#4465] Overlapping collision shapes no longer cause NPCs to twitch
      • [#4476] Player character no longer floats in the air during scenic travel in abot's "Gondoliers" mod
      • [#4568] Actors can no longer push each other out of level boundaries when there are too many of them in one spot
      • [#5431] Prevent physics death spirals in scenes with a huge amount of actors
      • [#5681] Player characters now properly collide with wooden bridges instead of getting stuck or passing through them

    Editor Bug Fixes:

    • by akortunov
      • [#1662] OpenMW-CS no longer crashes if there are non-ASCII characters in a file path or in a configuration path
    • by Atahualpa
      • [#5473] Cell borders are now properly redrawn when undoing/redoing changes made to the terrain
      • [#6022] Terrain selection grid is now properly redrawn when undoing/redoing changes made to the terrain
      • [#6023] Objects no longer block terrain selection in 'terrain land editing' mode
      • [#6035] Circle brush no longer selects terrain vertices outside its perimeter
      • [#6036] Brushes no longer ignore vertices at NE and SW corners of a cell
    • by Capostrophic
      • [#5400] Verifier no longer checks for alleged 'race' entries in non-skin body parts
      • [#5731] Skirts worn by NPCs are now properly displayed in 3D view
    • by unelsson
      • [#4357] Sorting in 'Journal Infos' and 'Topic Infos' tables is now disabled; you may adjust the order of records manually
      • [#4363] Clone function for 'Journal Infos' and 'Topic Infos' records now allows you to edit the new record's 'ID' respectively
      • [#5675] Object instances are now loaded and saved with the correct master index to prevent overwritten objects from appearing in game
      • [#5703] OpenMW-CS will no longer flicker and crash on XFCE desktop environments
      • [#5713] OpenMW-CS now properly renders 'Collada' models
      • [#6235] OpenMW-CS no longer crashes when changes to the terrain height are undone and then redone
    • by Yoae
      • [#5384] Deleting an instance in 3D view now correctly updates all active 3D views


    • by akortunov
      • [#5026] Prevent data races with 'rain intensity uniforms'
      • [#5480] Drop Qt4 support in favour of Qt 5.12 or later
    • by AnyOldName3
      • [#4765] Avoid binding an OSG array from multiple threads in OpenMW's 'ChunkManager'
      • [#5551] Windows: OpenMW no longer forces a reboot during installation
      • [#5904] Mesa: Fixed OpenSceneGraph issue regarding RTT method ("render-to-texture")
    • by CedricMocquillon
      • [#5520] Improved handling of combo box 'Start default character at' in the launcher to avoid warning messages and possible memory leaks
    • by fr3dz10
      • [#5980] Check for and enforce double-precision 'Bullet' during configuration [addition by akortunov]
    • by glebm
      • [#5807] Fixed crash on ARM machines caused by incorrect handling of frame allocation in 'osg-ffmpeg-videoplayer'
      • [#5897] Updated 'MyGUI' to prevent errors when dynamically linking it
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.47.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(57.29 MB)
    OpenMW-0.47.0-win64.exe(60.68 MB)
    OpenMW-0.47.0-win64.pdb.7z(40.69 MB)
    OpenMW-0.47.0.dmg(66.49 MB)
  • openmw-0.46.0(Jun 15, 2020)

    After over a year of development, the OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.46.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release, potentially the largest ever since the move to OpenSceneGraph, finally reintroduces the long-awaited real-time shadows and also introduces a new improved navigation mesh-based AI pathfinding system based on recastnavigation library, among tons of other improvements.

    Mod compatibility has been significantly improved in this release, and you can expect dozens of mods that worked poorly previously to become playable starting with this version.

    Check out the release video ( by the splendiferous johnnyhostile and see below for the full list of changes. The corresponding OpenMW-CS release video is planned to follow soon.

    One more thing: one of our major contributors, Capostrophic, has recently started a Patreon AnyOldName3 (our resident Master of Shadows) also has a Patreon and psi29a, OpenMW’s new project lead also has a Patreon. So consider supporting them if you want to help OpenMW grow. Other contributors accept donations as well: you can find links to their Patreon pages in our FAQ. Don’t forget to support the software that helps make this all possible: OpenSceneGraph, OpenAL-Soft and SDL2 to name a few.

    Known Issues:

    • To use generic Linux binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
    • On macOS, launching OpenMW from OpenMW-CS requires and to be siblings
    • Shadows and the new navigation system are not yet perfect and they will get further tuning and refining - particularly in the area of performance when it comes to the shadows - in the subsequent releases

    0.45.0 Regression Fixes:

    • Slowfall magic effect no longer erroneously resets the player jumping flag used for GetPCJumping script function (#4775) - Capostrophic
    • Attacking and landing no longer causes issues with the idle animation (#4847) - akortunov
    • Actors outside of the actor processing range are now invisible immediately upon loading (#4860) - akortunov
    • AiTravel no longer ceases execution erroneously if the AI processing range too low (#4979) - akortunov
    • Actors with their AI disabled, including those out of the AI processing range, can no longer drown (#4980) - akortunov
    • Collision shapes of dead actors no longer prevent hitting a different actor through them (#4990) - akortunov
    • Offered prices are now only capped in the barter window (#5028) - Capostrophic
    • Ranged weapon critical hits are now vanilla-friendly (#5067) - Capostrophic
    • Blocking unarmed creatures' attacks degrades shield condition again (#5069) - Capostrophic
    • Actors will only attempt to open a door when one really obstructs their path (#5073) - elsid
    • Player's creature followers killing enemies using spells triggers a crime event properly (#5206) - akortunov
    • Windows: Logging can now be redirected into the command prompt again if you launch OpenMW from there - sthalik

    Major New Features:

    • Improved navigation mesh-based AI pathfinding system (#2229) - elsid
    • Native weapon and shield sheathing support (#4673, #5193) - akortunov
    • Support for NiPalette, NiRollController, NiTriStrips and NiSwitchNode NIF records (#4675, #4812, #4882, #5121) - akortunov & Capostrophic
    • Native seamless container open/close animations support (#4730) - akortunov
    • Real-time shadows (#4851) - AnyOldName3
    • Support for loading the compressed BSA format from Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and 2011 Skyrim games (#5000) - cc9cii & Azdul
    • Native graphic herbalism support (#5010) - akortunov
    • Support for custom attachment bones for different weapon types and custom bones in general (#5131) - akortunov
    • Support for unique animations for different weapon types (#5132) - akortunov
    • Environment-mapped bump-mapping support (#5304) - Capostrophic

    Minor Feature Additions:

    • Actors avoid walking on the children geometry of an AvoidNode (#1724) - elsid
    • Gamepad player character movement is now analogue (#3025) - Perry Hugh
    • The global/local openmw.cfg now provides somewhat sensible default config values, making it possible to play a game without Morrowind.ini (#3442) - psi29a
    • Optionally, multiple projectiles can be enchanted at once (#3517) - akortunov
    • Option to invert input X axis (#3610) - Capostrophic
    • Local variables of the object selected in the console can be modified directly (#3893) - Capostrophic
    • Controller input can now be disabled in-game (#3980) - Capostrophic
    • Shift+Double Click shortcut maximises or restores the size of right-click menus (#3999) - akortunov
    • "Toggle sneak" shortcut on gamepads (double-tap of the Sneak button) (#4001) - Perry Hugh
    • BetaComment/ObjectReferenceInfo output is logged into openmw.log as well for convenience (#4129) - akortunov
    • RepairedOnMe, which is broken in vanilla, is implemented and always returns zero (#4255) - Capostrophic
    • RaiseRank/LowerRank instructions now work correctly and their rank changes are saved properly (#4316) - akortunov
    • The default controller bindings now replicate those from Xbox version of Morrowind (#4360) - Perry Hugh
    • Travelling, following and wandering actors can now properly decelerate before reaching their destination (#4544) - akortunov
    • Optional: Fog's intensity can be calculated based on the actual distance from the eye point (#4708) - akortunov
    • "Clone Content List" button in the launcher which allows you to copy the current load order into a content list (#4784) - Capostrophic
    • Search fields were added to the inventory, trading and companion share windows (#4831) - fr3dz10
    • Support for switch nodes that change their state depending on the time of the day (e.g. Glow in the Dahrk mod) (#4836) - akortunov
    • Water reflections have much more detail levels and can be disabled completely (#4859) - wareya & akortunov
    • Random number generator seed command line argument (#4887) - elsid
    • Various distant terrain settings (#4890) - bzzt
    • Audio and video playback is paused when the game is minimised (#4944) - akortunov
    • At least 8 supported blood types (like vanilla) instead of just 3 (#4958) - Capostrophic
    • Optional: Enchanted item usage triggers a casting animation (#4962) - akortunov
    • Most UI widget skins are now properly rescalable and can use a higher resolution texture (#4968) - akortunov
    • Pinnable windows hiding is persistent (#4994) - akortunov
    • GetWeaponType returns different values for tools which are consistent with those from a fix from Morrowind Code Patch (#5031) - Capostrophic
    • Creatures can make use of magic armor mitigation (#5033) - Capostrophic
    • Enchanting window stays open after a failed attempt to enchant an item, for the player's convenience (#5034) - Capostrophic
    • Characters can be removed from factions through scripting like the respective Morrowind Code Patch feature allows (#5036) - Capostrophic
    • Gamepad emulated cursor speed setting (#5046) - jrivany
    • Scroll bars now use separate replaceable textures (#5051) - akortunov
    • Optional light source duration display is now human-readable (#5091) - Capostrophic
    • Unix-like Ctrl+W and Ctrl+U shortcuts in the in-game console, which remove the last word and the entire line respectively (#5094) - Assumeru
    • User controller bindings (#5098) - alexarice
    • Refresh button in the launcher that allows you to reload the content files (#5114) - James Moore
    • Enchanted arrows glow correctly (#5122) - akortunov
    • Corpse disposal should be safe in most cases (#5146) - akortunov
    • Spell magicka cost is shown in the tooltip of the spell in spell buying window (#5147) - James Stephens
    • TestCells/TestInteriorCells debug instructions (#5219) - akortunov
    • NiTriShape can now be controlled by NiKeyframeControllers (#5224) - akortunov
    • Lighting can optionally be applied to environment maps like in Morrowind Code Patch, improving bump-mapped object appearance (#5304) - Capostrophic
    • On devices that have a gyroscope, its movement will optionally rotate the camera (#5311) - akortunov
    • Ingredients can be filtered by their name or their magic effects in the alchemy window (#5314) - fr3dz10

    Editor Feature Additions:

    • Terrain texture selection (#3871) - unelsson
    • A more obvious way to reset key bindings to their defaults - a button (#4068) - Capostrophic
    • Content files can now be opened directly as a file association on Windows and GNU/Linux (#4202) - Utopium
    • Faction Ranks table (#4209) - akortunov
    • Transient terrain change support (#4840) - unelsson
    • Instance record editor can now be opened directly from the scene window (#5005) - Utopium
    • Terrain shape selection and editing (#5170) - unelsson
    • Object instances in the scene view can be deleted with a keypress (#5172) - unelsson
    • Edit mode tool outlines are displayed in the scene view (#5201) - unelsson
    • Keyboard shortcuts to drop objects to the ground in the scene view (#5274) - unelsson

    Bug Fixes:

    • The console window will no longer hide the other windows (#1515) - akortunov
    • Items with differing redundant ownership information now stack (#1933) - akortunov
    • Content file selector dialogues in the launcher and the editor only list one instance of a content file with a specific file name (#2395) - Capostrophic
    • The mouse wheel can now be bound to most actions in the in-game Controls menu, e.g. Previous and Next Weapon shortcuts (#2679) - Stomy
    • Scripted items no longer stack so as to avoid scripting issues (#2969) - Capostrophic
    • Data folders listed in the global openmw.cfg configuration file will no longer be handled after those in the user configuration file (#2976) - Capostrophic
    • Stray text following 'else' operator is now discarded, fixing scripting issues in Bloodmoon and mods like Sotha Sil Expanded (#3006) - Capostrophic
    • SetPos/Position can now teleport actors into active exterior cells, allowing modded followers to correctly handle player teleportation (#3109) - Capostrophic
    • Reserved F3, F4, F10 and Windows (on non-Apple platforms) keys can no longer be shortcuts for other actions (#3282) - Capostrophic
    • Modded companions will no longer try to start combat with themselves (#3550) - Capostrophic
    • Stealing items from the "evidence" chest is always considered to be a crime (#3609) - akortunov
    • Windows: Display scaling no longer breaks in-game GUI mouse controls (#3623) - sthalik
    • Script functions like OnActivate can be used in non-conditional expressions and still work as expected (#3725) - Capostrophic
    • Normal maps are no longer inverted on mirrored UVs (#3733) - Capostrophic
    • DisableTeleporting instruction no longer makes teleportation magic effects undetectable by scripting (#3765) - Capostrophic
    • Melee and thrown weapons use absolute animation time for controllers, fixing issues in Improved Thrown Weapon Projectiles mod (#3778) - akortunov
    • Multi-line tool-tips now have the correct width when they use word wrapping (#3812) - akortunov
    • GetEffect script instruction no longer relies on outdated magic effect information (#3894) - Capostrophic
    • Object and script IDs can now contain non-ASCII characters in various situations (#3977) - akortunov
    • First run and missing game data dialogues of the launcher behave more consistently (#4009) - Capostrophic
    • Enchanted items outside the player's inventory are now recharged automatically as well (#4077) - akortunov
    • PCSkipEquip and OnPCEquip hardcoded script variable behavior is much closer to vanilla, resolving issues with commonly used book script templates (#4141) - Capostrophic
    • Hand shielding animation behavior is now consistent with vanilla (#4240) - Capostrophic
    • Ash storm origin coordinates are now accurate to vanilla (#4240) - Capostrophic
    • Various rain and snow settings normally included in Morrowind.ini are no longer hardcoded (#4262) - akortunov
    • Door closing/opening sound effect is now stopped when the door is obstructed (#4270) - James Stephens
    • Character stats window left pane now has a minimum width and height (#4276) - anikm21
    • Actors that are currently playing a random idle will not combine this idle with the sneaking idle animation (#4284) - Capostrophic
    • Removed birthsign abilities are no longer erroneously restored upon loading ensuring mod compatibility (#4329) - akortunov
    • Previously confusing GDB detection error message now prints the value of PATH environment variable for convenience (#4341) - akortunov
    • Pulled arrows are no longer off-center for the characters of races that are not scaled uniformly (#4383) - akortunov
    • Either the ranged weapon or its ammunition can be magical for its damage to ignore normal weapons resistance effects, with the previous behavior available as an option (#4384) - Capostrophic
    • Reloading a saved game where the player character was falling will no longer prevent the falling damage (#4411) - Capostrophic
    • Wind speed returned by GetWindSpeed function is now accurate to vanilla (#4449) - akortunov
    • AiActivate AI package now behaves mostly like in Morrowind (#4456, #5210) - akortunov
    • ModCurrentFatigue script instruction will always correctly knockdown the actor when their Fatigue reaches 0 due to it (#4523) - Capostrophic
    • The rain particles are no longer delayed when the camera emerges from the water (#4540) - sthalik
    • Having a wander package is no longer necessary for actors to use greeting and idle voiceover (#4594) - Capostrophic, akortunov
    • Script parser now fully supports non-ASCII characters, fixing scripting issues in Arktwend total conversion (#4598) - akortunov
    • Disabling the audio no longer causes issues or crashes in some situations (#4600) - jlaumon
    • Screen fading operations always correctly finish (#4639) - Capostrophic
    • Pressing Escape in the saved game window dialogues no longer resets the keyboard navigation focus (#4650) - James Stephens
    • Prison marker ESM record is now hardcoded as well to avoid issues in total conversions like Arktwend (#4701) - Capostrophic
    • Loading a saved game while a message box is active should no longer cause issues (#4714) - akortunov
    • Leaving the dialogue menu with Escape should no longer cause issues (#4715) - akortunov
    • Shields and two-handed weapons can no longer be displayed simultaneously on the inventory paper doll (#4720) - akortunov
    • ResetActors instruction now traces the affected actors down and no longer teleports them back to inactive cells (#4723) - akortunov
    • Land texture ESM records can be properly replaced (#4736) - akortunov
    • The player character can run and sneak when their collision shape is disabled by ToggleCollision instruction (#4746) - Capostrophic
    • NPCs correctly use the skeleton from the model set in their ESM record (#4747) - Capostrophic
    • The player character is no longer considered not sneaking when they are about to land an attack (#4750) - Capostrophic
    • Vertex Array Objects from OpenSceneGraph 3.6.x libraries are no longer incompatible (#4756) - AnyOldName3
    • openmw.cfg numeric fallback setting recovery handles invalid values more gracefully (#4768) - Capostrophic
    • Interiors of Illusion puzzle in Sotha Sil Expanded mod is solvable (#4778) - Capostrophic
    • Blizzard weather particles origin is no longer a direction perpendicular to Red Mountain (#4783) - Capostrophic
    • First person sneaking animation is no longer very slow (#4787) - Capostrophic
    • Sneaking and running stances are handled correctly when the player character is airborne (#4797) - Capostrophic
    • Object collisions are updated correctly immediately after it is teleported if the cell didn't change fixing issues in Sotha Sil Expanded mod (#4800) - Capostrophic
    • The player character should no longer be able to rest before taking falling damage (#4802) - Capostrophic
    • Stray special characters are allowed before a Begin statement in scripts (#4803) - Capostrophic
    • Particle systems with no sizes defined in their models are valid (#4804) - akortunov
    • Optional: NPC movement speed calculations take race Weight into account by default (#4805) - Utopium
    • Nodes named Bip01 now have higher priority than nodes named Root Bone when the movement accumulator node is determined, fixing Raki creature movement in Skyrim: Home of the Nords (#4810) - Capostrophic
    • Like in vanilla, but only as a last resort, creatures will try to use the sounds of their "model-sakes" that were loaded earlier (#4813) - Capostrophic
    • Journal instruction now affects the quest status even if it sets the quest index to a lower value (#4815) - Capostrophic
    • SetJournalIndex no longer changes the quest status (#4815) - Capostrophic
    • Spell absorption effect absorbs both harmful and beneficial effects once again (#4820) - Capostrophic
    • Jail progress bar's behavior is more intuitive and has better performance (#4823) - akortunov
    • NiUVController only updates the texture slots that use the defined UV set (#4827) - akortunov
    • Looping VFX caused by potion effects are now shown for NPCs (#4828) - akortunov
    • A NiLODNode can be the root node of a mesh with particles (#4837) - akortunov
    • Russian Morrowind localization no longer ignores implicit topic keywords (#4841) - akortunov
    • Arbitrary text after local variable declarations no longer breaks script compilation (#4867) - Capostrophic
    • Actors with no AI data defined like the player character no longer have corrupted AI data (#4876) - Capostrophic
    • Hello AI rating has 0-65535 range (#4876) - Capostrophic
    • Startup script can execute if you load a specific save through a command line argument (#4877) - elsid
    • SayDone script function no longer returns 0 on the frame Say instruction is executed (#4879) - Capostrophic
    • Stray explicit reference calls of global variables and in expressions no longer break script compilation, fixing issues in Sotha Sil Expanded mod (#4888) - Capostrophic
    • Title screen music is looped (#4896) - Capostrophic
    • Invalid resolution changes are no longer queued and then applied when settings are changed in-game (infamously those with sliders) (#4902) - akortunov
    • Specular power/shininess specular map channel is no longer ignored (#4916) - AnyOldName3
    • Permanent spells always play looping VFX correctly when they are applied (#4918) - akortunov
    • Combat AI checks Chameleon and Invisibility magic effects magnitude correctly (#4920) - akortunov
    • Werewolves' attack state is reset upon their transformation allowing them not to become helpless in combat (#4922) - akortunov
    • Invalid skill and attribute arguments are now automatically cleared from spell effects that do not accept them instead of causing severe issues (#4927) - Capostrophic
    • Instances with different base object IDs can no longer match when you are loading a saved game that depends on a plugin that was modified (#4932) - akortunov
    • The default vertical field of view is now 60 degrees like in Morrowind and not 55 degrees (#4933) - Capostrophic
    • ESM files can now contain both actually empty strings and zero-length null-terminated strings (#4938) - Capostrophic
    • Hand-to-hand attack type is no longer chosen randomly when "always use best attack" is turned off (#4942) - Capostrophic
    • Magic effect magnitude distribution now includes the maximum value in the range (#4945) - Capostrophic
    • Player character's 2D voiceover now uses lip animation (#4947) - Capostrophic
    • Footstep sounds are disabled for flying characters (#4948) - Capostrophic
    • Light source flickering and pulsing behavior now replicates vanilla calculations completely (#4952) - Capostrophic
    • Flying and swimming creatures no longer take vertical distance to their enemies into account, increasing cliff racer attack range (#4961) - Capostrophic
    • Enchant skill progression behaves like vanilla now (#4963) - akortunov
    • Only one instance of a specific Bolt sound will play for spell projectiles, fixing the loudness of Dagoth Ur's spell projectiles (#4964) - Capostrophic
    • All global attenuation settings from Morrowind.ini are now used (#4965) - Capostrophic
    • Light magic effect light source uses the global attenuation settings (#4965) - Capostrophic
    • Miss sound now only plays for the player character (#4969) - Capostrophic
    • Quick keys can no longer be used when DisablePlayerFighting script instruction is active (#4972) - terabyte25
    • Only the player's allies react to friendly hits as friendly hits (#4984) - akortunov
    • Object dimension-dependent VFX scaling behavior is now consistent with vanilla (#4989) - Capostrophic
    • Jumping mechanics are no longer framerate-dependent (#4991) - Capostrophic
    • Drop script instruction now behaves much closer to vanilla (#4999) - Capostrophic
    • Werewolves no longer shield their eyes during storm (#5004) - akortunov
    • Taking all items from a container no longer generates multiple "Your crime has been reported" messages (#5012) - akortunov
    • Spell tooltips now support negative magnitudes (#5018) - Capostrophic
    • Self-enchanting success chance is now calculated like in vanilla (#5038) - Capostrophic
    • Hash sign (#) in cell, region and object names no longer changes the color of a part of the name (#5047) - Capostrophic
    • Invalid spell effects are now dropped from spell records upon loading (#5050) - Capostrophic
    • Instant magic effects are now applied immediately if they're removed through scripting during the frame they were added (#5055) - Capostrophic
    • Player->Cast/Player->ExplodeSpell instruction calls make the player character equip the spell instead of casting it (#5056) - Capostrophic
    • Actors will do and will only do damage randomly chosen from their weapon damage range if their weapon animations lack the wind up animation (#5059) - Capostrophic
    • Most magic effect visuals stop when the death animation of an NPC ends instead of when it begins (#5060) - Alexander Perepechko
    • NIF file shapes named "Tri Shadow" are always hidden (#5063) - Capostrophic
    • Paralyzed actors can no longer greet the player (#5074) - Capostrophic
    • Enchanting cast style can no longer be changed if there's no object (#5075) - Capostrophic
    • DisablePlayerLooking/EnablePlayerLooking now work correctly (#5078) - Capostrophic
    • Scrolling with a controller in GUI is now possible (#5082) - jrivany
    • Much more script keywords can be used as string arguments, allowing more valid script names to work properly (#5087) - Capostrophic
    • Swimming actors are no longer traced down upon loading (#5089) - Capostrophic
    • "Out of charge" enchanted item sound no longer plays for NPCs (#5092) - Capostrophic
    • Hand-to-hand damage sound no longer plays on KO'ed enemies (#5093) - Capostrophic
    • String arguments can be parsed as number literals in scripts, fixing some issues in Illuminated Order mod (#5097) - Capostrophic
    • Non-swimming enemies will no longer enter water if the player is walking on water (#5099) - anikm21
    • Levitating player character can no longer be considered sneaking in more cases (#5103) - Capostrophic
    • Thrown weapons and ammunition now ignore their enchantment charge so they can always trigger their enchantment - like vanilla (#5104) - Capostrophic
    • Being over-encumbered no longer allows you to "jump" with zero vertical velocity (#5106) - Capostrophic
    • ModRegion accepts an additional numerical argument (#5110) - Capostrophic
    • Current spell HUD icon bar now correctly reflects the zero chance to cast a spell you don't have enough magicka to cast (#5112) - Capostrophic
    • Unknown effect question mark is now centered (#5113) - James Stephens
    • Local scripts will restart for respawned actors immediately (#5123) - Assumeru
    • Arrows are detached from the actor if their pulling animation is cancelled (#5124) - akortunov
    • Swimming creatures which lack RunForward animations but have WalkForward animations are no longer motionless (#5126) - Capostrophic
    • Lock script instruction now always resets the door rotation like a normal door rotation would, fixing gates in The Doors mod series (#5134) - akortunov
    • Textures that have tiling disabled are no longer too dark outside their boundaries (#5137) - Capostrophic
    • Actors have a lower chance to get stuck in a door when it is being opened (#5138) - elsid
    • Failing to pick a lock physically or magically is now a crime in all cases (#5149) - Capostrophic
    • Natural containers like plants can't be locked or unlocked using spells (#5155) - Assumeru
    • Lock and Unlock scripting instructions work on any object (#5155) - Assumeru
    • Objects can now use the ID as a substitution for their name in general case, allowing them to have tooltips and be activated (#5158) - Capostrophic
    • NiMaterialColorController target color is no longer hardcoded (#5159) - Capostrophic
    • Companions which use companion variable from Tribunal can always be activated (#5161) - Capostrophic
    • Node transformation data should no longer be shared between objects in some situations incorrectly (#5163) - akortunov
    • The player character will correctly get expelled from a faction upon an illegal interaction with an item owned by the faction (#5164) - akortunov
    • Scripts are no longer stopped after the player character's death (#5166) - akortunov
    • The player is no longer able to select and cast spells before the spells window is enabled (#5167) - akortunov
    • PCForce1stPerson/PCForce3rdPerson instructions now really force perspective changes (#5168) - akortunov
    • Nested levelled item and creature spawning chance is now calculated correctly (#5169) - Capostrophic
    • Random script function returns a floating point value (like 55.0) instead of an integer value (like 55) fixing math in scripts that rely on it (#5175) - Capostrophic
    • OnPCEquip flag is now set on skipped beast race attempts to equip something that cannot be equipped (#5182) - Capostrophic
    • Equipped item enchantments now affect creatures that can equip items (#5186) - Capostrophic
    • Non-projectile ranged weapons can no longer be enchanted on-strike which breaks the original game balance (#5190) - Capostrophic
    • On-strike enchantments cannot be used on non-projectile ranged weapons that were enchanted earlier (#5190) - Capostrophic
    • Dwarven ghosts play their idle animations properly (#5196) - akortunov
    • The launch position of spell projectiles takes the character's height into account (#5209) - akortunov
    • Excessive screen fading when a game saved in an interior cell is loaded first has been removed (#5211) - akortunov
    • Travelling actors are handled outside of AI processing range to avoid oddities in some mods (#5212) - Capostrophic
    • SameFaction script function is no longer broken (#5213) - Capostrophic
    • Exiting the game while the debug cell borders are active should no longer lead to crashes or serious issues (#5218) - akortunov
    • GetLineOfSight, GetDetected, StartCombat and Cast will no longer break scripts when they're working with actors that aren't present (#5220) - Capostrophic
    • The previous arrow is properly reattached when a spell with Bound Bow magic effect active on the player character expires (#5223) - akortunov
    • Actor reputation is now capped: it can no longer be above 255 or be negative (#5226) - akortunov
    • NIF controllers will no longer try to work without data and cause issues (#5229) - Capostrophic
    • On-self Absorb effect spells can be detected by scripting again (#5241) - Capostrophic
    • ExplodeSpell instruction behaves closer to Cast instruction (#5242) - Capostrophic
    • Water ripples will be correctly cleaned up when you enter a different cell again (#5246) - Capostrophic
    • Wandering actors wait longer after their greeting before starting walking again (#5249) - akortunov
    • Shields should always use the correct models when they are displayed on actors (#5250) - Capostrophic
    • GetTarget function with Player as an argument will return 1 when the affected actor is greeting the player (#5255) - Capostrophic
    • Wandering actors shouldn't become stuck when they are crossing cell borders (#5261) - akortunov
    • Absorb Fatigue effect will no longer bring Fatigue under 0 (#5264) - Capostrophic
    • Damage Fatigue effect will bring Fatigue under 0 only as an option (#5264) - Capostrophic
    • Show debug instruction will still show the value of relevant global variables even if the chosen object is not scripted or lacks a local variable with the given name (#5278) - Capostrophic
    • Thanks to an inefficient copy operation being removed from explored map loading - among other reasons - saved game loading should be slightly faster (#5308) - akortunov
    • NIF properties like NiAlphaProperty are always applied in the order they are listed, avoiding incorrect rendering when multiple properties of the same type are listed (#5313) - Capostrophic
    • Settings writer preserves blank lines more sensibly and should cause much less settings.cfg formatting issues (#5326) - Capostrophic
    • Skills of dead actors that were fortified or damaged are properly reset when their magic effects are cleared (#5328) - Capostrophic
    • dopey Necromancy mod scripts should execute correctly (#5345) - Assumeru
    • Magic bolts with invalid target direction should no longer cause issues (#5350) - akortunov
    • Light items won't use up their duration if the player character doesn't actually hold them while they are equipped (#5352) - Capostrophic

    Editor Bug Fixes:

    • Various fields like probabilities and actor AI ratings can no longer overflow (#2987) - Capostrophic
    • NPC records can be filtered by gender again (#4601) - Capostrophic
    • It is no longer possible to "preview" levelled list records which obviously lack models (#4703) - jrivany
    • Exterior cell views can be correctly opened from the Instances table (#4705) - unelsson
    • Interior cell lighting field values are now displayed as colors (#4745) - Capostrophic
    • Cloned, moved and added instances can no longer incorrectly reuse existing reference numbers (#4748) - Stomy
    • Texture painting is possible with a duplicate of a base texture (#4904) - unelsson
    • Rotations are now displayed as degrees and not radians (#4971) - Utopium
    • "Alembic" apparatus type is no longer misspelled as "Albemic" (#5081) - Atahualpa
    • Unexplored map tiles are no longer corrupted when a file with the relevant terrain record is resaved (#5177) - unelsson
    • Empty cell name subrecords are now saved to improve vanilla ESM format compatibility (#5222) - Capostrophic
    • Non-ASCII characters are supported in file paths (#5239) - akortunov
    • Interior cell lighting should no longer be corrupted in cleaned content files that were resaved (#5269) - Capostrophic

    Other Improvements:

    • Media decoding has been updated to a FFmpeg 4-compatible API (#4686) - akortunov
    • Serious distant terrain performance and memory usage optimisations (#4695) - bzzt
    • NMake support in Windows pre-build script (#4721) - AnyOldName3
    • Cell transition performance optimisations (#4789) - bzzt & akortunov
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.46.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(45.27 MB)
    OpenMW-0.46.0-win32.exe(37.69 MB)
    OpenMW-0.46.0-win64.exe(41.87 MB)
    OpenMW-0.46.0.dmg(44.38 MB)
  • openmw-0.45.0(Mar 28, 2019)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.45.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release brings yet another horde of bug fixes and several new features, including support for per-group KF animation replacers, 360° screenshots, and the ability to brew a whole stack of a potion at once.

    If you haven't tried OpenMW out already, now is the big chance! Bethesda's free giveaway of Morrowind got extended, so you are still able to get Morrowind for free until March 31st! (

    Check out the release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the illustrious Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

    Known Issues:

    • Shadows are not yet re-implemented
    • There's currently no way to redirect the logging output to the command prompt on Windows Release builds -- this will be resolved in version 0.46.0
    • To use generic Linux binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
    • On macOS, launching OpenMW from OpenMW-CS requires and to be siblings

    New Features:

    • Non-actor objects display visual effects during spellcasting (#1645)
    • Creatures without any collision box use auto-generated ones (#2787)
    • Launcher: File paths of selected content files can be copied via context menu (#2847)
    • Actors play casting animations during scripted spellcasting (#3083)
    • As an option, barter deals permanently modify merchant disposition (#3103)
    • Ranged weapons deal critical hits to unaware opponents (#3703)
    • 360° screenshots of various kinds can be made (#4222)
    • 'ToggleBorders' debug instruction ("tb") available in console (#4256)
    • Sound generator keys in activator animations are supported (#4285)
    • On macOS, function key shortcuts can be used (#4324)
    • Some of the debug settings previously available as command line arguments can be set up in the launcher (#4345)
    • Support for per-group KF animation replacers has been added (#4444)
    • Shader water is rougher during bad weather (#4488)
    • The number of enchanted items in a stack is shown in the Spells window (#4509)
    • The actual chance of hitting the target is used for AI weapon rating instead of just the skill (#4548)
    • The real potential damage of a weapon is used for its rating (#4549, #4697)
    • A bonus is applied to the rating of ranged weapons if the attacker is far enough from the target (#4550)
    • As an option, the Strength attribute affects Fatigue and Health damage in hand-to-hand combat (#4579)
    • The logging system has been heavily reworked (#4581)
    • AI no longer uses magic effects that affect hit chance if the enemy has not taken the appropriate stance (#4624)
    • AI uses the root mean square of melee-weapon damage for more precise weapon rating (#4625)
    • AI accounts for weapon speed when rating a weapon (#4626)
    • Various vanilla GMSTs regarding combat action rating are utilised (#4632)
    • 'sTo' GMST ("to") replaces hyphen in the Spellmaking menu (#4636)
    • New count field in the Alchemy window allows you to brew multiple potions at the same time (#4642)
    • To improve performance, actors outside of the AI processing range are no longer rendered but faded out (#4647)
    • AI processing range can be configured via an in-game slider and a configuration option (#4647)
    • If the animated creature model lacks a collision box, the non-animated model's collision box is used as a fallback (#4682)
    • Tooltips of thrown weapons show the actual in-game damage (twice the base-record damage) the projectiles have (#4697)

    New Editor Features:

    • All top-bar dropdown menu options and most context menu options have icons (#912, #4506)
    • Actors are rendered in Scene view (#1221)
    • Verifier functionality covers Enchantment records (#1617)
    • Added a check box to execute a case-sensitive global search (#2606)
    • Shift + C is default shortcut for viewing cells (#2845)
    • Shift + V is default shortcut for previewing records (#2845)
    • Global search has a status bar (#3276)
    • Frame rate in Preview window can be limited (#3641)
    • Log files are created in case of a crash (#4012)
    • Previously sorted-by-ID lists, such as magic-effect lists, are now alphabetically sorted (#4404)
    • As an option, base records are ignored in verifier runs (#4466)
    • Already existing marker models for light sources and creature levelled lists are now used (#4512)

    Bug Fixes:

    • All actors (not only those in active cells) restore Health and Magicka during player character rest (#1875)
    • Precise times of sunrise and sunset are now recovered from the imported Morrowind INI file (#1990)
    • Actors now properly aim during scripted spellcasting (#2131)
    • Skills and attributes that affect trading no longer cause low selling prices if they're too high (#2222)
    • Landing sound behaviour for NPCs and the player character has been reworked (#2256)
    • Scripted movement of an object now adjusts the position of actors standing on top of that object (#2274)
    • The last equipped item of a certain type is automatically re-equipped once a bound-item spell of the same type expires (#2326)
    • Restore effects can restore drained stats (#2446)
    • Attacks from unarmed, non-bipedal creatures no longer degrade armour (#2455)
    • For the time being, actors are no longer allowed to activate teleport doors so that their abrupt cell change doesn't cause a crash (#2562)
    • Using 'Resurrect' instruction on a dead player character fully resumes the game (#2626)
    • References to non-existent classes or factions no longer crash the game (#2772)
    • Weapons are visually unequipped before the start of a spellcasting stance transition (#2835, #4327)
    • The player character now gets a bounty when a player follower commits a murder (#2852)
    • To prevent issues on macOS, SDL is only initialised for the Graphics tab of the launcher when Qt5 is used (#2862, #3911)
    • Explicit reference calls no longer break [Tab] autocompletion in the console (#2872)
    • Naked expressions starting with a member operator are no longer allowed outside of the console (#2971)
    • The handling of Drain and Fortify effects for health, magicka, and fatigue has been reworked to match vanilla behaviour (#3049, #4231)
    • Enemies are no longer immune to ranged attacks at very close range (#3059)
    • Adding an item with a self-equipment script to an actor no longer causes a freeze (#3072)
    • Actors who are placed above the ground are now snapped down at a significantly larger distance when a cell is loaded, preventing them from falling to their death (#3219)
    • TrueType fonts are now properly rescaled (#3288)
    • Targets are now much easier to hit with on-touch spells (#3374)
    • The handling of scripted and death animations has been reworked to significantly improve mod compatibility (#3486, #4286, #4291, #4307)
    • 'GetSpellEffects' scripting function can now detect zero-duration effects (#3533)
    • Enemies are much easier to hit with low-reach weapons, since the intended start position of the attack raycast is now replicated (#3591)
    • Scripted sleeping interruptions no longer prevent the spawning of random sleep encounters (#3629)
    • Calling 'AddSoulGem' and 'RemoveSpell' scripting instructions with an extra argument no longer breaks script compilation (#3762)
    • 'GetPCInJail' scripting function has been reworked to more closely match vanilla behaviour (#3788)
    • Previous placeholder implementation of 'GetPCTraveling' scripting function has been replaced with a proper solution (#3788)
    • Message boxes can now have newline characters in the text argument (#3836)
    • Alignment of terrain texture painting has been corrected to match the vanilla look (#3876)
    • Attenuation of magic light sources is now properly calculated (#3890)
    • 'Goodbye' scripting function in dialogue results now makes any additional choices act like 'Goodbye' (#3897)
    • 'RemoveSpellEffects' scripting instruction now also removes permanent effects (#3920)
    • Movement prediction for spell aiming now uses the correct GMST to calculate the magic projectile's speed (#3948)
    • Animated collision shapes are no longer erroneously optimised (#3950)
    • The terrain texture blending map is now upscaled to more closely match the vanilla look (#3993)
    • Issues with actors not returning to their initial position in various situations have been fixed (#3997, #4251, #4393)
    • AI packages with a non-unique target no longer choose a random target with the same ID (#4036)
    • On macOS, version numbers are now properly displayed in the application properties (#4047)
    • Text after the last end-of-line tag is no longer shown in books to match vanilla behaviour (#4215)
    • 'FixMe' script instruction has been reworked to more closely match vanilla behaviour (#4217)
    • Jumping on slopes is now less restrictive, preventing the player character from getting stuck in V-shaped terrain (#4221)
    • Pathgrid nodes which lie between an actor and that actor's destination are now ignored (#4230)
    • Actors with an AiTravel package now stop near their target position if that position is blocked by another actor (#4230)
    • [Activate] key can no longer be held down to spam Persuasion and other kinds of repeatable actions (#4260)
    • Turning animations no longer reset idle animations (#4271)
    • Death animations from pre-0.43.0 savegames are now forward-compatible (#4274)
    • 'CenterOnCell' script instruction ("coc") now teleports the player character to the accurate door marker or exterior position for interior and exterior cells respectively (#4292)
    • Faction members are now aware of faction ownership during barter (#4293)
    • AiWander packages which are placed before an AiFollow package in the AI package list no longer override vital functionality of that AiFollow package (#4304)
    • Key focus in containers is now automatically (re)set to the [Close] button to prevent players from accidentally stealing items (#4333)
    • Spellcasting stance transitions no longer interrupt movement animations (#4358)
    • OK button in the Settings window has key focus by default (#4368)
    • It's no longer possible to cast an Absorb spell on oneself (#4378)
    • Non-audio files no longer crash the game when the engine tries to play them (#4416)
    • When there is a 'NiStringExtraData' node with MRK value in a NIF model node, only 'NiTriShape' meshes starting with "Tri EditorMarker" are ignored instead of the whole node (#4419)
    • 'RotateWorld' scripting instruction now rotates objects around the correct axis, while keeping the objects' initial rotation (#4426)
    • Some issues with building OpenMW on Windows and macOS were fixed (#4429, #4613)
    • Applying the console command "Lock 0" to a door or a container now creates an unbreakable lock, like in vanilla Morrowind (#4431)
    • Actors without any AI packages now properly return to their initial position after combat or pursuit (#4432)
    • Guards with AiAlarm = 0 no longer attempt to arrest the player character when they observe a crime but no one reports it (#4433)
    • 'Begin' and 'End' script keywords can now be followed by a comma (#4451)
    • The default terrain texture no longer shines through terrain texture blending transitions (#4452)
    • Broken items are now ignored when trying to equip an item via quick key (#4453)
    • Actors now open doors more quickly (#4454)
    • Light sources which cannot be carried no longer prevent the AI from auto-equipping shields (#4457)
    • The handling of idle chances in AiWander packages has been reworked to more closely match vanilla behaviour (#4458)
    • 'NotCell' dialogue condition now supports partial name matches (#4459)
    • Scripted equipment now bypasses most standard equipping restrictions, e.g., those for beast races (#4460)
    • When a non-player object casts an Open spell, a player crime event is triggered if the player character is detected to ensure vanilla compatibility (#4461)
    • General-number formatting ("%g") now works like in vanilla Morrowind and properly handles the fractional part (#4463)
    • Cancelled AI packages are now removed from the package cache (#4464)
    • Non-ASCII strings are now properly handled in the content selector and in the ESM reader (#4467, #4653)
    • Silt striders in abot's "Silt Striders" mod are no longer rotated by 90 degrees (#4469)
    • The behaviour of weapon-using non-bipedal creatures has been reworked to make them less helpless in certain situations (#4470)
    • Actors who are vampires now display their regular record head when no vampire head is found (#4474)
    • Scripted animations no longer move actors away from their initial position (#4475)
    • Potential crashes in the quick-keys menu when an item is no longer available in the inventory no longer occur (#4480)
    • 'Goodbye' dialogue scripting instruction now disables hyperlinks in dialogue topics (#4489)
    • 'PositionCell' scripting instruction no longer tries to add local scripts to scripted items in the teleported player character's inventory twice (#4490)
    • Training cap is now limited by the trainer's modified skill instead of their base skill (#4494)
    • Crossbow reloading animations now only apply to the upper body (#4495)
    • Crossbows now use animations for one-handed weapons as a fallback (#4495)
    • Animations for turning in spellcasting stance are now used (#4496)
    • Animated meshes without slashes in their full path are now properly classified as animations (#4497)
    • Scripted spellcasting no longer increases the Alteration skill (#4503)
    • A potential zero division in the Fatigue calculation has been removed (#4510)
    • A knocked-down player character can no longer move or be moved in first-person view (#4519)
    • Some issues with sun specularity in the water shader have been fixed (#4527)
    • Movement animations without idle-animation fallback no longer trigger idle animations (#4531)
    • The game now switches between distorted (underwater) and undistorted sound effects based on the camera position instead of the player character's head position (#4532)
    • The inventory paper doll is now affected by GUI scaling (#4539)
    • Items with an 'OnActivate' command present in their script (such as "cursed" items) no longer visually disappear when they are picked up in menu mode (#4543)
    • Creatures no longer incorrectly flee from werewolves (#4545)
    • Minimum and maximum sound ranges with zero value are now separately reset to their default ranges (#4551)
    • Non-actor objects can no longer have a dialogue window opened via script (#4553)
    • Dialogue topics with reserved names, e.g., "Barter" or "Repair", now behave the same as in vanilla Morrowind (#4557)
    • Optimiser search for reserved node names is now case-insensitive (#4558)
    • Pinned windows are now properly updated (#4560)
    • Fast-travel logic now always depends on the type of the service NPC's cell instead of the destination cell type (#4563)
    • The underwater viewing distance limit is no longer broken (#4565)
    • The player character no longer uses headtracking in first-person view (#4573, temporary workaround for another issue)
    • The handling of player character turning animations has been improved (#4574)
    • Several weapon animation inconsistencies during movement in first-person view have been fixed (#4575)
    • Idle animations are no longer reset in certain situations where they should be continuous (#4576)
    • If an innocent actor dies from the continuing effects of a player attack, the murder is now also reported if the player has already paid their fine (#4582)
    • Attack strength is now 0 if the player spams the [Attack] button (#4591)
    • The incorrect inequality operator "[]" is now interpreted as less-than operator "[" to ensure compatibility with certain mods (#4597)
    • Picking a stack of gold up in menu mode now grabs the whole item stack (#4604)
    • Scaling for animated collision shapes is no longer erroneously applied twice (#4607)
    • Fall damage is no longer erroneously applied twice (#4608)
    • The pseudo duration of instant magic effects has been adjusted in the spellmaking menu to match vanilla spell cost calculations (#4611)
    • A zero division occurring in 'NiFlipController' nodes without textures has been removed (#4614)
    • The flickering frequency of light sources and some light-related calculations have been fixed (#4615)
    • The sneaking offset in first-person view is now also applied when switching to sneak mode in midair (#4617)
    • Sneaking is no longer possible while flying (#4618)
    • Recharging enchanted items now always increases the Enchant skill regardless of success or failure, like in vanilla Morrowind (#4622)
    • NPC record entries Reputation, Disposition and Faction Rank are now loaded as unsigned variables (#4628)
    • Sneaking stance no longer affects speed if the actor is not actually sneaking (#4633)
    • 'GetPCJumping' scripting function has been reworked to match vanilla behaviour (#4641)
    • "%Name" string replacer can now be used in creature dialogue (#4644)
    • Force-equipping a weapon now resets ongoing attack animations (#4646)
    • HUD no longer displays an "item condition" for throwing weapons (#4648)
    • Levelling up no longer fully restores health but rather applies the gained health points (#4649)
    • Actors no longer fall from cliffs or run into obstacles when backing down from attackers (#4656)
    • Enabling collision with 'ToggleCollision' scripting instruction ("tcl") now snaps the player character down to the ground (#4669)
    • The number of known ingredient and potion effects is now determined by the modified rather than the base Alchemy skill (#4671)
    • Pitch factor handling for crossbow animations has been streamlined to more closely match vanilla behaviour (#4672)
    • Journal can no longer be opened while the Settings window is open (#4674)
    • NPC fast-travel destination records without any data no longer crash the game upon loading (#4677)
    • Declared but empty script variable lists no longer crash the game upon loading (#4678)
    • The chance of a successful spell absorption is now multiplicative rather than additive, which is how the magic effect is designed in vanilla Morrowind (#4684)
    • Calling 'Say' scripting instruction with non-existent sound as argument no longer breaks script compilation (#4685)
    • Creatures that lack unique sounds now make use of fallback sound generator records (#4689)
    • Loading bars no longer obscure message boxes but are instead moved to the centre of the screen (#4691)

    Editor Bug Fixes:

    • 'Revert' action now properly updates subviews (#3249)
    • A native colour picker is now used on all operating systems, fixing major issues on macOS (#3681)
    • 'Undo' and 'Redo' actions now keep assigned shortcuts (#4110)
    • Lock status of newly opened subviews is now correctly initialised (#4520)
    • Instance dragging, which was broken in 0.44.0, has been fixed (#4593)
    • Skeletons of animated objects are now properly initialised (#4654)
    • The Colour entry in Light Source records is now displayed as a coloured box instead of an integer number (#4668)


    • Windows builds in 'Release' mode no longer automatically open a command prompt window (#2490)
    • Race condition in terrain code has been fixed (#4584)
    • Skinning and AI optimisations (#4605, #4621)
    • Support for Rapture3D OpenAL driver has been added (#4606)
    • Record verifying functionality in OpenMW-CS has been revised (#4643)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.45.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(37.75 MB)
    openmw-0.45.0-Linux.tar.gz(34.14 MB)
    OpenMW-0.45.0-win32.exe(24.97 MB)
    OpenMW-0.45.0-win64.exe(28.33 MB)
    OpenMW-0.45.0.dmg(41.87 MB)
  • openmw-0.44.0(Aug 7, 2018)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.44.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release brings a slew of new features and bug fixes, including a search bar for spells, a tab for advanced settings in the launcher, and multiple quicksaves.

    Check out the release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the perspicacious Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

    Known Issues:

    • Shadows are not re-implemented yet
    • To use the Linux targz package binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
    • On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings

    New Features:

    • Spell search bar implemented
    • Launcher: Advanced settings tab added (#4054)
    • Implemented option for fast travel services to charge for every companion (#4064)
    • Added an option to have multiple quicksaves (#4174)
    • Added an option to rebalance soul gem values based only on soul value, not soul times gem value (#4423)
    • OpenMW-CS: Terrain Texture Brush button implemented (#3870)
    • OpenMW-CS: Edit functions for terrain texture editing mode implemented (#3872)
    • OpenMW-CS: New, and more complete, icon set added

    Bug Fixes:

    • Daedra are now summoned when picking up cursed items through the inventory, OnActivate is now triggered even with the inventory menu open (#1428, #3726)
    • Similar glyphs are now used as fallbacks when unsupported glyphs are encountered (#1987)
    • Magic effects active when a save is loaded are now rendered (#2254)
    • Journal alphabetical indexing now works in Russian language versions (#2485)
    • Declaring OnPCHitMe in an actor's script now prevents the actor from attacking, even in self-defense, if his Fight is equal to zero (#2703)
    • Content selector now places Morrowind.esm at the beginning of the mod list, if it is present (#2829)
    • Undefined weather settings now fallback to middle grey instead of pure black (#2841)
    • Mods are now found if the mod directory is a parent of the installation directory (#3557)
    • Flying and swimming creatures no longer use the pathgrid (#3587)
    • SetPos no longer skips weather transitions, fixing transitions in mods that use SetPos to travel the player, such as Boats Mod (#3603)
    • ESM files with capital-case extensions now load correctly with the launcher (#3618)
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs could get stuck inside terrain/objects when the player rests (#3638)
    • Combat music is now updated in menu mode (#3664)
    • Extraneous carriage returns are cut from dialog output (#3696)
    • Fixes for controllers on macOS (#3708)
    • SetPos can no longer place the target under terrain level (#3783)
    • Fixed an issue where casting Calm Humanoid on a guard the player is resisting arrest from caused a dialog loop when trying to resist again (#3863)
    • Enemies who are knocked out will no longer recover immediately (#3884)
    • Imported content files are now sorted according to their dependencies, instead of just modified time (this fixes Bethesda ESMs broken by the Steam version of Morrowind) (#3926)
    • Scripts now support period and hyphen characters in the script name, as long as it is not the first character (#4061)
    • Soul gems with trapped souls of creatures from mods that have been removed will now be empty instead of crashing the game (#4111)
    • Swim animation is no longer interrupted when attacking underwater (#4122)
    • An empty battle music folder now results in explore music being played in combat (#4134)
    • Added a vanilla absorb spell behavior option, which is enabled by default (#4135)
    • Added vanilla enchanted weaponry behavior option, which is enabled by default (#4136)
    • Centroid interpolation is now used for shader lighting, fixing some graphical artifacts when using antialiasing (#4143)
    • NPC base skeleton files are not longer optimized, fixes some body replacer mods (#4159)
    • To prevent animation flickering, the landing animation is no longer played when the player is turning as they are landing (#4177)
    • Fighting actors now face their target instead of the nearest actor (#4179)
    • Weapon switch sound is no longer played when no different weapon is present to switch to (#4180)
    • Guards can no longer initiate dialog with the player when the player is far above the guard (#4184)
    • The correct graphical effect is now applied to armor and clothes when changing them while chameleoned or invisible (#4190)
    • "Screenshot Saved" message has been removed (#4191)
    • Attack range for NPC archers and spellcasters now more accurately matches vanilla behavior (#4192)
    • Dialog topics are now always highlighted when first encountered (#4210)
    • Fixed an FPS drop after minimizing the game during rainy weather (#4211)
    • Thrown weapon projectiles now all rotate when in the air (#4216)
    • Spell casting chance now displays as zero if the player does not have enough magicka to cast it (#4223)
    • Fixed double activation button presses when using a gamepad (#4225)
    • The player's current class and birthsign is now the default value in the class select and bithsign select menus, rather than the first item in the list (#4226)
    • Tribunal and Bloodmoon summoned creatures no longer automatically fight other followers (#4229)
    • Player movement from one directional key is now nullified if the opposite directional key is also pressed (#4233)
    • Wireframe mode no longer affects the map (#4235)
    • Fixed a crash when quick loading from the container screen (#4239)
    • Greetings are no longer added to the journal topic list (#4242)
    • Merchant NPCs no longer sell ingredients from containers that they own that have zero capacity, such as plants (#4245)
    • Armor condition is now taken into account when calculating armor rating (#4246)
    • Removed unintended jump cooldown (#4250)
    • Fixed console spam when OpenMW encounters a non-music file in the Music folder (#4252)
    • Magic effects from eaten ingredients now have the correct duration (#4261)
    • Arrow position is now correct in third person view during attacks for beast races (#4263)
    • Players in god mode are no longer affected by negative spell effects (#4264)
    • Missing 'sAnd' GMST no longer causes a crash (#4269)
    • Root node transformation is no longer incorrectly discarded, fixing characters in the mod The Black Mill (#4272)
    • The map is now updated with explored cells correctly, instead of only when the map window is opened (#4279)
    • MessageBoxes now appear over the chargen menu (#4298)
    • Optimizer no longer breaks LOD nodes (#4301)
    • PlaceAtMe now correctly inherits the scale of the calling object (#4308)
    • Resistance to magic now affects all resistable magic effects (#4309)
    • Opening doors is now restricted to bipedal actors (#4313)
    • Rainy weather no longer slows down the game when changing from indoors to outdoors (#4314)
    • Meshes with CollisionType=Node flag are no longer ignored (#4319)
    • Activate and Move keys are no longer used for GUI navigation if they are bound to mouse buttons (#4320)
    • NPC negative faction reaction modifier now works correctly (#4322)
    • Taking owned items is no longer considered a crime if the owner is dead (#4328)
    • Torch and shield equipping behavior now is more consistent with the original game (#4334)
    • Installation wizard now appends "/Data Files" if needed when autodetecting path (#4336)
    • "Interior" removed from cell not found message (#4343)
    • Inventory item count for very high numbers no longer shows incorrect values due to truncation (#4346)
    • Using AddSoulgem no longer fills all sould gems of the specified type (#4351)
    • A message is displayed if the spell a player tries to select via quickkey is missing (#4391)
    • Inventory filter is now reset to All when loading a game (#4392)
    • Terrain is now rendered for empty cells (#4405)
    • OpenMW now handles marker definitions correctly, fixing mod Arktwend (#4410)
    • iniimporter no longer ignores data paths (#4410)
    • Moving with zero strength no longer uses all of your fatigue (#4410)
    • Camera no longer flickers when opening and closing menu while sneaking (#4420)
    • Cursor now displays correctly when OpenMW is compiled against macOS 10.13 SDK (#4424)
    • Item health is no longer considered a signed integer, it can no longer be negative (#4424)
    • Adding items to currently disabled creatures will no longer crash the game (#4441)
    • Encumbrance value is now rounded up (#4441)
    • Werewolf health is now correctly calculated (#4142)
    • NiLookAtController node is now ignored, like in vanilla (#4407)
    • OpenMW-CS: "Original Creature" field renamed to "Parent Creature" (#2897)
    • OpenMW-CS: Unchecking "Auto Calc" flag when editing an NPC record no longer causes unreasonable values to be filled in (#3278)
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed search and verification result tables to be case-insensitive when sorting (#3343)
    • OpenMW-CS: "Model" column renamed to "Model/Animation" (#2694)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.44.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(27.36 MB)
    openmw-0.44.0-Linux.tar.gz(23.65 MB)
    OpenMW-0.44.0-win32.exe(24.43 MB)
    OpenMW-0.44.0-win64.exe(27.74 MB)
    OpenMW-0.44.0.dmg(40.97 MB)
  • openmw-0.43.0(Dec 4, 2017)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.43.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release brings a host of new features and bug fixes, including AI resurfacing to breathe, improved AI combat behavior and keyboard shortcuts for menus.

    Check out the release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the masterful Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

    Known Issues:

    • Shadows are not re-implemented yet
    • To use the Linux targz package binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
    • On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings

    New Features:

    • Implemented AI resurfacing to breathe (#1374)
    • Implemented rain and snow induced water ripples (#452, 4156)
    • Implemented fade to black on cell transitions (#824)
    • Implemented starting in an unnamed exterior cell with --start (#3941)
    • Implemented AI using "WhenUsed" enchantments (#3953)
    • Implemented stacks of ingredients or potions remaining grabbed after using one (#4082)
    • Implemented keyboard navigation for menus (#3400)
    • Implemented an option to show the success rate while enchanting (#3492)
    • Implemented an option to show projectiles' damage in tooltips (#2923)
    • Implemented an option to show melee weapons' reach and speed in tooltips (#2923)
    • Implemented a "launch OpenMW" tickbox on the Windows installer (#2258)
    • Implemented the ability to close the inventory while dragging items (#1692, #3099)
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented LTEX record table (#933)
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented LAND record table (#936)
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented highlighting occurrences of a variable in a script (#2509)
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented using one resource manager per document (#2748)
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented shortcuts and context menu options for commenting code out and uncommenting code respectively (#3274)
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented an option in user settings to reset settings to their defaults (#3275, #3682)
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented reloading data files (#3530)
    • ess-Importer: Implemented converting projectiles (#2320)

    Bug Fixes:

    • Water visibility is now consistent across different setting configurations (#815)
    • Autosaves are now created when waiting, to match vanilla behavior (#1452)
    • Container Close button no longer loses key focus when an item is clicked (#1555)
    • Guards no longer become aggressive towards creatures that are beyond their alarm radius (#2405)
    • Players can no longer change their weapon or spell during attack or spellcasting, though weapons can still be sheathed (#2445)
    • UI window pinning now persists between saves and boots (#2489, #2834)
    • First person view now uses the correct body texture with the "Better Bodies" mod (#2594)
    • Stat review menu now reads correctly from the player's stats (#2628)
    • Player states are now correctly reset when a save is loaded (#2639)
    • Rain and snow weather effects no longer move with the player (#2698)
    • Implemented some missing creature swim animations (#2704)
    • "Owned" crosshair now does not mark objects which can be activated without triggering a crime (#2789)
    • Drag-and-drop is now ended if the item is removed (#3097)
    • GetDetected can now be used without a reference (#3110)
    • Fixed poor performance when resizing the dialog window (#3126)
    • Fixed how ampersands in filenames are handled by the Launcher and Wizard (#3243)
    • Improved water reflection rendering along shorelines (#3365)
    • Improved AI usage of Dispel magic effect (#3341)
    • Disposing of corpses no longer breaks related quests (#3528)
    • Framerate limit is now enforced in videos and menus (#3531)
    • Only one copy of a given sound effect may now be played at a time (#3647)
    • Stationary NPCs resume returning to their position after a game is loaded if they had moved (#3656)
    • Added a fade-out for music transitions (#3665)
    • Spellcasting effects now disappear when resting (#3679)
    • Filled soul gems no longer count against the number of empty soulgems a merchant restocks of the same type (#3684)
    • Fixed magicka calculation during character generation (#3694)
    • Guards will now try to arrest the player when attacked, instead of just fighting back (#3706)
    • Death counts are now checked to be for valid actors before they are loaded (#3720)
    • Malformed inequality operators are now handled as equality to match vanilla and give a warning (#3744)
    • Yagrum Bagarn no longer twitches (#3749)
    • DisableLevitation now removes Levitate visual spell effect indicators (#3766)
    • Script commands now run if they were in voiced dialog scripting (#3787)
    • Added enabled check to animation script commands (#3793)
    • Default sound buffer size was increased (#3794)
    • RemoveItem behavior adjusted (#3796)
    • Godmode adjusted to match vanilla (#3798)
    • Animations now loop correctly in the "Animated Morrowind" mod (#3804)
    • Fixed enchantment point calculation to match vanilla (#3805)
    • Missing book art now logs a warning instead of showing a pink rectangle (#3826)
    • Fixed "Windows Glow" mod so window textures are not darker than they should be (#3833)
    • Bodyparts with multiple NiTriShapes are now handled correctly (#3835)
    • InventoryStore::purgeEffect() now removes all effects with argument ID (#3839)
    • Fixed fatigue loss calculations when jumping (#3843)
    • Underwater effects are now not applied to scripted "say" commands (#3850)
    • Actors no longer try to speak underwater (#3851)
    • Fixed a crash caused by an NPC being spawned by two routines at once (#3864)
    • Fixed an exploit where constant effect enchantments could be made with any soul gem by switching the soul gem during enchanting (#3878)
    • Fixed jail state not being cleared when a game is loaded (#3879)
    • Journal no longer displays empty entries (#3891)
    • An empty line is no longer displayed between a topic and the actual dialog text in the dialog window (#3892)
    • PositionCell in dialog no longer closes the dialog window (#3898)
    • "Could not find Data Files location" dialog no longer appears multiple times (#3906)
    • Fixed a case where the user could get stuck when installing without a CD (#3908)
    • Adjustments made to the Morrowind Content Language dropdown in the settings pane of the launcher (#3909)
    • Scroll in launcher window can no longer be cut off by resizing the window (#3910)
    • NC text key on nifs now works correctly (#3915)
    • Menu click sound no longer plays for right clicks (#3919)
    • Improved AI targetting algorithm to choose targets based on attack effectiveness (#3921)
    • AI now avoids enemy hits while casting self-ranged spells (#3922)
    • Copy/Paste now uses the correct command key on macOS (#3934)
    • AI attack strength is now reset when starting a new attack (#3935)
    • Changed spell priority calculation to match vanilla (#3937)
    • UI sounds are no longer distorted under water (#3942)
    • Fixed the game not pausing when minimized on Windows (#3943)
    • Vendors now confiscate stolen items that the player tries to sell them back (#3944)
    • Fixed some character preview rendering issues (#3955)
    • EditEffectDialog close button now updates range button and area slider properly (#3956)
    • Fixed some issues with body part rendering with mods (#3957)
    • Clothing value is now unsigned, preventing some value overflow issues (#3960)
    • Fatigue is now consumed if your encumbrance equals your maximum carry weight exactly (#3963)
    • Journal sounds are now played when flipping pages and closing the journal (#3974)
    • Fixed containers instantly closing when opened with a controller and the cursor over the close button (#3978)
    • Fixed performance issue when casting spells, especially on new landmasses such as Tamriel Rebuilt (#3981)
    • Corrected down and up sounds played when trading (#3982)
    • NPCs taunted to aggression no longer continue dialog with the player (#3987)
    • Journal can no longer be opened at the main menu (#3991)
    • Fixed Dispel to only cancel spell effects (#3995)
    • Fixed missing header inclusion breaking OpenBSD clang build (#4002)
    • Inventory avatar now fits within display border (#4003)
    • Manis Virmaulese now speaks to the player before attacking (#4004)
    • AI spawn position is now reset if they are moved to another cell (#4010)
    • Keypresses consumed by the UI are no longer processed again by the game (#4016)
    • GetPCRunning and GetPCSneaking now check if the PC is actually moving (#4017)
    • Music track shuffling is improved (#4024)
    • Spells with copy/pasted names no longer sort to the top of the spell list (#4025)
    • NPC archers now switch to another weapon to attack when they run out of arrows (#4033)
    • Reloading a save game while falling no longer prevents fall damage (#4049)
    • Draw animation is no longer played when a player equips a new weapon while already holding one (#4056)
    • Disposition is now updated correctly when dialog is closed (#4076)
    • Alchemy skill increases now take effect immediately after potion creation, instead of after the next batch is started (#4079)
    • GetResist commands now work like in vanilla (#4093)
    • Level-up messages for levels past 20 are now used (#4094)
    • Fixed error in framelistener when taking all items from a corpse (#4095)
    • Default 0 float precision is now used in float formatting (#4096)
    • Cycling through weapons now only selects weapons that can be equipped (#4104)
    • A scroll bar has been added to the birthsign effects list at character creation (#4105)
    • Changed inventory sort order to be more consistent (#4112)
    • Fixed unexpected "Resolution not supported in fullscreen" messages (#4113)
    • Fixed pickpocketing behavior to match vanilla (#4131)
    • Fixed a case where NPCs would not equip a second ring (#4155)
    • NPCs now do not autoequip clothing of the same price (#4165)
    • Multiple GUI and AI fixes and improvements
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed issues with using # characters in loaded configuration files (#3045)
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed camera position jumping when switching camera modes (#3709)
    • OpenMW-CS: "Map Color" field in Cells table now works correctly (#3971)
    • OpenMW-CS: Name is now reported correctly as OpenMW-CS on macOS (#4027)
    • OpenMW-CS: New greetings now work in-game (#4037)
    • OpenMW-CS: Merging of Land and Land Texture records fixed (#4074)
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed narrow left pane in Preferences window (#4107)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.43.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(22.02 MB)
    openmw-0.43.0-Linux.tar.gz(22.75 MB)
    OpenMW-0.43.0-win32.exe(36.50 MB)
    OpenMW-0.43.0-win64.exe(40.35 MB)
    OpenMW-0.43.0.dmg(39.49 MB)
  • openmw-0.42.0(Aug 1, 2017)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.42.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. Apologies for the delayed release, but we wanted to have everything in order for you! Check the changelog below for new features and bug fixes.

    Check out the release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the magnanimous Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

    Known Issues:

    • Shadows are not re-implemented yet
    • To use the Linux targz package binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
    • On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings

    New Features:

    • Implemented water sound effects
    • Implemented light particles showing in inventory character preview
    • Implemented magic projectiles emitting light
    • Implemented NiSphericalCollider
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented "Book Type" combo box replacing "Scroll" check box in Book records
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented "Blood Type" combo box replacing blood check boxes in NPC and Creature records
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented "Emitter Type" combo box replacing emitter check boxes in Light records
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented "Gender" combo box replacing "Female" check box in NPC and Body Part records
    • ess-Importer: Implemented converting mark location
    • ess-Importer: Implemented converting last known exterior cell

    Bug Fixes:

    • Falling leaves in Vurt's tree mods now render correctly
    • Actors now use capsular collision shapes (solves issues with characters getting stuck or floating above the ground)
    • Collision handling has been improved (better performance and overall behaviour)
    • Collision is now not disabled for actors until their death animation has finished playing
    • Players can no longer climb sheer terrain by jumping and then moving forwards in the air
    • Doors no longer stutter when colliding with the player
    • Dialog boxes now appear in the center of the screen after the window is resized
    • Weapon and spell cycling is now disabled while in GUI mode
    • Weapon and spell cycling can now be bound to a gamepad
    • Gamepad and mouse/keyboard may now be used at the same time
    • Inventory window titles are now centered vertically
    • Changed name tooltips' behavior on enemies to match vanilla behavior
    • The maximum width of a tooltip is no longer set to a fixed value
    • The drowning widget now more accurately matches the vanilla one
    • Fall height is now reset when the player teleports
    • Changed Slowfall spell effect to better match vanilla behavior while jumping
    • Combat with water creatures now ends when leaving the water
    • AI actors no longer hit unintended targets
    • Changed NPC wander and idle behavior to better match vanilla
    • Fixed some summoned creatures not engaging underwater creatures in combat
    • Enemies now initiate combat with player followers on sight
    • Creatures now auto-equip their shields on creation
    • Changed combat engagement logic to better match vanilla behavior
    • The Command spell effect now brings enemies out of combat
    • Followers now continue to follow after resting and saving and reloading the game
    • Light prioritization on objects now takes the light sources' intensity into account (fixes issues with light sources popping up)
    • Icon shadows no longer persist in GUI windows
    • Disintegrate Armor/Weapon spell effects are no longer bound to the framerate
    • Enchanted arrows now explode when they hit the ground or a static object
    • Fixed a crash that occurred while using a container and the console at the same time
    • Fixed the beginning of NPC speech being cut off on macOS
    • Nodes named "bounding box" are now ignored by the nifloader making corresponding meshes render correctly
    • The correct swish sound is now played for NPC weapon attacks
    • The player now has to pay for their followers when using fast travel
    • Fixed a regression with Dispel; it now is an instant spell effect again
    • Corrected greetings in Antares' Big Mod
    • The ProjectileManager no longer crashes when a sound ID fails to play or is not found
    • Fixed behavior of Activate and OnActivate commands (fixes freeze when opening "Hammers" container in Aanumuran Reclaimed mod)
    • Fixed possible game-breaking exception caused by trying to access NPC stats on a creature
    • Identification papers can now be picked back up after they are dropped
    • Fixed the interpreter to properly handle a reference change caused by an Activate command
    • Interpreter context now properly handles Activate actions in the middle of script execution
    • Changed behavior of stat script commands to better handle stats above 100
    • Fixed gun sounds in Clean Hunter Rifles mod
    • Fixed selling success chance when bartering
    • Fixed objects doubling when loading a save game after editing the used game files
    • Silenced SDL events of types 0x302 and 0x304
    • Fixed a rare crash that occurred on cell loading
    • Activation flags are now reset when an object is copied
    • Removed the possibility to implicitly call GetJournalIndex by simply stating a script ID (solves issues with objects using the same ID as a script in Emma's Lokken mod)
    • Blacklisted some unused scripts from the Bloodmoon expansion pack which relied upon the abovementioned implicit function call
    • Fixed the ResourceHelpers to allow the simultaneous use of forward and backward slashes in a model path
    • Fixed handling of enchantments' spell effects to correctly display these effects in the GUI
    • OpenMW-CS: New or cloned Body Part records may now use the ".1st" suffix
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed sorting verification results by Record Type
    • OpenMW-CS: Cloned and added pathgrids are no longer lost after reopening an omwgame file
    • OpenMW-CS: Camera position is now re-centered when changing interior cells via drag & drop
    • OpenMW-CS: Added missing Text field to allow editing a book's actual text
    • OpenMW-CS: Skill books now show associated skill IDs instead of attribute IDs
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.42.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(21.52 MB)
    openmw-0.42.0-Linux.tar.gz(22.26 MB)
    OpenMW-0.42.0-win32.exe(27.50 MB)
    OpenMW-0.42.0-win64.exe(30.64 MB)
    OpenMW-0.42.0.dmg(41.67 MB)
  • openmw-0.41.0(Dec 27, 2016)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.41.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release brings an assortment of small new features, such as a handful of graphical magical effects, and some new NPC AI behavior. We continue to plod along to a 1.0 release, stay tuned!

    Check out the engine release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the irrepressible Atahualpa.

    Known Issues:

    • Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land
    • To use the Linux targz package binaries Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
    • On OSX, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings
    • On OSX, some users may experience the beginning of acted voice clips cut off

    New Features:

    • Implemented zero-weight boots playing light armor boot footsteps
    • Implemented playing audio and visual effects for every effect in a spell
    • Implemented doubling the size of spell explosions
    • Implemented particle textures for spell effects
    • Implemented NPCs using opponent's weapon range to decide whether to dodge
    • Implemented dodging for creatures with the "biped" flag
    • Implemented drop shadow for items in the menu
    • Implemented correct range for "on touch" spells
    • Implemented using telekinesis with on touch spells on objects
    • Implemented AI Combat: Flee
    • Implemented player glow for non-portable lights added to the inventory
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented rotate and scale sub modes for instance editing mode
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented water rendering
    • ESS-Importer: Implemented player control flags

    Bug Fixes:

    • Almsivi and Divine intervention now display the correct spell effect
    • Instant spell effects now show an effect indicator
    • Fixed playback of weapon idle animation to include a part previously omitted
    • Stat review window at character creation now shows starting spells, powers, and abilities
    • Repair and recharge interfaces no longer cause a performance drop under certain circumstances
    • Fullscreen can now be disabled again after enabling it in-game on OSX
    • Disabled door markers no longer show up on the map
    • Fixed an issue when the equip script instruction is used on an NPC without the item, fixing mods Romance 3.7 and Vampire Embrace
    • Banners now show random animations during stormy weather
    • Inventory tooltip for zero-weight armor no longer displays weight info
    • Idle animations now always loop
    • Spark showers near Sotha Sil now appear at the right time
    • The type of an NPC's melee attack (chop, slash, thrust) no longer depends on their movement direction
    • Fix for freeze when the cell was changed immediately after dying
    • Unalerted slaughterfish in the same cell as the player no longer prevent resting
    • Blood effects no longer occur when the hit is resisted
    • Todwendy can now be interacted with in the German version of the game
    • Fix for crash when opening the journal with missing fonts
    • SetInvisible command no longer applies a graphic effect
    • Non-hostile NPCs can no longer be disarmed by pickpocketing their weapons
    • Hidden inventory items, such as the light source for Trueflame's light effect, are no longer shown
    • Corrected the order in which alembics and retorts are used
    • Animation replacer no longer hangs after one animation cycle
    • Corrected sounds and skill increases for bound armor and shields
    • Corky can now be sold to Drulene Falen
    • NPC disposition can no longer be lowered below zero
    • NPC autoequip behavior now better matches vanilla
    • State of enabled/disabled player controls is now correctly saved
    • Moved references are now properly handled in respawning code
    • Water ripples are now shown when walking on water
    • Argonian NPCs no longer swim like Khajiits
    • Spells with the "always succeed" flag can now be deleted from the spellbook
    • Bound equipment spells can no longer be recast
    • Fixed some objects added by Morrowind Rebirth not properly displaying their texture
    • Fixed OSX not being able to find settings-default.cfg
    • Fixed dialogue/journal links being unclickable on certain platforms due to undefined behavior
    • Attacking with a stacked enchanted thrown weapon no longer reduces the charge of items remaining in that stack
    • Fixed an issue with the water surface transparency when viewed from certain angles using non-shader water
    • Fixed animation state to be saved upon cell-changing or save & load; fixes several traps as well as the metal doors in Sotha Sil
    • "Can't Cast" message now displayed when water walking is cast from too great of a depth
    • Player is now moved out of the water when casting water walking from a shallow enough depth
    • Levelled items in merchant inventory are no longer re-added every time the trade window is reopened
    • Weather manager now handles weather for regions added by plugins after a save game was created
    • Fix to more gracefully handle cases where an object refers to an enchantment ID which does not exist
    • Fixed how NPCs react to hostile spell effects being cast on them (for now, see:
    • Player/NPC skeleton's bone cache is now cleared when a node is added/removed, fixing a crash that could happen whenever player/NPC equipment is updated
    • OpenMW-CS: Globals are now initialized with a valid type
    • OpenMW-CS: The nested tables for NPC skills and attributes are now hidden when the auto-calc flag is checked
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed verification for "Not Local" info condition
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed verification for special faction ID "FFFF"
    • OpenMW-CS: Changes from omwaddon are now loaded in [New Addon] mode
    • OpenMW-CS: Objects moved in interior cells in the scene editor will no longer be teleported outside
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed not being able to find the project file when launching the game
    • OpenMW-CS: Deleted instances will no longer reappear
    • OpenMW-CS: Using "Extend Selection to Instances" will no longer cause duplicates
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.41.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(21.29 MB)
    openmw-0.41.0-Linux.tar.gz(21.68 MB)
    OpenMW-0.41.0-win32.exe(27.40 MB)
    OpenMW-0.41.0-win64.exe(30.52 MB)
    OpenMW-0.41.0.dmg(41.53 MB)
  • openmw-0.40.0(Sep 4, 2016)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.40.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release brings some small new features, but mainly bug fixes and improvements. We're winding down on implementable features, these are exciting times for OpenMW, even if releases have a little less user-visible changes. The game is basically fully playable, and future releases will bring mostly more fixes and optimizations.

    Check out the release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the prodigious Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

    Known Issues:

    • Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land
    • To use the Linux targz package binaries Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system


    • Implemented NPC "Face" function
    • Implemented weather dependent sun/moon reflections
    • Implemented effect removal for abilities, fixes locked player movement upon exiting portable house mods
    • Implemented deletion of moved references
    • Fixed possible reference duplication when a mod modifies the corresponding refID
    • Fixed creatures in cells without pathgrids not wandering
    • Fixed death events to trigger at the end of the death animation instead of the beginning
    • Fixed timed effects not to be interrupted when resting
    • Fixed constant effects not to be put on hold when resting
    • Fixed some issues with how Magicka is calculated in regard to Fortify Magicka effect and Intelligence
    • Fixed several issues with telekinesis interaction
    • Fixed issues with how the "#" character was handled in directory names in the config
    • Fixed Slowfall spell to now stop forward momentum when jumping
    • Fixed not being able to replace parent cell references with a cell reference of different type
    • Fixed Cliff Racers not being able to attack targets below them
    • Fixed creatures and NPCs not being able to aim ranged attacks vertically
    • Fixed the player spawning at the origin if the cell they saved in doesn't exist anymore
    • Fixed crash that could occur when using teleportation spells
    • Fixed ESS-Importer not separating item stacks
    • Fixed NPCs forgetting they had talked to the player before for their voiced dialog
    • Fixed NPCs not looping their AiTravel assignments
    • Fixed NPCs wandering to invalid locations after training
    • Fixed NPCs wandering off their pathgrid when player waits
    • Fixed "StopCombat" AI command not functioning correctly
    • Fixed Larienna Macrina not correctly stopping combat after killing Hrelvesuu in the "Battle at Nchurdamz" quest
    • Fixed monsters respawning when loading a quicksave
    • Fixed a visual effect playing in Dagoth Ur's chamber that shouldn't be there
    • Fixed blight weather still occurring after killing Dagoth Ur
    • Fixed new dialog in a mod inheriting some data from the dialog it replaces
    • Fixed actors that start the game dead always using the same death pose
    • Fixed NPCs to not auto-equip ammunition
    • Fixed NPCs not favoring ranged weapons
    • Fixed NPCs detecting the player when they don't have line of sight
    • Fixed ashmire particles rendering outside of their pool
    • Fixed AiWander start time resetting when saving/loading
    • Fixed 1st and 3rd person camera not converting from .ess correctly with ESS-Importer
    • Fixed issues caused by the idle camera when the player is paralyzed
    • Fixed nearby monsters who have not detected the player not preventing the player from resting
    • Fixed an issue with the victim of a pickpocket not always being alerted
    • Fixed dead NPCs and creatures contributing to Sneak skill increases
    • Fixed weather dependent dialog playing in interior cells
    • Fixed effects cast by summons persisting after their death
    • Fixed an issue with parallax map rendering
    • Fixed level up graphic to match vanilla game behavior
    • Fixed segfault in Atrayonis's "Anthology Solstheim: Tomb of the Snow Prince" mod
    • Fixed issues with invisibility not dispelling correctly
    • Fixed the first couple of seconds of NPC speech being muted on some PCs
    • Fixed being able to stack effects from identical magic scrolls
    • Fixed 3rd person camera distance getting stuck
    • Fixed AiFollow and AiEscort durations to be handled as in-game hours instead of seconds, as per the vanilla engine
    • Fixed a couple of issues with how fatigue is displayed when the player has fortified strength
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented multiple deletion of subrecords
    • OpenMW-CS: Reimplemented pathgrid rendering
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented configurable key bindings
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented pathgrid editing
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed Start Scripts table not updating when a script is added
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed tooltips not showing in scene view unless holding mouse button on them
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed tab width in Script Editor to be 4 characters instead of 4 pixels
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed being able to create duplicate pathgrid records
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed data in Weapon records not being properly set
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed Regions table to show weather options and allow editing them
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.40.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(21.23 MB)
    openmw-0.40.0-Linux.tar.gz(21.61 MB)
    OpenMW-0.40.0-win32.exe(27.39 MB)
    OpenMW-0.40.0-win64.exe(30.51 MB)
    OpenMW-0.40.0.dmg(40.47 MB)
  • openmw-0.39.0(Apr 16, 2016)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.39.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings background cell loading and caching, which is a feature not to be missed. Initial support for object shaders has found its way back into our engine, and a host of bugs have been smashed. See below for the full list of changes.

    The venerable Atahualpa has bravely stepped up to fill WeirdSexy's boundless shoes as our video producer, check out the video for this release here: and OpenMW-CS 0.39.0 here: Check our blog or Youtube channel if you missed his videos for versions 0.36, 0.37, or 0.38.

    Known Issues:

    • Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land


    • Implemented background cell loading and caching of loaded cells
    • Implemented support for object shaders in OSG
    • Implemented interpolation for physics simulation, smoothing rendering of statics and fixing some collision issues
    • Implemented support for sphere map NiTextureEffects
    • Implemented the FixMe script instruction
    • Implemented support for RGB and RGBA embedded textures in NIF files
    • Implemented corpse clear delay
    • Implemented per-creature respawn time tracking
    • Fixed Dark Brotherhood Assassins, ghosts in Ibar-Dad, and other creatures spawned with PlaceAt spawning inside world geometry
    • Fixed Activate / OnActivate script instruction to match vanilla behavior
    • Fixed player spawning underwater when loading a game saved while swimming
    • Fixed NPCs not using correct animations with Animated Morrowind mod
    • Fixed Riekling raider pig screaming continuously
    • Fixed Vivec's hands in the Psymoniser Vivec God Replacement mod
    • Fixed NPCs spamming restoration spells instead of defending themself
    • Fixed a crash caused by local script iteration
    • Fixed AI packages to not stack when duplicates are added
    • Fixed actor animations not being rebuilt on resurrection
    • Fixed dialog boxes for non-standard NPCs not scrolling correctly
    • Fixed wandering NPCs disappearing or getting teleported to strange places
    • Fixed missing NPC name in journal entry when given Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces quest
    • Fixed bounding box used for items when dropping them from the inventory
    • Fixed spells exploding on an actor being applied twice
    • Fixed Azura's missing head
    • Fixed potion effect showing when ingredient effects are not known
    • Fixed hands turning partially invisible when chopping with a spear
    • Fixed fast travel breaking save files made afterwards
    • Fixed crash after casting recall spell
    • Fixed constant effect enchantment animation playing on dead bodies
    • Fixed spell effects to not persist after the caster dies
    • Fixed corpses that are submerged at the beginning of the game to stay submerged
    • Fixed "when strikes" enchantments to not launch a projectile from the attacker when they apply
    • Fixed camera snapping to straight up or down after teleporting
    • Fixed alchemy window ingredient count not decrementing when combining ingredients that don't share effects
    • Fixed mods corrupting the hasWater() flag for exterior cells
    • Fixed a crash with mods that define bip01 spine1 but not bip01 spine2
    • Fixed class image display when an image for the class is not found
    • Fixed possible infinite disposition through exploit
    • Fixed glitch causing removed clothing to still be rendered on the character on the inventory paper doll
    • Fixed statics and activators not being able to cast spell effects on the player
    • Fixed cells not loading when using Poorly Placed Object Fix mod
    • Fixed female characters incorrectly using the male base animation skeleton
    • Fixed "use best attack" punches to match vanilla behavior
    • Fixed crash when clicking through the class selection menu a specific way
    • Fixed save list jumping to the top when deleting a saved game
    • Fixed the selected class and race not being cleared when starting a new game
    • Fixed crash when water normal map is missing
    • Fixed an issue with handling stray arguments in scripts
    • Fixed Drop script instruction to match vanilla behavior
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented GMST verifier
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented info record verifier
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented rendering cell border markers in Scene view
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented point lighting in Scene view
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented optional line wrapping in script editor
    • OpenMW-CS: Reimplemented 3D scene camera system
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented scenes being a drop target for referenceables
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented rendering cell markers in Scene view
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented Instance selection menu in Scene view
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented Move sub mode for Instance editing mode in Scene view
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented behavior for changing water level of interiors to match exteriors
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented using "Enter" key instead of clicking "Create" button to confirm ID input in Creator Bar
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed objects dropped in the scene not always saving
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed objects added to the scene not rendering until the scene is reloaded
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed land data being written twice
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed GMST ID named sMake Enchantment being named sMake when making new game from scratch
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed creator bar in Start Scripts subview not accepting script ID drops
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed using the "Next Script" and "Previous Script" buttons changes the record status to "Modified"
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.39.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(21.85 MB)
    openmw-0.39.0-Linux.tar.gz(22.06 MB)
    OpenMW-0.39.0-win32.exe(27.65 MB)
    OpenMW-0.39.0-win64.exe(30.74 MB)
    OpenMW-0.39.0.dmg(40.22 MB)
  • openmw-0.38.0(Jan 22, 2016)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.38.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. Hot on the heels of the previous one, this release brings many fixes and improvements, notably movement of objects between cells, and support for the OSG native model format.

    Known Issues:

    • Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land and object shaders
    • Features are missing from OpenMW-CS as well: only basic camera controls are implemented, pathgrid and cell marker rendering is missing, as well as instance moving


    • Implemented werewolf field of view
    • Implemented movement of objects between cells, fixes several issues
    • Implemented handling OSG native model format
    • Implemented separate field of view settings for hands and game world
    • Implemented isInCell checks on PlaceAt and PlaceItem
    • Implemented handling NiLODNode and NiPointLight
    • Implemented notification to indicate when a game is saved
    • Fixed player object being deletable
    • Fixed AiCombat distance check to take into account collision box
    • Fixed saw in Dome of Kasia not hurting a stationary player
    • Fixed rats floating when killed near a door
    • Fixed kwama eggsacks pulsing too fast
    • Fixed NPC voice sound source not being placed at their head
    • Fixed crash with OpenMW install wizard
    • Fixed reseting delete flag when loading a reference from a save game
    • Fixed issues with clicking on unexpected inventory items on character doll
    • Fixed spell absorption to apply once per effect
    • Fixed enchantment merchant items reshuffling every time barter is clicked
    • Fixed not being able to resurrect the player through the console if health is zero
    • Fixed projectile weapon behavior when underwater
    • Fixed not being able to use keywords in strings for message boxes
    • Fixed items not sinking when dropped underwater
    • Fixed crash when onPcEquip script removes the equipped item
    • Fixed dialog not triggering correctly in Julan Ashlander Companion mod
    • Fixed tooltips for Health, Magicka, and Fatigue showing in the Options menu when bars aren't visible
    • Fixed guards accepting gold for crimes even when you don't have enough
    • Fixed Show Owned option affecting tooltips that are not objects
    • Fixed player sound source being at the feet
    • Fixed not being able to replace interactive message boxes
    • Fixed fatal error on OpGetTarget when the target has disappeared
    • Fixed first person rendering glitches with high field of view
    • Fixed crash on new game at character class selection
    • Fixed RigGeometry bone references to be case-insensitive
    • Fixed NPCs using wrong sound when landing
    • Fixed missing journal textures without Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed
    • Fixed multiple AiFollow packages causing the distance to stack
    • Fixed creature dialogs not being handled correctly
    • Fixed crash when entering Holamayan Monastery with mesh replacer installed
    • Fixed dreamers spawning too soon
    • Fixed Next/Previous Weapon/Spell and Ready Spell working as a werewolf
    • Fixed being able to soultrap a creature more than once
    • Fixed summoned creatures and objects disappearing at midnight
    • Fixed gamecontrollerdb file being created as a txt instead of a cfg
    • Fixed "same race" dialog functions never triggering
    • Fixed dialog choice condition issue
    • Fixed body part rendering when in a pose
    • Fixed reversed sneak awareness check
    • Fixed positional sound acceleration issue
    • Fixed fatal error when LandTexture is missing
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented choosing colors for syntax highlighting
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented hiding script error list when there are no errors
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented ability to create omwaddons with periods in the filename
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented configurable size for scipt error panel
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented tooltips in the 3D scene
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed issue with handling of DELE subrecords
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed Verify not checking if given item ID for a container exists
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.38.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(20.66 MB)
    openmw-0.38.0-Linux.tar.gz(20.85 MB)
    OpenMW-0.38.0-win32.exe(27.55 MB)
    OpenMW-0.38.0-win64.exe(30.63 MB)
    OpenMW-0.38.0.dmg(40.15 MB)
  • openmw-0.37.0(Nov 30, 2015)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.37.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release brings the long-anticipated implementation of the OpenSceneGraph renderer! More info on this 3d graphics toolkit can be found on the OSG website ( Hats off to scrawl for the Herculean amount of effort he put in working on this massive codebase change! The new renderer brings a massive performance speedup, as well as many graphical fixes and improvements.

    You may notice that shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land and object shaders, but we wanted to get the release out rather than delay any further! These features will be re-added soon! This release brings many other changes and bugfixes, as well as a huge amount of new work done on OpenCS, the editor for OpenMW. Some features are missing from OpenCS as well: only basic camera controls are implemented, pathgrid and cell marker rendering is missing, as well as instance moving. See below for the full changelog.


    • Rewrote graphics engine using OSG rendering toolkit
    • Implemented profiling overlay (press F3!)
    • Implemented journal and book scaling
    • Implemented NiStencilProperty
    • Implemented Game Time Tracker
    • Implemented comments in openmw.cfg
    • Implemented resource manager optimizations
    • Implemented handling NIF files as proper resources
    • Implemented using skinning data in NIF files as-is
    • Implemented small feature culling
    • Implemented configurable near clip distance
    • Implemented GUI scaling option
    • Implemented support for anonymous textures
    • Implemented loading screen optimizations
    • Implemented character preview optimization
    • Implemented sun glare fader
    • Implemented support for building with Qt5
    • Implemented Bullet shape instancing optimization
    • Implemented FFMPEG 2.9 support
    • Implemented head tracking for creatures
    • Implemented additive moon blending
    • Implemented an error message when S3TC support is missing
    • Fixed short activation distance for light emitting objects
    • Fixed animation not resizing creature's bounding box
    • Fixed setPos and setScale instructions only modifying the collision model when invoked on Static objects
    • Fixed stars showing on horizon at night when they should be obscured by clouds
    • Fixed errors in moon trajectory
    • Fixed NPCs width not being adjusted by their weight
    • Fixed raycasting for dead actors
    • Fixed several issues with underwater view
    • Fixed Erene Llenim not wandering
    • Fixed cliff racers failing to hit the player (should have left this broken, hm?)
    • Fixed NPCs not being able to hit small creatures
    • Fixed vibrating terrain in cells far from the origin
    • Fixed several issues with first person weapon model rendering
    • Fixed crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode in D3D9
    • Fixed scripts failing to compile if name starts with a digit
    • Fixed Socucius Ergalla having doubled greetings during the tutorial
    • Fixed underwater flora lighting up the entire area
    • Fixed not handling controller extrapolation flags
    • Fixed footstep frequency not updating immediately when speed attribute changes
    • Fixed crash with OpenGL 1.4 drivers
    • Fixed antialiasing not working on Linux
    • Fixed enemies attacking the air when they spot the player
    • Fixed NIF rotation matrices that include scaling not being supported
    • Fixed crank in Old Mournhold: Forgotten Sewer turning about the wrong axis
    • Fixed several particle transparency stacking issues
    • Fixed Trueflame and Hopesfire flame effect rendering
    • Fixed little box rendering beneath verminous fabricants
    • Fixed sparks in Clockwork City not bouncing off the floor
    • Fixed dicer traps in Clockwork City not activating when you're too close
    • Fixed scrambled pixels on the mini map
    • Fixed NIFs with more than 255 NiBillboardNodes not loading
    • Fixed objects flickering
    • Fixed issue with running out of vram
    • Fixed NPCs dying silently
    • Fixed jumping animation restarting when equipping mid-air
    • Fixed light spell not working in first person view
    • Fixed light spell not being as bright as in Morrowind
    • Fixed transparency sorting to be more accurate, obsoleting transparency-overrides.cfg
    • Fixed player followers reporting crimes
    • Fixed hidden emitter nodes still firing particles
    • Fixed music from title screen continuing after loading a saved game
    • Fixed map not being consistent between saved games
    • Fixed dialog scroll not always starting at the top
    • Fixed Detect Enchantment marks not appearing on top of the player arrow
    • Fixed changing NPC position via console not taking effect until cell is reloaded
    • Fixed mannequins in mods appearing as dead bodies
    • Fixed spurious fifth parameter on Placeatme raising an error
    • Fixed COC command printing multiple times when the GUI is hidden
    • Fixed crash when a creature has no model
    • Fixed character sheet not properly updating when backing out of CharGen
    • Fixed Horkers using land idle animations under water
    • Fixed map notes not showing on cell marker tooltips
    • Fixed alchemy including effects that show twice on the same ingredient
    • Fixed ORI console command
    • Fixed Ashlanders in front of Ghostgate wandering around
    • Fixed ESM writer not handling encoding when saving the TES3 header
    • Fixed NIF node names to be not case-sensitive
    • Fixed fog depth and density not being handled correctly
    • Fixed Combat AI changing target too frequently
    • Fixed not being able to attack during block animations
    • Fixed player not raising arm in third person view for blizzards
    • Fixed current screen resolution not being selected in Options when starting OpenMW
    • Fixed Ordinators thinking beast races can wear their helm
    • Fixed slider bars still moving after clicking to move them and not releasing the mouse button
    • Fixed quirks with sleep interruption
    • Fixed being able to ready weapons and magic while paralyzed
    • Fixed inverted Kwama Queen head
    • Fixed additem and removeitem behavior with gold
    • Fixed --start putting the player inside models
    • Fixed a glitch that allowed infinite free items when bartering
    • Fixed handling of quotes in names of script functions
    • Fixed Open and Lock spell effects persisting when cast on certain statics
    • Fixed being able to lock beds
    • Fixed script compiler not accepting IDs as instruction or function arguments if the ID is also a keyword
    • Fixed cell names not being localized on the world map
    • Fixed swimming player being too low in the water
    • Fixed Save and Load menu localization issues
    • Fixed Disintegrate Weapon applying to lockpicks and probes
    • Fixed mouse wheel in journal not being disabled by Options menu
    • Fixed Heart of Lorkhan not visually responding to attacks
    • Fixed inventory highlighting the wrong category after a load
    • Fixed teleport amulet not being placed in player inventory in Illuminated Order 1.0c
    • Fixed fSleepRandMod not behaving correctly in special cases
    • Fixed hang in non-GOTY version caused by bad SetRot data
    • Fixed NPC confusion over player race
    • Fixed custom races breaking numbering of PcRace
    • Fixed being able to sneak while paralyzed
    • Fixed Chameleon not working for creatures
    • Fixed player power chance to show as 0 when used
    • Fixed error handling for non-existing enchantment references
    • Fixed recursive script execution
    • Fixed infinite recursion when compiling a script with warning mode 2 and enabled error downgrading
    • Fixed potential infinite loop in addToLevCreature script function
    • Fixed PlaceItem returning radians instead of degrees
    • Fixed a crash when entering cell "Tower of Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr"
    • Fixed a crash on assertion in a rare combat case
    • Fixed an issue with loading a save game with mod LGNPC_PaxRedoran_v1_20
    • Fixed an issue with loading a game when a mod that provided a spell known by the player was removed
    • Fixed an issue with unequipping amulets that had been created with the console
    • Fixed crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode in D3D9 (switched to OpenGL)
    • Fixed no texture issue with DirectX (switched to OpenGL)
    • Renamed 'grid size' setting to 'cell load distance'
    • OpenCS: Implemented Merge tool
    • OpenCS: Implemented copying a record ID to the clipboard
    • OpenCS: Implemented script line number in results search
    • OpenCS: Implemented mouse button bindings in 3D scene
    • OpenCS: Implenented scrolling newly created TopicInfo and JournalInfo records into view
    • OpenCS: Implemented horizontal slider to scroll between opened tables
    • OpenCS: Implemented shortcut for closing focused subview
    • OpenCS: Implemented context menu for dialog subview fields with an item matching "Edit 'x'" from the table subview context menu
    • OpenCS: Implemented ignoring mouse wheel input for numeric values unless the respective widget has focus
    • OpenCS: Implemented refreshing the verify view
    • OpenCS: Implemented configuration of double click behavior in results table
    • OpenCS: Implemented severity column to report tables
    • OpenCS: Implemented improvements to dialog button bar
    • OpenCS: Implemented mouse picking in worldspace widget
    • OpenCS: Implemented cell border arrows
    • OpenCS: Implemented cloning enhancements
    • OpenCS: Implemented fine grained configuration of extended revert and delete commands
    • OpenCS: Implemented magic effect record verifier
    • OpenCS: Implemented Sound Gen record verifier
    • OpenCS: Implemented Pathgrid record verifier
    • OpenCS: Implemented Script Editor enhancements
    • OpenCS: Implemented color values in tables
    • OpenCS: Implemented ID auto-complete
    • OpenCS: Implemented partial sorting in info tables
    • OpenCS: Implemented dialog for editing and viewing content file meta information
    • OpenCS: Implemented using checkbox instead of combobox for boolean values
    • OpenCS: Implemented dropping IDs into bar at bottom of subview when creating a record
    • OpenCS: Fixed global search not automatically focusing the search input field
    • OpenCS: Fixed opening a chest blurring the character portrait
    • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to edit alchemy ingredient properties
    • OpenCS: Fixed being able to select Attribute and Skill parameters for spells that do not require them
    • OpenCS: Fixed unnamed checkbox showing when right clicking an empty place in the menu bar
    • OpenCS: Fixed freeze when editing filter
    • OpenCS: Fixed verifier not updating local variables when other scripts are modified
    • OpenCS: Fixed AIWander Idle not being settable for a creature
    • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to enter values for rows in Creature Attack
    • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to add a start script
    • OpenCS: Fixed verifier reporting non-positive level for creatures with no level
    • OpenCS: Fixed value of "Buys *" not saving for a creature
    • OpenCS: Fixed scale value of 0.000 making the game lag
    • OpenCS: Fixed "AI Wander Idle" value not being saved
    • OpenCS: Fixed created creatures always being dead
    • OpenCS: Fixed being unable to make NPC say a specific "Hello" voice dialog
    • OpenCS: Fixed being unable to make a creature use text dialog
    • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to set trade gold for creatures
    • OpenCS: fixed race filter on body parts not displaying correctly
    • OpenCS: Fixed inverted table sorting
    • OpenCS: Fixed Undo and Redo command labels
    • OpenCS: Fixed listed attributes and skill being based on the number of NPC objects
    • OpenCS: Fixed crash when removing the first row of a nested table
    • OpenCS: Fixed incorrect GMSTs for newly created OMWGame files
    • OpenCS: Fixed deleted scripts being editable
    • OpenCS: Fixed line edit in Dialog subview table showing after a single click
    • OpenCS: Fixed incorrect position of an added row in Info tables
    • OpenCS: Fixed deleting a record triggering a Qt warning
    • OpenCS: Fixed metadata table missing the Fixed record type column
    • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to reorder rows with the same topic in different letter case
    • OpenCS: Fixed Sort by Record Rype on the Objects table being incorrect
    • OpenCS: Fixed undo/redo shortcuts not working in script editor
    • OpenCS: Fixed missing TopicInfo "custom" condition section
    • OpenCS: Fixed sorting search and verification result table by clicking on the column names
    • OpenCS: Fixed enchantment effects always switching to water breathing
    • OpenCS: Fixed NPC information failing to save correctly due to mNpdtType value
    • OpenCS: Fixed deleting record in Objects (referencables) table messing up data
    • OpenCS: Fixed some NPC data not being editable
    • OpenCS: Fixed some missing data in cell definition
    • OpenCS: Fixed value filter not working for float values
    • OpenCS: Fixed undo leaving record status as modified
    • OpenCS: Fixed crash from closing subview and opening a new one
    • OpenCS: Fixed default window size being ignored
    • OpenCS: Fixed TopicInfo data loss when saving from ESP to OMWAddon
    • OpenCS: Fixed deleted record remaining in Dialog subview
    • OpenCS: Fixed editor not scrolling to a newly opened subview when Scrollbar Only mode is active
    • OpenCS: Fixed changing Level or Reputation of an NPC crashing the editor
    • OpenCS: Fixed filters not updating when adding or cloning records
    • OpenCS: Fixed issues when referencing a non-existing script
    • OpenCS: Fixed focus problems on edit subviews input fields
    • OpenCS: Fixed crash when applying filter to TopicInfo on mods that have added dialog
    • OpenCS: Fixed some dialog only editable items not refreshing after undo
    • OpenCS: Fixed cancel button exiting the program
    • OpenCS: Fixed mapcolor not changing correctly on the Regions table
    • OpenCS: Fixed crash when trying to use cell render view on OS X
    • OpenCS: Fixed missing columns in tables
    • OpenCS: Fixed a sort problem in the Objects table when nested rows are added
    • OpenCS: Fixed script verifier not catching endif without an if
    • OpenCS: Fixed list of available content files not refreshing in Open dialog
    • OpenCS: Fixed Flies flag having no effect on ghosts
    • OpenCS: Fixed save game failing to load due to script attached to NPC
    • OpenCS: Fixed reputation value not being stored
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.37.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(20.49 MB)
    openmw-0.37.0-Linux.tar.gz(20.71 MB)
    OpenMW-0.37.0-win32.exe(26.98 MB)
    OpenMW-0.37.0-win64.exe(29.95 MB)
    OpenMW-0.37.0.dmg(40.38 MB)
  • openmw-0.36.1(Jun 5, 2015)

    The OpenMW team announces the release of maintenance version 0.36.1. This version addresses a regression that caused additional startup scripts to fail to launch. Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems.

    Known Issues:

    • Crash when trying to view cell in render view in OpenMW-CS on OSX
    • Crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode on D3D9


    • Fixed additional startup scripts failing to launch
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.36.1-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(25.75 MB)
    openmw-0.36.1-Linux.tar.gz(25.74 MB)
    OpenMW-0.36.1-win32.exe(29.12 MB)
    OpenMW-0.36.1-win64.exe(32.15 MB)
    OpenMW-0.36.1.dmg(33.61 MB)
  • openmw-0.36.0(May 29, 2015)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.36.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release is relatively small as we eagerly await scrawl's rendering port to OSG. There are a multitude of important fixes for OpenMW-CS, which is progressing at a healthy pace. See below for the full changelog.

    Known Issues:

    • Crash when trying to view cell in render view in OpenMW-CS on OSX
    • Crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode on D3D9


    • Implemented hotkey for hand-to-hand
    • Implemented key bind for always sneaking
    • Implemented multiselection of entries in the data files list of the launcher
    • Implemented using application support directory as the user data path on OS X
    • Fixed Erene Lleni not wandering correctly
    • Fixed installer not detecting default directory correctly in 64-bit Windows registry
    • Fixed issue where cloning the player would prevent player movement
    • Fixed casting bound weapon spell not switching to "ready weapon" mode
    • Fixed enchanted item charges not updating in the spell list window if it is pinned open
    • Fixed behavior when fatigue falls below zero due to the drain effect
    • Fixed error on startup with Uvirith's Legacy enabled
    • Fixed sex, race, and hair sliders not initializing properly in chargen
    • Fixed minor issues with terrain clipping through statics
    • Fixed invisible sound mark having collision in Sandus Ancestral Tomb
    • Fixed tooltip display on stolen gold stack
    • Fixed persuasion mechanics using player stats instead of NPC's
    • Fixed not defaulting to world origin when an unknown cell is encountered
    • Fixed NPCs not reacting to theft when player has the inventory open
    • Fixed water z-fighting issue
    • Fixed GetSpellEffects to better emulate vanilla behavior
    • Fixed a dialog choice in mod Rise of House Telvanni not exiting out of dialog
    • Fixed Detect Spell returning false positives
    • Fixed the map icons used by Detect spells
    • Fixed a crash on first launch after choosing "Run installation wizard"
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented global search & replace
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented dialog mode only columns
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented optionally showing a line number column in the script editor
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented optionally using monospace fonts in the script editor
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented focusing on ID input field on clone/add
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented handling moved instances
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented a start script table
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented a start script record verifier
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed changed entries in the objects window not*? showing as changed
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed changing certain entries not being saved in the omwaddon file
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed terrain information not saving
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed files with accented characters not being listed
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed cloning/creating new container class resulting in an invalid omwaddon file
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed cloning omitting some values
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed crash when issuing undo command after the table subview is closed
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed being unable to undo a record deletion in the object table
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed multithreading for operations
    • OpenMW-CS: Changed References/Referenceables terminology to Instance/Object
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.36.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(25.76 MB)
    openmw-0.36.0-Linux.tar.gz(25.74 MB)
    OpenMW-0.36.0-win32.exe(29.12 MB)
    OpenMW-0.36.0-win64.exe(32.15 MB)
    OpenMW-0.36.0.dmg(33.61 MB)
  • openmw-0.35.1(Mar 15, 2015)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.35.1! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This maintenance release includes fixes for several crashes that users may be experiencing with the 0.35.0 version. Several features are also included in this release, such as corpse dressing and preliminary joystick support. Many bug fixes and improvements are also included, please see the full changelog below.

    Known Issues:

    • Crash when trying to view cell in render view in OpenMW-CS on OSX
    • Crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode on D3D9


    • Implemented being able to dress corpses (you weirdos)
    • Implemented checking Cmake sets correct MSVC compiler settings for release build
    • Implemented default values for mandatory global records
    • Implemented basic joystick support
    • Implemented a progress bar for Morrowind.ini import progress in the launcher
    • Implemented passage of time indicator when training or serving jail time
    • Fixed a crash caused by a land record without data
    • Fixed creatures with no skeleton base causing a crash
    • Fixed engine becoming unresponsive when trying to use equip next/previous with an empty inventory
    • Fixed error caused by relying on subrecord order when reading content files
    • Fixed sun trajectory
    • Fixed stolen items handling to match vanilla Morrowind
    • Fixed Divine Intervention sending the player to the wrong place in some cases
    • Fixed telekinesis not working to avoid traps
    • Fixed combat AI for unreachable enemies
    • Fixed object scale being considered in the Move instruction
    • Fixed multi-effect spells with different ranges not all applying
    • Fixed launcher not responding to Ctrl+C command from the terminal
    • Fixed drag-and-drop creating duplicate content files in the launcher when Alt is pressed
    • Fixed addon files with no dependencies not showing in the launcher
    • Fixed Detect Animal detecting dead creatures
    • Fixed Cmake not respecting LIB_SUFFIX
    • Fixed changing active magic holstering magic hands
    • Fixed switching spells with next or previous while holding shift raising the delete spell dialog
    • Fixed regression causing ignored clicks on the HUD mini-map
    • Fixed instant restore effect behavior
    • Fixed CE restore attribute items permanently boosting the stat they restore
    • Fixed being able to fall off the prison ship
    • Fixed wrong starting position in "Character Stuff Wonderland"
    • Fixed plugin load order being sorted incorrectly when importing Morrowind settings
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed skills saving incorrectly
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed file extension inconsistency
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.35.1-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(25.56 MB)
    openmw-0.35.1-Linux.tar.gz(25.52 MB)
    OpenMW-0.35.1-win32.exe(29.05 MB)
    OpenMW-0.35.1-win64.exe(32.06 MB)
    OpenMW-0.35.1.dmg(33.48 MB)
  • openmw-0.35.0(Feb 16, 2015)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.35.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release includes over 100 bug fixes and improvements, and brings our "1.0" release much closer. Some notable features include the beginnings of an ess-Importer command line tool to import save games from vanilla Morrowind, proper handling of the Calm effect, and AI fast-forward functionality. Read the full changelog and bask in the glory of the huge amount of work that has gone into this release... Two more things: several OpenMW utilities have been renamed as of this release, including OpenCS being renamed to OpenMW-CS. And we would really appreciate any feedback on the launcher's Data File selection UI. Enjoy!

    Known Issues:

    • Crash when trying to view cell in render view in OpenCS on OSX
    • Crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode on D3D9


    • Implemented Calm effect removing combat packages
    • Implemented first stages of ess-Importer, an importer for vanilla Morrowind save games, this feature is not complete
    • Implemented previous/next weapon and spell equipping hotkeys
    • Implemented XYZ rotation keys support
    • Implemented AI fast-forward
    • Implemented NPC drowning while knocked out
    • Implemented setting for exterior cell grid size
    • Implemented some leveled list script functions
    • Implemented testing dialog scripts with --script-all
    • Implemented NPC lookAt controller
    • Implemented handling initial state of particle system
    • Implemented a warning when loading a savegame that depends on non-existent content files
    • Implemented conversion of global map exploration overlay for ess-Importer
    • Implemented command line option to load a save game
    • Implemented new display of load order problems in the Data Files tab of the launcher
    • Fixed some sound effects playing at very loud levels
    • Fixed transparency issues with some UI elements
    • Fixed launcher handling of master and plugin selections loaded from openmw.cfg
    • Fixed water display issue on AMD cards
    • Fixed a text display issue when highlighting words in dialog
    • Fixed a launcher crash when a content file is locked
    • Fixed being able to stand on top of hostile creatures
    • Fixed creatures climbing on top of the player
    • Fixed AITravel to more accurately emulate vanilla
    • Fixed some moon display issues
    • Fixed place-able items having collision
    • Fixed AIFollow distance for groups of multiple followers
    • Fixed some staircase climbing issues in Vivec
    • Fixed permanent magic effects not being saved in savegames
    • Fixed crash due to zero-sized particles
    • Fixed a model scaling issue
    • Fixed activated enchanted item magic not being saved in savegames
    • Fixed a crash caused by Ogre shadow handling
    • Fixed not being able to equip a shield with a two-handed weapon
    • Fixed an issue with player fall height when stepping down
    • Fixed an error-handling issue preventing the Sword of Perithia mod from loading
    • Fixed launcher reseting alterations made to the mod list order
    • Fixed some issues with NPC idle voices
    • Fixed vampire corpses standing up when being looted
    • Fixed spell cost not highlighting on mouseover
    • Fixed tooltips still showing when menu is toggled off
    • Fixed rain effect showing while underwater
    • Fixed extreme framedrop when running into certain corners
    • Fixed mod "Shrines - Restore Health and Cancel Options" restore health option not working
    • Fixed animation groups for light and door objects
    • Fixed slaughterfish not attacking partially submerged enemies
    • Fixed air movement mechanics
    • Fixed handling of NPCs with missing hair/head models
    • Fixed position flicker after an animation ends
    • Fixed supporting region names in cell dialog filter for mod "Julan Ashlander Companion"
    • Fixed issues with animated collision shape
    • Fixed mod "Morrowind Rebirth 2.81" causing Balmora bridges to not have collision
    • Fixed summons to reset when the spell is recast
    • Fixed equipment update when unequipping non-related items removing ammunition
    • Fixed not falling back to the top-level directory when looking for resources
    • Fixed mod pathgrids not overwriting the existing pathgrid
    • Fixed a gameplay stopper with the Russian version of the ChaosHeart mod
    • Fixed the resurrect function to work correctly
    • Fixed functionality to allow mods to overwrite existing records in the IndexedStore
    • Fixed an issue with extra bytes to fix an error with the mod "Animated Morrowind - Expanded"
    • Fixed multi-character comparison operators to allow spaces
    • Fixed handling deleted references to fix the "Gateway Ghost" quest
    • Fixed summoning to allow multiple instances of the same creature by using different spells
    • Fixed pathgrid in the (0, 0) exterior cell not loading
    • Fixed actor original position not being saved with the wander package
    • Fixed creatures not receiving fall damage (shouts to this amazing bug description: )
    • Fixed enchant cost issue
    • Fixed handling of missing spells and factions to be more graceful
    • Fixed several book display issues
    • Fixed some script compilation issues
    • Fixed scale field for creatures not being handled
    • Fixed being able to use enchantments from items that failed to equip
    • Fixed handling names for helmet models
    • Fixed some NPCs not attacking when they are pickpocketed
    • Fixed chargen race preview head default orientation
    • Fixed animations with no loop keys being looped
    • Fixed spell making to allow adding multiple attribute/skill effects
    • Fixed crash when northmarker has been disabled
    • Fixed area effect on touch spell behavior
    • Fixed dwarven crossbow clipping through the ground when dropped
    • Fixed torch animation playing when torch is hidden
    • Fixed sneak re-applying after attacking an NPC
    • Fixed handling for bipedal creatures without weapons
    • Fixed conflict resolution for conflicting dialog topics
    • Fixed tab completion for exterior cell names
    • Fixed third person view being preserved in save games
    • Fixed save/load progress bar behavior
    • Fixed TogglePOV not being bindable to the Alt key
    • Fixed exception for empty dialog topics
    • Fixed PlaceAt function's count behavior
    • Fixed map notes to display on the door marker leading to the cell with that note
    • Fixed some UI issues to be better compatible with UI overhaul mods
    • Fixed an issue with leveled item arguments
    • Fixed enchanted arrows being added to the victim
    • Fixed missing sound for drawing throwing weapons
    • Fixed guards detecting invisible players
    • Fixed camera not being attached properly when player becomes a vampire
    • Fixed visual effects showing on the overhead map
    • Fixed health modifier not resetting when an actor dies
    • Fixed God Mode to not require magicka when casting spells
    • Fixed attachArrow exception when changing weapon
    • Fixed error when disabled objects are moved between cells
    • Fixed scripts with names starting with digits failing to compile
    • Fixed click activate and de-activate behavior in the Data Files list
    • Renamed "profile" to "content list" in the launcher
    • Added comments to the local/global openmw.cfg files to clarify their identity
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented clicking on a script error in the report window to set the cursor in the script editor to the respective line/column
    • OpenMW-CS: Implemented deleting selected rows from result windows
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed window opening issue when the config file doesn't exist
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed skills to allow values other than 0 through 99
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed an issue with not launching when another instance was falsely detected as running
    • OpenMW-CS: Fixed a crash on launch when OpenMW is not installed as well
    • OpenMW-CS: Cleanup for the Opening Window and User Settings Window
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.35.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(26.65 MB)
    openmw-0.35.0-Linux.tar.gz(26.42 MB)
    OpenMW-0.35.0-win32.exe(29.01 MB)
    OpenMW-0.35.0-win64.exe(32.12 MB)
    OpenMW-0.35.0.dmg(36.00 MB)
  • openmw-0.34.0(Dec 21, 2014)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.34.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release features many bug fixes, improvements to installation and the launcher, and exciting updates to OpenCS. Our "1.0" release remains excitingly close!

    Known Issues:

    • Crash when trying to view cell in render view in OpenCS on OSX
    • Crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode on D3D9


    • Implemented ClampMode in NiTexturingProperty, fixes some floating plant textures
    • Implemented INI-importer for the launcher
    • Implemented "encoding" option in the launcher
    • Disabled third-person zoom by default due to usability issues (can be re-enabled in settings file)
    • Fixed several launcher and installation issues
    • Fixed issue with BIK video/audio playback sync
    • Fixed NPCs ignoring player invisibility when engaged in combat
    • Fixed long class names being cut off in the UI
    • Fixed running while levitating draining fatigue
    • Fixed handling of disabled plugins
    • Fixed ToggleMenus not closing dialog windows
    • Fixed crash when calling getDistance on items in the player's inventory
    • Fixed the Buglamp tooltip showing the item weight
    • Fixed slave crime reaction to PC picking up slave's bracers
    • Fixed Dremora death animation
    • Fixed Mansilamat Vabdas's floating corpse
    • Fixed bounty not being completely removed after the Larius Varro Tells A Little Story quest
    • Fixed silenced enemies attempting to cast spells
    • Fixed The Warlords quest
    • Fixed sneak attacks on hostiles causing a bounty
    • Fixed a crash caused by incorrect handling of getPcRank and similar defines
    • Fixed pause in Storm Atronach animation
    • Fixed a bug in TerrainGrid::getWorldBoundingBox
    • Fixed crash on exceptions while adding startup scripts
    • Fixed AiWander path finder hang when quickly changing cells
    • Fixed crash when playing OGG files
    • Fixed Dagoth Gares talking to the player even when he is not there
    • Fixed overflow exploit in bartering
    • Fixed a crash when maximizing the window with the race selection dialog open on D3D9
    • Fixed script command "Activate, player" not working
    • Fixed buttons only lighting on hover over their label
    • Fixed Slowfall effect being too weak
    • Fixed several skeleton/bone model and animation issues
    • Fixed script handling to treat the [ character as whitespace
    • Fixed a crash in character preview for non-existing meshes
    • Fixed abrupt transition when ash storms end
    • Fixed mouse movements being tracked during video playback
    • Fixed a crash on exit
    • Fixed being able to attack Almalexia during her final monologue
    • Fixed the frame time cap not being applied to Ogre's ControllerManager
    • Fixed recalculation of Magicka to be less aggressive
    • Fixed Azura's spirit fading away too fast
    • Fixed Magicka becoming negative
    • Fixed health so it drops to 0 if it goes below 1.
    • Fixed floating hairs in Westly's Pluginless Head And Hair Replacer
    • Fixed some issues with mods that use conversation scripts to update the PC
    • Fixed graphical issues with Morrowind Grass Mod
    • Fixed issues with renaming profiles in the launcher
    • OpenCS: Implemented rendering cell markers
    • OpenCS: Implemented double-click functionality in tables
    • OpenCS: Implemented user settings dialog grouping, labeling, and tooltips
    • OpenCS: Implemented editing positions of references in the 3D scene
    • OpenCS: Implemented edit mode button on the scene toolbar
    • OpenCS: Implemented user setting for showing the status bar
    • OpenCS: Improved the layout of the user settings dialog
    • OpenCS: Fixed script compiler sometimes failing to find IDs
    • OpenCS: Fixed verifier not handling Windows-specific path issues when dealing with resources
    • OpenCS: Fixed display of combat/magic/stealth values
    • OpenCS: Fixed saving
    • OpenCS: Fixed exception caused by following the Creature column of a SoundGen record
    • OpenCS: Fixed MDL subrecord error
    • OpenCS: Fixed coordinate and rotation editing
    • OpenCS: Fixed several window and view handling issues
    • OpenCS: Fixed loading plugins with moved references, implementation of moved references still pending
    • OpenCS: Fixed a crash when closing cell render window on OSX
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.34.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(26.13 MB)
    openmw-0.34.0-Linux.tar.gz(25.93 MB)
    OpenMW-0.34.0-win32.exe(27.01 MB)
    OpenMW-0.34.0-win64.exe(30.21 MB)
    openmw-0.34.0.dmg(35.44 MB)
  • openmw-0.33.1(Nov 9, 2014)

    To correct issues with certain compilers, the OpenMW team has released a maintenance release of version 0.33.1. This maintenance release corrects a missing include, addressing Bug # 2108. No new binaries are released, as this change only affects the source code.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • openmw-0.33.0(Oct 29, 2014)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.33.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. We are moving closer and closer to our vaunted "1.0" release, and as such, the list of unimplemented features has run excitingly low. This release brings almost 100 fixes, as well as many exciting advancements for OpenCS. Stay tuned!

    Known Issues:

    • Switching from fullscreen to windowed mode on Windows 7 or 8.1 while using the D3D9 renderer causes a crash


    • Implemented font colors importing from fallback settings
    • Implemented Death and LevelUp music
    • Implemented console targetting on player
    • Implemented red pain effect when hit
    • Implemented spellcasting for non-biped creatures
    • Implemented the RA (Reset Actors) console command
    • Fixed extraneous characters from keypresses showing in console when console is bound to a character key
    • Fixed issues with book and scroll content display
    • Fixed NPCs reacting from too far away
    • Fixed PC spawning on top of followers when going through doors
    • Fixed tall PCs getting stuck in staircases
    • Fixed how the spawn point is determined for certain problematic doors and areas
    • Fixed executable icon in Windows
    • Fixed third person Eeyore rain effect
    • Fixed thunder and lightning still playing while the game is paused
    • Fixed jump behavior to better match vanilla
    • Fixed being able to rest on water while water walking
    • Fixed Cancel button consistency issues
    • Fixed compile error in Less Generic Nerevarine mod
    • Fixed unhandled ffmpeg sample formats
    • Fixed resizing the map not staying centered
    • Fixed attacking NPCs already in combat being reported as a crime
    • Fixed a crash on load with Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul
    • Fixed knocked out actors still colliding and speaking
    • Fixed soul trap success sound not playing
    • Fixed missing sound effect for enchanted items with an empty charge
    • Fixed handling the "MagicItems" vendor category
    • Fixed Launcher not starting if a file listed in launcher.cfg has the wrong case
    • Fixed goblins killed while knocked down remaining in the knocked down pose
    • Fixed CellChanged events triggering when crossing an exterior cell border
    • Fixed Spriggans being killed instantly if hit while regenerating
    • Fixed Magic Menu text not dimming when going from a spell to item as the active magic
    • Fixed unlit torches procuding a burning sound
    • Fixed being able to type text into the price field in the barter window
    • Fixed equipped items not emitting sounds
    • Fixed Draugr Lord Aesliip remaining non-hostile when attacking
    • Fixed bounty and crime not resetting immediately when going to jail
    • Fixed getdistance behavior for targets in an inactive cell
    • Fixed potential infinite recursion when an area effect spell is reflected
    • Fixed bound gear equipping behavior
    • Fixed followers on the Establish The Mine quest
    • Fixed exceptions with adding local scripts
    • Fixed a crash caused by teleportation spells
    • Fixed bound item checks not using GMSTs
    • Fixed NPCs moving load doors
    • Fixed Attacked flag being set when the actor is already in combat with the attacker
    • Fixed AiTravel accepting destinations further than 7168 units away, to match vanilla
    • Fixed world map arrow not adjusting to interior player facing
    • Fixed Ulyne Henim disappearing when game is loaded inside Vas
    • Fixed alchemy not correctly handling effects with zero magnitude/duration
    • Fixed levitation permissions not being saved in save games
    • Fixed NPCs not using magic
    • Fixed named cells that overlap with Morrowind.esm not showing, for Tamriel Rebuilt
    • Fixed magic effects not being overwritten by mods that change magic effects
    • Fixed stacks of items being worth more when sold individually
    • Fixed Launcher not listing addon files if the base game file is renamed to a different case
    • Fixed incorrect reading of global map state in some cases when the map size changed
    • Fixed Mercantile skill gain
    • Fixed OnPcHitMe triggering for friendly hits
    • Fixed considering actors as followers if they are also in combat with the follow target
    • Fixed Journal scrolling indefinitely with the mouse wheel
    • Fixed followers not leaving the party when a quest ends
    • Fixed unbound input action behavior
    • Fixed spell merchants selling racial bonus spells
    • Fixed a segfault when loading saves
    • Fixed jump sound to be controlled by footstep volume slider
    • Fixed player suffering silently when taking damage from lava
    • Fixed Dwarven Sceptre collision area not being removed after being killed
    • Fixed indirect followers not being teleported when using a door
    • Fixed East Empire Company faction rank after completing the questline
    • Fixed zero strength causing the player to be permanently overencumbered, even with no weight
    • Fixed shrine blessings in Maar Gan
    • Fixed enchanted items not recharging
    • Fixed Dagoth Ur dying from Ash Vampire deaths
    • Fixed a dialog loop in The Code Book quest for the Fighter's Guild
    • Fixed "root bone" to be treated as the animation root if it exists
    • Fixed number of Alchemy ingredients not removing from potion window
    • Fixed mouse-over text not showing for spells the player can't afford
    • Fixed crash when entering Ruinous Keep, Great Hall in Tamriel Rebuilt
    • Fixed extra string arguments to ShowMap breaking script compilation
    • OpenCS: Implemented a special case for top-level windows with a single sub-window
    • OpenCS: Implemented sub-windows reusing settings
    • OpenCS: Implemented opening sub-views in a new top-level window
    • OpenCS: Implemented magic effect table
    • OpenCS: Implemented path grid table
    • OpenCS: Implemented sound gen table
    • OpenCS: Implemented requesting UniversalId editing from table columns
    • OpenCS: Implemented terrain rendering
    • OpenCS: Implemented CellRef global variable column
    • OpenCS: Implemented using ESM::Cell's RefNum counter
    • OpenCS: Implemented running OpenMW with the currently edited content list
    • OpenCS: Fixed subviews being deleted on shutdown instead of when they are closed
    • OpenCS: Fixed ReferenceableID behavior when dragging to references record filter
    • OpenCS: Fixed content files being able to be opened multiple times from the same dialog
    • OpenCS: Fixed "Edit Record" context menu button not opening subview for journal infos
    • OpenCS: Fixed record edits resulting in duplicate entries
    • OpenCS: Fixed some characters not being able to be used in addon names
    • OpenCS: Fixed preferences window appearing off screen
    • OpenCS: Fixed record filter title position
    • OpenCS: Fixed region field for cell record in dialogue subview not working
    • OpenCS: Fixed label "Musics" to be "Music"
    • OpenCS: Fixed status bar not updating when record filter is changed
    • OpenCS: Fixed documents not being removed when closing the last view
    • OpenCS: Fixed File->Exit only checking the document it was issued from
    • OpenCS: Fixed script compiler member variable access
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.33.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(23.02 MB)
    openmw-0.33.0-Linux.tar.gz(22.90 MB)
    OpenMW-0.33.0-win32.exe(26.29 MB)
    OpenMW-0.33.0-win64.exe(29.19 MB)
    OpenMW-0.33.0.dmg(33.89 MB)
  • openmw-0.32.0(Sep 17, 2014)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.32.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This is one of the more magical OpenMW releases, bringing completed implementation of all magic effects as well as NPC AI for casting spells, using potions, etc. in combat. The implementation of mouth movement, eye blinking, and several other NPC AI features breathe more life into NPCs in this release as well. Over 100 issues have been fixed in this release, as we steamroll towards 1.0!

    The tiresome affairs of real life have prevented our beloved WeirdSexy from creating a video for this release. We wish him the best in everything, and have our fingers crossed that he will work his magic for a 1.0 release video when the time comes!

    Known Issues:

    • Switching from fullscreen to windowed mode on Windows 7 or 8.1 while using the D3D9 renderer causes a crash


    • Finished implementing all magic effects, including Command, Elemental Shield, and Light
    • Implemented NPC AI for combat magic
    • Implemented NPC AI for friendly hits
    • Implemented NPC AI for fighting for the player if they are following
    • Implemented NPC mouth movement
    • Implemented NPC eye blinking
    • Implemented collision script instructions
    • Implemented magic effect get/mod/set functions
    • Implemented difficulty slider
    • Implemented custom map markers
    • Implemented script blacklisting
    • Implemented including the git revision number from the "--version" command line switch
    • Implemented mouse wheel scrolling for the journal
    • Implemented NiBSPArrayController to emit particles on random child nodes
    • Implemented sharing keyframe data
    • Implemented ignoring extra arguments being given to very few certain script functions where the use of stray arguments is most prevalent
    • Implemented double click on inventory window headers to close the window
    • Implemented targeted scripts
    • Fixed being unable to jump when facing a wall
    • Fixed summoned creatures not immediately disappearing when killed
    • Fixes for several script compilation issues
    • Fixed NPCs equipping weapons prior to fighting
    • Fixed Start Scripts which have been stopped not restarting on loading a game
    • Fixed paralyzed NPC corpses exhibiting strange behavior
    • Fixed abilities being depleted when interrupted during casting
    • Fixed NPC behaviors when facing the player
    • Fixed a missing French character
    • Fixed a memory leak with MyGUI
    • Fixed journal being inaccessible while in inventory
    • Fixed PC randomly joining factions
    • Fixed NPCs not switching weapons when exhausting ammunition
    • Fixed guards detecting creatures from too far away
    • Fixed several issues with The Siege of the Skaal Village quest in Bloodmoon
    • Fixed quotation mark character in books
    • Fixed doors colliding with dead bodies
    • Fixed display issue with very high bounties
    • Fixed NPC spell calculation formula
    • Fixed boats standing vertically in Vivec
    • Fixed issue with arrest dialogue when selecting "Go to jail"
    • Fixed strange NPC follow behavior in Hlaalu Ancestral Vaults
    • Fixed Persuasion dialog persisting after loading a game
    • Fixed "Goodbye" dialog option not being escapable
    • Fixed PC stats not updating immediately when changing equipment
    • Fixed non-aggressive creatures
    • Fixed crash when quick-loading with a container window open
    • Fixed order of validity checks when placing items into a container
    • Fixed item stacking for repaired weapons and armor
    • Fixed saving attacked state of NPCs
    • Fixed "Background" dialog topic ignoring rank condition
    • Fixed game starting on day 2
    • Fixed successful critical strikes on enemies who have spotted the player
    • Fixed fatigue not decreasing by the correct amount when running
    • Fixed a graphics issue with the minimap and local map
    • Fixed wrong button title on travel menu
    • Fixed criminal punishment for sleeping on a rented bed
    • Fixed NPCs turning towards the player even if invisible/sneaking
    • Fixed mouse still interacting with map when pinned and inventory closed
    • Fixed spell absorption not absorbing shrine blessings
    • Fixed journal topics sometimes displaying as quests
    • Fixed scroll behavior in scrolls
    • Fixed player enchanting requiring money and always being 100% successful
    • Fixed custom made potions not applying all effects
    • Fixed rain sound pausing in menus
    • Fixed Remesa Othril being hostile to Hlaalu members
    • Fixed a crash on load after death
    • Fixed blind effect not covering the entire screen
    • Fixed crash after load after creating an enchanted item
    • Fixed Retrieve the Scrap Metal quest dialog script issue
    • Fixed targets almost always resisting soultrap scrolls
    • Fixed no message being displayed when casting soultrap on an invalid target
    • Fixed chop attack not working when walking diagonally
    • Fixed world map explored terrain issue when alt-tabbing on D3D9
    • Fixed levitate causing the player to appear out of bounds when going through doors
    • Fixed setting a variable on an NPC from another NPC's dialog not working correctly
    • Fixed wait dialog not blacking out the screen properly
    • Fixed crash on sDifficulty GMST when using vanilla files without patches or expansions
    • Fixed sky rendering issue in Skies version IV
    • Fixed marksman weapons not degrading with use
    • Fixed battle music playing constantly
    • Fixed alt-tabbing while in inventory causing the paper doll to disappear temporarily
    • Fixed cost of training not being added to merchant's inventory
    • Fixed disposition changes not persisting if the conversation meny is closed by purchasing training
    • Fixed blight still being contractible after being cured of Corpus
    • Fixed crash when trying to access fog of war buffer before it is loaded
    • Fixed PC Magicka not recalculating when intelligence is boosted or drained
    • Fixed equipped torches disappearing when game is reloaded
    • Fixed soultrap fail message displaying when targetting NPCs
    • Fixed an issue with magicka cost for custom spells
    • Fixed Azura's Star disappearing when used to recharge an item
    • Fixed GetPCRank not handling ignored explicit references
    • Fixed string table overflow when loading TheGloryRoad.esm
    • Fixed Dagoth Uthol running in slow motion
    • Fixed incorrect values in the spellmaking window
    • Fixed icon for Master Propylon Index not being visible
    • Fixed Tavynu Tedran's corpse going invisible after being looted
    • Fixed health calculation when levelling up
    • Fixed some monsters blocking doors from behind
    • Fixed Ma'Rakha location in Less Generic NPC Foreign Quater mod
    • Fixed number of potion effects shown per Alchemy rank
    • Fixed encumbrance not updating while bartering
    • Fixed base Magicka multiplier
    • Fixed a torch in Addamasartus burning when it shouldn't
    • Fixed aquatic creature movement speed
    • Fixed "Rest until healed" showing with full Health and Magicka
    • Fixed Recalling while falling in an exterior cell changing Mark location
    • Fixed stutter caused by ActorId in AiFollow::getTarget not being cached
    • Fixed Dremora next to Gothren not sticking up for each other
    • Fixed button placement on the QuickChar mod
    • Fixed value and weight showing for keys
    • Fixed persuasion results not showing when using an unpatched Morrowind.esm
    • Fixed issue with Falura Llervu follow quest when loading a save
    • Fixed only guards reacting to theft
    • Fixed on-target spells being rendered behind the water surface
    • Fixed Galsa Gindu's house appearing as if it is on fire
    • Fixed an Ogre fatal exception on invalid parameters
    • Fixed Guards trying to talk to players corpse after killing the player
    • Fixed an infinite recursion in ActionTeleport
    • Fixed followers teleporting with the player into new cells after they are done following the player
    • Fixed typing "j" into the "Name" field opening the journal
    • Fixed text pasting into the console twice
    • Fixed "setfatigue 0" not rendering NPCs unconscious
    • Fixed being able to talk to unconscious actors
    • Fixed crash when player killed by own summoned creature
    • Fixed memory leak when OpenMW window is minimized
    • Fixed RefNum of objects not being reset when they are copied
    • Removed defunct option for building without FFmpeg
    • OpenCS: Implemented body part record verifier
    • OpenCS: Implemented improved keyboard navigation for scene toolbar
    • OpenCS: Implemented tooltips on all graphical buttons
    • OpenCS: Implemented handling resources like regular records
    • OpenCS: Implemented scene toolbar buttons for selecting element types to be rendered - most of the scene elements supported by these buttons are not implemented yet
    • OpenCS: Fixed not saving projects when the defaultfilters file has the wrong permissions
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.32.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(22.43 MB)
    openmw-0.32.0-Linux.tar.gz(22.37 MB)
    OpenMW-0.32.0-win32.exe(25.86 MB)
    OpenMW-0.32.0-win64.exe(28.71 MB)
    OpenMW-0.32.0.dmg(33.57 MB)
  • openmw-0.31.0(Jul 17, 2014)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.31.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release includes implementation of many smaller features that have been sorely missing, as well fixes for a ridiculous amount of bugs. Many thanks to our developers for their relentless attention to detail. Some optimization has made it into this release, let us know if you see any increased performance.

    The venerable WeirdSexy has been swamped lately, and is even more swamped by the behemoth changelog that this release brings. The video for this release has been delayed, but get a drink, kick back, and page through the list of changes below.

    Known Issues:

    • Switching from fullscreen to windowed mode on Windows 7 or 8.1 while using the D3D9 renderer causes a crash


    • Implemented periodic cleanup/refill
    • Implemented precipitation and weather particles
    • Implemented dialogue merging
    • Implemented saving missing creature state
    • Implemented saving fog of war state
    • Implemented NPCs and creatures fighting each other
    • Implemented murder crime
    • Implemented Sneak skill enhancements
    • Implemented item restock handling
    • Implemented save game levelled creature handling
    • Implemented modFactionReaction script instruction
    • Implemented animated main menu support
    • Implemented saving walk/run toggle state
    • Implemented save game naming changes
    • Implemented a delete button on the load game menu
    • Implemented using journal while in dialog
    • Implemented battle music while in combat
    • Implemented follower fast travel
    • Implemented disposition and distance based aggression
    • Fixed clouds and weather to better match vanilla Morrowind
    • Fixed local map not showing objects that span multiple cells
    • Fixed CenterOnCell behavior to better match vanilla Morrowind
    • Fixed local and world map display issues
    • Fixed water being luminescent at night
    • Fixed launcher not supporting non-latin paths on Windows
    • Fixed background tracks repeating
    • Fixed door animation behavior when leaving a cell
    • Fixed disabled stronghold statics showing on the world map
    • Fixed excessive vram usage after extended play
    • Fixed dead body collision behavior
    • Fixed several character creation issues
    • Fixed various issues with jumping
    • Fixed delay on reflection effects
    • Fixed being able to interact with the world during Wait/Rest dialog
    • Fixed being able to drop items inside walls and ceilings
    • Fixed corpses changing orientation when re-entering a cell
    • Fixed several footstep sound issues
    • Fixed several dialog link issues
    • Fixed broken dialog topics in Russian version
    • Fixed summoned creature duration issue
    • Fixed crimes against hostile NPCs issue
    • Fixed creature run speed formula
    • Fixed weakness to fire not working with fire damage in the same spell
    • Fixed NPCs killing each other while attacking the player
    • Fixed Bittercup script not working on 'Take' option
    • Fixed case sensitivity for .bsa files
    • Fixed crash when loading a save after being killed
    • Fixed jumping not being disabled when showing message boxes
    • Fixed binding keys to uncommon characters
    • Fixed container selection changing based on mouse pointer position
    • Fixed a load/save issue with dynamic records
    • Fixed double paste into console
    • Fixed crash with D3D9 shaders
    • Fixed incorrect slope climb allowing the player to skip chargen
    • Fixed slaughterfish detecting player when player is out of the water
    • Fixed error when loading Animated Morrowind
    • Fixed NPC footsteps persisting after killing a moving NPC
    • Fixed previously equipped items not shown as unequipped after attemping to sell them
    • Fixed actors ignoring vertical axis when deciding to attack
    • Fixed blank toggle option for shadows in options menu
    • Fixed Ashlands being visible during new game loading process
    • Fixed guards prompting with punishment options after player resists arrest with another guard
    • Fixed a gate activation in TR
    • Fixed dependent files not getting disabled in launcher when parent is disabled
    • Fixed several code fragments
    • Fixed incorrect voice type playing on sleep interrupt
    • Fixed save games not showing in menu in certain cases
    • Fixed lights without a model not working
    • Fixed Animation Compilation mod not working properly
    • Fixed third party SL_Pick01.nif not working
    • Fixed being unable to exit dialog after stealing in front of Sellus Gravius
    • Fixed installs to /usr/local not working
    • Fixed failure to load save if one of the content files is disabled
    • Fixed crash on loading Siege at Firemoth
    • Fixed Arkngthand door not opening
    • Fixed Segfault when modifying view distance in options
    • Fixed apostrophe and dash characters not displaying in French version
    • Fixed display issue with icon background for magic items
    • Fixed display issue with coin icon on level up dialog
    • Fixed Alt+F4 not working in Windows
    • Fixed changing ring behavior
    • Fixed robes hiding pauldrons
    • Fixed button orientation on some shrine dialogs
    • Fixed items floating in the air when dropped onto corpses
    • Fixed forearms not rendering on Argonian females
    • Fixed alchemy allowing making potions from two of the same item
    • Fixed Max Sale button behavior
    • Fixed rest until healed for characters with stunted magicka
    • Fixed empty travel window displaying during new game sequence
    • Fixed save game permission issue
    • Fixed crash when loading The Underground 2 mod
    • Fixed ignoring additional splash screens
    • Fixed perpetual save load issue
    • Fixed error with Skyrim: Home of the Nords
    • Fixed many script instruction behaviors
    • Fixed read skill books not being saved in save game
    • Fixed unusable items being able to get bound to hotkeys
    • Fixed text variables in journal topic list
    • Fixed repeating swings on friendly NPC counting as additional crimes
    • Fixed lack of punishment for stealing priceless items
    • Fixed door marker at Jobasha's Rare Books spawning PC in the air
    • Fixed topic selection menu to be wider
    • Fixed items dropped on rug being inaccessible
    • Fixed crime for dropping and taking looted items
    • Fixed location of dropped arrows and bolts
    • Fixed security trainers offering acrobatics instead
    • Fixed punishment dialog displaying instead of load when killed by a guard
    • Fixed script error in SkipTutorial
    • Fixed bad lighting when using morrowind.ini generated by MGE
    • Fixed mobile Heart of Lorkan
    • Fixed keybindings not saving
    • Fixed apathetic Dura Gra-Bol
    • Fixed Morrowind Patch preventing interior cell load
    • Fixed item value on tooltip
    • Fixed death count not storing in savegame
    • Fixed submerged portion of weapon not rendering when partially submerged
    • Fixed enemies attacking while dying
    • Fixed ESM error with INFO
    • Fixed projectiles shot at player ending up in inventory
    • Fixed monsters respawning on top of each other
    • Fixed dialog box opening on follower NPC when NPC is dead or game is paused
    • Fixed floating paralyzed cliffracers
    • Fixed message boxes not clearing when loading a different save game
    • Fixed underwater sound sometimes playing when transitioning from an interior
    • Fixed spell projectiles not colliding with water surface
    • Fixed console error message when information is refused by an NPC
    • Fixed being unable to remove arrow during Bloodmoon: The Ritual of Beasts quest
    • Fixed being unable to talk to Carnius Magius in Bloodmoon
    • Fixed crash when attempting to play a non-music file
    • Fixed world map not being centered on player in certain cases
    • Fixed arrow behavior in wait/rest dialog
    • Fixed kills not filling werewolf hunger
    • Fixed detect life behavior while a werewolf
    • Fixed crash during The Shrine of the Dead mission in Tribunal
    • Fixed selected text background color in the console
    • Fixed handling extra arguments given to script instructions
    • Fixed NPCs taunting after they are dead in An Assassionation Attempt quest
    • Fixed game halt when attacked by Centurion Archers
    • Fixed quest journal when completing The Missing Hand quest
    • Fixed several issues with the Dome of Serlyn
    • Fixed bounty being calculated from actual item value instead of highest value
    • Fixed terrain turning invisible on top of Red Mountain
    • Fixed steam appearance in Cave of the Hidden Music quest
    • Fixed display issues when picking up a stack of items, holding enter, and moving the mouse
    • Fixed Draugr and Riekling attacks
    • Fixed Bonewolf animation
    • Fixed particle effects being paralyzed when the player is paralyzed
    • Fixed Crimson Plague quest not updating when Gedna Relvel is killed
    • Fixed failed save game when saving in Old Mournhold: Forgotten Sewer
    • Fixed segfault when making Drain/Fortify Skill spells
    • Fixed case where game wouldn't switch to fullscreen
    • Fixed Morrowind Rebirth duplicate objects/vanilla objects not being removed
    • Fixed case where paralysis and switching view modes would prevent death notification
    • Fixed an alt+tab segfault
    • Various code maintenace and cleanup
    • OpenCS: Implemented object rendering in cells
    • OpenCS: Implemented configuration setup
    • OpenCS: Implemented threaded loading
    • OpenCS: Implemented cell record saving
    • OpenCS: Implemented body part table
    • OpenCS: Implemented enchantment effect table
    • OpenCS: Implemented deleting referenceables
    • OpenCS: Fixed Combat/Magic/Stealth values for creatures are not displayed
    • OpenCS: Fixed segfault after 'new' or 'load'
    • OpenCS: Fixed deleting Record Filter line not reseting the filter
    • OpenCS: Fixed crash when drag and dropping text
    • OpenCS: Fixed bogus filter being created when dragging multiple records to the filter bar of a non-applicable table
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.31.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(33.43 MB)
    openmw-0.31.0-Linux.tar.gz(33.13 MB)
    OpenMW-0.31.0-win32.exe(25.77 MB)
    OpenMW-0.31.0-win64.exe(28.62 MB)
    OpenMW-0.31.0.dmg(33.37 MB)
  • openmw-0.30.0(May 28, 2014)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.30.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release includes ranged combat, and crime & punishment. OpenMW just got a whole lot shadier... Other new features include terrain threading, many fixes and improvements to save/load, and a laundry list of bug fixes.

    Check out the release video by the pertinacious WeirdSexy:

    Known Issues:

    • Character generation can be skipped
    • Some items can be stolen without raising an alarm
    • Sound may be disabled on videos in Windows


    • Implemented Ranged Combat
    • Implemented Sneaking Skill icon
    • Implemented Crime and Punishment
    • Implemented correct trader gold handling
    • Implemented AIFollow package on summoned creatures
    • Implemented run stance in the AIFollow package
    • Implemented all NPCs in the area attacking the player when the player attacks one
    • Implemented terrain threading
    • Implemented correct GUI save/load progress bars
    • Implemented saving the weather state in save games
    • Implemented class creation form remembering previous changes
    • Implemented quicksave, quickload, and autosave
    • Implemented deleting saves
    • Implemented bribe gold being placed into the NPCs inventory
    • Implemented saving quick key bindings
    • Implemented NPCs returning to their default position after pursuing the player for a crime
    • Implemented vertical axis navigation for flying and swimming creatures
    • Implemented functionality for NPCs to evade each other when walking around
    • Fixed extreme shaking that could occur during cell transitions while moving
    • Fixed crash when a non-existent content file is added to openmw.cfg
    • Fixed OpenMW allowing resting/using a bed while in combat
    • Fixed crime punishment in the Census and Excise Office at the start of a new game
    • Fixed evidence chests not re-locking after new evidence is put in them
    • Fixed NPCs still attacking after punishment is served
    • Fixed taking items from a corpse being considered a crime
    • Fixed some creatures not being able to get close enough to attack
    • Fixed dead creatures dying again each time the player enters the cell
    • Fixed input manager state not being handled correctly when loading a save
    • Fixed crash when trying to get LOS of disabled NPC
    • Fixed incorrect inventory behavior before inventory is activated in a new game
    • Fixed NPCs not equipping torches in dark interiors
    • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling too fast in race selection
    • Fixed doors being blocked by NPCs
    • Fixed repair/charge indicators not updating
    • Fixed scribs not defending themselves
    • Fixed creatures life bar not always being empty when they are dead
    • Fixed creature and hand to hand attacks not increasing armor skill
    • Fixed undead and mechanical creatures bleeding red blood
    • Fixed Tarhiel never falling
    • Fixed script variables not being saved
    • Fixed custom class names not being handled properly in save games
    • Fixed NPCs stuttering when walking indoors
    • Fixed menu appearing when trying to skip intro movie
    • Fixed NPCs getting stuck when they run into each other
    • Fixed health bar showing permanently when running BTB-Settings
    • Fixed guard killing PC when Khajiit race is selected when running BTB-Character
    • Fixed HUD weapon icon showing a fist after loading a save, when a weapon is equipped
    • Fixed guild rank not showing in dialogue
    • Fixed flash of blue when sneaking and opening a container or the inventory
    • Fixed incorrect level-up class image when using a custom class
    • Fixed mis-aligned buttons on quit menu
    • Fixed an NPC stuck hovering in a jumping animation
    • Fixed crash when loading the Big City esm file.
    • Fixed mis-aligned dialogue topic list when scrolling
    • Fixed certain faction memberships not storing in saved games
    • Fixed pasting text always inserting at the end of a text box, instead of at the cursor
    • Fixed conversation loop when asking about "specific place" in Vivec
    • Fixed Caius not leaving at the start of the "Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies" quest
    • Fixed map markers not being saved in save games
    • Fixed "ring_keley" causing exception
    • Fixed open dialogues not being closed when loading a game
    • Fixed some collision geometry cleanup
    • Fixed a special case script instruction for the Athyn Sarethi mission
    • Fixed an improper handling of a special NIF format case that caused problems with the Pluginless Khajiit Head Pack
    • OpenCS: Implemented region map context menu
    • OpenCS: Implemented region map drag & drop
    • OpenCS: Implemented scene subview drop
    • OpenCS: Implemented preview subview
    • OpenCS: Implemented OGRE integration
    • OpenCS: Implemented Dialogue Sub-Views
    • OpenCS: Implemented lighting modes
    • OpenCS: Implemented different camera navigation modes
    • OpenCS: Refactored user settings
    • OpenCS: Fixed failure when dropping a region into the filter of a cell subview
    • OpenCS: Fixed exception when loading files
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.30.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(32.65 MB)
    openmw-0.30.0-Linux.tar.gz(32.38 MB)
    OpenMW-0.30.0-win32.exe(25.35 MB)
    OpenMW-0.30.0-win64.exe(28.13 MB)
    OpenMW-0.30.0.dmg(33.03 MB)
  • openmw-0.29.0(Mar 12, 2014)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.29.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release includes the first implementation of the Save/Load feature, which catapults OpenMW closer to being completely playable. Please bear in mind that the save file format is not yet finalized and we cannot guarantee forward compatibility of save files until OpenMW 1.0. Some aspects of the game state, such as player controls being enabled/disabled, weather, some creature state including all magic (also used by NPCs), movement of objects between cells (except for the player), and fog of war are not currently saved. Other new features include more combat AI, blocking, area magic, and disease. OpenMW is becoming a hazardous place to be!

    Check out the release video by the irrepressible WeirdSexy:

    Known Issues:

    • Issue #416 Extreme shaking may occur during cell transitions for some users (enable anti-aliasing as a possible workaround)
    • Slaughterfish fly. You read that right.


    • Implemented most of the Load/Save GUI
    • Implemented Knockdown
    • Implemented fatigue decrease when doing physical activities
    • Implemented melee blocking
    • Implemented area magic
    • Implemented combat and combat AI for creatures
    • Implemented Damage/Restore Skill/Attribute magic effects
    • Implemented Resistance/Weakness to normal weapons magic effect
    • Implemented Slow Fall magic effect
    • Implemented auto-calculating NPC spell list
    • Implemented Disease contraction
    • Implemented blood particles
    • Implemented the rest of the player death feature
    • Implemented sleep/rest being interrupted
    • Implemented inventory equip scripts
    • Implemented display of the version/build number in the launcher window
    • Implemented a large portion of the Save/Load feature
    • Implemented AI Packages:Activate, Follow, FollowCell
    • Implemented levelled creatures
    • Implemented missing journal backend features
    • Improved handling of creature Weapons/Shields
    • Linked movie volume to Master instead of Music volume control
    • Fix for excess vram usage
    • Fix for footsteps in first person
    • Fix for Ascended Sleeper animation issues, related to determining the root animation node
    • Fix for AI related FPS drop
    • Fix for music issues on OS X >= 10.9
    • Fix for inventory paperdoll obscuring armour rating and rating text display when window is shrunk
    • Fix for 0/0 charge stat bar display
    • Fix for werewolf change handling
    • Fix for NIF filters not working properly with some mods
    • Fix for invalid orientation crash
    • Fix for invisible weapons when re-entering an area with NPCs engaged in combat
    • Fix for magicka depleting when casting an uncastable spell
    • Fix for creatures not being able to run
    • Fix for activators working as collision objects
    • Fix to not reset water level when loading a plugin with no water level record
    • Fix for AI packages growing exponentially when adding an AI package
    • Fix for Vivec Informants quest
    • Fix for bug allowing the player to get unlimited gold
    • Fix for bug of only receiving 1 gold when picking up stacks of gold
    • Fix for Dwemer crossbows not being held correctly
    • Fix for quick keys being able to be configured during character generation
    • Fix for a crash when equipping the lockpick in the Census & Excise Office
    • Fixes for errors in .desktop files
    • Various fixes for script instructions
    • Various message box fixes
    • OpenCS: Implemented a referenceable record verifier
    • OpenCS: Implemented script verifier
    • OpenCS: Implemented Drag & Drop
    • OpenCS: Implemented record cloning
    • OpenCS: Fixed broken code for loading objects
    • OpenCS: Fixed tables to sort case-insensitively
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.29.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(29.89 MB)
    openmw-0.29.0-Linux.tar.gz(29.68 MB)
    OpenMW-0.29.0-win32.exe(23.79 MB)
    OpenMW-0.29.0-win64.exe(26.52 MB)
    OpenMW-0.29.0.dmg(32.57 MB)
  • openmw-0.28.0(Feb 26, 2014)

    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.28.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This behemoth of a release includes many large features, such as Combat AI, Magic, Vampirism, terrain bump/specular/parallax mapping, and many other things. There’s also a heap of bug fixes, many thanks to our relentless developers!

    Known Issues:

    Issue #416 Extreme shaking may occur during cell transitions for some users (enable anti-aliasing as a possible workaround) Issue #1041 Music playback doesn’t work on OS X 10.9 Changelog:

    Implemented Combat AI Implemented spell casting, ranged, self, and touch magic Implemented visual magic effects Implemented Vampirism Implemented terrain bump, specular, & parallax mapping Implemented NIF record NiFlipController Implemented soul gem recharging Implemented enchanted item glow Implemented Invisibility/Chameleon magic effects Implemented Resist Magicka magic effect Implemented GetLOS, so NPCs can calculate Line Of Sight Implemented material controllers Implemented mouse unlocking when in any menu Implemented Vertex morph animation (NiGeomMorpherController) Implemented NiBillboardNode handling Implemented NIF texture slot DarkTexture Various fixes for equipped torches and candles Fixes for torches and shields being visible when casting spells Fix for equipped items not updating right away, on characters and in the inventory Fix for weather not changing correctly when changing areas Fix for global map position marker not updating when changing interior cells, eg: Mages Guild teleport Fix for some textures rendering black in Tamriel Rebuilt Fix for activation distance to be from the player head instead of the camera Fix for NPCs holding torches during the day Fix for some hairs from Vvardenfell Visages Volume I not rendering Fix for heads of Maormer race in mod by Mac Kom Fix for walk key release not being handled during cell load Fix for equipped inventory items not being updated on the HUD when they are changed in dialog Fix for Launcher writing merged openmw.cfg files Fix to enable discrete magnitudes for spells with multiple random magnitude effects Fix to allow negative fatigue level Fix for particle systems to handle the world space flag Fix for crash caused by trying to update a model that is not rendered Fix to not override dynamic stats set via console commands Fix for equipped inventory icon not appearing immediately when equipped with a keyboard shortcut Fix for crash when equipping light source with new character Fix for segmentation fault when starting at Bal Isra Fix for down arrow console history behavior Fix for tooltip disappearing when clicking in the inventory Fix for barter window item category not resetting to All correctly Fix for replacement model in Graphic Herbalism mod having the wrong orientation Fix for addon unchecking not being saved in the Launcher Fix for controllers not affecting all objects in the hierarchy Fix for being able to talk to NPCs who are in combat Fix for crash when trying to load a mod with a capital .ESP filename extension Fix for skills/attributes being capped when set via console Fix for setting max health through the console to also set the current health Fix for gameplay keyboard input echoing to the console input box Fix for fall damage sometimes not applying immediately or correctly Fix for persuasion window not showing in correct location after maximizing the game in windowed mode Fix for player skill list forgetting scroll location when increasing experience Fix for notification window not being large enough for skill level ups with long names Fix for windows not scaling properly on resolution change Fix for notification windows staying on screen permanently if too many are activated Fix for used torches stacking with unused ones Fix for crash on pickup of jug in Unexplored Shipwreck, Upper level Fix for quick key menu not picking suitable replacement tool when it is used up Fix for loading TES3 header data: convert characters to UTF8 Fix for damaged weapon value Fix for being able to talk to characters with “locked” dialogue Fix for water effects obscuring spell effects Fix for animation playing when casting exhausted once-per-day abilities Fix for Cure Disease potion removing all effects from the player, not just disease Fix for OpenMW binaries linking to unnecessary libraries Fix for water not negating fall damage Fix for drawing a weapon increasing torch brightness Fix for merchants selling stacks of gold Fix for incorrect handling of color codes in character names Fix for NPCs spawning with 0 skill values instead of calculated values Fix for particles rendering too large Fix for crash caused by AIWander Fix for crash when revisiting dock where the starting ship was Fix for scripts on items in inventory stopping when the containing object crossed a cell border Fix for merchants equipping items with negative enchantments Disallowed view mode switching while performing an action due to animation constraints Code maintenance to unify OGRE initialization OpenCS: Implemented Info-Record tables OpenCS: Fix for not being able to open Journal table from the main menu

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    openmw-0.28.0-Linux-64Bit.tar.gz(29.13 MB)
    openmw-0.28.0-Linux.tar.gz(28.93 MB)
    OpenMW-0.28.0-win32.exe(23.80 MB)
    OpenMW-0.28.0-win64.exe(26.51 MB)
    OpenMW-0.28.0.dmg(31.80 MB)
Super Mario World Widescreen is your beloved Mario World SNES game but in the 16:9 resolution.

Super Mario World Widescreen is your beloved Mario World SNES game but in the 16:9 resolution. This is possible by expanding the horizontal resolution by 96 pixels, increasing resolution from 256x224 to 352x224. Since the original SNES does not have this resolution, the emulator focused into high definition mods bsnes-hd must be used.

Vitor Vilela 1.4k Nov 23, 2022
A Game Boy game that rewards you for playing it on several console models!

GB Corp. A Game Boy game for the Game Boy Competition 2021 by Dr. Ludos (2021) This is the source code, you can get a precompiled rom from here: https

Dr. Ludos 10 Sep 25, 2022
Reproduce a rpg game.

MUL-200-MYRPG Description Reproduce a role play game using CSFML. Ours is an horror game based on Corpse party Your goal will be to succesfully escape

Luka Camus 3 May 11, 2022
Stealthy way to hijack the existing game process handle within the game launcher (currently supports Steam and Achieve external game process read/write with minimum footprint.

Launcher Abuser Stealthy way to hijack the existing game process handle within the game launcher (currently supports Steam and Achieve ex

Ricardo Nacif 79 Nov 23, 2022
A chess playing engine with portable libraries.

Swordfish A chess playing engine. Swordfish is designed to be decent at chess, and at the same time, providing a set of chess libraries which can be u

Patrick 9 Sep 28, 2022
A text-based space adventure role-playing game developed by a team of 5.

SpaceAdventureRPG - Text-Based Game A text-based space adventure role-playing game developed by a team of 5. Module: 4007CEM, Class: B, Group: 3 Contr

Jonas Djondo 1 Nov 18, 2021
MAZE (My AmaZing Engine) - 🎮 Personal open-source cross-platform game engine

MAZE (My AmaZing Engine) is the self-written open-source cross-platform game engine in the active development stage. At the moment it is my main pet project, developed for the purpose of learning and preserving different game dev technologies.

Dmitriy Nosov 13 Nov 9, 2022
Minetest is an open source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation

Minetest is an open source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation

Minetest 8.2k Nov 28, 2022
Dragon's Dice Roller aims to be a lightweight, simple, reliable and easy-to-use dice roller for RPG games.

Dragon's Dice Roller is the first and (so far the only) open source RPG dice roller written in C available on GitHub. It aims to be a lightweight, simple, reliable and easy-to-use dice roller for any kind of role-playing game.

Michael Kolesidis 10 Apr 22, 2022
CLUSEK-RT is a complex game engine written in C++ and the successor of the CLUSEK game engine

CLUSEK-RT is a complex game engine written in C++ and the successor of the CLUSEK game engine. This engine has been designed with a cross-platform design in mind. Thanks to Vulkan API it delivers a next-gen experience with ray tracing to both Linux and Windows platforms

Jakub Biliński 37 Oct 7, 2022
Ground Engine is an easy to use Game Engine for 3D Game Development written in C++

Ground Engine is an easy to use Game Engine Framework for 3D Game Development written in C++. It's currently under development and its creation will b

 PardCode 61 Nov 26, 2022
Rogy-Engine- - My 3D game engine source code.

Rogy-Engine Development My 3D game engine. (NOT THE FINAL VERSION- Windows only) Features: PBR shading and reflection probes with parallax correction.

AlaX 97 Nov 28, 2022
TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

Vadim Grigoruk 3.7k Nov 21, 2022
Open-source, cross-platform, C++ game engine for creating 2D/3D games.

GamePlay v3.0.0 GamePlay is an open-source, cross-platform, C++ game framework/engine for creating 2D/3D mobile and desktop games. Website Wiki API De

gameplay3d 3.9k Nov 24, 2022
KlayGE is a cross-platform open source game engine with plugin-based architecture.

KlayGE KlayGE is a cross-platform open source game engine with plugin-based architecture. It's started since 2003. The explicit goal of KlayGE is: to

Minmin Gong 1.8k Nov 24, 2022
Powerful, mature open-source cross-platform game engine for Python and C++, developed by Disney and CMU

Panda3D Panda3D is a game engine, a framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C++ programs. Panda3D is open-source and free for a

Panda3D 3.6k Nov 28, 2022
MIT Licensed Open Source version of Torque 2D game engine from GarageGames

We've moved! All torque engines have moved to a new organization, Torque Game Engines. Torque2D can be found at

GarageGames 1.7k Nov 23, 2022
Free, open-source, game engine and a 3D sandbox.

Work-in-Progress The official "early alpha" release should be available around April 2021 SGEEngine SGEEngine is an open source (MIT License), C++ cen

ongamex 73 Nov 3, 2022
Ducktape is an Open source Light weight 2d Game Engine that gives utmost priority to user convenience.

Ducktape is an Open source Light weight 2d Game Engine that gives utmost priority to user convenience. It is written in c++ and uses SFML and Box2d for graphics and physics respectively.

Ducktape 98 Nov 17, 2022