External warzone cheat with manual mapped driver (function hook), overlay (nvidia hijack), simple esp, no recoil



External warzone cheat with manual mapped driver (function hook), overlay (nvidia hijack), simple esp, no recoil

Offsests are NOT up to date

modern wareafee or warzone or blizzardds whatever their anti cheat is not very good ,,... (excpet their hwid bans are pretty anouning) anywayws thier anti cheat is only usemrode so of course our sexy manual mapped drievr will be veyr nice for this game.... the ovrrlay is pretty fine except for the tranprant flag that gets added here since the nvidia overlay deosnt have the transprent flag we add that but that can be alittle suspicouss for the anit cheat since a new flag has been added to a legit window. The top most is taken care of here. So if u really care but its really not a massive deal if ur just poarniod u can find a way to rmeove the transprant flag or hook getwindowlong to reutnr nothing who cares its not worth the effort their anticheat is dog shit actually they also maybe take screenshots too so maybe u should compentsate for that hint hint this or this can help u regarding the WS_EX_TRANSPARENT fkag.

esp is very basic but u can expand it if u want there is a draw box function. no recoil is commented out cuz offset not work but if u want to ad that probaly just create a new thread so esp and recoil are sepreate.

DEL key unoads overlay and cheat.

Compile x64 release, kdmapper driver. Run modern_wareafre_client.exe when in game





  • for the hijacking structure

albxrn for function hook pasta

unkowncheats modern warefare fourm for offsets and decprytion

  • Is this detected and if so what to change

    Is this detected and if so what to change

    On Issue #8 the user uBadRequest said about this project "I ended up getting banned so quick".

    To my understanding Warzone has 'mainly' an userlevel AC, i thought using RPM and WPM through an Kernel should bypass the AC easily, but it looks like iam missing something.

    Is this something basic like the AC detecting this by signature checking or is the AC more capable than i thought?

    Iam reading couple Threads on UC and other sites about Kernel developing but still struggle to understand more complex topics like hiding a Driver from the AC. (Currently Ive only done basic game hacking like a cs go external)

    What would I have to do to make it undetected (only for personal use)?

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  • What am i doing wrong?

    What am i doing wrong?

    Compiled everything with the offsets that were updated by vinicius and with uc offsets to try but nothing works. The log shows up normally with all of the correct things but no esp in game. I mapped the driver before starting the game and opened modernwarfareclient in a plunder game but nothing actually shows in game.

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  • There are identical sub-expressions

    There are identical sub-expressions


    it looks like copy paste error, should be probably replaced with:

     return (x == v.x) && (y == v.y) && (z == v.z); 
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  • Update offsets.h

    Update offsets.h

    UPDATED: 2022-05-12 VERSION: OFFSETS SOURCE: Unknowncheats Community (https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/call-of-duty-modern-warfare/355326-call-duty-modern-warfare-213.html) Thanks to ilahigod31, Biellz, carrooo1, SerialGod, KANKOSHEV

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  • Reading Strings

    Reading Strings

    Well i use a super old method driver, and now im follow you project.

    Work correct, but i go into the point i need to read a text, normal i implement this:

    ` template bool read_array(ULONG64 address, T* array, size_t len) { COPY_MEMORY m{}; m.read = true; m.pid = sdk::process_id; m.address = address; m.buffer = &array; m.size = len;

    inline bool readS(uint64_t address, void* buffer, size_t size) {
    	read_array(address, &buffer, sizeof(size_t) * size);
    std::string readwtf(uintptr_t Address, void* Buffer, SIZE_T Size)
    	read_array(Address, Buffer, Size);
    	char name[255] = { 0 };
    	memcpy(&name, Buffer, Size);
    	return std::string(name);


    Did you see any wrong is for UE4 Game on this case, this is how i calle it: ` std::string GNameFromPawn(uint32_t key) { auto chunkOffset = (UINT)((int)(key) >> 16); auto nameOffset = (USHORT)key;

    	auto namePoolChunk = driver::read<UINT64>(module_base + offset_GNames + ((chunkOffset + 2) * 8));
    	auto entryOffset = namePoolChunk + (ULONG)(2 * nameOffset);
    	auto nameEntry = driver::read<INT16>(entryOffset);
    	auto nameLength = nameEntry >> 6;
    	char buff[1028];
    	if ((DWORD)nameLength && nameLength > 0)
    		driver::readS(entryOffset + 2, buff, nameLength);
    		buff[nameLength] = '\0';
    		return std::string(buff);
    	else return "";


    If i no wrong this should work with the memcpy, aside that is same function read (from you project) just expanded to get buffer, and size, is possible what i trying to doe or i just skip?

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  • WIndowsKernalModeDriver10.0 cannot be found

    WIndowsKernalModeDriver10.0 cannot be found

    I've tried everything but to no avail can I build the solution, I re-target the solution to the correct sdk but I still cannot build due to "WIndowsKernalModeDriver10.0 cannot be found", thanks

    opened by boogieiskool 1
  • Failed to find PID even after using kdmapper to map driver.

    Failed to find PID even after using kdmapper to map driver.

    Issue in title. Using win 21h2 & amd rx 580

    Yes warzone was also opened when I ran the client executable which interacts with the driver, I am not dumb.

    Cheat was compiled from source, kdmapper was compiled from source too and had been used with the .sys first before warzone was opened.

    Any idea what I could try to fix this?

    opened by playingoDEERUX 4
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