Application that sends custom requests to League of Legends LCU api



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For fun project made in the span of 2 nights back in February 2021, which I'm now updating

Technologies used

  • No external libraries, only win32 functions for HTTP requests
  • JsonCpp
  • DirectX 11 with ImGui


  • Works every patch
  • Launch multiple clients
  • Free skin and free champion (Riot Girl Tristana)
  • Start any lobby/game
  • Instalock and auto accept
  • ARAM boost
  • Set custom icon/background/status/rank visible for everyone
  • Info of any player using his nickname
  • List of champions/skins with purchase date
  • Send any custom request
  • 1 click login
  • Fast key crafer/chest opener
  • Remove all friends/disenchant all shards with 1 click
  • windows 11 render problem

    windows 11 render problem

    so you just need to run it on windodws 11 and it will start flickering like hell. and if you try to navigate it will render after 1 sec back the windows you had beffore

    opened by ionut1116 7
  • Suggestions & improvements

    Suggestions & improvements

    Hello, Some suggestions and improvements to make this the best tool possible for queueing in League of Legends :)

    • Add dodge in the last millisecond (always allowing you to dodge perfectly at the end of timer to avoid LP losses & time penalty) as a tickbox
    • Multiple clients (can only attach to one client currently)
    • Auto re-queue
    • Auto roles for ranked/draft

    low prio

    • Porofessor search (more useful than currently)
    • Delay sliders on pick-intend & auto-ban (avoid uneccesarry suspicious behaviour)
    opened by itsalexq 6
  • Remove Badges

    Remove Badges

    I don't know if it's available on the Client, but there could be a method of removing the Badges that keep appearing on the profile, this horrible thing

    opened by flezus 5
  • How to use mastery changer

    How to use mastery changer

    How does Mastery Changer works? It doesnt seem to do anything in the profile, im not sure if its bugged or not but it doesnt seem to be working, or im using it wrong?

    opened by whiteasvoid 2
  • Fix refund

    Fix refund


    Fixed refund not working properly in some regions and in Garena servers (#51)

    More info:

    • [GET] /riotclient/get_region_locale endpoint responds differently on Garena than the other servers. On Garena servers webRegion field seems to be empty.
    • Some servers have a final number in the region field (e.g. LA1), that number is a part of the URL required for making calls to the store endpoints (e.g. does not works but instead works fine).

    Then take the value of region instead of webRegion should be the solution to the problem. I tested the change on various server, it seems to work without any problem.

    Response examples:

    1. The region and webRegion fields are equals and not empty:
      "locale" : "en_US",
      "region" : "NA",
      "webLanguage" : "en",
      "webRegion" : "na"
      "locale" : "it_IT",
      "region" : "EUW",
      "webLanguage" : "it",
      "webRegion" : "euw"
      "locale" : "tr_TR",
      "region" : "TR",
      "webLanguage" : "tr",
      "webRegion" : "tr"
    1. The region and webRegion fields are different (region field with final number) and not empty:
      "locale" : "es_MX",
      "region" : "LA1",
      "webLanguage" : "es",
      "webRegion" : "lan"
    1. webRegion field is empty (Garena):
      "locale" : "en_SG",
      "region" : "SG",
      "webLanguage" : "en",
      "webRegion" : ""
    opened by BennyExtreme 2
  • Skin Tab

    Skin Tab

    Heya, I've been using this for days and I love it! There is just a small issue for the software though. It seems like whenever I click the "Skins" tab it'll just flat out crash. I'm not sure if there is any crash logs for that.

    opened by Hollowcard565 2
  • Request


    Hey!. I checked the program you made and its awesome!!. I wanted to ask if its possible to have a button to open all capsules, chests, orbs etc etc just like you got a button to disenchant stuff. Thanks anyways and keep up the good work!.

    opened by ghost 2
  • Error while compiling

    Error while compiling

    i dont know if its an gcc fault

    im trying to compile it with gcc in visual studio code KBotExt.cpp (28, 54): cannot convert 'LPSTR' {aka 'char*'} to 'LPCWSTR' {aka 'const wchar_t*'}

    and an little warning: Settings.h (86, 30): 'Json::Reader::Reader()' is deprecated: Use CharReader and CharReaderBuilder instead [-Wdeprecated-declarations]

    opened by rbl-dot 2
  • Support for Xbox Gamepass

    Support for Xbox Gamepass

    Unfortunately, the Instalock champ and Backup pick only shows bought champions, even with the Gamepass unlocking all the available champions.

    Any chance to add support for it?

    opened by brunolopesr 1
  • Stop worked properly

    Stop worked properly

    Hello, recently, the feature "Auto accept" stoped working. same for the instalock and the auto ban. Is it just me or the dev are working on the api ?

    opened by NoeMoyen 1
  • refund token exploit

    refund token exploit

    Can you make window appear if you are sure you want to do it or something? Just missclicked it (wanted to get lobby names) and refunded skin from workshop (and as we know workshop skins are non refundable and coded as purchase for 0RP so I got 0RP back, lost orange essence and skin).

    opened by Kron1Q 1
  • Suggestion


    This app is so good and I literally cant play league without it. I have a couple of suggestions

    • Insta mute all in champ select
    • button to dodge last second

    Also one bug that happens this patch is that if you swap pick order the bot doesnt work. Thanks for reading

    opened by dravenscript 0
  • Suggestion


    1. Auto Send Message after game for promoting link like streamer link
    2. Auto requeue
    3. Auto honor based on kda or preferred userid

    but would really like the first request

    opened by myfirstevercode 0
  • Lane picker for Draft Pick mode

    Lane picker for Draft Pick mode

    It would be awesome if we had this option to automatically select your lane or dodge if it lands on a different lane than you chose prioritizing your first lane choice

    opened by SrMths 0
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