An Repositery with Ghost eShop Homebrew Source Code



An Alternative eShop for Nintendo 3DS
This is a clone of Universal-Updater



-Latest version available here

-An hacked 3ds

-An SD Card with at least 500 MB to install games

ScreenShot of Ghost eShop



Setting up your enviromment
Setting up your enviromment:

To build Ghost-Eshop-Alternative-3ds from source, you will need to setup a system with devkitARM, libctru and 3ds-libarchive. Follow devkitPro's Getting Started page to install pacman, then run (sudo dkp-)pacman -S devkitARM libctru 3ds-curl 3ds-libarchive

Install Git if you haven't already

Cloning the repo
Cloning the repo:

To download the source you will need to clone, this can be done by running.

On GIT: git clone --recursive

And run make.bat


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  • Fixes


    I have done the following: -Fixed Some Spelling Errors in the Readme -Fixed the icon PNG in the Readme due to the website being down for the moment -Updated the "BannerAudio.wav" to be short and more appealing -Updated the "Ghost eShop Core" images as they looked slightly outdated

    opened by TomTalker 0
  • v13.5(Sep 25, 2022)

    New :

    • The search tab now defaults to searching by title
    • START will now exit Ghost eShop, anything that was previously triggered by START is now SELECT
    • Left/Right can now be used to scroll through release notes faster
    • 3D Banner & Update icon
    • Handles retrying when download fails
    • Added support for the Ghost eShop DS database
    • Add Wi-Fi signal indicator

    Update & Fix :

    • Update credits
    • Update translation
    • Update Banner Audio
    • Remove "message" from scripts
    • Fixed lagging/crashing on really long release notes
    • Fixed really short release notes not showing
    • Fix scrolling in online UniStore list
    • Only error on rmdir if required true
    • Fix potential use before initialized + sleep on fail
    • Case insensitive sort the download list
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v13.0(May 17, 2021)

    • Now, when you select something to download, just add it to the queue to download it in the background so you can continue to use the rest of the app while it’s being installed !
    • You can also now add all current search/filter items to the queue from the search and filters tab.
    • When something is installed for the first time now, it will add an SD card icon next to the installed entry, only the entries with the SD card icon will be updated when using this.
    • When filtering, you can now choose to display only the items that match all the selected filters or everything that matches any filter.
    • The current time and battery level are now displayed on the top bar.
    • You can now set a custom location for FIRMS installation.
    • You can now choose to install the 3 DSX files in a folder of the same name instead of directly in the defined folder.
    • You can now cancel the installations and this will clean up the current step and stop.
    • Themes added (currently only two predefined, customization will likely come soon:)
    • Fixed a crash by trying to write a negative amount to a file if an error occurred during extraction.
    • Now the stores folder is shared with the Universal-Updater folder, so that universal-db can be opened from Ghost eShop and Ghost eShop from Universal-Updater (so .eshop -> .unistore).
    • Colours changed
    • Adding custom themes.
    • Prompts now have buttons on the touch screen that you can press in addition to A and B.
    • Fixed failure to display progress bar during automatic update.
    • Fixed lack of progress bar when downloading custom font when selecting Ukrainian.
    • Fix putting 3DSX files in folders without backup
    • Fixed crashes sometimes when a download failed.
    • Fixed applications defined as installed if installation failed.
    • Correction of prompts sometimes accepting immediately instead of waiting for another press on a key.
    • Fixed Add Selection to Queue maximum width of button text being larger than button.
    • Uninstalling an application now prevents it from displaying an icon for updates.
    • Corrects oversized fonts on Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean consoles.
    • Blocks access to the HOME menu and closing the application while the queue is running, which could cause bug behavior.
    • Adds security controls for small space on SD card.
    • Adds the Makefile option to create a Citra compatible version ( make citra).
    • Fixes empty folders and 0 byte files that are not extracted.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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