CAFLOOD 2D surface flow (flood) simulator with two-way coupling to other simulators



This is an improved version of the latest published open source version of University of Exeter's CAFLOOD cellular automata based 2D flood analysis engine. The original source is:

The software is licensed under GPL2 as the original.


You first need to checkout the caddies-api project (from This project must then be checked out into that projects under apps/caddies-caflood. Compilation is done by invoking cmake in the api project root directory.

New features

This repository contains several features not found in the original open source version of the CAFLOOD simulator.

  • Support for full coupling between other engines, such as 1D models like EPASWMM - done via socket based communication
  • Support for culverts connecting two points in the model (i.e. pipe like structures)
  • Support for per cell Manning and infiltration coeffiecients
  • Support for per cell permeability coefficient
  • Various fixes for compiling the OpenCL and OpenMP versions on different platforms (Linux, Windows, MacOS X)

Upcoming features include

  • Support for per cell initial water level
  • Better mass balance reporting
  • More optimizations
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