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			 Release 7.32.4

BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform open source combinatorial
solid modeling system that includes an interactive 3D solid geometry
editor, a network-distributed symmetric multiprocessing (SMP)
high-performance ray-tracer with support for rendering and geometric
analysis, image and signal-processing tools, a system performance
analysis benchmark suite, a flexible geometry scripting interface, 
and a high-performance geometric representation and analysis library.

  Table of Contents
  Getting Started
  Compile and Install
  Bug Reports/Feature Requests
  Distribution Details
  Background Information


This README file exists only to provide you a brief roadmap to the
contents of the BRL-CAD distribution.

Some platforms have additional platform-specific documentation that
should be consulted after reading this file:

  doc/README.AIX        -- IBM's Advanced Interactive eXecutive OS
  doc/README.BSD        -- FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc.
  doc/README.IRIX       -- SGI IRIX and IRIX64
  doc/README.Linux      -- Various Linux distributions
  doc/README.MacOSX     -- Apple Mac OS X
  doc/README.Solaris    -- Oracle Solaris, OpenIndiana (Illumos), etc.
  doc/README.Windows    -- Microsoft Windows

The information on how to install and operate the software, to become
involved with the development of the package, or to run the benchmark
performance test suite have each become sufficiently large that their
details are covered in more detail in standalone documents.  For more
details on what BRL-CAD provides, see the documentation provided on
the website at

Information relevant to those interested in the source code is
contained in the HACKING and COPYING files.  See doc/ file
for benchmark suite information.  There is a variety of other
documentation and information also available in the doc/ directory.

Please note that this distribution package does not include the
various military-specific model analysis tools such as MUVES, GIFT,
SAR, SLAVE, VAST, etc., nor does it include any military geometry
databases.  If you desire to have access to this material, please
contact one of the BRL-CAD developers.


In order to compile and install BRL-CAD from a source distribution,
the CMake ( ) configuration tool is requird.

The following steps should result in a successful install:

  tar -xvzf brlcad-VERSION.tar.gz
  mkdir brlcad-VERSION/build
  cd brlcad-VERSION/build
  make -j4
  make install

See the INSTALL file for explanation of the various configuration
options available when building BRL-CAD.

Once the build completes and assuming you have proper filesystem
permissions, you should be able to begin the installation by running
the "make install" .  By default, the package is configured to install
entirely into /usr/brlcad/.

You will need to add /usr/brlcad/bin to your path (or whatever path the
variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX was set to during configure) in order for
the BRL-CAD binaries to be in your path.


After the build successfully completes, you will be able to verify
basic functionality by running the BRL-CAD Benchmark.  Running the
benchmark suite is integrated into the build system such that any time
after running CMake (in the cmake gui, configure and generate must both
be performed) you may run:

  make benchmark

If the build is successful, you will see "CORRECT" numbers and a
performance summary at the end.  The "vgr" line effectively shows you
approximately how much faster your machine is to a VAX 11/780.  After
installing BRL-CAD, you may run the 'benchmark' tool as well to run
the BRL-CAD Benchmark.

See the paper in doc/ for information on analyzing and
comparing the results of the benchmark tests in more detail.


There are various BRL-CAD mailing lists available including three
developer-oriented lists, a user list, and a read-only news
announcement list: 

For interactive discussion, there is Zulip chat and IRC available:


Please submit all bugs, support requests, and feature requests to:


BRL-CAD is available via Git or Subversion checkout from:

There is also a paid-for full-service support distribution available
for those interested through SURVICE Engineering, Inc., and the
Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center (SURVIAC).

SURVICE provides their own BRL-CAD distribution that comes with
commercial support, documentation, and installation media.  Full
technical assistance is provided to their commercial distributions by
phone, FAX, postal mail, or e-mail.  Agencies of the Federal
Government may acquire the full service distribution with a MIPR or
OGA funds transfer.

For further details, contact:

BRL-CAD Distribution
SURVIAC Aberdeen Satellite Office
4695 Millennium Drive
Belcamp, MD 210017-1505  USA


BRL-CAD is the primary tri-service solid modeling CAD system used by
the U.S. military to model weapons systems for vulnerability and
lethality analyses.  The solid modeling system is frequently used in a
wide range of military and industrial application including in the
design and analysis of vehicles, mechanical parts, and architecture.
The package has also been used in radiation dose planning, medical
visualization, computer graphics education, CSG concepts and modeling
education, and system performance benchmark testing among other

Actively developed since 1979, BRL-CAD is a collection of more than
400 tools, utilities, and applications comprising more than a million
lines of source code.  BRL-CAD supports a great variety of geometric
representations including an extensive set of traditional CSG
primitive implicit solids such as boxes, ellipsoids, cones, and tori,
as well as explicit solids made from closed collections of Uniform
B-Spline Surfaces, Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) surfaces,
n-Manifold Geometry (NMG), and purely faceted mesh geometry.  All
geometric objects may be combined using boolean set-theoretic CSG
operations including union, intersection, and difference.

BRL-CAD has been under active development for more than 20 years with
a portability heritage that includes systems such as a DEC VAX-11/780
running 4.3 BSD; DECStations running ULTRIX; Silicon Graphics 3030, 4D
"IRIS", O2, Onyx, and Origin systems running various versions of IRIX;
Sun Microsystems Sun-3 and Sun-4 Sparcs running SunOS; the Cray 1,
Cray X-MP, Cray Y-MP, and Cray 2 running UNICOS; DEC Alpha AXP running
OSF/1; Apple Macintosh II running A/UX; iPSC/860 Hypercube running
NX/2; the Alliant FX/8, FX/80, and FX/2800; Gould/Encore SEL PowerNode
6000/9000 and NP1; NeXT workstations; IBM RS/6000; HPPA 9000/700
running HPUX; Ardent/Stardent; Encore Multi-Max; and much much more.
BRL-CAD's extensive portability of course also includes a plethora of
common desktop and server versions of BSD, IRIX, Solaris, Mac OS X,
Linux, and Windows.

The BRL-CAD package is intentionally designed to be extensively
cross-platform and is actively developed on and maintained for many
common operating system environments including for BSD, IRIX, Linux,
Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows among others.  The entire package is
distributed in binary and source code form as free open source
software (FOSS), provided under Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved
license terms.  BRL-CAD was released as open source in December 2004.
See the COPYING file for more details.

Best Wishes,
The BRL-CAD Development Team
[email protected]
  • rel-7-10-4(Mar 20, 2021)

    --- 2007-10-24  Release 7.10.4                                     ---
    A major productivity change introduced in this release is
    tab-completion in MGED.  John Anderson's addition of tab-completion to
    MGED allows modelers to have command and object names automatically
    completed when they press the tab key when operating on the MGED
    command line.  If there are multiple matches, the user is presented
    with the list of those possible matches, similar to what one might see
    in a UNIX shell.
    After much debate and demand, this minor release marks a rather
    significant change in default behaviors for RT and MGED.  The
    ray-tracers that utilize a framebuffer interface now all create
    lingering windows by default instead of transient windows.  One of the
    main impacts of this change is that users should no longer need to
    specify the linger option when ray-tracing to a window via the -F
    framebuffer option nor do they need to set the FB_FILE environment
    variable in order to get the window to remain displayed.
    Additionally, the default MGED preference setting for Z clipping is
    now disabled in order to reduce confusion with clipped geometry.
    * lingering framebuffer windows by default - Sean Morrison
    * improved matrix readability on mged 'red' command - Karel Kulhavy
    * "editor" for ted commands can be set in .mgedrc - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed benchmark results computation on Solaris - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed database corruption bug caused during dbconcat - John Anderson
    * mirror BoT primitives - Sean Morrison
    * BoT vertex selection in mged reports local units - Sean Morrison
    * improved photon map irradiance progress reporting - Erik Greenwald
    * tab-completion for mged - John Anderson
    * quelled various flawfinder security issues - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed photon-mapping lighting model crash - Erik Greenwald
    * ADRT libtie bug fixes and performance enhancements - Justin Shumaker
    * mged now tests for vim before vi for text editing - Sean Morrison
    * fixed parallel operability bug on the Intel Mac - Erik Greenwald
    * detect actual available CPUs on an Intel Mac - Erik Greenwald
    * Z clipping now off by default in mged - Sean Morrison
    * added pipe primitive performance optimizations - John Anderson
    * handle discontinuous changes in pipe inner radii - John Anderson
    * allow rt more than available cpus for debugging - Sean Morrison
    * fixed small TGC (cone) primitive raytrace prep bug - Sean Morrison
    * increased output precision from nirt/query_ray - Sean Morrison
    * removed op-bw for reading Optronics Scanner images - Sean Morrison
    * beset - Ben's Evolutionary Shape Extraction Tool - Ben Poole
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD-7.10.4.dmg(377.17 MB)
    BRL-CAD_7.10.4_ppc.dmg(520.50 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.4.tar.bz2(21.91 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.4.tar.gz(27.64 MB) MB)
    brlcad-7.10.4_fbsd_amd64.tbz(15.60 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.4_fbsd_ia32.tbz(14.66 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.4_irix_mip32.tar.bz2(89.70 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.4_irix_mip32.tar.gz(111.20 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.4_sol8_usparc.tar.bz2(63.46 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.4_sol8_usparc.tar.gz(115.67 MB) MB)
    brlcad_7.10.4_ia32.tar.bz2(62.64 MB)
    brlcad_7.10.4_ia32.tar.gz(75.05 MB)
    brlcad_7.10.4_ia64.tar.bz2(78.00 MB)
    brlcad_7.10.4_ia64.tar.gz(96.26 MB)
    brlcad_7.10.4_x86_64.tar.bz2(78.21 MB)
    brlcad_7.10.4_x86_64.tar.gz(90.92 MB)
  • rel-7-6-2(Mar 20, 2021)

    --- 2005-09-29  Release 7.6.2                                      ---
    In order to resolve an integration issue with the MUVES-S2
    vulnerability analysis code, this special release of BRL-CAD was put
    together providing updated tclscripts that work correctly when
    embedded into MUVES-S2.  This release also facilitates BRL-CAD's
    integration with AJEM as well for their corresponding release.
    * fixed 'embedded mged' tclscript files - Karen Murray, Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.6.2.tar.bz2(15.96 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.2.tar.gz(19.97 MB) MB)
  • rel-7-4-2(Mar 20, 2021)

    --- 2005-08-10  Release 7.4.2                                      ---
    Continuing with the impressive ADRT tool suite being provided by
    Justin Shumaker is the addition of the Interactive Shot Selection Tool
    (ISST).  Using ISST, you can spin large facetized models around in
    real-time, slice through them with rays, and examine the geometric
    components along a given path.  The tool will take advantage of
    clusters and SMP hardware similar to RISE, providing a master job
    manager, a slave compute daemon for network distributed processing,
    and a client for interacting with and viewing the models.
    * fixed ray-trace unique hits evaluation bug - John Anderson
    * added manual page for remapid - John Anderson
    * fixed quick memory debugging bug - Jim Hunt
    * improved brlman relocation - Sean Morrison
    * added g_qa geometry quality analysis tool (beta) - Lee Butler
    * added adrt interactive shot selection tool - Justin Shumaker
    * simultaneous -o and -F options to rt, rtedge, rtxray - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.4.2.tar.bz2(16.01 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.2.tar.gz(19.93 MB) MB)
  • rel-7-32-2(Mar 20, 2021)

    --- 2021-02-06  Release 7.32.2                                     ---
    * fixed OSX g-iges crash due to improper memory freeing - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed GQA multithreaded plotting file corruption - Cliff Yapp
    * added -S structural diff option to MGED gdiff command - Cliff Yapp
    * added -v verbosity option to MGED tree command - Cliff Yapp
    * added -? option to MGED which command - Cliff Yapp
    * updated Archer to set cwd=HOME when run without args - Cliff Yapp
    * updated rtwizard to set cwd=HOME when run without args - Cliff Yapp
    * updated MGED to set cwd=HOME when run without args - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed reporting of MGED "vars" command - Cliff Yapp
    * updated MGED to not open non-.g-files as databases - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed MGED I/O when running GED subcommands - Cliff Yapp
    * added decimation control examples to facetize man page - Cliff Yapp
    * changed gcv converter to append to existing .g files - Cliff Yapp
    * removed obscure MGED menu entries for unused features - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed crash when trying to shade invalid breps - Cliff Yapp
    * improved librt CPU timer behavior - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed example in saveview manual page - Sean Morrison
    * added support for in-database vol primitive data - Sumagna Das
    * changed 'mvall' to rename all refs even w/ no object - Sean Morrison
    * updated MGED Overlap GUI to run reliably on Windows - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed MGED search command crash on empty database - Sean Morrison
    * improved performance calculating BoT bounding boxes - Vikram Atreya
    * fixed MGED crash closing multiple rt views on Windows - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed 'n' key binding override with MGED key forwarding - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed mged crash when there are no display managers - Sean Morrison
    * added pixcmp -n length flag for subset comparisons - Sean Morrison
    * added pixcmp -s same and -d different printing flags - Sean Morrison
    * updated non-shape objects list for search shape filter - Cliff Yapp
    * added volume type to search -type filters - Cliff Yapp
    * applied shorter default title in fast4-g conversions - Cliff Yapp
    * improved pixcmp support for subset image comparisons - Sean Morrison
    * added subtract subcommand to MGED analyze command - Cliff Yapp
    * added intersect subcommand to MGED analyze command - Cliff Yapp
    * added summarize subcommand to MGED analyze command - Cliff Yapp
    * added quiet (-q) flag to MGED kill command - Cliff Yapp
    * added MGED stat command for reporting of object info - Cliff Yapp
    * corrected examples in gdiff man page - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed help message for -F option on gdiff command - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed mged -c bomb attaching to graphical displays - Sean Morrison
    * fixed titlebar bug opening .g with filename spaces - Sean Morrison
    * added a new 'N' graphics window keybinding to run nirt - Cliff Yapp
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD_7.32.2_Linux_x86_64.tar.bz2(219.53 MB)
    BRL-CAD_7.32.2_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz(229.48 MB)
    BRL-CAD_7.32.2_win64.exe(64.90 MB)
    BRL-CAD_7.32.2_win64.msi(99.31 MB)
    brlcad-7.32.2.tar.bz2(117.16 MB)
    brlcad-7.32.2.tar.gz(128.62 MB) MB)
  • release-7-0(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2004-11-01  Release 7.0.0                                      ---
    BRL-CAD's source code has undergone major restructuring with a
    complete replacement of the build system and conversion of the sources
    toward standards compliance.
    This release of BRL-CAD marks a new beginning for the project in terms
    of how to sources are organized and how the package is built.  BRL-CAD
    now uses the GNU Build System (autotools) for compilation.  The
    and Cakefile-based build system is no more.  In addition to a new
    build system, the directory hierarchy has been reorganized.
    Following the GNU-style source code reorganization, BRL-CAD will now
    also follow the major.minor.patch (e.g. 7.0.0) version numbering
    Source code now primarily lives under the top-level src/ directory,
    external libraries are in the src/other/ directory.  Several of the
    third-party libraries have been updated including tcl/tk and libpng.
    There are top-level documentation files available (such as this file
    and the README) to get users familiar with the project.  Developers
    that would like to get involved with BRL-CAD should refer to the
    HACKING file.
    As for the source code itself, full K&R conformance has finally been
    let go with the new preference of being fully compliant with the ANSI
    C standard (INCITS/ISO/IEC 9899-1999).  More efforts continue to
    complete this conversion, maintaining support for as many of the older
    compilers as is reasonably possible, as well as general source code
    clean up.  See the new HACKING file for for more information.
    The enhancements evident in this release of BRL-CAD include dozens of
    bug fixes and additional documentation across the entire package.
    MGED now sports a new Geometry Browser for traversing through
    geometry, as well as improved support for saving and restoring MGED
    views.  There is now support for importing from Unigraphics and
    Pro-Engineer with the ug-g and proe-brl converters.  There is also a
    g-nff converter for exporting to the NFF file format.  There is
    experimental initial support for a new super ellipsoid primitive type
    for advanced curvature shapes.  There are a few new procedural
    database generators including one for creating geometry of an image as
    well as generic vegetation.
    This release marks the first release with initial support for the
    Windows operating system platform.  All of the core BRL-CAD libraries
    as well as several tools (including MGED, RT, NIRT, ASC2G, and more)
    have completed the conversion.  While not yet a holistic port, all of
    the libraries and the core utilities have been ported and the rest will
    soon follow.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.0_ia32.tgz(140.98 MB)
    brlcad-7.0_ia64.tgz(51.31 MB)
    brlcad-7.0_mips32.tgz(52.60 MB)
    brlcad-7.0_mips64.tgz(54.52 MB)
    brlcad-7.0_x86_64.tgz(42.68 MB)
  • rel-7-0-1(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2004-12-21  Release 7.0.1                                      ---
    While with the new release numbering scheme it will be rare to see a
    release with an odd minor patch number, in many ways this is a major
    BRL-CAD release with the package entering the realm of Open Source
    software.  Likewise, the project moves a new public website as well as
    adopts a SourceForge project site.  With the migration of the project
    to SourceForge, new forums, mailing lists, bug tracking, feature
    requests, support mechanisms, task management, and news announcement
    channels all become instantly available.
    This marks the first release of BRL-CAD as Open Source software.  It
    has taken several years and much hard work by many people to actually
    make this happen.  Special thanks goes out to the U.S. Army Research
    Laboratory for giving back to the community by allowing BRL-CAD to be
    released as Open Source software under the Open Source Initiative
    (OSI) approved NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA).  The "release"
    solely exists in CVS -- binary and source distributions will remain
    The majority of BRL-CAD is covered by the GNU General Public License.
    The BRL-CAD libraries (src/lib*) are all provided under the GNU Lesser
    General Public License.  The documentation is provided under the terms
    of the GNU Free Documentation License.  The build infrastructure and
    supporting scripts are covered by the Berkeley Software Distribution
    license or are in the public domain.  Given the vast size, complexity,
    and varied usage needs of BRL-CAD's source code and supporting data,
    all of the aforementioned licenses allow for a greater degree of
    flexibility in how they may be used.
    See the individual files in question and the COPYING file for more
    details.  The licenses are intended to foster and encourage
    improvements to BRL-CAD and the Open Source community as a whole
    without taking away from the package's heritage and history.  See the
    COPYING file for more details and information.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • rel-7-0-2(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-01-07  Release 7.0.2                                      ---
    This release marks the first source and binary distribution of BRL-CAD
    as an Open Source project.  With the exception of a few minor bug
    fixes, the majority of changes made available through this release
    that separate it from 7.0.0 are source code style adoptions and
    clarifications of the developer documentation.  All files have adopted
    an emacs/vi local variables block for style conformance and the source
    code headers are modified to denote the new distribution and copyright
    status of the project.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.0.2.tar.bz2(15.77 MB)
    brlcad-7.0.2.tar.gz(19.70 MB) MB)
  • rel-7-0-4(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-01-25  Release 7.0.4                                      ---
    This patch release update fixes several build issues experienced on
    various platforms including Gentoo, Debian, and Mac OS X.
    * provided libutahrle (urt) vulnerability patch - Pedro Giffuni
    * fixed missing vgr results when missing dc - Sean Morrison
    * update of Utah Raster Toolkit from 3.0 to 3.1b1 - Sean Morrison
    * update of libpng from 1.2.5 to 1.2.8 - Sean Morrison
    * gentoo build fixes - Cliff Yapp
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.0.4.tar.bz2(16.12 MB)
    brlcad-7.0.4.tar.gz(20.14 MB) MB)
  • rel-7-2-0(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-03-05  Release 7.2.0                                      ---
    * fixed libpng link bug on Irix64bit - Lee Butler
    * fixed locale build bug - Thierry Thomas & Pedro Giffuni
    * fixed g-iges stdout header bug - Manfred Spraul
    * fixed minimal BoT disappearance bug  - Lee Butler
    * Sketch Editor now starts with an empty sketch - Sean Morrison
    * fixed need for brlcad_root on default configure - Sean Morrison
    * update to zlib 1.2.2 - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.2.0.tar.bz2(16.18 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.0.tar.gz(20.23 MB) MB)
  • rel-7-2-2(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-04-03  Release 7.2.2                                      ---
    * fixed rtedge/rtwizard background render failure bug - Sean Morrison
    * fixed rttherm previous results interference bug - Sean Morrison
    * fixed aborted benchmark summary bug - Sean Morrison
    * renamed the irprep 'display' tool to 'showtherm' - Sean Morrison
    * quelled XInputExtension warning on mged startup - Sean Morrison
    * fixed non-square window mged illumination selection - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.2.2.tar.bz2(16.11 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.2.tar.gz(20.12 MB) MB)
  • rel-7-2-4(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-05-11  Release 7.2.4                                      ---
    The release marks the beginning of a series of benchmark suite
    enhancements.  The benchmark suite will now iteratively increase the
    number of rays being shot until a minimum amount of time has elapsed
    per render.  The resulting computations provide a more stable
    ray-trace figure of merit (rtfm) and allows the benchmark tests to
    scale more effectively to increasingly higher-performance machines
    without requiring intervention.  The current default testing time
    window minimum of 60 seconds elapsed wallclock time implies that the
    benchmark suite will now take about 15 minutes to complete.
    * fixed libbu run-time memory corruption checking - Sean Morrison
    * prevent indirect OpenGL framebuffers from crashing - Sean Morrison
    * throttle cpu usage on lingering OpenGL framebuffers - Sean Morrison
    * uniform binary objects from partial file data - Sean morrison
    * added libwdb interface to uniform binary objects - Sean Morrison
    * fixed mged help for whichid, whatid, and whichair - Sean Morrison
    * fixed dsp primitive bug when using binary objects - Sean Morrison
    * fixed tabsub 64bit filesystem file read bug - Sean Morrison
    * vrml-g now writes out DEF names for exported shapes - Sean Morrison
    * updated manual pages with new contact details - Sean Morrison
    * iterative scalable benchmark computations - Sean Morrison
    * added logging of ray details when root solver fails - Sean Morrison
    * added logging of solid name when root solver fails - Lee Butler
    * build now includes a termlib library - Sean Morrison
    * fixed smp linux rtarea calculation bug - Sean Morrison
    * fixed rtweight centimeter units computation bug - Lee Butler
    * fixed asc2g double-free warnings bug - Sean Morrison
    * added rtarea manpage documentation - Sean Morrison
    * fixed compilation support for Solaris - Sean Morrison
    * removed redirection usage examples in g2asc docs - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD-7.2.4.dmg(38.70 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4.tar.bz2(16.33 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4.tar.gz(20.33 MB) MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_fbsd_ia32.tbz(17.13 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_irix_mips32.tar.bz2(99.70 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_irix_mips32.tar.gz(125.90 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_linux_ia32.tar.bz2(30.78 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_linux_ia32.tar.gz(38.74 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_linux_ia64.tar.bz2(36.25 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_linux_ia64.tar.gz(49.09 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_linux_x86_64.tar.bz2(31.93 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_linux_x86_64.tar.gz(40.96 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_solaris_sparc.tar.bz2(53.38 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.4_solaris_sparc.tar.gz(106.19 MB)
  • rel-7-2-6(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-06-07  Release 7.2.6                                      ---
    Additional modifications were made to the benchmark suite including
    the addition of iterative frames that compare the stability of the
    performance results being observed.  The benchmark will continue to
    render frames of a designated time-complexity until the numbers are
    either stable or a maximum time window is reached.  The benchmark
    output now describes what the results mean and provides reference
    numbers for comparison.  The benchmark suite is also now included in
    the default installation as a command-line tool named 'benchmark'.
    In conjunction with the benchmark suite's requirements, some example
    geometry databases are now provided as part of the default install as
    are the corresponding reference benchmark images and logs.  They are
    intended to provide new users with sample geometry models to work
    with; and custom configurations may disable the installation of the
    additional geometry databases if so desired.
    * documented the rtcheck -g and -G options - Sean Morrison
    * fixed units bug in mged typein of bot and arbn - Daniel Roßberg
    * added -W option to raytracers for white background - Sean Morrison
    * synchronized mged startup message with gui creation - Sean Morrison
    * added -f option to mged to prevent backgrounding - Sean Morrison
    * install example geometry databases - Sean Morrison
    * added 'benchmark' tool and install benchmark suite - Sean Morrison
    * improved installation instructions - Sean Morrison
    * fixed various typos in top level documents - Chuck Kennedy
    * added summary and explanation of benchmark results - Sean Morrison
    * fixed dimension conversion bug in dxf-g - John Anderson
    * added deviation stability checks to benchmark suite - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.2.6.tar.bz2(16.32 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.6.tar.gz(20.34 MB) MB)
    brlcad-7.2.6_linux_ia32.tar.bz2(36.90 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.6_linux_ia32.tar.gz(45.29 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.6_linux_ia64.tar.bz2(44.93 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.6_linux_ia64.tar.gz(56.07 MB)
    brlcad-7.2.6_linux_x86_64.tar.bz2(36.71 MB)
  • rel-7-4-0(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-07-12  Release 7.4.0                                      ---
    This update includes several enhancements and new additions including
    the impressive addition of the Realistic Image Synthesis Engine (RISE)
    path-tracer.  RISE is part of the Advanced Distributed Ray-Trace
    (ADRT) tool and library suite, which provides a high-performance
    triangle ray-trace engine.  This engine serves as the basis for
    several tools, RISE being the first toolset to be released.  This
    toolset includes a master job manager, a slave compute daemon for
    network distributed processing, and a client for observing job
    Driven by user requests, the 'rtarea' command now reports significantly
    more information than before including area details for all assemblies
    and regions being rendered.  Both the presented and exposed areas are
    now computed too, including details on how many regions/assemblies are
    hit.  The exposed area is the potentially occluded 2D projection
    whereas the presented area is calculated without consideration for
    occlusions.  That is to say that if an object is in front covering a
    regions or assemblies from a particular view, the exposed area of the
    covered geometry would be reduced but the presented area would not.
    The rtarea command was added to MGED as well, along with rtweight.
    * improved mged initialization failure reporting - Sean Morrison
    * applied zlib vulnerability patch (CAN-2005-2096) - Sean Morrison
    * added the adrt rise path-tracer - Justin Shumaker
    * increased mged shadow ray selection max to 64 - Sean Morrison
    * added rtarea and rtweight commands to mged - Sean Morrison
    * added sorting and hierarchy support to rtarea - Sean Morrison
    * rewrote rtarea for region and assemblies support - Sean Morrison
    * fixed .density file parser bug in rtweight - Daniel Roßberg
    * improve detection and handling of cyclic geometry - Sean Morrison
    * added a -noleaf option to the mged pathlist command - Bob Parker
    * fixed potential infinite loop bug in BoT primitive - Bob Parker
    * no longer install tclsh/wish, use btclsh/bwish - Sean Morrison
    * added 'bot_merge' mged command (combine 2 bots into 1) - Lee Butler
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD-7.4.0.dmg(53.41 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0.tar.bz2(15.90 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0.tar.gz(19.87 MB) MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_fbsd_ia32.tar.bz2(72.21 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_fbsd_ia32.tar.gz(115.17 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_irix_mips32.tar.bz2(93.45 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_irix_mips32.tar.gz(116.28 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_linux_ia32.tar.bz2(34.49 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_linux_ia32.tar.gz(42.16 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_linux_ia64.tar.bz2(41.86 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_linux_ia64.tar.gz(52.15 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_linux_x86_64.tar.bz2(34.26 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_linux_x86_64.tar.gz(42.85 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_solaris_sparc.tar.bz2(53.71 MB)
    brlcad-7.4.0_solaris_sparc.tar.gz(100.75 MB)
  • rel-7-6-0(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-09-08  Release 7.6.0                                      ---
    This release includes the addition of a new geometry "Quantitative
    Analysis" tool called g_qa.  This tool is a new tool that combines
    some of the features of rtweight, rtcheck and g_lint, providing a
    robust means for computing the weight and volume of objects while also
    allowing a means to report overlaps, air gaps, external air regions,
    bounding box dimensions, and more.
    * configuration build fixes for Tk/Iwidgets - Michal Slonina
    * fixed bug in mged overlay command handling of EOF - Lee Butler
    * renamed g-wave converter to g-obj - Sean Morrison
    * mged will now work without being installed - Sean Morrison
    * improved ADRT build support - Sean Morrison
    * improved build support detection for OpenGL and X11 - Sean Morrison
    * performance enhancements to ADRT - Justin Shumaker
    * enabled SGI knobs and button box support for IRIX - Sean Morrison
    * fixed mged startup resource bug - Enrique Perez-Terron
    * Enhancements to g_qa for stability and performance. - Lee Butler
    * 'make test' now runs against an uninstalled  build tree - Lee Butler
    * new nightly regression test framework - Lee Butler
    * g_qa now has option to report interfaces/connections - Lee Butler
    * mged relocation support - Sean Morrison
    * Doxygen changes to source code comments - Lee Butler, Sean Duvall
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD-7.6.0.dmg(58.06 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0.tar.bz2(16.10 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0.tar.gz(20.27 MB) MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0_fbsd_ia32.tar.bz2(33.40 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0_fbsd_ia32.tar.gz(40.43 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0_irix_mips32.tar.bz2(44.38 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0_irix_mips32.tar.gz(55.36 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0_irix_mips64.tar.bz2(43.48 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0_irix_mips64.tar.gz(55.90 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0_linux_ia32.tar.bz2(33.40 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.0_linux_ia32.tar.gz(40.75 MB)
  • rel-7-6-4(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-11-12  Release 7.6.4                                      ---
    This release adds a new geometry creation interface to MGED that
    supports reverse modeling geometry of existing objects.  New geometry
    creation commands read point data sets in a simple text file format,
    recognizing categories and collections of points.  Using
    point-acquisition devices such as X-Station Vulcan advanced surveying
    systems from Arc Second Inc., points may be collected and used in MGED
    to facilitate the generation of geometry models.  Collection
    techniques are recognized for polygonal plates, cylinders, spheres,
    point clouds, and more.
    * auto-locate mged external apps regardless of PATH - Sean Morrison
    * mged utilizes a local display if unspecified/unset - Sean Morrison
    * set default mged Escape key binding to reject - Sean Morrison
    * fixed 'benchmark' tool resource searching - Sean Morrison
    * added -u option to mged "make_bb" to allow air - Lee Butler
    * fixed IBM AIX compiler support issues - Sean Morrison
    * head/tail -n usage posix compliance - Stefan Fiedler, Sean Morrison
    * fixed jove compilation issues - Sean Morrison, Daniel Remenak
    * fixed conversion bug in the dxf-g converter - John Anderson
    * point parsing/import interface to mged - Sean Morrison, Lee Butler
    * fixed bug in export of NMG primitives - John Anderson
    * fixed itcl configuration issue - Stefan Fiedler, Sean Morrison
    * fixed g_qa tolerance option parsing inconsistency - Sean Morrison
    * improved mged 'tol' command tolerance value checks - Sean Morrison
    * fixed tgc absolute tessellation tolerance issue - Sean Morrison
    * optional build support checks for X11 and OpenGL - Sean Morrison
    * improved Windows build support - Bob Parker, Daniel Roßberg
    * isst observer 2x screen magnification - Justin Shumaker
    * added los and material name support to librtserver - John Anderson
    * improved 64bit support for ADRT - Justin Shumaker
    * updated manual page documentation - Sean Morrison
    * added support for text handling to dxf-g - John Anderson
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD-7.6.4.dmg(52.85 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.4.tar.bz2(16.03 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.4.tar.gz(20.11 MB) MB)
    brlcad-7.6.4_irix_mips32.tar.bz2(42.61 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.4_irix_mips32.tar.gz(53.18 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.4_linux_ia32.tar.bz2(32.13 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.4_linux_ia32.tar.gz(39.45 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.4_linux_x86_64.tar.bz2(33.64 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.4_linux_x86_64.tar.gz(41.99 MB)
  • rel-7-6-6(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2005-12-15  Release 7.6.6                                      ---
    Continuing with the newly added point collection and reverse modeling
    techniques provide in the previous release, this iteration improves
    upon that support fixing several issues and refining the modeling
    techniques.  Additionally, after more than a year of passively
    researching and investigating, this release now accounts for the
    majority of known contributors to BRL-CAD over the project's
    existence.  This is part of an on-going effort to document the history
    of BRL-CAD over the past 20 years.
    * improved mged resource searching when not installed - Sean Morrison
    * significant AUTHORS file updates, all names filed - Sean Morrison
    * fixed sketch primitive bezier path computation bug - Sean Morrison
    * cleaned up erroneous rtedge end of line output - Sean Morrison
    * configure --enable/disable-everything option - Sean Morrison
    * updated g_qa manual page documentation - Lee Butler
    * early termination grid spacing limit bug in g_qa fixed - Lee Butler
    * fixed Jove sandbox installation issue - Sean Morrison
    * fixed adrt/isst client crash bug - Mike Caruso, Razak Arunaogun
    * fixed modified env(PATH) startup issue in mged - Sean Morrison
    * fixed benchmark tool default resource location bug - Sean Morrison
    * added another text alignment handler to dxf-g - John Anderson
    * clamped integer value printing of primitives in mged - Sean Morrison
    * removed gratuitous nmg debug printing from mged - Sean Morrison
    * fixed grouping bug, mged point importer - Jason Owens, Sean Morrison
    * improved mged point import support - Lee Butler, Sean Morrison
    * fixed bug in plate orientation of mged point importer - Lee Butler
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD-7.6.6.dmg(57.81 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.6.tar.bz2(16.23 MB)
    brlcad-7.6.6.tar.gz(20.58 MB) MB)
  • rel-7-8-0(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2006-04-11  Release 7.8.0                                      ---
    This release marks a major milestone in the massive effort by the
    BRL-CAD developers and the open source community to provide a complete
    port of BRL-CAD to the Microsoft Windows platform.  This effort
    includes particular support and contributions from SURVICE
    Engineering, Inc., TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, the U.S. Army
    Research Library (ARL), and others.  The Windows port effort was
    started several years ago, primarily through efforts of friends at the
    U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering
    Center (AMRDEC) and CG2, Inc.  Over the past year, the development
    effort was accelerated to a stable status through the work of SURVICE
    working for ARL.
    This release also includes another major contribution by SURVICE
    Engineering, Inc., a new modeling tool called Archer.  A more detailed
    announcement and overview of Archer will be given in the near future
    after the new tool is more fully integrated into the build system and
    tested further.
    Other noteworthy enhancements provided in this release include new
    sample applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the libpkg
    networking library, in-memory geometry database processing, reshooting
    of rays from analysis codes for testing purposes, and the librt root
    solver.  For analysts and modelers alike, the MGED modeler also
    acquires a few new commands including reid and remat that respectively
    assist with the assignment of region and material identifiers.
    * fixed mged B command bad geometry resource bug - John Anderson
    * new tracker tool for extracting tracker data - Sean Morrison
    * added manual page for benchmark tool - Sean Morrison
    * fixed g-dxf export compatibility issue - John Anderson
    * smoother sketch primitive spline drawing - Sean Morrison
    * fixed read bug in giftorle - Sean Morrison
    * fixed multiply referenced object illumination bug - Sean Morrison
    * improved nmg tessellation support reliability - Sean Morrison
    * new tpkg ttcp-style example application using libpkg - Sean Morrison
    * new roots_example root solving sample application - Sean Morrison
    * prevent several g-nmg segfaults during tessellation - Sean Morrison
    * fixed brlman/awf `./"' unsupported or unknown issue - Sean Morrison
    * new g_transfer in-memory geometry example program - Sean Morrison
    * new reshoot program to reshoot rays & compare results - Lee Butler
    * added support for -F framebuffer option to fb-bw - Sean Morrison
    * reid mged command, recursively assign region IDs - Sean Morrison
    * remat mged command, recursively assign a material ID - Sean Morrison
    * get_regions mged command, list assembly regions - Sean Morrison
    * extensive Windows build support enhancements - Bob Parker
    * new Archer modeling and visualization tool - Bob Parker, Doug Howard
    * raytracers use image size for default aspect ratio - Sean Morrison
    * fixed benchmark sqrt of negative numbers error - Sean Morrison
    * raytracer performance enhancements - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0.tar.bz2(19.07 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0.tar.gz(24.22 MB) MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0_fbsd_ia32.tar.bz2(75.28 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0_fbsd_ia32.tar.gz(117.96 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0_linux_ia32.tar.bz2(38.32 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0_linux_ia32.tar.gz(46.20 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0_linux_ia64.tar.bz2(48.82 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0_linux_ia64.tar.gz(60.32 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0_linux_x86_64.tar.bz2(40.04 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.0_linux_x86_64.tar.gz(49.28 MB)
  • rel-7-8-2(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2006-06-20  Release 7.8.2                                      ---
    This release includes a new example geometry model, a "Toy Barbie
    Jeep" (see note below regarding trademarks) that was modeled in 2005
    over the course of a day by a small group of students attending a free
    hands-on BRL-CAD training class at SURVICE Engineering, Inc.  The
    class involved working in groups to simulate a real-world
    time-constrained modeling experience taking measurements of a real toy
    vehicle, considering what aspects of the vehicle are important for
    analytic purposes, deciding how to best represent complex geometric
    shapes, modeling the parts of the vehicle in MGED, assembling the
    components together, and running geometric processing and rendering
    tools on the final model.
    The DXF importer received considerable updates this iteration, with
    John Anderson providing additional support for a variety of 2D DXF
    * fixed asc-nmg bug that caused a crash on exit - John Anderson
    * fixed minor mged memory leak - Jim Monte
    * added archer version info to bottom of about dialog - Bob Parker
    * added a beta vertex array exporter (g-var) - Prasad Silva
    * archer support for multi-select and cut-n-paste - Doug Howard
    * added newly supported entities to dxf-g manual page - John Anderson
    * fixed asc2g bug reading files with carriage returns - Sean Morrison
    * added dbupgrade manual page - Sean Morrison
    * updated the g2asc manual page with format details - Sean Morrison
    * fixed g_diff attribute comparison issue - Sean Morrison
    * g_diff reports more detail whether differences exist - Sean Morrison
    * g2asc now saves additional _GLOBAL attribute values - Sean Morrison
    * fixed g2asc export of null units bug - Sean Morrison
    * fixed libwdb corruption when creating pipes - Daniel Roßberg
    * fixed crash in release build concerning bot's - Daniel Roßberg
    * new toy barbie jeep geometry - Various Students
    * considerable dxf-g enhancements, more entity support - John Anderson
    Note: Barbie and Jeep are trademarks of Mattel Inc. and the
    Daimler-Chrysler Corporation respectively.  No endorsement is intended
    or implied.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.8.2.tar.bz2(19.03 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.2.tar.gz(24.14 MB) MB)
    brlcad-7.8.2_fbsd_amd64.tar.gz(22.86 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.2_fbsd_ia32.tar.bz2(19.75 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.2_fbsd_ia32.tar.gz(22.62 MB) KB)
  • rel-7-8-4(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2006-10-16  Release 7.8.4                                      ---
    * support for handling larger hierarchies in archer - Doug Howard
    * added distance measurement tool to archer - Bob Parker
    * added component selection capabilities to archer - Bob Parker
    * new script to extract gforge task items - Lee Butler, Sean Morrison
    * substantial additions and mods to source documentation - Lee Butler
    * added scripts to facetize all regions in a database - Lee Butler
    * added script to expand combinations to multiple objects - Lee Butler
    * prevent infinite loop on classic mged attach prompt - Sean Morrison
    * ctrl-d on empty shell line now quits mged - Sean Morrison
    * added archer geometry/view loading via command-line arg - Bob Parker
    * mged tree command now supports -o/-i, matches docs - John Anderson
    * improved beginning-of-line input processing in stl-g - John Anderson
    * improved end-of-line input processing in dxf-g - John Anderson
    * support for longer Fastgen object names in fast4-g - Sean Morrison
    * improved 'ted' mged command text editor support - Sean Morrison
    * support mged EDITOR environment override on Windows - Sean Morrison
    * fixed mged crash on P binding when not in edit mode - Sean Morrison
    * improved FreeBSD 64bit support, fixes AMD64 crash - Erik Greenwald
    * allow unlimited light samples during ray tracing - Sean Morrison
    * new script for computing BRL-CAD file line counts - Sean Morrison
    * fixed mged extrude of empty sketch display crash - Sean Morrison
    * re-enabled png-ipu, pix-ipu, ipustat, ipuscan - Sean Morrison
    * updated archer splash screen - Bob Parker
    * archer enhancements for displaying view parameters - Bob Parker
    * improved mged grid zooming using pixel size - John Anderson
    * fixed mged hang caused by extreme grid zooming bug - John Anderson
    * ported jove to SGI Altix platform, fixed crash bug - Sean Morrison
    * increase default mged scrollback to 10k lines - Sean Morrison
    * improved support for Mac "delete" keys in mged - Sean Morrison
    * mged vi-mode command edit history searching - James (swcto)
    * bigger, better vi command line editing in mged - James (swcto)
    * rt command script 'ae' no longer resets view scale - Sean Morrison
    * fixed asc-nmg manual page usage examples - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.8.4.tar.bz2(19.02 MB)
    brlcad-7.8.4.tar.gz(24.04 MB) MB) KB)
  • rel-7-10-0(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2007-04-09  Release 7.10.0                                     ---
    With this release marks several significant changes to BRL-CAD's
    licensing in order to simplify the distribution terms and increase
    overall flexibility of use.  All application front-end code in BRL-CAD
    is converted from the GNU General Public License (GPLv2) to the less
    restrictive GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPLv2.1).
    For documents not already in the public domain, BRL-CAD's default
    documentation license terms are also changed from the dual-licensed
    GFDL/GPL terms to the BSD Documentation License (BDL).  Originally
    derived from the FreeBSD Documentation License, the BDL is effectively
    the BSD License with language as it applies specifically to
    documentation.  The terms of the BDL are just as flexible allowing
    practically any use, whether it be commercial or private, so long as
    the authors are appropriately credited.
    As a collective work, BRL-CAD is being distributed under the terms of
    the LGPL.  Individual portions of BRL-CAD, save for a few 3rd party
    codes, effectively fall into one of the following three license
    categories: 1) LGPL, 2) BSD/BDL, or 3) are in the public domain.  See
    the terms of each individual license as well as BRL-CAD's COPYING file
    for more details.
    * fixed -i argument bug in g-acad, g-dxf, g-nff, g-obj - Shawn Baker
    * framebuffer toggle added to raytrace panel in mged - Sean Morrison
    * fixed rtedge multithreaded output render bug - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed jove/termcap issues on Mac OS X - Sean Morrison
    * increased output precision on mged 'analyze' command - Sean Morrison
    * prevent mged shutdown on DSP objects with no data - Sean Morrison
    * integration into the Arch Linux packaging system - Loui Chang
    * upgrade of bundled tcl/tk from 8.4.6 to 8.5a5 - Sean Morrison
    * improved EOL processing in 70+ tools - Sean Morrison, John Anderson
    * rewrote pixcmp providing improved I/O format options - Sean Morrison
    * added new manual page for pixcmp utility - Sean Morrison
    * updated bundled zlib to version 1.2.3 - Sean Morrison
    * updated bundled libpng to version 1.2.16 - Sean Morrison
    * fixed Windows line-ending bug in dxf-g - John Anderson
    * g_qa manual page documents the -t tolerance option - Lee Butler
    * updated bundled blt to blt2.4z-patch-2 - Sean Morrison
    * dxf-g turns 2D entities into sketches instead of nmg - John Anderson
    * removed advertising clause from BSD code - Sean Morrison
    * fix index bug, allow material ID of zero in rtweight - Karel Kulhavy
    * fixed multiple frame render bug in raytracers - Karel Kulhavy
    * mged help command now shows help for all args listed - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.10.0.tar.bz2(21.11 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.0.tar.gz(26.71 MB) MB) MB)
  • rel-7-10-2(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2007-05-16  Release 7.10.2                                     ---
    * support infinite # of shadow rays in the raytracers - Sean Morrison
    * improved anim_hardtrack manual page documentation - Erik Greenwald
    * added 'bomb' command to mged for script termination - Sean Morrison
    * mged and pl-X automatically focus to X11 on Mac OS X - Sean Morrison
    * pl-X functionality enhancements for displaying plots - Sean Morrison
    * fixed g_diff bug where -f option missed differences - John Anderson
    * fixed mged 'units' command, reports current setting - John Anderson
    * benchmark tool automatically logs all output to file - Sean Morrison
    * added 'clobber' cleanup command to benchmark tool - Sean Morrison
    * added NIST's Template Numerical Toolkit - Sean Morrison
    * prevent pix-png from writing png data to a tty - Sean Morrison
    * generate crash report files during application abort - Sean Morrison
    * upgrade bundled tcl/tk from 8.5a5 to 8.5a6 (AquaTk) - Sean Morrison
    * fixed memory leak in librtserver - John Anderson
    * converters abort early on corrupted input geometry - John Anderson
    * fixed versioning issues in source distributions - Sean Morrison
    * new BRL-CAD installer for Windows using NSIS - Jonathan Bonomo
    * added a brlcad-config configuration script - Sean Morrison
    * added pkg-config files for core libraries - Sean Morrison
    * fixed deadlock bug related to rtarea - Sean Morrison, John Anderson
    * fixed bug in mged command prompt with page up/down - Sean Morrison
    * added attr and make_name commands to archer - Bob Parker
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.10.2.tar.bz2(21.79 MB)
    brlcad-7.10.2.tar.gz(27.54 MB) MB) MB)
  • rel-7-12-0(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2008-03-11  Release 7.12.0                                     ---
    Coalescing after just over a year of concentrated development efforts,
    this release unveils a plethora of Windows-specific enhancements, bug
    fixes, and additional tools ported.  Notably, the Windows improvements
    include fixing various issues with file management and porting many
    more ray tracers, geometry converters, framebuffer tools, and MGED
    classic mode support.
    This release also includes a new geometry converter for the United
    Kingdom's INTAVAL format from Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence.  The
    new importer was jointly developed by TNO PML and IABG mbH and is
    included in the BRL-CAD sources as a contributed module.
    Of the numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements in this release,
    one of the biggest productivity enhancements is the addition of the
    MGED "clone" and "tracker" commands.  Clone is a very powerful yet
    simple command that provides an intuitive means for performing deep
    copies of objects.  Tracker provides an interface for replicating
    objects along a spline path.  These 'new' commands originate from
    modifications originally developed by the now defunct Geometric
    Solutions, Inc., and after receiving considerable updates and rewrites
    are now once again available to users.
    Finally, this release also marks a major change to the BRL-CAD source
    code repository with a move from CVS to Subversion recently completed.
    The conversion was successfully completed with the entire history of
    BRL-CAD development preserved, accounting for nearly 25 years of
    continuous active development.
    * automatic redraw updates after Geometry Browser edits - Bob Parker
    * improved Geometry Browser mouse behavior in mged - Bob Parker
    * make fast4-g use GIFT_material=1 and los=100 - Sean Morrison
    * fixed Mac OS X 'ogl' framebuffer crash - Sean Morrison, Bob Parker
    * removed ogl framebuffer multiple window 'm' option - Sean Morrison
    * tree -d option in mged for limiting tree display depth - Cliff Yapp
    * added mouse color query support to OpenGL framebuffer - Bob Parker
    * fixed X11 framebuffer colormapping bug - Bob Parker
    * libpng updated to 1.2.25 - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed several mged I/O bugs for stdin/stdout/stderr - Bob Parker
    * nirt now uses bounding sphere for -b backout option - Erik Greenwald
    * document the signals rt responds to for progress - Sean Morrison
    * libpng updated to 1.2.24 - Erik Greenwald
    * TCL/TK updated to 8.5.1 - Erik Greenwald
    * mged now runs in the foreground by default - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed g-dxf bug where incorrect object name is assigned - Bob Parker
    * fixed browser-based mged help on Mac OS X - Sean Morrison
    * added rest of BRL-CAD's geometry converters for Windows - Bob Parker
    * added more missing framebuffer tools to Windows port - Bob Parker
    * rtwizard enhancements for ghosting and display - Bob Parker
    * mged reports failure if ray-tracer returns non-zero - Sean Morrison
    * improved mged corrupt geometry file handling - Sean Morrison
    * improved dbconcat object suffix and prefix options - Sean Morrison
    * Tcl/Tk updated to 8.5 final from 8.5b1 - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed PIX image file creation bug on Windows - Bob Parker
    * ported rtwizard to function properly on Windows - Bob Parker
    * fixed mged text-editing commands on Windows platform - Bob Parker
    * removed duplicate points text-editing ARBs in mged - John Anderson
    * improved mged ted line-ending support using wordpad - Bob Parker
    * fixed g_diff bug where some differences were missed - John Anderson
    * fixed bug evaluating metaball normals - Erik Greenwald, Ed Davisson
    * improved metaball primitive rendering - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed bug in mged rcc-cap command when using 't' option - Bob Parker
    * mged classic mode now works on Windows platform - Bob Parker
    * fixed Windows-specific raytrace framebuffer delay - Bob Parker
    * new tracker tool for extracting NEWS tracker data - Sean Morrison
    * converted source repository from CVS to Subversion - Sean Morrison
    * new 'dir2ae' mged command for getting az/el from dir - Sean Morrison
    * new 'ae2dir' mged command for getting dir from az/el - Bob Parker
    * fixed empty name crash when using mged 'lt' command  - Sean Morrison
    * Pro/E plugin allows spaces in part name mapping file - Sean Morrison
    * Pro/E plugin creates 'top.#' if 'top' already exists - Sean Morrison
    * fixed asc2g bug on Windows that caused a crash on exit - Bob Parker
    * fixed bugs in several Utah Raster Toolkit tools - Pedro Giffuni
    * fixed mged start-up initialization bug on Windows - Daniel Roßberg
    * graceful handling of mesh normal failures - Sean Morrison
    * fixed variety of g-iges and other exporter crashes - Sean Morrison
    * fixed crash-on-exit cleanup bug in g-off exporter - Sean Morrison
    * fixed crash when xpush was called on a primitive - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed Windows port 'opendb' command crash - Bob Parker
    * added configurable max_dist depth option to rtedge - Erik Greenwald
    * added rest of BRL-CAD's ray-tracers to the Windows port - Bob Parker
    * enabled embedded framebuffer support in Windows port - Bob Parker
    * fixed garbled output during parallel crash reports - Sean Morrison
    * fixed memory deallocation bug in the raytracers - Bob Parker
    * renamed 'hd' hexadecimal dump utility to 'hex' - Sean Morrison
    * renamed procedural 'wall' generator to 'masonry' - Sean Morrison
    * mged 'tol' command now accepts multiple tolerances - Sean Morrison
    * TCL and TK updated to 8.5b1. itcl/itk to dev 3.4. - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed non-normalized vector bugs with ARBN objects - John Anderson
    * pix-png warns if PNG is smaller than the PIX input - Sean Morrison
    * new tgf-g INTAVAL importer - TNO PML, IABG mbH
    * removed longjmp warning message from applications - Sean Morrison
    * upgraded bundled incrTcl to version 3.3 - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed bug with -g/-G cell size options to rt - John Anderson
    * 'tree' command without args now shows e'd objects - Sean Morrison
    * new pix-fb -p option to pause before exiting - Karel Kulhavy
    * fixed mged 'B' command behavior with -A and no args - John Anderson
    * updated bundled libpng to version 1.2.21 - Erik Greenwald
    * removed raytrace image continuation code - Erik Greenwald
    * new mged 'clone' command for performing deep copies of objects
            - Adam Ross, Sean Morrison, Erik Greenwald
    * new mged 'tracker' object routing command - Sean Morrison
    * fixed crash in mged ls -A attribute listing command - Sean Morrison
    * fixed dbconcat of empty combinations, crash in mged - John Anderson
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.12.0.tar.bz2(32.74 MB)
    brlcad-7.12.0.tar.gz(41.00 MB) MB) MB)
  • rel-7-12-2(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2008-04-23  Release 7.12.2                                     ---
    * new pinewood boxcar example geometry database - Cliff Yapp
    * add mk_arb5, mk_arb6 and mk_arb7 to libwdb - Cliff Yapp
    * added xclone command to mged for xpushed deep copies - Bob Parker
    * fixed clone infinite loop for combinations - Sean Morrison, C. Yapp
    * wrap mged resource paths with spaces - Bob Parker, Elena Bautu
    * new -k 'cutaway view' option added to rt - John Anderson
    * improved mged classic mode display manager selection - Sean Morrison
    * fixed mged crash when getting forms of sketch objects - Bob Parker
    * new -u units option added to rtarea - Sean Morrison
    * added uniform binary object creation to mged GUI - John Anderson
    * added e, l, o, i options to mged saveview command - Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD-7.12.2.dmg(196.27 MB)
    BRL-CAD_7.12.2.exe(17.59 MB)
    brlcad-7.12.2.tar.bz2(32.81 MB)
    brlcad-7.12.2.tar.gz(40.95 MB) MB) MB)
    brlcad_7.12.2_sgi_ia64.tar.bz2(66.28 MB)
    brlcad_7.12.2_sgi_ia64.tar.gz(79.62 MB)
    brlcad_7.12.2_x86_64.tar.bz2(84.18 MB)
    brlcad_7.12.2_x86_64.tar.gz(97.44 MB)
  • rel-7-12-4(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2008-05-29  Release 7.12.4                                     ---
    This release contains numerous enhancements to MGED's mirror command,
    now with the ability to mirror an object across arbitrary vectors or
    points along a standard axis.  Additionally, nirt now has a new "gap"
    option for reporting the empty spaces between objects on a given
    shotline with additional formatting options under development.
    The release also has a new procedural database geometry tool called
    'tire'.  This new tool was developed by Cliff Yapp for the purpose of
    creating highly detailed tires based on user-provided specifications.
    Given standard tire dimension information, the program can generate a
    corresponding curved sidewall tire on a fitted wheel and that has
    detailed tread.  The results are impressively realistic tires.
    * added '-l' list option to mged dbfindtree command - Bob Parker
    * fixed minor memory leak during raytracing - Daniel Roßberg
    * added '-+ t' rtcheck option to produce text plot output - Bob Parker
    * added gap reporting option to nirt - Cliff Yapp
    * added mirror command to archer - Bob Parker
    * improve behavior of interactive nirt backout command - Cliff Yapp
    * renamed mged dbbinary command to binary - Sean Morrison
    * fixed rt/rtedge clipping bug - Bob Parker
    * new mged mirror command options for arbitrary vectors - Bob Parker
    * fix -k rt option to work for surface normal lighting - Cliff Yapp
    * add tire proc-db for easy tire/wheel model creation - Cliff Yapp
    * added query pixel support to the Windows framebuffer - Bob Parker
    * mirror across a distance along a given axis in mged - Bob Parker
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD_7.12.4_solaris_x86.pkg.bz2(57.64 MB)
    brlcad-7.12.4.tar.bz2(23.43 MB)
    brlcad-7.12.4.tar.gz(29.62 MB) MB) MB)
  • rel-7-12-6(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2008-08-19  Release 7.12.6                                     ---
    This release enhances the formatting options available "out of the
    box" for the NIRT tool, allowing users to easily select different
    data reporting options without having to define their own custom
    configuration files.  CSV output options also allow for quick
    and easy import into spreadsheets.  The new -L option lists available
    The tire tool's behavior has been improved - it will no longer
    overwrite pre-existing files and a "w" flag now accepts a value of
    "0" to disable creation of the default wheel rim for modelers wishing
    to supply their own rim.  A number of small but visual flaws in the
    tread geometry definitions were also corrected.
    MGED's dbconcat command works again without needing to specifying an
    affix for object names when importing geometry from one database to
    another.  Primitive selection via the Edit menu is working again
    thanks to the fixing of the solid_illum bug. The pipe primitive's
    performance problems during raytracing, due to unnecessary memory
    allocations, are now fixed.  The extrude primitive's handling of
    invalid geometry is now more robust.
    * renamed mged binary command to bo for binary objects - Sean Morrison
    * fixed bug that caused remote framebuffers to fail - Sean Morrison
    * add w option to tire to allow disabling wheel generation - C. Yapp
    * tweak tread 2 in tire tool; avoid artifacts on tread wall - C. Yapp
    * fixed mged 'dbconcat' hang when not specifying an affix - Bob Parker
    * fixed primitive selection solid_illum bug in mged - Bob Parker
    * fix bug in tire tool's geometry causing 'nicks' in tread - C. Yapp
    * increased raytrace performance of pipe primitive - John Anderson
    * fixed bugs handling invalid extrude objects - Sean Morrison
    * fixed dependency bug in library pkg-config files - Sean Morrison
    * platform installers now use a more consistent naming convention
            - Sean Morrison, Bob Parker
    * added new -c character option to the loop command - Dawn Thomas
    * tire now checks for files instead of overwriting - Cliff Yapp
    * add new nirt formatting options, -L listing option - C. Yapp
    * fixed nirt 'dest' command file name string handling - Cliff Yapp
    * modified mged nirt command to include air in results - Bob Parker
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD_7.12.6.exe(15.73 MB)
    BRL-CAD_7.12.6_solaris_x86.pkg.bz2(57.66 MB)
    brlcad-7.12.6.tar.bz2(22.80 MB)
    brlcad-7.12.6.tar.gz(28.89 MB) MB) MB)
  • rel-7-14-0(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2008-11-04  Release 7.14.0                                     ---
    Of the many enhancements included in this release, MGED gets a
    powerful new command called 'search' that is very similar to the UNIX
    'find' command but for geometry hierarchies.  Included in the
    implementation of 'search' is the ability to list geometry that
    matches a specified name using globbing patterns or regular
    expressions.  You can also search for objects that have attributes
    set, that are referenced in combinations, are at a particular depth in
    the geometry hierarchy, and much more.  You can combine search
    expressions together using boolean logic as well for even more
    powerful operations.
    * remove -empty option from mged "search" command - Cliff Yapp
    * add -nnodes node count option to mged "search" command - Cliff Yapp
    * upgraded libpng to 1.2.32 - Erik Greenwald
    * fixed memory leak with in-memory geometry databases - Daniel Roßberg
    * mged help menu is restructured for improved usability - Cliff Yapp
    * update openNURBS to version 4.0.2007.0718 - Cliff Yapp
    * handle (i.e., ignore) comments in asc2g conversions - Erik Greenwald
    * fix crash in iges-g when run with -n option - John Anderson
    * enhanced documentation management system within mged - Cliff Yapp
    * conversion of documentation to Docbook format, editing, and review
            - Cliff Yapp, Janine Gettier
    * improved benchmark suite usage and instructions - Sean Morrison
    * improved mesh normals from Pro/E exporter - Bob Parker
    * fixed 'bspline' surface primitive wireframe plot bug - John Anderson
    * removed bot-raw, functionality replaced by bot_dump - Sean Morrison
    * abort during non-planar collapse or simplify of NMG  - John Anderson
    * jove is deprecated and will no longer be maintained - Sean Morrison
    * plugged attribute memory leak in all database tools - Daniel Roßberg
    * DSP tessellation honors cut type and handles zeros - John Anderson
    * fixed 'gets' command input bug in mged - Sean Morrison, Bob Parker
    * improved fast4-g DOS file line-ending support - Sean Morrison
    * numerous documentation fixes to manual pages - Cliff Yapp
    * bot_dump exporter for extracting BoT meshes unevaluated - Bob Parker
    * fixed bug parsing long command lines in mged - Sean Morrison
    * tessellation support for the DSP primitive - John Anderson
    * additional logging options in Pro/E exporter - Bob Parker
    * Pro/E exporter enhancements for dynamic tess tolerance - Bob Parker
    * new search command enabling Unix find style searches - C. Yapp
    * mged no longer requires PATH for internal commands - Sean Morrison
    * mged 'edcolor' command turns into 'color -e' - Sean Morrison
    * nirt dest command now avoids overwriting existing files - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed mged_players error on tra in classic mode mged  - Bob Parker
    * fix attr behavior when setting the region attribute - C. Yapp
    * identified fix for "Illegal instruction" bug in rt - Simon Clubley
    * mged get_regions and reid ignore duplicate regions - Sean Morrison
    * added procedural geometry tools to the Windows port
            - Bob Parker, Andre Castelo
    * integrated tgf-g with the default compile/install - Daniel Roßberg
    * deprecated the mged '-n' option, use '-c' instead - Sean Morrison
    * added the ability to invoke mged through icons/menus - Sean Morrison
    * new -a option to mged 'killtree' for killing references - Bob Parker
    * added new 'killrefs' command to mged - Bob Parker
    * added -C color option to the mged 'E' command - Bob Parker
    * fixed curvature calc bug in ehy primitive - Timothy Van Ruitenbeek
    * added compilation support for MSVC 9 - André Castelo
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD_7.14.0_solaris_x86.pkg.bz2(99.87 MB)
    brlcad-7.14.0.tar.bz2(40.01 MB)
    brlcad-7.14.0.tar.gz(47.28 MB) MB) MB)
  • rel-7-14-2(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2009-02-06  Release 7.14.2                                     ---
    This release includes a number of new tools and enhancements that
    facilitate geometry import and export including a new 'bot_dump' tool
    for extracting mesh models without evaluating them for solidity, a new
    'dem-g' converter for importing Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data,
    a new 'lens' tool for creating accurate optical lenses, and the dxf-g
    importer receives a bug fix when importing 2D entities.
    * fixed errors in handling of hyp primitive translations - Cliff Yapp
    * g_diff now guesses if a change was evolutionary - Erik Greenwald
    * added >, <, >= and <= attr value comparisons in search - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed double-edged line segment sketch bug in dxf-g - John Anderson
    * mged 'inside' command no longer uses edit state objects - Bob Parker
    * reported and fixed mged documentation eto typein bug - Robert Penny
    * fixed mged itcl.tcl startup failure prior to install - Sean Morrison
    * fixed bot_dump -u command line option for setting units - Bob Parker
    * changed automatic 'make' sizes for various primitives - Bob Parker
    * fixed bug with mged 'make' command automatic keypoints - Bob Parker
    * renamed all mk_ tools to remove the mk_ prefix - Sean Morrison
    * more conversion of documentation to Docbook format - Janine Gettier
    * removed the unused 'k'eypoint point on extrudes - Sean Morrison
    * added new dem-g terrain importer - Richard Weiss
    * layout tweaks to display of selection lists in archer - Doug Howard
    * activate primitive creation buttons in archer - Bob Parker
    * activate wizard plugins and add tire wizard to archer - Bob Parker
    * new initial manual page for bot_dump - Sean Morrison
    * added editing support for hyperboloid primitive to mged - Cliff Yapp
    * new 'lens' procedural tool for making optical lenses - Cliff Yapp
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • rel-7-14-4(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2009-03-06  Release 7.14.4                                     ---
    Included in this release are various MGED bug fixes and enhancements.
    The 'gqa' quantitative analysis tool is integrated into MGED and
    receives numerous enhancements including computing moments of inertia
    and calculating geometric centroids.  There is now also a new 'coil'
    procedural geometry tool for generating coil shapes automatically
    using the pipe primitive.
    * fixed mged "Pick Edit-Primitive" mouse selection bug - Bob Parker
    * improved mged command console cut-and-paste support - Bob Parker
    * fixed mged command input last character bug - Bob Parker
    * improved gqa file support for blank/comment lines - Bob Parker
    * fixed several SMP threading bugs in gqa command - Bob Parker
    * added centroids and moments of inertia to gqa command - Bob Parker
    * fixed mged 'prefix' command to write renamed objects - Bob Parker
    * update usage of tops command in geometry browser - Cliff Yapp
    * fix description of u option in bo command's man page - Cliff Yapp
    * add tool for automatic coil creation using pipe - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed bugs with external tool invocation in mged - Sean Morrison
    * mged 'make' command no longer doubles the view size - Sean Morrison
    * added -R no-resize option to mged e/B/draw commands - Sean Morrison
    * mged 'tops' command -g and -u options are deprecated - Sean Morrison
    * added -Ap plot visualization option to mged gqa command - Bob Parker
    * added new 'gqa' quantitative analysis command to mged - Bob Parker
    * fixed mged view initialization bugs - Bob Parker
    * integer values in mged without floating point noise - Sean Morrison
    * fixed source distribution compile/install path error - Sean Morrison
    * fixed mged switch error running the Primitive Editor - Sean Morrison
    * fixed g_diff crash when comparing objects - Sean Morrison
    * improved g_qa usage message and missing density message - Bob Parker
    * fixed mged font preferences menu when ".mgedrc" present - Bob Parker
    * fixed oed docs bug noting lhs/rhs must be displayed - John Anderson
    * added the nmg_fix_normals command to mged - Erik Greenwald
    * upgrade libpng to 1.2.35 (Security fix) - Erik Greenwald
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.14.4.tar.bz2(40.04 MB)
    brlcad-7.14.4.tar.gz(47.37 MB) MB) MB)
  • rel-7-14-6(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2009-04-03  Release 7.14.6                                     ---
    * ported g_lint, g_diff, and g_transfer to Windows - Sean Morrison
    * rtarea now computes center of area - Richard Weiss, Keith Bowman
    * reduced archer's initial and maximum window size - Bob Parker
    * BLT is no longer an archer/bwish external dependency - Bob Parker
    * restored mged 'inside' command on edit state objects - Bob Parker
    * adjust brlman script to use system man command - Cliff Yapp
    * fixed small memory leak in gqa - Bob Parker
    * implemented rtwizard perspective rendering support - Sean Morrison
    * fixed rtwizard perspective and occlusion dialog bugs - Sean Morrison
    * mged 'clone' command utilizes a new naming convention - Keith Bowman
    * fixed mged bug mirroring rcc primitives - Keith Bowman
    * modified rpp vertex ordering to match arb8 vertices - Keith Bowman
    * fixed mged 'qorot' command rotation about point bug - Keith Bowman
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    brlcad-7.14.6.tar.bz2(39.97 MB)
    brlcad-7.14.6.tar.gz(47.59 MB) MB) MB)
  • rel-7-14-8(Mar 19, 2021)

    --- 2009-05-11  Release 7.14.8                                     ---
    * fix trimming bug in tire tread for wide tires - Cliff Yapp
    * archer interactive edit support for arb8, tor, ell, ehy - Bob Parker
    * improved asc2g handling of large BoT conversions - Keith Bowman
    * conversion of mged and archer to use new ttk widgets - Bob Parker
    * fixed crash in raytracing of pipe when duplicate hit points returned
            - Cliff Yapp, Sean Morrison
    * mged 'dbconcat' command no longer requires an affix - Bob Parker
    * added 'l' describe support for the pnts primitive - Richard Weiss
    * restored mged mirror command trailing axis options - Sean Morrison
    * swapped meaning of -p and -o arguments to 'mirror' - Sean Morrison
    * major overhaul of archer's appearance and layout - Bob Parker
    * removal of archer's separate experience modes - Bob Parker
    * add a left handed winding flag to the coil tool - Cliff Yapp
    * add a clear command to MGED's command line - Cliff Yapp, Bob Parker
    * initial implementation of a new 'pnts' primitive for point clouds
            - Nicholas Reed, Sean Morrison
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    BRL-CAD_7.14.8.exe(32.93 MB)
    brlcad-7.14.8.tar.bz2(39.57 MB)
    brlcad-7.14.8.tar.gz(46.65 MB) MB) MB)
Open Source Solid Modeling
A cheatsheet of modern C++ language and library features.

C++20/17/14/11 Overview Many of these descriptions and examples come from various resources (see Acknowledgements section), summarized in my own words

Anthony Calandra 11.4k Mar 17, 2021
This repository is a summary of the basic knowledge of recruiting job seekers and beginners in the direction of C/C++ technology, including language, program library, data structure, algorithm, system, network, link loading library, interview experience, recruitment, recommendation, etc.

?? C/C++ 技术面试基础知识总结,包括语言、程序库、数据结构、算法、系统、网络、链接装载库等知识及面试经验、招聘、内推等信息。This repository is a summary of the basic knowledge of recruiting job seekers and beginners in the direction of C/C++ technology, including language, program library, data structure, algorithm, system, network, link loading library, interview experience, recruitment, recommendation, etc.

huihut 17.4k Mar 17, 2021
30 Seconds of C++ (STL in C++). Read More about 30C++ here 👉

30 Seconds of C++ (STL in C++). Read More about 30C++ here ??

Bhupesh Varshney 813 Mar 7, 2021
This the contains the test examples and validator tool for the ISPD2021 Wafer-Scale Physics Modeling contest.

This readme documents information regarding the validator/scorer which will be used for the 2021 ISPD Contest problem: Wafer-Scale Physics Modelling

Cerebras 13 Feb 16, 2021
Public Code Repository of the iRotate Active SLAM for Omnidirectional robots at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen

iRotate: Active Visual SLAM for Omnidirectional Robots This repository contains the code of iRotate, an active V-SLAM method submitted to RA-L + IROS2

Elia Bonetto 12 Mar 26, 2021
It's good to be back!

?? Piscine Reloaded : This is the Piscine Reloaded project @ 1337 (42 Network), it no longer exists in the new graph. Review the basics with a set of

Abdessamad Laamimi 12 Mar 6, 2021
Slides and other materials from CppCon 2020

CppCon 2020 Presentation Materials is the canonical location for presentations and code from CppCon 2020. For Spe

CppCon 937 Feb 18, 2021
Ubpa small flat containers based on C++20

USmallFlat Ubpa small flat containers based on C++20 Containers basic_flat_map basic_flat_multimap basic_flat_multiset basic_flat_set basic_small_vect

Ubpa 11 Mar 26, 2021
Minimal Linux Live (MLL) is a tiny educational Linux distribution, which is designed to be built from scratch by using a collection of automated shell scripts. Minimal Linux Live offers a core environment with just the Linux kernel, GNU C library, and Busybox userland utilities.

Minimal Linux Live (MLL) is a tiny educational Linux distribution, which is designed to be built from scratch by using a collection of automated shell scripts. Minimal Linux Live offers a core environment with just the Linux kernel, GNU C library, and Busybox userland utilities.

John Davidson 1k Mar 2, 2021
A curated list of project-based tutorials in C

A list of tutorials that work towards the making of small to large projects in C.

R 6.1k Mar 20, 2021
Introduction to Computer Systems (II), Spring 2021.

Introduction to Computer Systems (II) Spring 2021, Fudan University.

null 10 Mar 29, 2021

SZU-resources 此仓库用于存放SZUer可能会用到的各类资源,希望各位在索取资源的同时能够为该仓库贡献自己的一部分资源,如此才能可持续发展。 目录 上传 下载 规范 反馈 上传 需要拥有Github账号。另外,如果实在不会操作但是又希望贡献自己的资源的,可以先在本地或云盘整理好文件结构(

null 10 Mar 29, 2021
simple and fast scripting language

The Aument Language The Aument language is a work-in-progress dynamically-typed scripting language with performance first: this scripting language is

The Aument Project 12 Mar 15, 2021
Parsing the Linux procfs

Very easy to use, procfs parsing library in C++. Build Run cmake . && make Currently supported CMake configuration flags: BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=<ON|OFF>:

Daniel Trugman 42 Feb 25, 2021