MPC-BE – универсальный проигрыватель аудио и видеофайлов для операционной системы Windows.

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MPC-BE – универсальный проигрыватель аудио и видеофайлов для операционной системы Windows.
Этот проект имеет свою независимую разработку на базе оригинального кода «Media Player Classic» (Gabest) и «Media Player Classic - Home Cinema» (Casimir666). 

Системные требования:
* Процессор с поддержкой SSE2
* Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 32-bit/64-bit


MPC-BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows.
MPC-BE is based on the original Guliverkli project and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project, contains additional features and bug fixes.

System requirements:
* An SSE2 capable CPU
* Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 32-bit/64-bit

Project Page:
Get code:  
Nightly Builds:

For the people involved in the development, see Authors.txt.
MPC-BE's code is licensed under GPL v3 (see COPYING.txt).

Translations are done by various translators (see Authors.txt).

MPC-BE makes use of the following 3rd party code:

Project             License                    Website
Bento4              GPLv2            
CFileVersionInfo    -                          -
CLineNumberEdit     -                          -
coolsb              -                
CSizingControlBar   GPLv2            
Detours             MIT License      
FFmpeg              GPLv3            
dav1d               BSD License      
libflac             GPLv2 / BSD License
libpng              zlib / libpng License
libopenjpeg         BSD License      
libspeex            BSD License      
Little CMS          MIT License      
Logitech SDK        -                          -
MediaInfo           BSD License      
mfx_dispatch        MIT License      
RapidJSON           MIT License      
ResizableLib        Artistic License 
soxr                LGPL             
TreePropSheet       -                          -
VirtualDub          GPLv2            
ZenLib              zlib License     
zlib                zlib License     
  • Нет превью у x265(hevc) без встроенного звука 2 (проблема не решена)

    Нет превью у x265(hevc) без встроенного звука 2 (проблема не решена)

    Мне создается впечатление что закрыли темы и в них больше не смотрят, ибо ответов-решений проблем я так и не увидел. От того что вы закрыли темы проблемы не решатся и не исчезнут, если они возникли у меня, также могут возникнуть и у др. А как еще по др до вас достучаться, куда еще писать я не знаю. Итак я глубже еще раз все что смог перепроверил. Никак не удается заставить показывать превью у x265, если нет внутри звука, менял настройки разные, сбрасывал настройки на стандарт (по умолч), ставил отдельно чистую копию(с отдельными настройками в папке), портативная или установленная один фиг, переустановил новый K-Lite Codec Pack. Бесполезно. Проверил на ноуте, win7, тоже есть кодек пак (более старый правда), настройки mpc-be стартовые "из коробки", ии... превью там действительно работает... чоо?? А поч у меня не работает тогда, не понимаю, чо за чертовщина? Видимо какой то баг, что-то ему не нравится, а что не понятно, причем со звуком работает все, и в том же mpc-hc работает(даже без звука), вот чо за фигня а? бред какой то.. По идее прога(как и любая) должна работать из коробки, а если что то не работает, знчт проблема/конфликт/баг в самой проге, тем более если все условия/треб, если они есть, для работы проги выполнены. Я не разраб, я не знаю как это решить/исправить. И если что, комп на Win10 x64 (версия этого года).

    opened by kakazex 22
  • The option

    The option "Position subtitles relative to the video frame" has no effect on rasterized subtitles anymore.

    The problem was introduced between "" and "". ("" working well but "" and beyond are not).

    Unchecking the option "Position subtitles relative to the video frame" has no effect on rasterized subtitles anymore, (but it still takes effect on text-based subs though), meaning subtitles are always rendered relative to the frame buffer rather than the viewport and thus will be rendered off screen if I move or scale the frame.

    Before "", it always worked as intended (The latest working version is "".

    I also stated the issue on 2022-09-29_00 56 13 858_mpc-be64_Options

    opened by Max33Verstappen 18
  • HEVC 1080p 50fps 10bit video frame drop [SW Decoding], when HW not supported

    HEVC 1080p 50fps 10bit video frame drop [SW Decoding], when HW not supported

    Tested on both MPCBE and HC, and both EVRCP and MPCVR. All are latest stable version. I was just testing a random file then found this.

    Video was playing in software decoding mode because HW decoding not supported on my laptop for 4K HEVC. But that is not a problem. VLC is playing same video smoothly at 50 fps. MPC giving 10-15 fps.

    I am shocked how VLC is able to play 4K video that even in SW mode smoothly? Is there any disadvantage of DirectShow video players or bug?

    opened by bibsp 14
  • MPC -BE is not showing the correct font style

    MPC -BE is not showing the correct font style

    I don't know if posting someone else's project link here is allowed or not, but I have the same issue with "MPC -BE v1.6.3.0" and you can find the details in the link below. Here

    opened by Bamboozul 11
  • unable to load internal or external subtitles (greyed out entirely)

    unable to load internal or external subtitles (greyed out entirely)

    MPC-BE 1.6.5 x64 (git 2022.11.11 - 24bf58279) VideoRenderer Windows 10 21H2

    I have an .mkv file which contains internal subtitles that are not being loaded, and the "Load Subtitle" option is greyed out entirely.

    I can provide more media information as needed.

    It works fine in MPC-HC with madVR, by comparison, or in SubtitleEdit which is also able to extract any of the subtitle tracks, so I know the media file isn't entirely the problem.

    opened by doubledgedboard 10
  • v1.6.3 MKV Tearing

    v1.6.3 MKV Tearing

    Since I've updated to latest version, all Matroshka MKV videos (possible other formats too) are tearing badly while vertical or horizontal movement of the scene very badly.

    Had no problems with prev. versions. (That's why I've switched from MCP-HC to BE at the first place!) Tried to turn on VSync, etc .. but no change. Win7 pro 32 bit. GPU is on. (ATI) (No other changes, pc is running since 6 month, all I did was the MCP-BE update.)

    opened by PizzaProgram 10
  • Is this the right scale for PGS? And the PGS color in MadVR.

    Is this the right scale for PGS? And the PGS color in MadVR.

    Please check this video:

    • 1st: The PGS in this video is rendered significantly larger than all other players and what it is on MPC-BE before (tested on with "Position subtitles relative to the video frame" checked, so it's rendered on the video on that version, right?). Maybe because you swap the scale factor from scaleX = scaleY = videoAR < subtitleAR ? double( / : double( /; to something more or less equivalent to scaleX = scaleY = videoAR < subtitleAR ? double( / : double( /; to always get the larger one as the scaling factor while the old logic always get the smaller one? Was this done on purpose?

    • 2nd: Please check the color of the subtitle in MadVR. The color of PGS subs is obvious "pale". No color space conversion for PGSs and so when using MadVR? Using MPCVR is fine. But other players are also fine in MadVR.

    opened by Max33Verstappen 9
  • HEVC Green Playback Glitch

    HEVC Green Playback Glitch

    I've noticed MPC-BE seems to have issues with some hevc encoded files.

    They playback all glitchy and green.

    The video player built into windows plays them back fine.

    Here's the media info from one of the files.

    General Unique ID : 106638210256385450189198857006715805140 (0x5039C5B12F1B799DEBCB2BD469789DD4) Complete name : Z:\downloads\jdownloader\Season 4 (Weirdsister College)\S04E01 - The All Seeing Eye.mkv Format : Matroska Format version : Version 4 / Version 2 File size : 524 MiB Duration : 24 min 34 s Overall bit rate : 2 981 kb/s Encoded date : UTC 2019-03-07 05:27:20 Writing application : HandBrake 1.2.0 2018122200 Writing library : Lavf58.20.100 ErrorDetectionType : Per level 1

    Video ID : 1 Format : HEVC Format/Info : High Efficiency Video Coding Format profile : Main@L3@Main Codec ID : V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC Duration : 24 min 34 s Width : 718 pixels Height : 494 pixels Display aspect ratio : 16:10 Frame rate mode : Constant Frame rate : 25.000 FPS Color space : YUV Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 Bit depth : 8 bits Writing library : x265 2.9:[Mac OS X][clang 10.0.0][64 bit] 8bit+10bit+12bit Encoding settings : cpuid=1111039 / frame-threads=3 / wpp / no-pmode / no-pme / no-psnr / no-ssim / log-level=2 / input-csp=1 / input-res=718x494 / interlace=0 / total-frames=0 / level-idc=0 / high-tier=1 / uhd-bd=0 / ref=4 / no-allow-non-conformance / no-repeat-headers / annexb / no-aud / no-hrd / info / hash=0 / no-temporal-layers / open-gop / min-keyint=25 / keyint=250 / gop-lookahead=0 / bframes=4 / b-adapt=2 / b-pyramid / bframe-bias=0 / rc-lookahead=25 / lookahead-slices=0 / scenecut=40 / radl=0 / no-intra-refresh / ctu=64 / min-cu-size=8 / no-rect / no-amp / max-tu-size=32 / tu-inter-depth=1 / tu-intra-depth=1 / limit-tu=0 / rdoq-level=2 / dynamic-rd=0.00 / no-ssim-rd / signhide / no-tskip / nr-intra=0 / nr-inter=0 / no-constrained-intra / no-strong-intra-smoothing / max-merge=3 / limit-refs=3 / limit-modes / me=3 / subme=3 / merange=57 / temporal-mvp / weightp / no-weightb / no-analyze-src-pics / deblock=0:0 / sao / no-sao-non-deblock / rd=4 / no-early-skip / rskip / no-fast-intra / no-tskip-fast / no-cu-lossless / no-b-intra / no-splitrd-skip / rdpenalty=0 / psy-rd=2.00 / psy-rdoq=1.00 / no-rd-refine / no-lossless / cbqpoffs=0 / crqpoffs=0 / rc=crf / crf=14.0 / qcomp=0.60 / qpstep=4 / stats-write=0 / stats-read=0 / ipratio=1.40 / pbratio=1.30 / aq-mode=1 / aq-strength=1.00 / cutree / zone-count=0 / no-strict-cbr / qg-size=32 / no-rc-grain / qpmax=69 / qpmin=0 / no-const-vbv / sar=255 / sar-width / : / sar-height=16:15 / overscan=0 / videoformat=5 / range=0 / colorprim=5 / transfer=1 / colormatrix=6 / chromaloc=0 / display-window=0 / max-cll=0,0 / min-luma=0 / max-luma=255 / log2-max-poc-lsb=8 / vui-timing-info / vui-hrd-info / slices=1 / no-opt-qp-pps / no-opt-ref-list-length-pps / no-multi-pass-opt-rps / scenecut-bias=0.05 / no-opt-cu-delta-qp / no-aq-motion / no-hdr / no-hdr-opt / no-dhdr10-opt / no-idr-recovery-sei / analysis-reuse-level=5 / scale-factor=0 / refine-intra=0 / refine-inter=0 / refine-mv=0 / no-limit-sao / ctu-info=0 / no-lowpass-dct / refine-mv-type=0 / copy-pic=1 / max-ausize-factor=1.0 / no-dynamic-refine / no-single-sei Default : Yes Forced : No Color range : Limited Color primaries : BT.601 PAL Transfer characteristics : BT.709 Matrix coefficients : BT.601

    Audio ID : 2 Format : AAC LC Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity Codec ID : A_AAC-2 Duration : 24 min 33 s Channel(s) : 2 channels Channel layout : L R Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 46.875 FPS (1024 SPF) Compression mode : Lossy Delay relative to video : -124 ms Title : Stereo Language : English Default : Yes Forced : No

    Menu 00:00:00.080 : :Chapter 1

    S04E01 - The All Seeing Eye mkv_snapshot_11 21_ 2022 09 11_21 17 53

    opened by andrewtjb 9
  • Некорректное воспроизведение TrueHD аудио в MPC-BE x64 версии 1.6.5+

    Некорректное воспроизведение TrueHD аудио в MPC-BE x64 версии 1.6.5+

    В MPC-BE x64, начиная с версии 1.6.5, некорректно воспроизводятся видео с аудиодорожкой TrueHD - звук прыгает по каналам с сильными искажениями.

    Аудио-рендерер выбран MPC Audio Renderer, первичный звуковой драйвер, с настройками WASAPI Exclusive, Event, 50ms.

    Пробовал включать микширование каналов в настройках обработки звука - не помогает.

    В версии MPC-BE x64 1.6.4 TrueHD аудио воспроизводится корректно.

    Проверял на трёх разных компьютерах - на всех трёх проблема присутствует, включая ПК со свежеустановленной Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2364.

    opened by vladvalmont 8
  • File menu delayed response

    File menu delayed response

    First click on file menu takes 2-3 seconds and then opens. This system has HDD.

    When tested on different system that system was fine. That has SSD.

    I can remember this problem was also there in MPC-HC in past. It was fixed long ago. I got this change log

    Hope this will save your time.

    opened by bibsp 7
  • Using command line switch /startpos with HEVC causes crash

    Using command line switch /startpos with HEVC causes crash

    Hi, first off I'd like to say I really appreciate what a great app you have created and continue to maintain, the effort is really appreciated by me.

    Now to the bug, this bug isn't new, it has been around for ages, when using MPC-BE with a HEVC encoded file and the flag /startpos the file is loaded but then MPC-BE becomes unresponsive immediately (crash) and a force close is required, other codecs such as H264 work fine when attempting the same thing. It would be great if you could resolve this. thanks!

    eg: MPC-BE.exe "HEVC_codec_file.mkv" /startpos 00:10:00

    Russian translation if it helps:

    Привет, во-первых, я хотел бы сказать, что я очень ценю то отличное приложение, которое вы создали и продолжаете поддерживать, я действительно ценю ваши усилия.

    Теперь об ошибке, эта ошибка не нова, она существует уже много лет, когда при использовании MPC-BE с файлом, закодированным HEVC, и флагом /startpos файл загружается, но затем MPC-BE сразу перестает отвечать (сбой) и требуется принудительное закрытие, другие кодеки, такие как H264, работают нормально при попытке сделать то же самое. Было бы здорово, если бы вы смогли это решить. Благодарность!

    opened by jupester 7
  • 1.6.5(Nov 11, 2022)

    Splitters Fixed reading images from ID3v2 tags.

    MPCStreamReader The filter will not connect to completed broadcasts.

    MpaSplitter Added support for multiple ID3 tags at the beginning of a file or stream.

    OggSplitter Added update of metadata while playing radio broadcasts.

    MpegSplitter Unsupported G.722.1 audio tracks for Hikvision (IMKH) camera files will be ignored. Added support for AVS3 video codec.

    MatroskaSplitter Fixed a crash on some MKVs. Added support for AVS3 video codec.

    MP4Splitter Added support for MP4 with multiple headers.

    RawVideoSplitter Added support for color range and color location for YUV4MPEG2.

    MPCVideoDec Fixed output media type properties for RAW video when MPC Video Converter is used. Fixed angle switching for Stereo 3D. Added support for AVS3 video decoding.

    Player Added the ability to specify "User agent". The default is "Mozilla/5.0". Fixed blinking of the preview window. Fixed remembering history when opening BD ISO. The display of the list of player translations has been optimized. Fixed player operation in case of impossibility to change the playback speed. Added the ability to temporarily disable (and re-enable) the preview window for the current file by clicking the middle mouse button. The function to add all files from a folder now ignores playlists. Fixed decoding error for some JPEG files. Fixed update of the "Information" panel for Ogg radio. Fixed detection of file extensions for URLs. Optimized CD/DVD presence detection for some drives. Fixed playback from the webcam after resetting the settings. Various interface fixes.

    Updated Hungarian translation (by mickey). Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky). Updated German translation (by Klaus1189). Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (by wushantao). Updated Dutch and Chinese (Traditional) translation (by beter). Updated Japanese translation. Updated Italian translation (by mapi68).

    Updated libraries: ffmpeg git-n5.2-dev-1381-g65f96a965a; Little-CMS git-lcms2.14rc1-3-g496293a; MediaInfo git-v22.09-8-gb4863b677.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB)
    MPC-BE.1.6.5.x64.7z(12.83 MB) MB)
    MPC-BE.1.6.5.x86.7z(11.55 MB)
    standalone_filters-mpc-be.1.6.5.x64.7z(7.62 MB)
    standalone_filters-mpc-be.1.6.5.x86.7z(6.94 MB)
  • 1.6.4(Sep 7, 2022)

    MPCStreamReader (MPC UDP/HTTP Reader) Added support for HLS Live.

    MPegSplitter Fixed playback of VOB files with an incorrect empty block at the beginning. Faster navigation for Blu-ray files, added support for keyframes. Optimized calculation of unknown frame rate.

    MpcDvdVideoDecoder (Mpeg2DecFilter) Removed option to read aspect ratio from video stream. This option is not required when playing DVD-Video.

    MPCVideoDec Implemented correct output of YUV 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 formats when odd sizes are specified for the video stream. Improved operation of D3D11 Copy Back and NVDEC decoders in some situations. Added support for MEDIASUBTYPE_av01.

    VideoRenderers Сolor management now works for 10-bit surfaces as well.

    Subtitles Subtitle delay is now applied on pause. Fixed display of symbols in some external fonts.

    Youtube and other online services Fixed work with yt-dlp on some sites. Use "ffmpeg.exe" to merge individual video and audio files obtained using the "Save As" command. Disable SSL certificate verification in yt-dlp. Improved support for online playlists.

    Player Fixed display of text with "&" symbols in the "Information" panel. Fixed LAV Splitter freezing when watching some Live broadcasts. Fixed detection of "dxva2cb" mode when using LAV Video Decoder. Fixed player crash during frame-by-frame navigation at the end of playback.

    Installer Compiling the installer requires InnoSetup 6.1.0 or later. Updated installer translation files. Added the ability to install "MPC Video Renderer 0.6.3". Added the ability to offline install previously downloaded components.

    Updated German translation (by Klaus1189). Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky). Updated Spanish translation (by pruebaz). Updated Catalan translation (by pruebaz). Updated Japanese translation. Added Croatian translation.

    Updated libraries: dav1d git-1.0.0-45-ga029d68; ffmpeg git-n5.2-dev-506-g5c217119c8; Little-CMS git-lcms2.13.1-70-gf3f6b7b; MediaInfo git-v22.06-34-g90e59c5ed; ZenLib git-v0.4.39-12-gde2787a; nanosvg git-bd16c4e.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB)
    MPC-BE.1.6.4.x64.7z(12.63 MB) MB)
    MPC-BE.1.6.4.x86.7z(11.38 MB)
    standalone_filters-mpc-be.1.6.4.x64.7z(7.40 MB)
    standalone_filters-mpc-be.1.6.4.x86.7z(6.76 MB)
  • 1.6.3(Jun 15, 2022)

    MpaSplitter Fixed working with online streams. Improved support for embedded images.

    AudioSplitter Improved FLAC playback via HTTP. Fixed APE Tag reading in some situations.

    MP4Splitter Fixed playing files with tracks with negative delay. Improved work with PCM audio. Fixed opening of some corrupted files.

    MatroskaSplitter Fixed aspect ratio setting for VFW codecs.

    MpaDecFilter Added support for AAC 22.2 audio decoding with automatic mixing in 7.1. Added support for ATRAC9. Fixed "stereodownmix" setting.

    MPCVideoDec Fixed D3D11 decoder in some situations. Added support for Intel D3D11 hardware acceleration for HEVC 4:2:0 12bit, 4:2:2 10/12bit, 4:4:4 8/10/12bit decoding. Fixed support for AV1 hardware decoding in D3D11 Copy-Back and NVDEC modes.

    VideoRenderers Fixed frame rotating for SyncVR. Removed PS 2.x shader support for EVR-CP and SyncVR.

    Subtitles Added support for outputting subtitles in DirectX 11 mode. Used together with MPC Video Renderer or later. Various subtitle output optimizations in DirectX 9 mode. Fixed positioning of subtitles in MicroDVD format.

    Youtube Added support for links "", "" and "".

    Player Added option "Use Window Media Controls". It is disabled by default. Added shaders to convert stereo 3D to red-cyan anaglyph for Direct3D9. Added the ability to set the color of the program window title on Windows 11. Fixed EVR-CP bug with "Failed to RegisterClass" error for the case when playback is forced to end after the first frame. Fixed remembering the starting window size for some situations. Moving a window outside the video area now also works for a maximized window. Deleting from history also removes entries from the list of recent files in the taskbar. Added the ability to open local files with a long path (more than 260 characters). Fixed saving position in history when shutting down Windows. Improved blocking the computer from going to sleep. Added the ability to use DVD bookmarks with a position on another computer. Added extension .ec3 in group of formats AC-3. Miscellaneous fixes.

    Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky). Updated German translation (by Klaus1189). Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (by wushantao). Updated Ukrainian translation (by arestarh). Updated Japanese translation. Updated Dutch and Chinese (Traditional) translation (by beter). Updated Hungarian translation (by mickey). Updated Spanish translation (by IPeluchito).

    Updated libraries: dav1d git-1.0.0; Detours git-v4.0.1-97-g66d6f2d; ffmpeg git-n5.1-dev-1440-gaa0829d834; libflac git-1.3.3-93-ga2fe43f6; Little-CMS git-lcms2.13.1-23-gab22640; MediaInfo git-v22.03-g6d3271df; openjpeg git-v2.4.0-89-g6a29f5a9; rapidjson git-v1.1.0-685-ge4bde977; zlib 1.2.12; nanosvg git-3bcdf2f.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip) MB)
    MPC-BE.1.6.3.x64.7z(12.60 MB) MB)
    MPC-BE.1.6.3.x86.7z(11.38 MB)
    standalone_filters-mpc-be.1.6.3.x64.7z(7.33 MB)
    standalone_filters-mpc-be.1.6.3.x86.7z(6.77 MB)
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Asteroids Clone for Windows This game is a simple Asteroids clone primarily intended to demonstrate the capabilities and flexibility of w64devkit. It

Christopher Wellons 24 Dec 25, 2022
A program that allows you to hide certain windows when sharing your full screen

Invisiwind Invisiwind (short for Invisible Window) is an application that allows you to hide certain windows when sharing your full screen.

Joshua T. 75 Dec 20, 2022
A beginner friendly desktop UI for Tasmota flashed devices for Windows, macOS and Linux.

TasmoManager A beginner friendly desktop UI for Tasmota flashed devices for Windows, macOS and Linux. Features Native Tasmota device discovery (via ta

Tom Butcher 52 Dec 10, 2022
Slackware for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

WSLackware: Slackware on Windows! Slackware for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) WSLackware is an unofficial version of Slackware for Windows Subsyst

Mohsen Seifi 46 Dec 30, 2022
Add virtual monitors to your windows 10 device! Works with Oculus software, obs, and any desktop sharing software

License MIT and CC0 or Public Domain, whichever is least restrictive -- Use it AS IS - NO IMPLICIT OR EXPLICIT warranty This may break your computer,

Rashi Abramson 230 Jan 6, 2023
The old Windows NT OpenGL samples/SDK from an MSDN CD.

The OpenGL API is supported on a variety of graphics hardware; the software in this release provides support for graphics hardware including basic emulation on any video adapter that is supported with the operating system, and accelerated graphics hardware that is supported by an OpenGL mini-client driver (MCD) or an OpenGL installable client driver (ICD).

Ian Hanschen 19 Aug 13, 2022
A Dart package to send native 💬 toasts on Windows. Based on WinToast.

desktoasts A Dart package to send native ?? toasts on Windows. Installation For Flutter dependencies: ... desktoasts: ^0.0.2 For Dart CLI here Sup

Hitesh Kumar Saini 37 Mar 7, 2022
Spotify Adblocker for windows

SpotifyAdBlocker-Windows This project is a try to port This one to windows the way it is done is with dll redirection, the call to cef_urlrequest_crea

Mouad Fakhri 39 Aug 17, 2022