Video, Image and GIF upscale/enlarge(Super-Resolution) and Video frame interpolation. Achieved with Waifu2x, SRMD, RealSR, Anime4K, RIFE, CAIN, DAIN and ACNet.



Photo/Video/GIF enlargement and Video frame interpolation using machine learning

📜 中文版说明文档

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Download Latest portable package for Windows x64 PCs with Intel/AMD/Nvidia GPUs.

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Supported Languages: English, 简体中文, 繁體中文.

🌟 Download Beta Build (Windows x64)

The beta build has a faster update cycle than the stable build, which allows you to experience the latest features of the software in advance.

Beta builds are more unstable than the stable builds because the beta builds have not been fully tested before release.

Download the beta build at the releases page:

What is Waifu2x-Extension-GUI?

Image & GIF & Video Super-Resolution and Video Frame Interpolation using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.

Key features:

  • 📺 Multimedia support: Supports processing Image & GIF & Video at the same time.

  • 😍 Full image style support: Multiple built-in algorithms, 2D anime, or your daily photos & videos, this software can handle all of them.

  • 🎞 Video frame interpolation: Automatically use AI to interpolate frames after enlarge the video.

  • Great compatibility: Multiple built-in engines, compatible with almost all modern Windows PCs.

  • 📊 Flexible multi-thread setting: You can adjust the number of threads freely while providing a complete set of settings for each engine, Take advantage of all the capabilities of your PC.
  • 🚀 🚀 🚀 Multi-GPU support: Multi-GPU support for ALL built-in engines.
  • 🛠 Numerous customizable settings: You can automate your workflow by adjusting the many customizable settings in the software.
  • 🤖 Smart settings: This software can automatically adjust some software settings based on your PC hardware information and the information of the files you want to process.
  • 😉 Easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • 📨 Continual maintenance and updates.
Built-in super-resolution algorithms:
Waifu2x / SRMD / RealSR / Anime4K / ACNet

Built-in super-resolution engines:
Waifu2x-caffe / Waifu2x-converter / Waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan / SRMD-ncnn-vulkan / RealSR-ncnn-vulkan / Anime4KCPP

Built-in Video frame interpolation algorithms:

Built-in Video frame interpolation engines:
rife-ncnn-vulkan / cain-ncnn-vulkan / dain-ncnn-vulkan

Already been tested on the AMD RX 550, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 and Intel UHD 620.




Samples 👀

The Simpsons Movie Trailer (LOW quality 720p 24fps 1440p 48fps):

The Simpsons AVGN Intro (30fps 60fps):

Comparison(3D Real-life)(Using RealSR-NCNN-Vulkan Engine)

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash


Comparison(2D Anime)(Using Waifu2x-NCNN-Vulkan Engine)


Original 2D Anime Image 480x300 (.jpg 93.2 KB):

Original Imgae

After 8x magnification, level 3 denoise and compress 3840x2400 (.jpg 525 KB):

(Using Waifu2x-NCNN-Vulkan Engine)

Scaled Imgae

Original GIF 500 x 372 (493 KB):

Original GIF

After 2x magnification, level 2 denoise and gif optimize 1000 x 744 (3.77 MB):

(Using Waifu2x-NCNN-Vulkan Engine)

Scaled GIF

Github doesn't support online video playback, please check link below:

The Simpsons Movie Trailer (LOW quality 720p 24fps 1440p 48fps):

The Simpsons AVGN Intro (30fps 60fps):

Video :

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📄 License

Waifu2x-Extension-GUI is licensed under the 🔗 GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

Privacy policy 🙈 🙉 🙊

We respect your privacy, so the following is the privacy policy of this software:

1. This software won't upload anything to the internet, so we won't collect any data from you, we don't even have a server.

2. This software will only connect to the internet when checking for new updates and update the QRCode on the Donate tab, which
will download two .ini files and two .jpg files from GitHub and Gitee. (Gitee is a copycat version of GitHub in The
People's Republic of China, you can disable downloading anything from Gitee by enabling [Ban Gitee] in [Additional settings])

In conclusion, we won't collect any data from you. If you don't trust us, you can read the source code yourself or stop using this software.

💝 Credits 💝 :

  • Copy Audio Stream/Copy Video Stream settings ignored

    Copy Audio Stream/Copy Video Stream settings ignored

    Video and audio is being converted despite the options to copy the audio and video streams being ticked.

    The previous version worked fine, and I've had to go back to using that one for the time being.

    enhancement Fixed Not a bug 
    opened by Bostonjunk 27
  • Selecting sleep when done no longer works

    Selecting sleep when done no longer works

    Selecting sleep when done no longer works. I get a box asking whether I want to sleep immediately, and it goes no further. I want to leave a project running and have the computer sleep when done automatically This no longer works..

    bug Fixed 
    opened by 4-testing 25
  • Frames are being skipped

    Frames are being skipped

    Whenever i try upscaling a gif it makes some kind of weird double frames and it looks like its skipping some frames in the upscaled one, it isn't like the original, not sure what's the problem.

    bug Fixed 
    opened by GamerzHell9137 25
  • [Feature request] Add Real-ESRGAN to the list of upscaler

    [Feature request] Add Real-ESRGAN to the list of upscaler

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. No, this is merely a request to add an upscaler.

    Describe the solution you'd like In there, is a ncnn version of Real-ESRGAN, which in structure is very similar to RealSR, but has superior video quality. it would be really cool to have it in your software!

    Describe alternatives you've considered Theres no alternative, just a request.

    Additional context I have no further context.

    Fixed Feature request 
    opened by Tsubajashi 21
  • v0.461,视频质量劣化(前期图像处理)问题


    我测试一段视频,对比v0.37有着一眼能看出的劣化,囧 我一开始以为是视频编码器问题

    但是我重新折腾几次发现 v0.461这个,在处理视频的时候,拆分图像上,就已经和v0.37有着画质差别(比0.37更糊) 然后,用这个已经劣化的图片再放大,就是糊上加糊

    我已经把v0.461和v0.37的最终视频,拆分图像,以及放大图像,原始视频,都单独复制出来并上传网盘了 其中 160,眼镜的脸,和肌肉那块 Snipaste_2020-02-22_22-03-30

    232,妹子的边缘 Snipaste_2020-02-22_22-04-32

    链接: 提取码:cgow


    软件设置参数 自定义分辨率3840x2160 保持宽高比 视频,降噪3 视频,内部线程3



    硬件参数 8700k oc4.69 64g ram 1080TI

    烦请排查问题所在 如果需要,我也可以提供更详细信息

    opened by slimekingwin8cn 19
  • Converted images are black

    Converted images are black

    I'm using version 0.52 beta, my video card is an RX570. When using Waifu2x-ncn-vulkan engine the result is black images (see screenshot). This did not happen in any previous version. To get around this I'm having to use the waifu2x-converter engine, which is much slower. image

    opened by flaviojcojr 17
  • [BUG] subtitle format:pgs could causes output to be malformed

    [BUG] subtitle format:pgs could causes output to be malformed

    Reply @AaronFeng753 :

    Software Version Latest BETA or Latest Stable? v3.95.23-Premium

    Describe the bug enabling keep mkv subtitles feature causes output to be malformed/broken

    in vlc

    video stays black with vlc logo unless manually scrub to a different time.. when scrubbed back to start, image shows but is still and doesnt actually play images, just audio.

    in windows media player

    video starts without problem. but trying to play any timestamp where audio is missing, it would immediately skip to next part where audio exists.

    in both vlc and windows media player

    large portion of audio is missing in the center.

    How to Reproduce the bug Steps to reproduce the bug:

    sourcefile: 27 minute long mkv segment: 40 sec model: RealESRGAN animev3 tilesize: 400
    2D custom resolution: 1920x1080 2x scale keep subtitles mkv nvidia x265 encoding nvidia decoder

    1. enable keep mkv subtitle feature
    2. upscale and render
    3. play output video.

    Expected behavior output is not malformed if keep subtitles is enabled

    Screenshots If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

    Files you were trying to process when encountered the BUG If you encountered the BUG when processing certain files, please send me some of that files so I can do some research.(You can zip it before send it to me)

    [link removed]

    The settings you were using when issue occured You can save your settings than zip and upload the settings.ini, or just take screenshots.

    VideoConfiguration_[Kayoanime] Domestic Na Kanojo

    Desktop (please complete the following information):

    • OS: windows 11
    • GPU Model RTX 3080Ti
    • CPU Model ryzen9 7950x
    • Amount of RAM: 64GB
    • Amount of VRAM: 12GB
    • Amount of Storage: 2TB

    Additional context VLC player small 1 minute samples arent having this problem

    opened by Snazzie 16
  • [BUG] Unable to split video into pictures

    [BUG] Unable to split video into pictures

    Software Version: 3.92.01 Stable Release

    Description of Issue: Waifu2x Extension GUI is unable to split a video into pictures while upscaling and inteprolating to 8K (a resolution of 7680 x 4320). It starts the upscaling process fine but around the ~50 minute mark, it randomly says there is an error splitting the video into pictures. Video is around 5 minutes long and running at 24FPS 1080P originally. Rendered in DaVinci Resolve in the .mp4 format using h.264.

    How to Reproduce: Not sure if it only works with this video for some reason, but take any high bitrate video that's longer than ~6 or so minutes, upscale to 8K and it fails halfway through the upscale. Make the resolution 8K and enable frame interprolation (for 8K 48FPS).

    Expected Behavior: The program successfully splits the video and moves on.

    Screenshots: image Console Log (you can see that it was working for 40 or so minutes) image The video I was attempting to upscale to 8K 48FPS


    Settings File: `[Warning] .="Do not modify this file! It may cause the program to crash! If problems occur after the modification, delete this file and restart the program."

    [settings] VERSION=v3.92.01 ImageScaleRatio=2 GIFScaleRatio=2 VideoScaleRatio=2 ImageDenoiseLevel=2 GIFDenoiseLevel=2 VideoDenoiseLevel=2 CustResWidth=7680 CustResHeight=4320 CustResAspectRatioMode=1 ImageThreadNum=12 GIFThreadNumInternal=12 VideoThreadNumInternal=12 isStopShowUseImportModelWarn_RealEsrgan=false checkBox_isEnableImportModel_RealEsrganNcnnVulkan=false lineEdit_ImportedModelName_RealEsrganNcnnVulkan= spinBox_ImportedModelNativeScaleRatio_RealEsrganNcnnVulkan=4 checkBox_Always2x_RealCugan=false comboBox_SyncGapMode_RealCugan=3 comboBox_ImageStyle_Waifu2xCaffe=0 comboBox_ImageStyle_RealEsrGanNcnnVulkan=0 checkBox_isAutoOptEngine=true checkBox_isVramSizeEnabled=false spinBox_VramSize=2000 ImageEngine=0 GIFEngine=0 VideoEngine=0 ImageStyle=0 ModelVulkan=0 TileSize=400 BlockSizeConverter=256 DisableGPUConverter=false ForceOpenCLConverter=false TTAVulkan=false TTAConverter=false TTA_SRMD=false TileSize_SRMD=128 TTA_RealCugan=false TileSize_RealCugan=128 Version_Waifu2xNCNNVulkan=0 comboBox_BitDepth_Waifu2xCaffe=0 TTA_Waifu2xCaffe=false Model_2D_Waifu2xCaffe=0 Model_3D_Waifu2xCaffe=0 ProcessMode_Waifu2xCaffe=1 BatchSize_Waifu2xCaffe=1 GPUID_Waifu2xCaffe=0 SplitSize_Waifu2xCaffe=128 checkBox_EnableMultiGPU_Waifu2xCaffe=false lineEdit_MultiGPUInfo_Waifu2xCaffe="0,1,128:" checkBox_TTA_RealsrNCNNVulkan=false comboBox_Model_RealsrNCNNVulkan=0 spinBox_TileSize_RealsrNCNNVulkan=128 checkBox_TTA_RealEsrganNCNNVulkan=false comboBox_Model_RealEsrganNCNNVulkan=0 spinBox_TileSize_RealEsrganNCNNVulkan=128 CurrentGPUID_Waifu2xNCNNVulkan=0 [email protected]() [email protected](\0\0\0\x7f\0\0\0\x14QList_QMap_QStrQStr\0\0\0\0\0) checkBox_MultiGPU_Waifu2xNCNNVulkan=false comboBox_GPUID_RealsrNCNNVulkan=0 [email protected]() [email protected](\0\0\0\x7f\0\0\0\x14QList_QMap_QStrQStr\0\0\0\0\0) checkBox_MultiGPU_RealsrNcnnVulkan=false comboBox_GPUID_RealEsrganNCNNVulkan=0 [email protected]() [email protected](\0\0\0\x7f\0\0\0\x14QList_QMap_QStrQStr\0\0\0\0\0) checkBox_MultiGPU_RealEsrganNcnnVulkan=false checkBox_AutoSwitch2AnimeVideoModel=false checkBox_ForceXSX4_RealESRGAN=false checkBox_AlwaysV2AnimeVideoModelForVid=true comboBox_TargetProcessor_converter=0 [email protected]() [email protected](\0\0\0\x7f\0\0\0\x14QList_QMap_QStrQStr\0\0\0\0\0) checkBox_MultiGPU_Waifu2xConverter=false comboBox_GPUID_srmd=0 [email protected]() [email protected](\0\0\0\x7f\0\0\0\x14QList_QMap_QStrQStr\0\0\0\0\0) checkBox_MultiGPU_SrmdNCNNVulkan=false comboBox_GPUID_RealCugan=0 [email protected]() [email protected](\0\0\0\x7f\0\0\0\x14QList_QMap_QStrQStr\0\0\0\0\0) checkBox_MultiGPU_RealCuganNCNNVulkan=false ImageEXT=png:jpg:jpeg:tif:tiff:bmp:psd:heic:avif:webp:jfif VideoEXT=mp4:3gp:avi:flv:mkv:mov:mpg:ogg:vob:webm:wmv:ts spinBox_Hour_VidSampStart=0 spinBox_Min_VidSampStart=0 spinBox_Sec_VidSampStart=0 spinBox_Hour_VidSampEND=0 spinBox_Min_VidSampEND=0 spinBox_Sec_VidSampEND=10 spinBox_MaxTriggerRes_AlphaClarityEnhance=720 checkBox_MaxTriggerRes_AlphaClarityEnhance=true checkBox_AlphaClarityEnhance=true checkBox_AutoEmptyFilesList=false checkBox_AlwaysConvertToCFRmp4=false checkBox_SaveCfrMp4_2RAM=false checkBox_AlwaysDelRedirectIO=false checkBox_RedirectIO=true checkBox_RamCacheValidityCheck=true checkBox_InsufficientVRamWarning=true checkBox_NvRtxON=false checkBox_isHyperThreadingSupported=true checkBox_SummaryPopup=true checkBox_DisableResize_gif=false checkBox_AutoSkip_CustomRes=false checkBox_AlwaysPreProcessAlphaPNG=false spinBox_ImageQualityLevel=100 comboBox_ImageSaveFormat=0 checkBox_KeepParentFolder=false checkBox_BanGitee=false comboBox_UpdateChannel=0 checkBox_MinimizeToTaskbar=false checkBox_custres_isAll=true DelOriginal=false OptGIF=false NFSound=true ReProFinFiles=false ShowInterPro=true UpdatePopup=true FileListAutoScroll=true AutoSaveSettings=true AlwaysHideSettings=false AlwaysHideTextBrowser=false ScanSubFolders=true InteractiveFileList=false RetryTimes=10 AutoDetectAlphaChannel=true PromptWhenExit=true KeepVideoCache=false checkBox_ReplaceOriginalFile=false QAction_checkBox_MoveToRecycleBin_checkBox_ReplaceOriginalFile=true QAction_checkBox_MoveToRecycleBin_checkBox_DelOriginal=true ProcessVideoBySegment=true SegmentDuration=30 AudioDenoise=false AudioDenoiseLevel=0.2 checkBox_PreProcessImage=false isSrmdCudaWarningDisabled=false checkBox_AutoScroll_textBrowser=true TextBrowserFontSize=9 checkBox_UnlimitLines_textBrowser=false Language=0 GlobalFontSize=15 [email protected](\0\0\[email protected]\0\0\0\x1c\0M\0S\0 \0S\0h\0\x65\0l\0l\0 \0\x44\0l\0g\0 \0\[email protected] \x80\0\0\0\0\0\xff\xff\xff\xff\x5\x1\0\x32\x10) CustFont_isEnabled=false isStopShowHWAccEncodeWarn_1=false isStopShowHWAccDecodeWarn=false lineEdit_OutputVidExt=mp4 VideoSettingsIsEnabled=false EncoderVideo=libx264 EncoderAudio=aac PixelFormat=yuv420p BitrateVideo=6000 BitrateAudio=320 ExtraCommandOutput= spinBox_CRF_2res=17 comboBox_VidEncoder_2mp4=0 BitrateVideo2mp4=2500 BitrateAudio2mp4=320 vcodecCopy=false acodecCopy=false checkBox_IgnoreFrameRateMode=false ExtraCommand2mp4= spinBox_CRF_2mp4=17 groupBox_HWAccEncode=false comboBox_HWAccEncode_Codec=0 comboBox_HWAccEncode_Platform=0 groupBox_HWAccDecode=false comboBox_HWAccDecode_Codec=0 comboBox_FrameImgCodec=0 comboBox_Format_VidContainerSelect=0 checkBox_KeepSubsMKV=false isStopShowAudioDenoiseWarn=false OutPutPath= OutPutPathIsEnabled=false checkBox_OutPath_KeepOriginalFileName=false checkBox_OutPath_Overwrite=false checkBox_AutoOpenOutputPath=false checkBox_KeepALLParentFolders=false spinBox_OpenCLCommandQueues_A4k=1 checkBox_OpenCLParallelIO_A4k=false comboBox_GPGPUModel_A4k=0 checkBox_HDNMode_Anime4k=true checkBox_FastMode_Anime4K=false checkBox_ACNet_Anime4K=true checkBox_GPUMode_Anime4K=true spinBox_Passes_Anime4K=2 spinBox_PushColorCount_Anime4K=2 doubleSpinBox_PushColorStrength_Anime4K=0.3 doubleSpinBox_PushGradientStrength_Anime4K=1 checkBox_SpecifyGPU_Anime4k=false lineEdit_GPUs_Anime4k="0,0:" checkBox_EnablePreProcessing_Anime4k=true checkBox_MedianBlur_Pre_Anime4k=false checkBox_MeanBlur_Pre_Anime4k=false checkBox_CASSharping_Pre_Anime4k=true checkBox_GaussianBlurWeak_Pre_Anime4k=false checkBox_GaussianBlur_Pre_Anime4k=false checkBox_BilateralFilter_Pre_Anime4k=false checkBox_BilateralFilterFaster_Pre_Anime4k=false checkBox_EnablePostProcessing_Anime4k=true checkBox_MedianBlur_Post_Anime4k=false checkBox_MeanBlur_Post_Anime4k=false checkBox_CASSharping_Post_Anime4k=false checkBox_GaussianBlurWeak_Post_Anime4k=true checkBox_GaussianBlur_Post_Anime4k=false checkBox_BilateralFilter_Post_Anime4k=true checkBox_BilateralFilterFaster_Post_Anime4k=false checkBox_isCompatible_Waifu2x_NCNN_Vulkan_NEW=true checkBox_isCompatible_Waifu2x_NCNN_Vulkan_NEW_FP16P=true checkBox_isCompatible_Waifu2x_NCNN_Vulkan_OLD=true checkBox_isCompatible_Waifu2x_Converter=true checkBox_isCompatible_SRMD_NCNN_Vulkan=true checkBox_isCompatible_SRMD_CUDA=true checkBox_isCompatible_RealCugan_NCNN_Vulkan=true checkBox_isCompatible_Anime4k_CPU=true checkBox_isCompatible_Anime4k_GPU=true checkBox_isCompatible_FFmpeg=true checkBox_isCompatible_FFprobe=true checkBox_isCompatible_ImageMagick=true checkBox_isCompatible_Gifsicle=true checkBox_isCompatible_SoX=true checkBox_isCompatible_Waifu2x_Caffe_CPU=true checkBox_isCompatible_Waifu2x_Caffe_GPU=true checkBox_isCompatible_Waifu2x_Caffe_cuDNN=true checkBox_isCompatible_Realsr_NCNN_Vulkan=true checkBox_isCompatible_RealEsrgan_NCNN_Vulkan=true checkBox_isCompatible_RifeNcnnVulkan=true checkBox_isCompatible_CainNcnnVulkan=true checkBox_isCompatible_DainNcnnVulkan=true checkBox_isCompatible_ApngPlugins=true checkBox_VfiAfterScale_VFI=false checkBox_MultiThread_VFI=true checkBox_AutoAdjustNumOfThreads_VFI=true checkBox_FrameInterpolationOnly_Video=false groupBox_FrameInterpolation=true checkBox_MultiGPU_VFI=false checkBox_TTA_VFI=false checkBox_UHD_VFI=false comboBox_Model_VFI=9 comboBox_GPUID_VFI=0 [email protected]() lineEdit_MultiGPU_IDs_VFI= spinBox_NumOfThreads_VFI=1 comboBox_Engine_VFI=0 spinBox_MultipleOfFPS_VFI=2 spinBox_TileSize_VFI=128 comboBox_FPSSetMethod=1 spinBox_NumOfFPS=60 checkBox_RemoveAllDupedFramesPermanently=false checkBox_isSceneDetectionEnabled=false checkBox_isFrameDedupEnabled=false spinBox_FrameDedup_Tolerance=11 spinBox_SceneDetection_Fuzz=12 spinBox_SceneDetection_MinDiff=38 isStopShowSpeedBoostWarn=false lineEdit_GimpExePath= lineEdit_GimpScriptsFolderPath= spinBox_NumOfIterations_APNG=1 comboBox_CompressMethod_APNG=1 comboBox_OptLevel_GIF=2 comboBox_GifSaveAsFormats=0 comboBox_ApngSaveAsFormats=0 comboBox_HEIF_QualityMode=0 comboBox_HEIF_Chroma=0 checkBox_isRamDiskEnabled=false comboBox_DriveLetter_RamDisk=19 spinBox_DriveSize_RamDisk=4000 lineEdit_ImDiskInstFolder=C:\Program Files\ImDisk Height_MainWindowSize=0 Width_MainWindowSize=0 checkBox_RememberWinSize=false`


    • OS: Windows 11 21H2
    • GPU Model: RTX 3070
    • CPU Model: i5 12600K (not overclocked)
    • Amount of RAM: 32GB
    • Amount of VRAM: 8GB
    • Amount of Storage: 500GB boot drive, 1TB project drive (where the content I'm upscaling is saved)

    Additional Context: It should be mentioned I tried upscaling this video at least 3 times, with all 3 failing. I restarted my computer on my 3rd try, still no luck.

    opened by br0kenc1pher 16
  • [BUG Report] [Patch available] Program crashes when trying to upscale PSD

    [BUG Report] [Patch available] Program crashes when trying to upscale PSD

    Edit: (@AaronFeng753)

    [Patch] Quick FIX for PSD processing

    OR just download the v3.70.11-BETA version:

    Software Version Latest Stable

    Describe the bug When attempting to upscale a PSD, the program reaches the stage of extracting layer information before crashing. A folder is generated in the output directory with an empty results.txt file.

    How to Reproduce the bug Steps to reproduce the bug:

    1. Make sure that the GIMP .exe path and scripts folder path are correctly set before running, otherwise the program will display an error message before getting to the point where the crash occurs.
    2. Load the provided test file into the processing queue.
    3. Hit start and wait.

    Expected behavior The program should go through the steps of processing the PSD instead of crashing.

    Screenshots Video recording of an attempt to upscale the provided test file.

    Files you were trying to process when encountered the BUG

    Desktop (please complete the following information):

    • OS: Windows 10 20H2
    • GPU Model: AMD Radeon 5700 XT
    • CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
    • Amount of RAM: 32GB
    • Amount of VRAM: 8GB
    • Amount of Storage: 930GB (569GB free)
    bug Fixed 
    opened by missing-q 16
  • Program freezes the first time it opens during compatibility test

    Program freezes the first time it opens during compatibility test

    • Program freezes the first time it opens during compatibility test;
    • Even after several minutes the other commands remain grayed out;
    • Closing the program and reopening solves the problem.


    My current Specs Intel Core i5-9400F 16GB DIMM DDR4 clocked @ 2400 MHz GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING OC 6G

    opened by flaviojcojr 14
  • Resume progress when frame cache in the RAM is lost

    Resume progress when frame cache in the RAM is lost

    If using the RAM cache everything works fine. But if you stop processing before the video upscaling is complete, detach or restart pc, and then continue processing, the program will crash. It can be fixed by changing isSplitComplete and isScaleComplete in the video config to false, but then ffpmpeg runs in the background (and uses 20% cpu at 100% normally) without splitting any frames. If press stop, ffpmeg wont stop, and the only way is to kill the process. After killing ffmpeg, in log

    Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (hevc (native) -> mjpeg (native))
    Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
    [swscaler @ 00000292f3ac2c00] deprecated pixel format used, make sure you did set range correctly

    Or without last if png

    Stream mapping:
      Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (hevc (native) -> png (native))
    Press [q] to stop, [?] for help

    If disable RAM cache all segments will be lost. Also maybe asking before deleting all video segments would be better? I lost about 40 gpu hours like that.

    enhancement Fixed 
    opened by Mimocro 11
  • [Feature request] WaifuXL support

    [Feature request] WaifuXL support

    ⚠⚠Please read the followings before you create a new issue⚠⚠

    • Be civil and polite.
    • Only BUG Report and Suggestions are allowed here, this is NOT customer-service center.
    • You are only allowed to report bugs you encounter when using Latest version.(Beta/Stable)
    • English and Chinese languages only.

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. No

    Describe the solution you'd like Adding WaifuXL model inside waifu2x extension gui

    Describe alternatives you've considered Well, its just that WaifuXL works much better than any model on waifu2x extension gui, so the alternative is just using the other models

    Additional context I found out recently about this new model, WaifuXL, this is a Real-ESRGAN model trained on anime images, to be more precise, as the official github page says (where the model is, and yes, is open source) "For our super resolution network we are using the state-of-the-art Real-ESRGAN and for our image tagging network we are using a MobileNetV3. Both were trained on a subset of Danbooru2021." So, i did some tests myself and.. i can say that WaifuXL outperforms all the models inside (as of now) Waifu2x-Extension-GUI here are some examples on a photo completely custom: image image WaifuXL has sort of better "fine-detailing" compared to the standard RealESRGAN-NCNN-Vulkan, so, adding it is up to you

    opened by SuperFurias 0
  • [Feature request] Add Code Former (NeurIPS 2022) models

    [Feature request] Add Code Former (NeurIPS 2022) models

    Please add Code Former's Real-ESRGAN models, as they are better at face restoration than vanilla Real-ESRGAN models.

    opened by Tarek-Hasan 1
  • [BUG] Awful blocky results with RealESRGAN

    [BUG] Awful blocky results with RealESRGAN

    ⭐ The latest answer from @AaronFeng753:


    *Edited by @AaronFeng753

    I'm running the latest stable version, but I've had this issue with previous releases too. I assume it has something to do with the tile size, but I've tried changing it and it's still the same.

    Screenshot_4 copy Screenshot_3 copy

    Whenever I use the RealESRGAN models, it makes the tiles so obvious that some parts are very noisy, and some over smoothened. This doesn't happen when I use RealESRGAN with other apps.

    bug Fixed-But not released yet 
    opened by lucellent 14
  • [建议] 添加 QOI 无损图像压缩格式

    [建议] 添加 QOI 无损图像压缩格式


    • 保持文明和礼貌.
    • Issue区仅允许反馈BUG和提出建议, 这里不是客服中心, 严禁灌水.
    • 仅允许反馈在使用最新版本(Beta或Stable)时遇到的BUG.
    • 仅允许使用中文和英文, 清晰表述, 不要用乱七八糟的拼音缩写.

    建议描述 众所周知 PNG 无论是编码还是解码都过于缓慢了,所以软件内默认将视频分割为图片时会使用 JPG 格式。但是 JPG 终究还是有损压缩算法,并不适合在视频放大方面使用。所以推荐使用 QOI 无损图片算法,不仅编码速度是 PNG 的 20-50 倍,解码速度是 PNG 的 3-4 倍,而且压缩率还接近 PNG。更重要的是实现原理过于简单,源代码也只有300行左右。(搞不好你自己都能写一个出来)



    类似的实现 由于这个算法过于简单,大部分主流语言上都有它的实现方案,你可以在 github 页面中找到他们。

    opened by ajdgsu 0
Implementing Deep Convolutional Neural Network in C without External Libraries for YUV video Super-Resolution

DeepC: Implementing Deep Convolutional Neural Network in C without External Libraries for YUV video Super-Resolution This code uses FSRCNN algorithm t

Milad Abdollahzadeh 10 Nov 28, 2022
Grand Theft Auto V + FidelityFx Super Resolution 1.0

Grand Theft Auto V + FidelityFx Super Resolution 1.0 This mod replaces original Grand Theft Auto V upscaler with FidelityFx Super Resolution 1.0 Origi

null 396 Nov 24, 2022
FidelityFX Super Resolution

FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 (FSR) Copyright (c) 2021 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted, free of charg

GPUOpen Effects 1.9k Nov 26, 2022
Optimized & Generic ML Filter Runtimes for VapourSynth (with builtin support for waifu2x, RealESRGANv2 & DPIR)

vs-mlrt VapourSynth ML filter runtimes. Please see the wiki for supported models. vsov: OpenVINO-based Pure CPU Runtime OpenVINO is an AI inference ru

私立七森中ごらく部 65 Nov 30, 2022
waifu2x converter ncnn version, runs fast on intel / amd / nvidia GPU with vulkan

waifu2x ncnn Vulkan ncnn implementation of waifu2x converter. Runs fast on Intel / AMD / Nvidia with Vulkan API. waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan uses ncnn project

null 2.4k Dec 5, 2022
Super Mario Remake using C++, SFML, and Image Processing which was a project for Structure Programming Course, 1st Year

Super Mario Remake We use : C++ in OOP concepts SFML for game animations and sound effects. Image processing (Tensorflow and openCV) to add additional

Omar Elshopky 4 Sep 28, 2022
[CVPR 2021] NormalFusion: Real-Time Acquisition of Surface Normals for High-Resolution RGB-D Scanning

NormalFusion: Real-Time Acquisition of Surface Normals for High-Resolution RGB-D Scanning Project Page | Paper | Supplemental material #1 | Supplement

KAIST VCLAB 49 Nov 24, 2022
An open source iOS framework for GPU-based image and video processing

GPUImage Brad Larson @bradlarson contact[email protected] Overview The GPUImage framework is a BSD-licensed iO

Brad Larson 20k Dec 5, 2022
New ultra super robust and fast programming language, fully supportable by G++ and Clang

Cplusplusplus New ultra super robust and fast programming language, fully supportable by G++ and Clang How to use: Just write #include <C+++.h> in you

Vladimir Melnikov 1 Nov 29, 2021
Super paramagnetic Clustering - Marcelo Blatt, Shai Wiseman, and Eytan Domany (1996)

SPC: Super Paramagnetic Clustering Documentation The file README.PDF includes: installation instructions, example runs, file formats and parameter def

null 2 Aug 30, 2022
NVIDIA Texture Tools samples for compression, image processing, and decompression.

NVTT 3 Samples This repository contains a number of samples showing how to use NVTT 3, a GPU-accelerated texture compression and image processing libr

NVIDIA DesignWorks Samples 33 Nov 16, 2022
Insight Toolkit (ITK) is an open-source, cross-platform toolkit for N-dimensional scientific image processing, segmentation, and registration

ITK: The Insight Toolkit C++ Python Linux macOS Windows Linux (Code coverage) Links Homepage Download Discussion Software Guide Help Examples Issue tr

Insight Software Consortium 1.1k Dec 4, 2022
ncnn demo of DocTr: Document Image Transformer for Geometric Unwarping and Illumination Correction

DocTr-ncnn ncnn demo of DocTr: Document Image Transformer for Geometric Unwarping and Illumination Correction model support: 1.Document Segmentation 2

FeiGeChuanShu 26 Nov 12, 2022
MobileNet Image Classification with ESP32-CAM and Edge Impulse (TinyML)

MobileNet Image Classification on ESP32-CAM and Edge Impulse (TinyML) This example is for running a MobileNet neural network model on a 10-dollar Ai-T

Alan Wang 14 Nov 16, 2022
The repository contains our dataset and C++ implementation of the CVPR 2022 paper, Geometric Structure Preserving Warp for Natural Image Stitching.

Geometric Structure Preserving Warp for Natural Image Stitching This repository contains our dataset and C++ implementation of the CVPR 2022 paper, Ge

null 19 Nov 26, 2022
a generic C++ library for image analysis

VIGRA Computer Vision Library Copyright 1998-2013 by Ullrich Koethe This file is part of the VIGRA computer vision library. You may use,

Ullrich Koethe 376 Nov 14, 2022
A easy-to-use image processing library accelerated with CUDA on GPU.

gpucv Have you used OpenCV on your CPU, and wanted to run it on GPU. Did you try installing OpenCV and get frustrated with its installation. Fret not

shrikumaran pb 4 Aug 14, 2021
The code implemented in ROS projects a point cloud obtained by a Velodyne VLP16 3D-Lidar sensor on an image from an RGB camera.

PointCloud on Image The code implemented in ROS projects a point cloud obtained by a Velodyne VLP16 3D-Lidar sensor on an image from an RGB camera. Th

Edison Velasco Sánchez 5 Aug 12, 2022
NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK

NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK v1.0 The MIT License(MIT) Copyright(c) 2021 NVIDIA CORPORATION & AFFILIATES. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby grante

NVIDIA GameWorks 387 Nov 27, 2022